The blue bird

The blue bird
Anonymous (1698)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

C’era una volta un Re, very rich in money and lands: his wife died, and he was inconsolable. For eight whole days shut in a small sitting room, where he hit his head in the wall, such was the pain that tore at the soul; for fear he would end coll'ammazzarsi, the mattresses were accommodated between the wall and the wall of the room. So he could sbatacchiarsi at will, and there was no chance he could get hurt. All his subjects messero agree to go see him and tell him those believed most suitable reasons, for iscuoterlo by his sadness. Some prepared very serious talk: others came out with the nice things and even cheerful: but these did not gossip about him neither hot nor cold. It does not even cared about what he was told.

Finally he showed up, among others, a woman all darkened and covered with veils blacks, mantillas and the aftermath of great mourning, which weeping and sobbing so strong, and screams so acute and vented, I was stunned that the King. She told him she was not going to do as the others: and that was not for his pain iscemargli, but rather to increase it, not knowing that there would be a right thing in the world to mourn lost a good wife: and that she, that the best of all husbands had fallen, It made on behalf of mourn, until he had tears and eyes. At this point, She redoubled her cries and her tears, and the King, following the example of her, He made as a kid yelling.

He it received better than everyone else: and he told the story of the good qualities of his dear departed, just as she did the merits of his deceased loved; and lots and lots discorsero, neither of them know what to tell you on behalf of their great affliction. When the cunning widow noticed that the subject was on its last legs, He lifted the veil a little bit and the King was able to recreate the view in looking at this pretty disconsolate, that beneath two long very black eyelashes she turned and moved with moltissim'arte a pair of eyes, Grandi and Turchini, like the blue of a starry sky. His complexion was always fresh. The king began to look very carefully: a little at a time, He spoke less than his wife, and ends up not talk about it. The widow was careful to say that you want more and mourn her husband: and the King counseled not to want to perpetuate his pain. Long story short, all they fell from the clouds, to hear that the King had married, and that the black had changed to green and pink color.

Often enough to know the weak people, to get hold of their hearts and make what we like.

Il Re, from his first marriage, he had only one daughter, which he passed for the eighth wonder of the world; and it was called Fiorina, because it looked like the Flora, so it was cool, young and beautiful. She never wore gaudy clothes; instead he preferred the light silk, with some clasp of precious stones and many flower garlands, who made a magnificent figure around her beautiful hair. He was fifteen, when the King married again.

The Queen novella sent for one of her daughters, who she was raised in the house of her godmother, the front Sussio: but none had become prettier and prettier.

The fairy had taken a great commitment: but without any good will conclude: nevertheless he wanted them much good.

They called Trotona, because he was on the face of the reddish spots, such as trout: her hair was so fat and imbiosimati, not to take advantage of it to touch his skin sallow and dripped grease.

The Queen wanted them a good soul and he had nothing in his mouth that his dear Trotona; and why Fiorina had been in everything much more favored of his daughter, He felt a big plug to the heart, and did his best to put Fiorina a dislike to his father.

Not a day that the Queen and Trotona not invent mischief against Fiorina; but the Princess, so sweet in character and full of spirit, we passed over and pretended not intended for docks.

The king said one day to the Queen that Trotona and Fiorina were both marriageable, and that as soon as he presented a prince in Court, He had to make sure to give him a.

“I want”, said the Queen, “my daughter is married to the first: It has more years of your, and since it is a thousand times prettier, so there is not even to hesitate and think about it.”

Il Re, who did not get face to face, He said that for his part was delighted, and that the owner left to roam.

Within a short time he learned that the King was coming Grazioso. There was a memorial of another King most gallant and most splendid of him. His spirit and his person responded to a hair to his name.

When the Queen came to know, immediately put in motion all the ropes and all the fashions workers, to set up the outfit to its Trotona.

More, She begged the king not to make any again Fiorina suit; and, put up with her maid, made her take off all his clothes, hairstyles and joys, the same day came the Prince Charming; and so Fiorina, when he went to get dressed, He not even found the biracchio of a tape and sent to shops, to buy the fabrics: but they said that the Queen had forbidden them that sold was the smallest thing. Reason why she found herself with a little dress from home, quite indecent, and he was moved so ashamed that, the arrival of King Charming, rincattucciarsi went to a corner of the room.

The Queen received him with great salaams and presented her daughter, that was brighter than the sun, and uglier than usual, on account of the frills on his back. The King looked away not to see: and letterhead Queen to believe that he liked it too much and did not want to commit, He tried all means to mettergliela before the eyes. He asked if there was also another Princess, called Fiorina.

“One,” Trotona indicandola said col said “there she is hiding, because it is a broccola.”

Fiorina blushed and became beautiful, but as fair, Nice that the King was dazzled. He got up quickly, He made a grand'inchino to Princess, and he told her:

“Your beauty is such, that does not need frills and other ornaments.”

“Lord”, she replied, “I swear it's not my habit of wearing improper clothes, like this: and you would have done me a great gift not to turn around toward me.”

“Impossible”, exclaimed Nice, “that a princess so wonderful, being present somewhere, They can have eyes for other, and not for her!”

“Ah!”, the Queen said testily, “I spend my time just fine to listen to your words. Believe me, lord: Fiorina is already pretty owl and does not need to be teased with so many gallantry.”

The King Air Nice understood the reasons for that were talking like the Queen; but not being man from peritarsi or might take subjection, He gave free rein to his admiration for Fiorina, and he spoke together for three hours at a time.

The Queen who had a devil hair and Trotona who could not find peace of being favorite Princess, both went to complain resentfully by the King and forced him to allow Fiorina were locked up in a tower all the time that King Charming was left to the Court, so because they have no way of being with each other. No sooner said than done, Fiorina was soon back in his room, four masked men took her to the top of the tower, and we left her in the greatest consternation, for she knew very well that with this throw you wanted to take the opportunity to please the King, who loved her so much already, he would have liked it to her husband.

