THE STREET 3 September 1864
….bidendo dicere verum
Who says?
Horat. Lib. I, Sat. I.
The Peter's Pence is a coin
Coined in the mint of fraud:
Sopra una faccia ha l’abbondanza lieta
Eating and drinking, and if the wallows and enjoys,
E sopra un’altra la miseria fisica,
That in on crutches to arrancar s'arrisca,
The Reverend's big bonanza
Che a Roma, or even Babylon, appealing.
This magnificent invent flaw
Co’ affords no sense! As Acconci and beautiful!
In today's world to make greater hunting
There is that the coin double sided.
As for the papacy it should raise his crest
And strong gold seem to flock ostil,
It is shown with cheerful boastfulness and lends
The first face and gets blaze.
Meaning: l’obol di San Pietro
Abounds and the abundance of… Itene back.
No pamphlets and without citatorie,
Without lasciamistar, without sighs
It gives a man filled… These victories
Every economist admire Facciuto;
And while it's face, face who has the power,
With all the policemen the fourth does not levy.
But like snow in the sun, that very slowly
It goes melting, rivers and streams form
So gets in the law gets in the greek and latin
The papal faith the scattered lights
The melting gold van, che a larghe vene
With Peter's pence to us is sen.
If you press then to the innocentino,
The troubled, the martyr, the tralitto
The bleak avventurier said Petty
Here is the reverse, where groaning reddens
La Miseria lurida s part in the pellets
Reduced green and our Holy Father!
Tears feeds and beans!
If piety is not of a Mother
Banessa, who sends the ravioli,
A straight avria for cenavolo
Due to pledge the tabernacle.
Succor, o fedeli, succor
Who holds the keys of heaven
Now that you know istrettezze:
Otherwise, hearing… for a lot of broken bones
The reliquie of’ santi,and good night
Almen you buy them, pathetic people
We will give you the last drop,
Though Facciani miracles and wonders,
And precisely what fans of more noise
To say nothing of the indulgences attached
It’ ver that are expired credit
We do not want to sell the single in August
Because of those souls lost
Speriam do that as soon as roast,
Even if pe divine benefice
Put it back on foot the Holy Office.
But that? Bazzechereste with science
To want to think in these facts?
The reason is your blind obedience,
E-mail to their folleggin well as crazy
Then there succeeded in Denmark,
Soon both helped our boat.
All of us smiles and smiles around,
Expiring placid'aura of serfdom
Since crime kite at midday,
Just a model of the Spaniard tribute,
Chè fervor of the beautiful nun Patrocinio
Accords the felonious larceny.
Frank Aquila all'aquila Teutonica
Will sell the site with his loss and shame
La razza small poi napoleonica
Instead empire avrassi a horn:
Because in an increasingly unable
For those who do not know well has run meat or fish.
I was the son of Poland straight
As the truth in the gospels,
E ne’ Treaties and the story written
But strabbalzati Siberica of the gels
Those who do not laciarono life
On the gallows already tired mosovita
Semprepiù the Seine anoi s'appressi
Meanwhile, the political hermaphrodite:
Or with the papacy itself
A maritime treaty ratified,
It wrote to his minister to Vichy
Ch’è si riposa, and is thus
Lord Russell tells the popol d'Albion
Our honor is safe…Alfin che fia?
The North is singing lesson
Daring South democracy.
He began and ended grappa puffin!…
British politics is always to
It is the self-styled kingdom of Italy
But the works underwater Paolotto,
Who with his cunning and ingenuity seducer
For these and other business for eight val.
Ministers, General, professors
The u and by helping all’ suoi be’ workers (1)
But though the war is, and war and death
That this priesthood Company,
The Seer of what strong shewn,
Bottega guastaci the shop
Fa l’emancipatrice; and in good faith
Especially the Holy See would give his (2)
Lasciam while barking at the moon that,
As long as the bar does not porremle in mouth.
19 The impoverished nation to pay for them, and they throw the money into our box of Judah, to call upon foreigners? … Oh, you really, that this is a ribaldry the most blatant, the most shameless, the most dishonest, the most disgusting, the most nauseating of the world!… And Sting Milan kicks to shout: schools, schools, schools… Farewell, as a result they have gained from school! With reverend fools, tawny, imbeciles, ciaramelie, mazzamarroni, lasagnoni, it takes more than the subalpine abacus, it takes quite a knotty stick…; because it is not an easy thing to do in a bush a Melarancio, and of a wooden trunk useless u god!
2) The priests of the Catholic Emancipation Naples, are the type and model of those religious and patriotic feelings which constitute the true Catholic conscience before the priest and patriot eoico. Therefore, should not be confused with many other priests, that Cone liberal…; mother dressing, the words, preterraque, adul… You want to, Assume that the triple crown in the national colors.

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