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Photo courtesy of Giuseppe Garbarino, author of the book "Pinocchio Revealed"

  Even the photos of Villa, they are all courtesy of Giuseppe Garbarino, autore del libro “Pinocchio Svelato”

This body should be located today at the chapel Lorenzini, in Monumental Cemetery of the Porte Sante, within the fortified bastion of the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte.

Like any wealthy Florentine time Collodi spent the summer in Livorno, where “terribly bored, and where you were sure to find it every year, in July and August, Stroller via Grande and Via dei Cavalleggeri "[1] [1] Eugenio Cecchini (journalist …

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By Collodi 10 to the 19 March 1859 visse a Torino, Guido Biagi testifies to stay in a “Aerial bedroom Piazza San Carlo“.

The father of Carlo Lorenzini, called Domenico Lorenzini, was born in 1795 and he lived in Cortona (more than 100 sitanza miles from Collodi), and came from a peasant family and very poor. He had a passion for cooking and …

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Molina Orzali (the mother of Carlo Lorenzini, pseudonym Collodi, said Carlo Collodi) nacque the Collodi, more precisely, on the road from the bridge to the abbot leads to the villa Garzoni, precisely because of Cartiee 99, Collodi PT.

Before venturing nell'affascinane path culurale-tourism Collodi Florence, to prevent mysterious errors of GPS or get lost in the numbers civici.di Florence, you need to know this city very special, special also has the numerazioen of buildings. …

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