The King Nice, who knew nothing of the violence used to Princess, He expected craving forward to see her again. She spoke of her people that the King had put surroundings to give him a retinue of honor; but these, for the Queen's Order, they told him all the evil: it was a bitch, a capricious, of bad temper, the torture of friends and servants, that it could not be more dirty her and pushing the penny pinching to the mark to dress worse than a shepherdess, rather than buy beautiful fabrics, with the money that his father passed. To hear all these stories, Nice she gnawed inside her, and he had some anger shots, that lasted hardly restrain.

“Not”, He said it to himself, “it is not possible that heaven has put a soul so vulgar in that work so beautiful nature. Both also that when the saw, He was dressed with great decency, but the blush that he was moved, proof enough that this is not his habit. How can it be bad, with that air of modesty and sweetness that love? I'm not going down: and I believe instead that the Queen may say so bad on purpose. The stepmothers are there for anything in this world: and how to Princess Trotona, it is such a bad versiera, who would not let me point especially if envy to death the most perfect of all creatures.”

While he fantasized so, the courtiers who stood around him, understood from his wax, to tell him that bad Fiorina, they had not done a great pleasure. There was one other quicker, which mutating language and register, to get to know the feelings of the King came to say the most beautiful things about the Princess. At these words, He awoke as if from a deep sleep, He took part in the conversation and joy shone on her face. love, love,… how hard it is to know you are hiding! You do peeping everywhere: on the lips of a lover, I 'eyes, the sound of his voice: When you really love, the silence and the conversation, joy and sadness, everything reveals what you feel inside.

The Queen impatient to know if the King Charming had remained strongly taken Fiorina, He summoned those whom he had admitted to his confidence, and he spent the rest of the night to interrogate them.

All the things that they told were worth more to confirm the idea that the King loved Fiorina.

But what I will tell you of killing the spirit of the poor Princess? She was lying on the ground in the highest part of the horrible tower, where it had been brought almost bodily by masked men.

“I'd be less to be pitied”, said it, “if they had locked me here, before knowing that nice King. The memory that Serbia can not serve him to grow my torments. It is clear that the Queen treats me this way to keep me from being able to see. Poor me! As it will costar this dear little 'beauty that heaven has given me!”

And after crying, and she cried bitterly, that his enemy itself would have had mercy, if he had seen her pain. And thus he passed the night.

The Regina, he wanted amicarsi the coaxing King in fury and special signs of respect and attention, She sent him the most splendid outfits, of an unmatched magnificence and cut on the fashion of the country: it's more, the insignia of the Knights of Love ', order of chivalry established by King, for wanting her, on the day of their marriage. It was a heart of gold, enamelled flame-colored, surrounded by several arrows and pierced by one of these, col motto: “one hurts”.

The Queen had been cut for the King Grazioso a ruby ​​as big as an ostrich egg: each arrow was a single diamond, as long as a finger, and the chain on which hung the heart, all made of pearls, of which the smallest weighed half a kilogram: in short, since time immemorial, had never seen anything of equal.

At the sight of the King he was so amazed, that for a few minutes he was unable to find the way to say a word. In the same time he brought a book, whose leaves were in tissue paper, with wonderful miniatures and the cover all of gold, and of buds, and where they were written with a very passionate speech and gallant the statutes of the Order de 'Cavalieri of Love.

They told the king that Princess, he views, she begged him to want to be her knight; and meanwhile he sent him these gifts.

At these words, he dared to flatter himself that this was precisely the Princess loved by him.

“Come! “, he exclaimed, “the beautiful Princess Fiorina thinks of me in a way so generous and courteous?”

“Lord”, they said, “you take the wrong name; we come here to be part of the lovely Trotona.”

“It is the Trotona who wants me for his rider?”, said the king, with a serious countenance and icy “I'm sorry I can not accept such an honor, but a sovereign is not master who would like to take engagements. I know the duties of a knight, and I would like accomplishing them all: So I prefer not to have grace, she offers me, rather than making dovermene unworthy.”

And remittances suffered in the trash my heart, the chain and the book, and he sent everything to the Queen, which recently ran us that, with her daughter, not drowned bile for the contemptuous manner in which the foreign king had received a favor so singular.

Pretty soon he had time to go to the King and Queen, He entered into their apartment with the hope to find Fiorina. The he tried with his eyes everywhere: and when he heard someone enter the room, he turned immediately to look; He could see he was troubled, and in a bad mood. The wicked Queen had guessed what appuntino Prince brooded in the heart, but he was indifferent as not knowing anything.

It spoke of pleasure games; and he answered in reverse. Eventually Nice wondered where the Princess Fiorina.

“Lord”, she said proudly Queen, “King her father has forbidden to get out of his rooms, so long as my daughter did not take her husband.”

“And what reason”, He replied the King, “There can be, to take prisoner the beautiful Princess?”

“I do not know”, said the Queen, “and even if I knew I would not believe point obliged to tell you.”

To the king had climbed the tantrum until the tip of the hair. He gave the glares, askew, a Trotona, and he thought to himself that it was because of that monster, if he had been taken away the pleasure of seeing the Princess. He left in a jiffy by Queen, because his presence made him sick at heart.

When she returned to her room, he said to a young prince who had accompanied him and who loved him dearly, to spend all that it had taken, just to pull some of his maid Princess, and so having a way to talk to a single moment.

This Prince effortlessly found some ladies of the court that heard themselves with him: and among the many, there was one that called for sure that night Fiorina would be in a low small window, overlooking the garden; and from there the Prince could talk: s'intende bene, employing all the precautions to be discovered, because, said it, the King and Queen are so severe, that if they found out that I have held the hands of the loves of Prince Charming, for me it would be certain death.

Prince, glad that they can not be said to have brought her the thing up to that point, promised everything I wanted, and he ran to do his part with the King, warning him time fixed for the meeting. But the confidant, it was bad faith, he immediately went to risoffiare everything to the Queen, and put his orders.

The first thought of the Queen was to send his daughter to the small window; and so well imbeccò, that Trotona, although it was a big stupid, He never forgot a pound of what he had to say and do.

