AGENCY OF WEDDINGS (The Lamp Post No. 14 of 1861)

– In Milan there - it would be the time that we were in Florence.
We form a Company limited by shares: we put on a capital.
The Agency marriages - these lights moon - must make one hundred percent.
And over the gain, What's more the gratitude of all the girls! …

If you knew what it means to the gratitude of a girl - who found her husband.
Auff! .. I feel hot.
How come you can say in good conscience to live in the century of progress without this beneficent institution that bears the emblem for those famous words: Be fruitful and multiply! For a long time it was set up a company against the mistreatment of animals, and there was to be an agency, to be able to marry without many hassles?
Forward, forward, Ladies and Gentlemen, –
Fin'a so that Florence has it that even the mobile home traffic conjugali, you can head to Milan in S. invitation to Carrobbio N. 11.
Là si marita, and do not mess around.
It’ them a well-stocked register, a scrittura doppia, with the names of’ finest young men who attend the Hagy, of the most beautiful Madame, and countesses of hurate vules, and with senza dowry, of all colors, from ebony black to the vibrant hue of pink, all thickness, of all sizes.
Forward! Five, five, five, this is the real time.
Who will be laughing? Ma pur ... pensandoci bene, everyone will agree that this agency is the most beautiful thing in the world!
And an invention to keep it in spite of the locomotive and the telegraph. Once there go to Turin for three days volevan, and now it takes five hours, because a letter arrived in Paris it took a month, and now we communicate news in five minutes; once to marry the years there volevan, and now in two words the deal is nice and combined!
Poor Lovers of yesteryear!
I remember when I was making love, how much hard work before you can shake hands with a girl!
Continued at least a month on the street in her eyes mawkish, then got the parts of a look, consumed another fifteen to passeggiarlo under windows.
E gira, e gira, e gira, at risk of being taken for a thief or a spy and buscarsi some good dose of blows, we finally arrived to show her a ticket, you get to bribe the usual waitress who never fails. Another fortnight and then you can finally start a conversation:
Farewell Sempronia.
Addio Callisto.
That long ago?
What time is?
Eleven and a half.
So late?
Oh! My watch is fine.
I have a gelone that makes me a terrible prudore.

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