Prima edizione delle Avventure di Pinocchio

La prima edizione delle Avventure di Pinocchio non fu sotto forma di libro, it was published in 35 puntate (Luglio 1881- Febbraio 1883), nell’inserto della domenica del periodico The Fanfulla: Journal for Children, il cui originale oggi e’ in vendita per la modica cifra di 99 mila dollari.

It’ this is probably the newspaper for more children’ costoso del mondo.

La prima edizione sotto forma di libro invece, was published in 1883, and now a rare copy was sold in only two original, uno a 75.000 $ and the second to almost 100.000 $.



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  1. Good morning, I possess passed down through generations and kept in a wooden box and the skin ” newspaper for children 1881 ” It could really be worth a good figure ?
    greetings Massimo.

  2. Well, it seems that the price has dropped recently, but somewhere safe thousand, printed copies at that time were very few and few libraries that own the originals.

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