The night was so dark, it would be impossible to notice the King of trappoleria, even if he had not had reason to believe certain of his facts: so that went to the window with an incredible joy transportation.

And there he told Trotona all those things he gave Fiorina, to assure her of his great love.

Trotona, profiting equivocation, He replied that it was the most miserable creature of this world, because of a stepmother so ruthless and that he should passarne yet who knows how many, before her daughter had not married.

The king swore and said that if she had wanted him for her husband, It would be more than happy to put aside his crown and his heart.

And in saying this, He took off a finger and sticking it in the ring finger Trotona added that this was an eternal pledge of his faith, and it was up to her to fix the hour of departure. Trotona answered, as best he could, all these warm kindness.

He had noticed very well that in response to her was not a grain of common sense: that what would displease, if it has not been persuaded that the fear sudden apparition of the Queen was to be the cause of those rambling speeches.

He left her, on condition that she would return the next day: and she promised wholeheartedly.

The Regina, I knew the success of the first interview, She began to hope for good. In fact, fixed the day of departure, the King was to take in a flying chariot, pulled by winged frogs, gift given to him by his friend Mago.

The night was very dark. Trotona mysteriously emerged from a small door, and the King, that was waiting, He took her in his arms and swore eternal fidelity hundred times!

But since he did not feel in the mood to continue to fly for a long time in his flying chariot, not marry the Princess, he loved so much, so he asked where he wanted that you did the wedding: she said she had to call fairy godmother Sussio, Well known, and his view was to go to the castle of her.

The king did not know the way, but it was enough for him to say to her big frogs: conducetemi là. They knew the map of the Universe, and within minutes they brought him and Trotona from Sussio fairy.

The castle was so well lit, that the King, arrivandovi, He would soon sighted his mistake, if the Princess had not had the malice to cover all wearing veils. Churches of the gossip: He called her in private, and he told her how and when he deceived the Prince Charming, begging her to do in order to calm him down.

“Ah! my daughter!”, disse la fata, “it will not be easy: he loves too Fiorina, and I am sure there will despair, and dimolto.”

Meanwhile the King was waiting in a hall, whose walls were made of diamonds, so sharp and so transparent, to let him see, to traverse them, the Sussio and Trotona, who spoke between them.

Credé to dream.

“Possible”, he said, “I was betrayed? Or are they the devils, who brought here this enemy of our joy? Vien'ella perhaps to poison our marriage? And my diletta Fiorina not see coming! Who knows that his father has not pursued the date!”

Many other things passed him for the head, who put him in great agitation; but the worst was when the two women entered the room, and Sussio said with voice command:

“Re Nice, here is the Princess Trotona, to which you gave your word, it is my goddaughter, and I want to marry soon”.

“I”, He exclaimed the Prince, “I marry that ugly scrawl? You see just who do you take me for a man of short pastry, to make me certain things. Know that while I have not made any promises, and if she says otherwise, It deserves the title…”

“Do not go”, said Sussio, “and mind you do not disrespect.”

“albeit”, He replied the King, “I should respect you, as you may deserve a fairy: but also I want you to make me my Princess.”

“And I'm not your princess, spergiuro?”, said Trotona, showing the ring, “Who did you give you this ring as a pledge of faith? Who did you talk to the small window, if not with me?”

“Why?”, he answered, “therefore I have been betrayed… deceived? Not, a thousand times no! I do not want to be the victim and the laughingstock of others. his, its, frogs! my brave frogs! I will leave immediately.”

“It's not something that you can do it without my permission”, said Sussio. She touched him, and his feet are attacked all'impiantito, as if there had remained nailed.

“Quand'anco I lapidaste”, the disse it Re, “even if I live scorticaste, I'll never be the other that of Fiorina; my resolution is taken, and go ahead of me what you like.”

Sussio put in place all, sweetnesses, way, promise, prayers; Trotona pianse, screeched, hiccup, He went into convulsions, and he calmed down. The king did not open his mouth more, and looking at them both with great contempt, He did not respond to their syllable cicalate.

And so they passed twenty days and twenty nights, without the two women chetassero a minute, and without that they felt the need to eat, to sleep and to sit.

Eventually Sussio, dead tired could not refrain, disse to Re:

“Well, you are a ostinataccio, nor it is there to make you understand the reason: So choose: or seven years of penance, for giving your word not keep, or marry my goddaughter”.

Il Re, who until then he had kept a profound silence, he shouted immediately:

“Let me everything I want, provided that I may be delivered from this coarse”.

“Sguaiato can”, He replied Trotona furious. “It takes a really good fresh face, come your, sovranuccio by a penny the serqua, to come up with a crew from Ranocchiai in my country, to tell me of insolence and fail me word. If you had a brindello of honor, terrestrial perhaps this attitude?”

“Your reproaches lacerate my soul” said the king, in the act of teasing. “I understand that I have a great wrong not to marry this beautiful girl!”

“Not, no, You not ever marry”, He shouted angrily across Sussio. “You do not remain other than flying this window, because for whole seven years you will be the blue bird.”

At these words the King began to change in appearance; his arms are covered in feathers and form the two wings: legs and feet become blacks and thin; the growing of nails pinned; the body thins and covers up all the long and fine stained feathers of blue; The eyes are round and shining like two suns; The nose has taken the grace of an ivory-billed; on his head sprouts a white tuft, in the form of diadem; fall in love sings and speaks in the same way.

Reduced in that state, sends a cry of pain at being so transfigured, Gaining the flight wings, He flees from fatal palace of Sussio.

Filled the soul of infinite sadness, It goes flitting from branch to branch, preference in choosing the consecrated trees love or melancholy; and now it rests on the myrtles, Now cypresses: and sings arias of pitiful, glues which weeps on his sad fate and that of Fiorina.

“Where he has hidden his enemies?”, he said, “that will ever happen to that beautiful unhappy? The ruthless heart of the Queen will still have left in life? Where can I look for? And then, he will be sentenced to spend seven years without her? Maybe this time will be married, and I will lose forever the only hope that I do dear life.”

These thoughts so strong accuoravano the blue bird, that she wanted to let die.

