Pelle d’asino

Pelle d’asino
Charles Perrault (1694)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

There was once a king so powerful, so well liked by his people and so respected by his neighbors and allies, which he could be said to be the happiest of all the monarchs of the earth.

Among its many fortunes, There was also to be chosen for a companion Princess, beautiful as virtuous: and they ventured newlyweds lived as two souls in a pit.

From their chaste Hymen was born a daughter, adorned with all the graces and all the attractions, a sign that does not make them wish for a larger sonship.

The luxury, the abundance, good taste prevailed in their palace: Ministers were wise and able: the virtuous and loyal courtiers: the trusted servants and hardworking: the vast stables and full de’ the most beautiful horses in the world, all covered with magnificent trappings.

But the thing that was most impress outsiders, who came to visit those beautiful stables, was that in the midst of them, and in the most visible place, Mr. Donkey was a display of his great and long ears.

Nor can we say that this was a whim; if the King had assigned a special place of honor and almost, It was his reason. For you must know that this rare animal indeed deserve every respect, because that nature had formed in a manner so extraordinary and singular, every morning his litter box, instead of being dirty, It was covered with a profusion of beautiful sequins and gold napoleons, which they were picked up, As soon as he woke up.

But since the misfortunes are tiles that fall upon the heads of the King as on that of his subjects, and there is no joy without there being mixed some displeasure, so it happened that the Queen was suddenly seized by an illness fair, for which neither science nor the doctors knew whatsoever to suggest a remedy. The desolation was at its height.

Il Re, tender-hearted and in love, in spite of the proverb “Marriage is the tomb of love”, he gave in to despair and made ardent votes to all the gods of the kingdom, and he offered his life for that of a bride so adored: but the gods and fairies were deaf to all prayer.

Meanwhile the Queen, feeling approaching the breaking news, she said to her husband, who wept struggevasi:

“Before dying, you do not be amiss if I demand from you something; and it's, that if you should wish to rimaritarvi…”.

At these words the king called in by screams rend your heart. He took the hand of his wife and tears bathed, swearing that he was a more save him talking about another marriage.

“Not, no, My dear Queen”, he cried, “rather than tell me I must follow you!”

“The state”, He resumed the Queen with an imperturbable calm, which increased the pangs and tortures of the King, “the state's right to demand from you successors; and seeing that I have given only a daughter, you'll want the children that resemble: but I, with all the strength and all the good that you wanted me, I ask you not to give in to the entreaties of your people, except when you have found a more beautiful Princess and done better than I. Giuratemelo, and he will die happy.”

Some believe that the Queen, which was not without a certain amount of self-love, He wanted to force this oath, because, convinced as he was that in the world there was no other woman from Starla in the face for beauty, It was thus to make sure that the King would never riammogliato.

At last she died, nor was there ever husband who did so much noise. He cried like a cut lives, sobbed day and night, and he had no other thought, that to fulfill all the ceremonial and all the hassle of widowhood.

But great pains do not last.

On the other hand, the elders of the state gathered, and presented themselves in a deputation to the King, They grew to ask him resumption wife.

This proposal seemed hard, and was the cause of new whining. Messe half the oath to the Queen and challenged all his advisers to find him a beautiful wife and made the best of his bride good soul; convinced that it would be impossible.

But the Council called childish similar oaths, and added that beauty care up to a certain point, provided that the queen was virtuous and good to make children: and for the peace and tranquility of the state they took the hereditary princes: that, without a doubt, the Infanta had all the desired qualities to become a great Queen, It was fitting to give her to a stranger isposo: and in this case, or the stranger would have brought her to his house, the, reigning with it, their children would not be considered the same blood: and finally, not having no sons he bearing his name, their neighbors could give birth to wars to lead the state to ruin.

Il Re, touched by these considerations, He gave word that he would think to please them. He tried indeed among the princesses of marriageable what would be most suitable for him. Each day brought him to see beautiful portraits: but there was not even one that had the graces of the late Queen. And so he never decided.

And behold, that by its great misfortune, although it had been until then a man of judgment pien, all of a sudden gave time to the brain, and he began to seize fixing believe that the Infanta his daughter won by far in grace and beauty of the Queen Mother, and he understood that he was determined to marry her, because she alone could dissolve the promise made.

In this brutal proposition, the young Princess, a fine virtue and modesty, He just ran it would not fall to the ground unconscious. He threw himself at the feet of his father King, and he entreated, with all the strength, not to force her to commit such a crime.

