PI-PIO (The Lamp of 1862)

Holy Father, now it stings me vagueness
To say a few words very hot,
But willing to tell them calmly, with sweetness,
And with affection to you as it is customary to.
First of all we know that
highly rumored to you,
Si dice verbs grace
Whether you peg away the idea
To save yourself the scepter with his oar Anco,
Mundane thing that Peter had not,
And that, God will afflict the face of a true,
Since then forty-eight in
Do not do that to an alien attack,
Assoldarlo bless him and against those
you should nomar oysters brothers.
One who professes the faith altier’ Christ
Io son, although it is not a priest or monk;
Maybe you'll be a sad thought,
V'ingannate; mi udite and Decidete:
The most beautiful book that is in the earth
That holy, eternal maxims encloses
Do you know what is?..
It’ the gospel, heritage envied
Left there by the early ancestors
It’ a book of sentences commented,
Not curled the pel, Father, history
Credetelo, no misses,
And remember you, God would have in the glory,
Bagatelle on to the Middle Ages,
But I have to keep them quiet as a good cristian.
Holy Father, let us speak frankly
I mean let's say my heart in my hand:
One day the people dismembered Itala
I rejoiced to greet you at the Vatican;
We told the man of God, l’uom che redenta
He willed his native eruenta
Lagrimabile land;
In sculpting the image which your core in every
Like that of an angel he lived,
On an angel that threatens all'oprressore;
Voi qual serbaste so much love mercy?
Those who still suffers Recalls
The misplaced faith and lagrimata:
Forgive my saying, are follower
Del Vero, Fri grief and I'm sorry if.
Qurantotto of patriotism in a flash,
So there was saying hot Italian,
Rat v'indusse to get off the field
Where he joined the patrician populate the
And the old man to the pro Garzon for kidnapped
Their freedom Davan plant life;
But pentitovi or perhaps
Ill-advised from the yellow-black
Coven that v'attornia, suddenly
Abbandonaste l'Itala Bandiera,
And hurling anathemas, harmless irons
Failed to shop,
In sword, make cowards of thugs buy,

Filled with unquenchable fear
Correste delivery le mura di Gaeta.
If you have acted badly I did not say vel,
Pious pastor blessed;
Coi father re- , believe me, not m'intrico
Because I know that it takes with respect to their:
But this does not come as much a
To make you understand at last that the living
Han uopo of breath
E d’unirsi nell’Itala famiglia,
When must I shall reveal my own littleness
This wakes me well up wonder,
Como still amazes me and saddens me
Knowing the many streams
Of blood that you still scorron,
Where They come protected que'ribaldi
Dispersed by his Garibaldi.
If one of your historical insistence
Vi fruttasse l’imper di tutta Italia,
Armed with courage and patience
We would say : Well you return to nurse,
But as of today the insister
It can not fruttarvi that pain and shame
Pel simple reason
You think that the Italians ficcaro
Racquistar of the ancient capital,
Ostei scalta of affected people,
It seems to me that you should stealthily
Look at you finally around,
Metter bagpipes in the bag, and give the eviction
A few forestier who fears the time
Next time to change his residence.
On the temporal order that appeals.
Amatissimo Padre, I pray Heaven
What the Italians did not ache for v'accada,
But back to the Gospel docile,
But back on track:
In the times in which we live, e ben vedete
Now that we reason,
Induce you want all'umil network,
Pastor of the lost sheep who
Abbian the start of the second life.
With all my heart you will be granted
Infallibility, I pei Mysteries
Of Fe ', the triad, Mass,
And not for strangers with patteggiar:
Each in his own house, these districts
Uopo not han foreign swords;
A che friends noi
In the land of’ dead?… It’ time at last
Having separar the living from the dead
And drive them across the border forever
Of this Cemetery; we removed the
Returns Liberdade
And voi, stripped short of foolish
Vagueness of reign, tornin le afflitte
Stray sheep derelict!

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