Meanwhile Sussio had sent Trotona by the Queen Mother, which he was largely thought about how it was going to end the marriage.

But when he saw his daughter, and he became known to her all that had happened, He took a frightening fury, which kickback he went to falling back on the poor Fiorina.

“I want”, ella disse, “that he should repent more than once that he had been able to fall in love with the King Nice.”

She went up in the tower along with Trotona, who she was dressed de 'his most splendid garments: and he brought in a crown of diamonds and held up the train of her royal mantle of three children 'richest state barons.

In the great toe he had the ring of King Charming, the same man who had eye given to Fiorina, the day that talked together.

She was stunned and did not know what to think, seeing Trotona throughout the gala.

“That's my daughter”, said the Queen, “who came to bring gifts of his wedding; it was the wife of King Charming, which he is in love dead: it's no longer alone a happy couple of them!…”

And in saying so, They were explained in front of Princess gold and silver fabrics, the triune, the tapes, The precious stones were in a large basket of gold filigree. In presenting all these things, Trotona strove to put an eye on the ring of the King; so the Princess Fiorina could now no longer doubt his misfortune. She shouted with the accent of despair that togliessero before the eyes of all those gifts such deadly; that he no longer wanted to dress, other than black; or rather die now. It fell unconscious. The cruel Queen, delighted the shot did, He did not want that had provided no relief; He left her alone in that state compassionate, evilly and she ran to tell the king that his daughter was so possessed by love, to sign up to commit the vagaries senz'esempio: and he had to be careful, so he could not escape from the tower.

The King replied that she was mistress to regulate this matter in his own way, and that, As for himself, He would not have had anything to say to the contrary.

When the princess was have recovered from fainting and could rethink demeanor, that kept her, to treatments evils that received dall'indegna stepmother and the lost hope of ever marrying the King Nice, his pain became so acute, who cried all night: and out of the window, He vented in groans that tore my heart. When refer albeggiare, She closed the window and went to cry.

The night then opened the window, and he is sighing and sobbing shed a river of tears; but just did day he came to hide in her room.

Meanwhile the King Nice, or better to say, the beautiful bird blue, He never ceased to flutter around the palace: he thought that his beloved Princess was imprisoned there: and if her moans were heartbreaking, her were not less.

He approached the window as he could, to put an eye inside the rooms: but it fears that Trotona not scorgesse and not the birth of the suspicion that he was, She held him back from doing what he wanted.

“There goes my life”, he said to himself, “and if those two versiere I scuoprissero, They would be capable of any revenge; and so should I or I allontanassi of here or me to put at risk my days.”

These arguments persuaded him to seize all imaginable precautions, and, for the usual, He sang only at night.

Rimpetto the window, where he was Fiorina, there was a cypress a marvelous greatness: the blue bird came over posarvisi. Just it rested, he heard a voice lamented that way:

“Will I have to suffer for a long time? and death will not free me from these pains? Those who are afraid of death, if they see arrive soon enough: I wish, and the cruel escapes me. Ah! Queen heartless! what have I done to keep me so unjustly imprisoned? You can not invent other ways to martoriarmi? By now you're not missing anything but make me see with their own eyes my, the happiness he enjoys his unworthy daughter with the King Nice”.

The blue bird had not lost a syllable of this lamentation: I was amazed, and he waited with unspeakable yearning that the sun should rise, to see the woman who despaired so much. But when the sun rose, she had already closed the window, and he had withdrawn.

The bird, curious, it was timely to come back the next night. It was moonlight. And he saw a girl at the tower window, He began again the story of 'their sorrows.

“Oh, kind, kind!”, said it, “you who cullasti me in the hope of a throne: I made you who you were the love of my father, that I have never done, for having to drown in this ocean of great bitterness? It is written that we should start as early as such a young age, like mine, to try your inconstancy? Come back, o barbara, return to me: I did not ask you that only one favor; end to my cruel fate.”

The blue bird was all in ears, and he listened to, most are persuaded that the woman who lamentavasi that way, It was to be his Pretty Princess.

And she said:

“Adored Fiorina, marvel de 'nowadays, why would you put an end so quickly to your? There is always the hope of finding a cure to your affliction”.

“Come?… who is it that draws me these words of consolation?” diss'ella.

“An unhappy King”, said the bird, “who loves you and that you will not love herself.”

“A king who loves me?”, she added, “it would not be the case for a snare stretched by 'my enemies? But, in the end, What would gain the Queen? If she wants to know my feelings, I am ready to dirglieli with my own mouth.”

“Not, My princess”, said the bird, “the lover who speaks to you is not capable of betrayal.”

In saying these words, He came to rest on the window. Fiorina was terribly frightened at first such an unusual bird, who spoke with as much blood, like a man, although he had a little voice companion to that of the nightingale; but the beauty of its feathers, and more of the kind things said, They reassured her.

“Street Mission therefore he permitted to see you again, My princess?”, esclamò. “May I bask in such contentment, without dying of joy? But, alone! because this joy is poisoned by standest see you in prison, and the state, in which the unequal Sussio has trasfigurito me for seven years!”

“Who are you, graceful bird?”, the dissemina Principessa, making him the caresses.

“You have made mention of my name”, He replied the King, “and pretend not to know me?”

“Come!”, the dissemina Principessa. “Possible, that the great King of the world!… possible that the King Charming has changed quest'uccellino?”

“Ohimè! Unfortunately, that's the way it is, mia bella Fiorina”, He answered and said, “and the only thing that I have so much misfortune of relief, he has to know that I preferred martyrdom to that of having to give up the great passion I have for you.”

“Per me?”, disse Fiorina. “Ah! for charity, do not try to fool me. Lo so, lo so, you married Trotona: I recognized your ring in his finger: I've seen all of your bright shiny. It has come to insult me ​​here, in this horrible prison, charge of the weight of a crown and a royal mantle, It was a gift from you, while I was full of chains and irons!…”

“And you saw in this Trotona clothing?”, He interrupted the King, “and she and her mother had so much audacity to say that all those jewels were my gift? Oh cielo! You may be more brazenly liars so? And I could not as I would avenge!… Know then that they tried to get in the middle: that, making use of your name, They did steal that ugly hag of Trotona; but, as soon as the mistake avvistomi, I planted there, and I preferred rather to become for seven years the blue bird, missing the faith that I have sworn there.”