Ma il Re, that was thick in the head this strange idea, he wanted to consult an old man, to quiet the conscience of the young Princess. Il druid, most ambitious knew that the holy, He paid no heed to sacrifice the innocence and virtue, for the pride of becoming the confidant of a great King, and he found a way to creep in with so much grace in the soul of him, and so she embellished the crime he was about to commit, who even persuaded him to marry his daughter was a meritorious.

Il Re, put on by the infamous speeches, She hugged him, and she left him more stubbornly than ever in his idea, Infanta and ordered to prepare to obey.

The young Princess Nonetheless a bitter pain, He saw no other way out than to go to the house of her godmother, the Lilac Fairy. So he left the same evening in a nice gig, pulled by a big ram who knew all the streets, and he got safely.

La fata, who was very fond of the Infanta, He told her that he knew everything, but that he does not give any thought, because it could not happen to no harm, only he had listened faithfully to its requirements.

“Because, My dear daughter”, ella disse, “It would be a great mistake marrying your father: and you, not to contradict, you can tirarvene out: ditegli, that satisfy a whim, There he must presents an air-colored dress. With all its power he will never be capable of such.”

The princess thanked the endless gossip, and the next morning he repeated to the King, his father, what the fairy had advised, saying that without the air-colored dress, she would never agree to anything.

Il Re, happily for hope had, He gathered the most famous workmen and ordered them this fabric, under penalty that, if they were not able, he made all hang them from first to last. But there was no sorrow to come to these extremes. The next day brought him the coveted dress: and when the sky is dotted with clouds of gold does not have a nicer color than you had this fabric, when it was explained.

The Infanta he was most grieving and did not know how to get out quest'impiccio. The King trod to come to a conclusion. He had to come back another time the godmother, which amazed that her fallback had not done the effect, He suggested she try on to ask another moon-colored dress.

Il Re, who knew nothing ricusarle, He sent out in search of more capable workers, and he ordered them a moon-colored dress, and so eagerly being bullied, that between the order it and bring it back ready-made, there ran twenty-four hours.

The infant, in love in the first over of the magnificent dress of all her father's attentions, Then he was sad beyond measure, soon he found himself along with his women and with his nurse.

The Lilac Fairy, who knew everything, He came to the aid of disconsolate Princess, and he told her:

“Or I do not guesses longer a, or have reason to believe that if you asked him now for a sun-colored dress, It would be the direction of displeasing the King, your father; because it is impossible that we can reach to fabricate a similar cloth. Evil evil that goes, always we will gain time”.

L'Infante us Persu, and he asked for the dress. Il Re, all love for her, He gave without regret all the diamonds and rubies of his crown, with orders not to save anything because this fabric could partner in the sun: so much so that when it was put on display, all who saw, They were forced to close his eyes to the great glow. You will want to begin fact that since that time the use of green and smoked lens glasses.

Imagine a little’ He remained as the Infanta to that seen. What more beautiful and artistically worked he had not ever seen. She remained confused, On the pretext that it hurt the eyes, He retired in his room, where the fairy was waiting with the blush of shame to the tip of the hair. And there happened to worse; because the fairy, seeing the sun-colored dress, He became flushed from chagrin.

“Oh, this time then, dear daughter”, diss'ella all'infanta, “We put the unworthy love of your father to a terrible ordeal. Be it that he really set the nail in this marriage, that figure is very close: but I am sure that will remain very sbalestrato the question that I recommend him. This is the donkey skin, to which he wants much good because it provides so wide all the expenses of his court. Go, and tell him you want the skin.”

The infant, tutt'allegra to have found another scappavia to mess up a marriage that hated, and sure hope glue that her father would never agree to sacrifice the ass of his heart, He went to him and bluntly said he wanted the skin of that beautiful animal.

Although the King remained very puzzled why whim, He did not hesitate to satisfy her. The poor donkey was sacrificed and her skin was presented with great gallantry Infanta, la quale, no longer seeing any means to escape his misfortune, He was about to lose heart and give in to despair; when here came the fairy:

“What are you doing, my daughter”, she said, seeing the princess who tore his hair and scratched her pretty face; “This is the luckiest moment of your life. Wrap yourself in the skin MISUSE, exit the building and walk until you see the ground beneath your feet. When you sacrifice everything to virtue, Gods know reward. Go; It will be sure that your stuff will follow you everywhere; anywhere, where you will stop, cassette de’ your clothes and your joys will be coming back under the ground: here's my wand: Gift sees, and beating it into the ground as many times as you need your tape, the tape will appear before your eyes. But Hurry starting, and no more ado”.

