The Adventures of Pinocchio. Story of a Puppet (Carlo Collodi 1883)


Chapter 1

How did that Mastro Cherry, carpenter, found a piece of wood, that wept and laughed like a child.

Chapter 2

Mastro Cherry gives the piece of wood to his friend Geppetto, which takes it to make himself a Marionette that will dance, fence, and turn somersaults.

Chapter 3

Geppetto, back home, begins at once to build the Marionette and calls it Pinocchio. The first pranks of the Marionette.

Chapter 4

The story of Pinocchio and the Talking Cricket, where you see how the bad guys are boring to be corrected by those who know more than their.

Chapter 5

Pinocchio is hungry, and looks for an egg to make an omelette; but the most beautiful, the omelet flies out the window.

Chapter 6

Pinocchio falls asleep with his feet on the brazier, and the next morning he wakes up with his feet all burned.

Chapter 7

Geppetto comes home, and gives the puppet breakfast that the poor man had brought itself.

Chapter 8

Geppetto makes Pinocchio's feet and sells his coat to buy him an ABC book.

Chapter 9

Pinocchio sells his ABC book to go see the puppet theater.

Chapter 10

The Marionettes recognize their brother Pinocchio, and greet him with loud cheers; but the most beautiful, comes out of the Fire Eater, and Pinocchio runs the risk of making a bad end.

Chapter 11

Eater sneezes and forgives Pinocchio, which then defends his friend from death Harlequin.

Chapter 12

Fire Eater gives Pinocchio five gold pieces, because the ports to his father Geppetto: and Pinocchio, instead, you leave duped by the Fox and the Cat and goes with them.

Chapter 13

The Osteria del Gambero Rosso.

Chapter 14

Pinocchio, for not having listened to the good advice of the Talking Cricket, stumbles over murders.

Chapter 15

The Assassins chase Pinocchio; and, after having reached, hang him from a branch of the Big Oak.

Chapter 16

The Lovely Maiden with Azure Hair sends for the poor Marionette: puts him to bed, and calls three Doctors to tell whether he is alive or dead.

Chapter 17

Pinocchio eats sugar, but it does not purge: However, when the undertakers come for him, allora si purga. Then he tells a lie, and as punishment, his nose grows.

Chapter 18

Pinocchio finds the Fox and the Cat, and goes with them to sow the gold pieces in the Campo de 'Miracles.

Chapter 19

Pinocchio is robbed of his gold coins and, by hosting, you busca four months in prison.

Chapter 20

Freed from prison, starts to return to the Fairy's house; but along the way he meets a Serpent, and then remains caught in a trap.

Chapter 21

Pinocchio is caught by a farmer, which forces him to be a watchdog for his chicken coop.

Chapter 22

Pinocchio discovers the thieves and, as a reward for being faithful, he regains his freedom.

Chapter 23

Pinocchio mourns the death of the beautiful girl with blue hair: He meets a Pigeon that leads him on the sea shore, He throws himself into the water to come to the aid of his father Geppetto.

Chapter 24

Pinocchio reaches the Island of the Busy Bees and finds the Fairy.

Chapter 25

Pinocchio promises the Fairy to be good and to study, because he is tired of being a puppet and wants to become a good guy.

Chapter 26

Pinocchio goes to 'his classmates at the seaside, to see the Terrible Shark.

Chapter 27

The great battle between Pinocchio and his companions: one of 'them being injured, Pinocchio is arrested by police.

Chapter 28

Pinocchio runs the danger of being fried in a pan like a fish.

Chapter 29

Return to the Fairy's house, she promises him that the next day will not be a puppet, become a boy. Great breakfast of coffee-and-milk to celebrate this great event.

Chapter 30

Pinocchio, instead of becoming a boy, runs away with his friend Candlewick to the Land of Toys.

Chapter 31

After five months of plenty, Pinocchio, To his great surprise, feels blunted quite a few asinine ears and becomes a donkey, with the tail and all.

Chapter 32

At Pinocchio's ears are donkey, and then it becomes a real donkey and begins to bray.

Chapter 33

Become a real donkey, is brought to sell, and buys the director of a company of clowns to teach him to dance and jump through the hoops; but one evening azzoppisce and then it buys another, to his skin with a drum.

Chapter 34

Pinocchio, thrown into the sea, eaten by fishes, and becomes a puppet as before; but he swims to, is swallowed by the Terrible Shark.

Chapter 35

Pinocchio finds body in the Shark ... Who finds? Read this chapter and you will know.

Chapter 36

Pinocchio finally ceases to be a Marionette and becomes a boy.


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