Fiorina felt such a great pleasure, Hearing talk like that his dear lover, that he no longer felt the torments of his imprisonment. What ever heard him say to comfort her sad case and to ensure that she would do for him, what it had done for her?

The day was beginning to be clear. Many officers of the court had already raised: and the blue bird and the princess still busy busy talking to each other. Eventually they parted with great sorrow, after having exchanged the promise that every night would be reviewed.

The joy of being together was so great, You can not complain. Each, for his part, thanked the love and luck.

Meanwhile Fiorina was worried about the blue bird.

“Who assures me by hunters, or from the clutches of some eagle or some hungry vulture, able to eat it with a lot of taste, like it was not a great King? Oh Dio! that would be me, petty, if his feathers fine and slight, windblown, They giungessero up in my prison for the disaster annunziarmi, I am always afraid?”

This sad thought meant that the Princess could not turn a blind eye; because, When you really love, fears blindside the appearance of truth, and what before seemed impossible becomes very possible; and it was so, she spent the whole day crying, until it was time to go to get attached to the window.

The graceful bird, hidden inside the gap of a tree, throughout the day had done nothing but think about his beautiful Princess.

“How happy”, he said, “to have found: and as caring for me! The kindness that uses me, I hear them all here in the heart!”

The passionate lover counted down to the minute according to the time of his penance, which prevented him from marrying her; and he yearned more than ever by the desire to see finished his sentence.

And because he wanted to use all those gallant Fiorina, he had in his power to do, He flew to the capital of his kingdom, He went to his palace, He entered into his cabinet through the hole of a broken glass: He took a pair of diamond earrings, so beautiful and so perfect, not find them equal, and he took them to the evening Fiorina, begging her to put volerseli.

“Me put them”, diss'ella, “if you saw me the day; but since I do not speak that night, so I did not put them.”

The bird promised to do in order to come to the Tower at the hour that she had wanted: then he slipped earrings, and they spent all night in talks with each other, as they had done the night before.

The next day the bird returned to his kingdom: He went to the palace, He entered his cabinet to the usual broken glass, and took away with them the most beautiful bracelets that had never been seen: They were formed of an emerald in one piece, faceted and laundry in the middle to be able to pass the hand and arm.

“perhaps believe”, said the Princess, “that my love for you who needs to be cultivated in the gifts fury? Ah! you see just who know me bad!”

“Not, o signora”, he replied, “I have never believed that the trinkets that Sieno I offer needed to preserve me the good that I want; but I would be mortified, if you neglected to the slightest opportunity to show the attention that I have for you: and then, When you have before my eyes, these little gems will be good to recall to your memory.”

Fiorina, on the other hand, said multitude of nice things, to which he replied it a thousand others, kinder than ever.

The following night the blue bird had an obligation to bring to his beautiful clockwork, of a suitable size, who she was inside a pearl; yet the matter was won by the excellence of the work.

“It's useless”, she said with exquisite grace, “to come and give a watch. When you are away from me, the hours seem to me eternal: when you're with me, pass like a dream. How can I do to give them a right fit?”

“Ohimè, My princess”, He exclaimed the blue bird, “I think exactly like you on this point, because as heart-sensitivity are sure they do not fall behind anyone. In fact, seeing what you suffer to preserve me your heart, They are able to judge that you have brought the friendship and esteem extreme limit, they can go.”

When it appeared the day, the bird flew into the gap of his tree, and he fed them with good results. Sometimes he sang beautiful arias: his singing falling in love passers, who heard him, they could not see anyone. So word spread that there surroundings there were spirits.

And this belief is so widespread, that no one had the courage to enter the forest. They told a thousand fabulous adventures, happened in that place: and the general fear was the cause of most bird blue security.

Not a day went, without him to do a Gift Fiorina: Now a string of pearls: now rings with brilliant, of fine work: Now diamond clasps, spilloni, bouquets of precious stones, colorful flowers in imitation, pleasant and medals books: to make it short, it had put together a heap of marvelous riches. With these he adorned only the night to please the King: the day, not knowing where to put them, He hid in the straw mattress of the bed.

In this way they saw two years, without that Fiorina had to complain once of his imprisonment. How could he complain? It had the consolation of talking all night with your loved one; nor is there a memorial that between two lovers Sieno never exchanged many lovely little words, as it happened between them. Although she could not see a soul, and the bird would pass their days locked inside the shaft gap, nevertheless they had always a thousand new things to tell; the matter was inexhaustible, because their heart and their spirit abundantly supplied the subject of long discussions.

Meanwhile, the wicked Queen, who held her so cruelly imprisoned, He gave great pains to see to marry his daughter. He sent ambassadors to offer it to all the principles, of whom knew the name: but as soon as the ambassadors arrived, They were laid off unceremoniously.

“Oh! if you were the Princess Fiorina”, they were spoken, “you would be received with open arms: but as for Trotona, It can become a nun if she wants; for nobody will oppose DiCerto.”

To hear these speeches, Mother and daughter went on a rampage and if the pigliavano against poor Princess, victims of their persecution.

“Come!”, they said they, “although it closed in prison, quest'insolente will therefore be for us a stick between his feet? How to forgive the bad shots, that makes us every day? It must be said that ell'abbia of secret correspondence in foreign countries: in this case, at least, State's rea: therefore treat them as such, and is doing everything to convince her of his crime.”

Their secret meeting ended so late, it was already midnight played, when they decided to climb the tower for questioning. It was precisely at the window, coll'uccello blue, adorned its gems, and with his hair combed some magnificent with all that attention, that is not natural point in the person afflicted by great pain. Her room and her bed were sown flowers, and some tablet of Spain, that it had burned a few moments ago, He spreads around the room a delicious smell.