The Infanta embraced a thousand times her godmother, begging her to never abandon; He puts on that ugly skin, and after the soot smeared face, It emerged from the magnificent palace, without anyone recognize her.

The Infanta disappearance made a great fuss.

Il Re, that he had prepared a magnificent feast, She was desperate and did not know docks peace. Die order they left more than a hundred gendarmes and more than a thousand musketeers in search of her daughter: me to face, that protected, She made her invisible to the eyes of all; and so it was necessary to deal with it.

The Infanta meanwhile inflicted day and night. It went away, and then further, and further and further away, and everywhere he was looking for a place to be used; But though for the charity gave a bite, nobody wanted to know about her, on account of seeing her so filthy.

finally he came to a beautiful city, where near the door it was a farm: and the farmer's wife had just needs a woman from overwork to wash the rags and cleaned to keep the turkeys and pigs stalled. Seeing this gypsy so filthy, He asked her to enter his service: and the Infanta agreed heartily, tired as she was that he had done so much land.

It was put in a corner of the kitchen, where on the first day he had to endure the vulgar jokes of the low servidorame, so his skin donkey made it dirty and disgusting.

In the end they made the eye, and why she showed very precise with the chores she had to do, the fattoressa the sockets in its good thanks.

Menava the grass sheep, and, his now, The he remitted within: and also he looked at turkeys, and did it with so much intelligence, that seemed to have done another job in his life: everything flourished and prospered in his hands.

One day, as she sat at a water fountain crystal clear, where he often came to mourn his miserable fate, jumped in chief is mirrored by it, and the horrible donkey skin, that served as a hat and dress, He frightened her.

Ashamed of being in that state, He very carefully washed his face and hands, that became more ivory white, and her beautiful complexion filming the freshness of first.

The pleasure of being so beautiful made her enter the urge to get wet, and he bathed: but after, to return to the farm, He agreed to get back on the usual Pellacchia.

For good luck the next day was a holiday; so had plenty of handy bring up his box, to sit down and comb respectable, to give the powder to his beautiful hair and put on her beautiful dress of color’ aria. His room was so tiny, that had nothing to do either around the train of her skirt.

The beautiful princess is aimed, and is admired by herself, and with great pleasure; rather, with such pleasure, decided that from that moment on to get at parties and on Sundays, one at a time, all her beautiful clothes, if only to give himself a little’ leisure. And punctually kept his grip resolution.

She wove flowers and diamonds between her beautiful hair, with admirable art: and often he sighed, mortified not to have to witness, if not his sheep and his turkeys, that they wanted the same good, also see her dressed in that horrible donkey skin, who gave her the bad nickname, between the farm people.

A day of celebration, where Pelle d'Asino had put on her sun-colored dress, The king's son, to which belonged the farm, returning from the hunt, He stopped to get some’ rest.

That Prince was young, bello, made of the person brush, the right eye of his father, the love of his mother Queen, the idol of all its peoples. It was offered to the Prince a snack country, he accepted: and after it put to turn to the courts and all the closets.

And in girandolare here and there, He entered a dark passage, in the bottom of which saw a closed door. Curiosity made him put his eye to the keyhole. But imagine how he felt!, when he saw the princess so beautiful and so richly dressed! At his noble and modest appearance, the sockets for a Dea. The heat of passion, he felt at that moment, It was so strong, DiCerto that he smashed the door, if he had not held back the respect that gl'ispirava quell'angiolo woman.

He came away with great strides to quell'andito dark and gloomy, but he did it to go straight to inquire who was the person who was in that small cameruccia. They said it was a servaccia, called Donkey Skin, because of skin glue which she dressed, and it was greasy and tutt'unta to do disgusting to look at and to speak, and who had just taken pity to send her back to sheep and turkeys.

Prince, little satisfied with this clearing, he immediately noticed that the ordinary people do not know more, and he was breath thrown away stand to question. He went back to his father's palace, love from not being able to say what, and coll'immagine fixed before the eyes, of that divine creature who had seen through the keyhole. He regretted not beating at the door: but I swear that another time he would not happen again.

Meanwhile, the great turmoil of the blood caused by love, He puts him in the night a high fever horses, that in a few hours reduced him to a flicker.

The Queen mother, that he had neither son that what, He gave to despair, seeing unnecessary return all remedies: and vainly he promised big rewards to doctors: they were using their whole art, but it was not enough to heal the Prince.

Eventually they guessed that this great sickness came from some secret passion, and they warned the Queen; la quale, all tenderness for his son, She was begged to reveal the cause of his malady, by saying that even if it were to give him the crown, the king his father would come down from the throne without regret, just to see him happy; and that if he had wanted to marry a Princess, He would make any sacrifice because he could have, even if they were at war with the father of it and there were just a grudge; but for heaven's sake begged him not to let himself die because of her life depended on their.

