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If the mold, pagamela bene, to make me want to follow her

Collodi calls his work a "childish" and tells: "Do what you think; but, if the mold, pagamela bene, to make me want to continue it ". Collodi then will be paid 20 lire a riga, while the official rate was 25

Aphorisms by Carlo Collodi

Each, caro mio, in this world plays his part. Some people are born to eat and those who are born to be eaten… (Carlo Collodi, Macchiette) – I then if I were king I would seize every morning a nice cup of coffee-and-milk,

The honor of Husband – Carlo Collodi (Fanfulla 1873)

Almanac of Fanfulla 1873

Prinipi elementary music – Almanac of Fanfulla 1873

The origins of the alphabet lettee – Almanac of the Fanfulla 1873

Philosophy dei die, of E. Expensive – Almanac of Fanfulla 1873

Almanac of Fanfulla 1875


The advertising sull'almanacco of the Fanfulla 1875

Some advertisements selected on the basis all'otiginalità and sympathy.