The Queen put ear to the door, and he seemed to hear them singing an aria in two voices: because even Fiorina had an angelic voice. The words of this air seemed the very tender, and said more or less as:

“How sad our fate: and how many troubles cost us our love!… But in vain they try to win so firmly: in spite of our enemies, our hearts will remain united forever.”

This little concert was closed by some sighs.

“Ah! Trotona mia, we are betrayed!” He exclaimed the Queen screanzatamente, opening the door and entering the room.

As Fiorina remained at the sight! He closed the window immediately, to give time to the real bird to fly away. The longer he was at heart the salvation of him, that their: but he had the strength to move away: with his eyes penetrantissimo, He had realized the danger to which he was exposed Princess. He had seen the Queen and Trotona: but pain for him not to be able to defend his beautiful!

The two hags pounced on it, as if they wanted to eat.

“They know your plots against the state!”, He exclaimed the Queen. “Do not hope that your degree is enough to save you from the deserved punishment.”

“And with whom I can have plotted, o signora?” He replied the Princess. “For two years past, are you not you my jailer? I have never seen other people, out of those you send me?”

While he spoke the Queen and her daughter looked at her wide-eyed. They had remained dazzled by its wondrous beauty and its truly extraordinary hairstyle.

“And who gave you, o signora”, said the Queen, “Codest all gemstones, that shine like the sun? Maybe you want to give us to understand that in this tower there are mines? ”

“I have found”, disse Fiorina, “It is all that I know it.”

The Queen looked at her straight in the eye, iscuoprire to what passed in the depths of his heart.

“We will not let you fool”, said the Queen. “You believe that you give us this drink: but we know very well, Principessa, everything you do from morning to night: and these joys there were given away, to put on, and commit to sell your father's kingdom.”

“Really, which are in a state can sell the kingdoms!…”, she replied, with a smile of disdain. “A poor Princess languishing in irons for a long time, it is the person who takes, to plot the state conspiracies.”

“And how then goes”, He replied the Queen, “It is so all dressed up, like a coquettish, and that your room is full of scents, and that your person is so magnificent and shining, that the Court could not make a better shape?”

“I have much time to lose”, the dissemina Principessa, “so there is nothing strange if I spend a little to make me beautiful: I spend so much to cry over my misfortune, that there is no reason to reproach me.”

“Mind, via”, said the Queen, “let 's see if this innocentina, has not by chance some correspondence with the enemies of the state.”

And from itself he began to rummage everywhere: and came to the sack, that she had emptied, He found us in an amount so vast diamond, pearls, rubies, smeraldi e topazi, that she could not find their way to where they had come. And why he had fixed within themselves to put in some of the room hiding some cards, that could compromise the Princess, so when no one cared, He hid in the open fire; but for good luck the blue bird, from the place where he had laid, He saw better than a lynx and heard everything; He cried so:

“Beware, Fiorina: here is your enemy who will prepare you a betrayal”.

This unexpected voice so startled the queen to the point, that no one dared to do what he had meditated.

“You see, lady”, the dissemina Principessa, “that the spirits flying through the air, They're all for me.”

“I believe rather”, He said the Queen, beside himself with rage “there Sieno Devils, who love you: but, they spite of himself, Your father will take justice.”

“God wanted”, said Fiorina, “I did not have to fear nothing but my father's wrath: but what scares me, And yours, or lady.”

The Queen went away all upside for the things he had seen and heard, and he gave advice on what to do against Princess. Some councilors made her note, that, in case any fairy or some magician had taken the Princess under their protection, the real secret to irritate them would be to torment more than ever the Princess; and that, in the end, scuoprire was necessary at any cost the reason for his fumble. The Queen gave the green light to this advice: and sent to sleep in the bedroom of a young girl Princess, that seemed innocence in person, by saying that there was pressure on purpose to serve.

But how restar taken to a chiapperello so gross?

The Principessa, since the first day, He held it for a spy, and he was moved with a great regret.

“Come!”, she said, “I, therefore, I can not speak to this blue bird, that is all my love? was it, that helped me to bear my misfortunes: and I consoled him in his. Our love we made up for everything. What will happen to him? What will become of me?” And thinking about this, He cried like a cut lives.

He did not dare to look out the window, although I felt there flutter surroundings; because it was consumed by the desire to open the door, but he was afraid of endangering the life of her dear lover. He spent a whole month, without it he did see: and meanwhile the blue bird gave in to despair, and she wept and wailed piteously!

On the other hand, how could he do to live, it, without his Princess? He had never felt, as then, the torments of the distance and those of his metamorphosis. In vain he tried to console some pretext: after having fetched the brain, He could find nothing that was to give him a little 'comfort.

The Spy Princess, that for a month did not close eye on day or night, He felt at the end so taken by the sleep that fell fast asleep. When Fiorina noticed, He opened his little window, e these:


blue Bird, color of the sky,
Fly and returns now to me.

These are his exact words, and there is a comma changed.

As soon as the bird heard her, He flew immediately on the window. What joy when they met! and how many things had to say! A thousand and a thousand times repeated their tenderness and their oaths of allegiance! The Princess could not hold back the tears; lover softened, and did his best to comfort her.

Coming finally time to leave, without the jailer overseer he was still awake, They gave the most tender and moving farewell that might imagine.

The lamp also asleep the next day, and Princess, on time, He went to the window and said,, like the time ahead:


blue Bird, color of the sky,
Fly and returns now to me.

And now the bird was, and the night passed like the other forward, no noise and no improvised, with great satisfaction of our lovers; which they figured that the overseer would have taken a lot of taste to sleep, you can repeat the same story every night. In fact, the third evening passed happily: but in the fourth, the sleeper having felt a little 'noise, no sign of anything you put in ear; and looking good, he saw in the moonlight the most beautiful bird of the universe, he was talking with the Princess, and he stroked glues paws and gave Loving beccatine: and among other, He heard a lot of those little things that you said to one another, and was greatly astonished, because the bird spoke as if it were a lover, Fiorina and answered him with great tenderness.