The Waste Queen could not finish this moving speech without wetting the face of the Prince with a flood of tears.

“Lady”, spake and said the Prince with a whisper, “I'm not a child so unnatural to want the crown of my father: God grant that he still fields a hundred years, and that I can be the most loyal and the most respectful of his subjects! As for the Princess you offer me, I have not even thought to ammogliarmi: but when it, you may believe that, subdued as they are, always I would do your will, whatever it may cost me.”

“Ah! my son”, shoot the Queen, “There seem anything serious, in order to save your life: but, my dear son, save my life and that of your father, letting us know your wish, and rest assured that you will be contented.”

“Well, lady”, he said, “because you want to force that will manifest my desire, I will obey; especially since it would seem to me a crime of endangering the lives of two beings, I have dear. Well, my mother, I wish I can do with a sweet dish Donkey Skin: and when it will be done, I've brought here.”

The Regina, hearing such a bizarre name, asked who this Donkey Skin.

“Lady”, He answered one of’ his officers, who by chance had seen, “It is the most ugly beast, After the wolf: a tinted muzzle, filth that lives on your farm which houses turkeys.”

“This means nothing”, said the Queen, “maybe my son, returning from hunting, He has eaten his pastry: It will be a whim sick: but ultimately I want Donkey Skin (since this leather light’ Donkey exists) the face immediately a mess.”

He was sent to the farm and made her come Donkey Skin, to order a mess for the Prince, and why he puts all his skill.

Some writers claim that at that point, in which Prince put his eye to the keyhole, the eyes of Donkey Skin it avvidero; and that after, affacciatasi to his little window, and saw this so young Prince, so beautiful, and so well-formed, He would have kept the carved image of the heart, and that often this memory the cost was some big sigh!

The fact is that Donkey Skin, or he wanted, or had only heard much good about him, she was overjoyed to have found the way to get to know. He locked himself in his bedroom: He threw in a song that Pellacchia filthy, He very carefully washed his face and hands, He smoothed his blond hair, He slipped a beautiful small screw shiny silver and a petticoat of the same stuff, and she is made to do so desired mess. He took the fine flour, eggs and fresh butter. And while working to knead, If he or other, a ring in his finger fell into the dough, and remained inside. When the mess was cooked, remittances is wearing his horrible skin d’ Donkey and handed the mess officer, which he asked the new Prince: but these do not even deign to reply, and he ran immediately by Prince with mess.

The Prince took him eagerly from his hands and ate with such voracity, that doctors, there present, They said immediately that this was no point starving a good sign.

In fact she just ran that the Prince did not remain strangled ring, who he found in a pie slice: but he was able to cavarselo mouth with great dexterity, and so he slowed a bit even the fury of eating, looking at the beautiful emerald set in a gold circle, who he was so closely, he judged it would not feel good other than the finger prettiest and most fascinating in the world.

He kissed a thousand times the ring, I put under the pillow, and every bit, when she thought of not being seen by anyone, I pulled out to watch. There's no telling how much you torment your brain to imagine ways to get to know the one, to which this ring goes well. He did not dare to hope that if he had asked for Donkey Skin, ie that it had made the mess he requested, gliel'avrebbero made come; and he did not even have the courage to reveal to a living soul what he had seen through the keyhole, for fear that canzonassero and pigliassero for a visionary. The fact that he has all these thoughts tormented him with such zeal, he recovered a large fever: and doctors, not knowing what to say, They declared to the Queen that her son was sick of love. The Queen went straight from son, together with the King, who could not find peace.

“Son, my dear son”, said the king, addoloratissimo, “also reveals the name of what you want, for we do swear to give it to, even if only the most vile of all the slaves of the earth.”

The Regina, hugging him, The he repeated the promise of the King. Prince, softened by tears and caresses of the authors of’ his days:

“My father and my mother”, said to them,, “I do not think the point to forge a bond, I can make you regret, and proof, I tell the truth”, he added, holding up the emerald under the pillow, “it's this one, I'm going to marry the woman who can get this ring on my finger, whoever she is; nor it is there to suspect that the one having a finger so graceful and subtle to be a peasant or a Marrano”.

The King and Queen took the ring in hand, They examined it with great curiosity, and they ended by saying as the Prince said, namely, he could not perform well, if not to a girl from a good family. Then the King, embraced the Prince and scongiuratolo to heal, He left the room and made to give the drums, the fifes and trumpets throughout the city and banish by means of his heralds that it was no help but come to the palace to try on a ring, and that to which he would return accurate, She would marry the heir to the throne.