At daybreak they said farewell: and almost heart presagisse them some nearby disgrace, They could not find the direction to leave. The princess threw herself on her bed crying all, and the King went back inside the shaft gap. The worker ran the Queen, and he told her what he had seen and heard. The Queen sent for Trotona and his confidant, and after a long chatter they concluded that the blue bird was to be the King Nice.

“What a shame”, He exclaimed the Queen, “what a shame, my daughter! This insolent Princess, I believed finished with anxiety, He is sitting quietly enjoying the amorous talks of your ungrateful! Ah! I want revenge, and revenge must be the ones to remember it for a while.”

Trotona begged her not to lose even a minute, And since in this matter it seemed to be more interested in the same Queen, so felt artifact in a swoon from contentment, only thinking about the martyrdom they would have to endure the two unfortunate lovers.

The Queen sent to the light tower, with orders not show signs or suspicion or curiosity; and indeed, to show more sleepy than usual. In fact he went to bed in the early evening, and russava and russava, so much so that the princess, deceived that way, He opened the window and said,:


blue Bird, color of the sky,
Fly and returns now to me.

But in vain she named him, as it was long the night: and he never appeared, sad because the Queen had made attacking the cypress trees of swords, knives, razors, daggers: The reason why, When he came to throw himself away on those plants, he cut his feet and wings: and everything hurt, com’era, came barely tree his, leaving behind a long trail of blood!

Oh! because, beautiful princess, you were not there to rescue the real bird? But she would have died if he had seen in that state as to compassion!

Fixed in the idea that this was done the trick because of Fiorina, he would not take no care for his life.

“Ah ruthless!”, he said painfully, “so to reward the purest and most tender passion, Siasi you ever given to the world? If you wanted my death, why not domandarmela with thy mouth? The death, give you time, I would have loved! With much love and with how many confidences I came to see you! I suffered for you, and he suffered without complaint. Come! and sacrifice will have the heart to the most cruel of all women? It was our common enemy, and you've made peace with it at my expense? It is you, Fiorina, are you that you hurt me dagger! You borrowed the hand of Trotona and you took her up to my heart!”

These gloomy thoughts as much angustiarono, which resolved to die.

But the Magician, his friend, having seen go home the flying frogs, col car, without having any news of the King, He stood in such great thought that could be his happened some misfortune, he did eight times around the earth to find; and he not found him. He was about to start the ninth round, when crossing the forest, where was the blue bird, She rang a full peal the horn, according to prescribed rules: and after he cried five times with than they had in the throat:

“Re Nice! Re Nice, where you are?”.

The King recognized the voice of his best friend:

“Draw close to this tree”, he said “and you will see the hapless King, to which you want so well, immersed in his own blood!”.

The magician, thunderstruck, He looked at from all sides, You could not see anything.

“I am the blue bird”, the King said, his voice weary and faint.

At these words the magician found him effortlessly in his little nest. Anyone else out of him it would be much more amazed: But he knew all the tricks of magic. They took a few words he said, to stop the blood that was dripping again: and some herbs found in the woods, and on which he muttered some incantations, He healed the King so respectable, it seemed it was not even scratched. So he asked him to like him for telling what adventure had become bird, and who had so cruelly wounded!

The King was satisfied his curiosity, and she told him that Fiorina was one that had revealed the loving mystery of secret visits and made her, and that the Queen amicarsi, she had agreed to let it get in the branches of the cypress knives and razors, who had done almost cut and chopped: vented several times infidelity Princess and swore that he would have more expensive to die, rather than knowing such a bad heart. The magician, He raged against Fiorina and against all women, and he advised the King to forget it all.

“What would be your misfortune”, diss’egli, “if you ostinaste to love quell'ingrata! After what he did there, It needs to aspettarsene of all colors.”

The blue bird, on this point, He did not get along because he was too in love with Fiorina: and the Wizard, that he read in the heart, although he did everything to conceal their feelings, He sang a pretty song that said, more or less well:

“When you have a big thorn in the soul, are useless speeches and reasonings; it only pays attention to our pain and not to the advice of others. We must leave it to time, Because to every purpose there is an appropriate time, and so long as this moment has not arrived, It is useless to torment the spirit by ingenious expedients”.

The blue bird she persuaded, and he begged his friend to take him to his house and put him in a cage, where he was safe from the cat's nails and any dangerous weapons. But he jumped on to say the Magician:

“It therefore resigned to remain still for five years in a state so compassionate and just suited to your interests and your dignity? Why you should know that you have enemies who swear and perjury that you are dead and want to invade your kingdom; and I have a great fear that this kingdom you have to lose ahead of regaining your true likeness”.

“I'll go in my building”, he replied, “and grooming as usual, as I did before?”

“Oh!”, He exclaimed the friend, “it's difficult. Some people are happy to obey a man, but it does not intend to obey a parrot, Today there are those who fear you, because you are a king surrounded by greatness and splendor, and that tomorrow will tear the feathers, if you see her transformed into a bird.”

“Ah, human weakness! oh, prestige of a shiny outward!…”, She exclaimed the King, “though it does not mean nothing to the merits and virtues, ceases for this to have a power affascinatrice, from which it is difficult to defend. Well”, he continued, “mostriamoci philosophers, and we despise what you can not have: our resolution will not be the worst.”

“I do not give me so won the first”, said the Wizard, “and I still hope to find some good gimmick, that do the job.”

Meanwhile Fiorina, poor Fiorina, desolate not to see the King, he spent his days and nights at the window, repeating relentlessly:


blue Bird, color of the sky,
Fly and returns now to me.

The presence of the overseer gave her no more subjection; his despair had reached such a point, who had no regard for anyone.

“That's something you state, Re Nice?”, exclaimed, “Perhaps our common enemies did they feel the sad effects of their anger? It might have been sacrificed to their fury? Poor me! me miserable! are you not more alive? So I will never see you more? Or tired of my many misfortunes, ye have abandoned the harsh fate that haunts me?”

And how many tears and sobs kept those behind these pitiful moans! And as the hours seemed eternal, for the distance Dear Lover! The Princess demolished, ill, become lean, and that does not recognize most of the first, He had just enough breath to stand up. She was convinced that the King had happened every major thing that can give on earth.