First came the Princesses: the Duchess poi, the Marquis and Baronesse; but all had a bell'assottigliarsi fingers: there was one which could slip the ring. He agreed to come down modistine, which, although pretty, the fingers were too big. The Prince was beginning to feel better, acted as if the same test. It was finally the waiter; and also these made the figure of any other. There was no woman that he had not tried in vain to get the ring, when the Prince wanted them to be cooks, The scullery maids and pecoraie: and all the were before menate; but their ditoni thick and squat could not pass in the ring, beyond dell'ugna.

“»Was made to come as Donkey Skin, days ago, She made a cake?”, He asked the Prince.

Everyone messero laughed and said no, because it was too dirty and suck.

“Look for it soon”, said the king, “it will never be said that I have made one exception.”

Laughing and mocking, They ran in search of tacchinaia.

The infant, he had heard the drums and the announcement of the heralds of arms, He had already figured that his ring was the cause of all this diavoleto; she loved the Prince, and because true love is shy and modest, so glue was always afraid that some lady had not a little finger as his, so it was for her great joy when they came to seek and to knock at his door.

Ever since she had come to know that you tried your finger, to which his ring goes well, a vague hope had recommended to comb with more love than usual and to put her beautiful silver bust, with her skirt all ruffles and silver embroidery and sown with emeralds. Just knock on the door and called to go to the King, Deft as a flash he resigned his donkey skin and opened. The courtiers, multiplying it in jest, they told her that the King was looking for her, for her to marry his son; then in the middle of the more matte laughter, They took her by Prince: which, also amazed by the strange clothing of the girl, he did not believe it was the same he had seen with their own eyes, so brilliant and so beautiful!

Grim and confused that I have this crab dry egregious:

“Seven voi”, he asked, “that dwell at the bottom of that dark corridor, in the third courtyard of the farm?”.

“Yessir!”, He answered.

“Let me see your hand”, He said he trembling and with a big sigh.

Guess you now who was more astonished all? It was the King and Queen, They were all the chamberlains, and the great of the Court, When they saw come out from under that black skin and greasy, a delicate little hand, white and pink, where the ring without much effort could slip into the most beautiful finger of the world; so for a slight movement made Infanta, Skin fell, and she appeared in a beauty so dazzling, that Prince, although still very weak, he fell at his feet and embraced so eagerly, which she made her blush; but almost no one noticed, because the King and the Queen were to also embrace it with great tenderness, and they asked if he was glad to marry their son.

The Principessa, confused by so many caresses and love showed that this handsome Prince, He was to thank, when suddenly the ceiling of the hall opened, and the fairy Lilac, lowering himself inside a twisted wagon with branches and with the flowers of his name, He told with infinite grace the whole story of the Infanta. The King and Queen are delighted to know that Donkey Skin was a great Princess, redoubled attention, but the Prince always showed more sensitive to the virtues of the Princess, and his love grew for all the things he had heard.

His impatience to marry the Princess was so strong, who did not give her no time to make affordable preparations for this august imeneo.

The king and the queen, in love with their daughter, They made her a thousand caresses and always kept close in their arms. She had said that she could not marry the Prince without the consent of her father King; so he was the first to be invited, without telling him for another the bride's name: the Lilac Fairy who, com’è naturale, It was the one that controlled everything, He had wanted so, to avoid any consequences.

They arrived princes and kings from all countries; those in sedan, those drawn carriage; the farthest were riding above elephants, above tigers and above eagles; but the most magnificent and the most powerful of all was the father of the Infanta, which, for good luck, He had forgotten his strange love and married a Queen, widow and very beautiful.

The Infanta went to meet him; and he immediately recognized and embraced with great tenderness, before she had the time to throw himself at her feet. The King and Queen presented him with their son, to which he made a lot of garbatezze. The wedding was celebrated with a squander beyond description. The newlyweds, GP little of all these magnificence, they did not see and did not think anything but themselves.

Il Re, father Prince, himself crowned his son on the same day, and kissing his hand, She placed him on the throne, in spite of the resistance offered by this delicious son: but it was necessary to obey. The parties to these distinguished nuptials lasted more than three months; but the love of the young couple would last even today, much they loved, if they were not dead 100 years after.


The story of Donkey Skin is a bit’ difficult to take her for real; but as long as the world there will be grandmothers, moms and teens, they will remember it all with pleasure.

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