The Queen and Trotona gloated, and the pleasure of being revenged was stronger in their pain felt for the offense received. And in the end, What it was then this offense? The King Charming had not wanted to marry an ugly witch, that he should be disagreeable and odious for a thousand reasons.

In the meantime the father of Fiorina, that was in there by years, He fell ill and died. The fortune of the Queen and her daughter then was altered,; all the concerned as two trickster who had abused their influence, mutinied and the people ran to the palace to ask the Princess Fiorina, proclaiming it to his sovereign. The irritated Queen wanted to treat it with great pride; He looked out to the balcony and threatened the rioters. At that point, the revolt became general: They break through the doors of his neighborhood, she loots everything, and leave the dead stone. Trotona took refuge at the Sussio, because he ran the same danger mother.

The great of the kingdom came together quickly, and they got into the tower where it was very sick Princess. She knew nothing about either the death of his father, or the bad end touched his enemy. When he heard all that noise Credé in good faith they came to take her to death. And there was no fear, because a day he had lost the blue bird, Life for her had become odious. But his subjects, She fell at his feet, the gave to know the change that had happened in his luck. She never came of neither here nor there. They took her to his palace, and there the crowned. The great attention that were used and the passion they had to review the blue bird did much to make it restore the health and give her strength enough to appoint a council that had care of the kingdom during his absence: so he took with him a thousand million in precious stones, and one night he went away, all alone, no one knew where he had to incamminata.

The magician, who had taken to heart the King's business Grazioso, not having much power to destroy the spell that had made Sussio, He thought it best to go and see her and propose some accommodation, to see if she wanted to make the King's natural appearance; and without putting time in half he attacked his frogs and flew by the fairy, which at that time he was talking to Trotona.

From a magician in a fairy it is not a big dividend. They knew each other from about seicent'anni, and in that time they had been friends with each other a thousand times and a thousand times they had failed.

“That wish my pops?”, she said. (This is the name you give all, between them.) “I can be helpful in anything that depends on me?”

“Yes, my godmother”, said the Wizard. “You do everything to make me happy. This is my best friend: of a King, that you have made unhappy.”

“Ah! I mean, compare”, said Sussio, “I am sorry for their soul, but it's no hope for him grace, so long as it persists in not wanting to marry my goddaughter: here it is nice and cool here, as you see. Now it's up to him to decide.”

Al Mago remained the word in the mouth, so the girl seemed ugly: Nevertheless, he could not find the direction of venirsene away without having done something, particularly because the King, from the day he was caged, He had run a thousand dangers.

Nail, where the cage was attached, s'era rotto: the cage was cascaded to the ground, and His Majesty, pens hill, in the fall it had hurt much. The cat, which was present in this case, He gave a scratched eye, and he just ran not blinded. Another time they had forgotten to give him a drink, It was almost touch and not touch a nice peck hangnail, though fortunately they not arrived in time to save it with a few drops of water. A frugolo of monkey, It escaped no one knows where, well-combed fine pens through the cage rods, strapazzandolo no compliment, as if it were a magpie or a blackbird.

But the saddest thing of all was this: that he was within an ace of losing his throne, because his heirs invented every day one of the new, just to prove how and qualmente he was dead, and dead indeed.

At the end of the Wizard combined with the gossip Sussio, she Trotona lead in the King's palace Nice, that there will remain a few months, during which the King had to make a decision about to marry her: and meanwhile the fairy would make to the King its natural shape, Subject always to get it back bird, if he had persisted in not wanting to marry his goddaughter.

The fairy gave Trotona of gold and silver clothes; then had him ride on the back, behind him, above a dragon, and they came to the reign of King Charming, who arrived there, even him, at that point along with his friend Mago. With three strokes of the wand, He returned the same one that had been before, bello, lovely, humorous, magnificent: but this decrease cost salt of penance, because the very thought of marrying Trotona she put the shivers. The Wizard had quite a hill to persuade the best reason in the world: but all his speeches leave the time as it was! The king gave less thought of state care, that to find any bells and whistles to get in on the deadline set by Sussio for the wedding with Trotona.

Meanwhile the Queen Fiorina, with her hair all loose and disheveled on purpose to hide her face, with a straw hat on his head with a burlap sack on his shoulders began his journey a little 'walk and a little' horse, Now to the sea, Now the ground. It was all over the most minute researches: but not knowing for sure which way to go, always afraid to go one way, while his King came from that other.

One day, having stopped on the edge of a fountain whose crystal clear waters bouncing on a bed of tiny pebbles, she wanted to wash his feet. He sat down on the grass, and collected and stopped the hair with a ribbon, dipped their feet into the water. seeing, there was to exchange it with Diana who bathes return from the hunt. At that moment passed by a little old woman, all folded, who leaned on a big stick: It stopped, and he told her:

“What are you doing on, my beautiful daughter? It hurts to see you alone so!”.

“I am not alone, My good grandmother”, replied the Queen, “They are in numerous company, because I have here with me a world of disillusionment, the anxieties and sorrows.”

And in saying so, her eyes filled with tears.

“Come? so young, and weep!”, said the good old woman. “Mind, my daughter, you do not give in to despair. Tell me honestly what you have, and I hope to console you.”

The Queen did not need to be told twice: He told her of his misfortunes, the part that this whole thing had you the Sussio, and finally he told her he was going to look for blue bird.

The old woman get it up on the person, seize another demeanor, suddenly changes shape and appears young, nice, beautifully dressed: then looking at the queen with a lovely smile:

“Incomparable Fiorina”, says, “the king that you are looking for is no longer bird: my sister Sussio him made his first appearance: and now he is found in his kingdom. There were a torment more: because you will come to see your hopes crowned. Here are four eggs: in the great needs of life will break the, and you will find us in the things that will be of a great help”.

That said, shooting. Fiorina felt reborn in these words; he put the eggs in the bag, and he walked toward the kingdom of Nice.

After walking eight days and eight nights, He arrived at the foot of a mountain of prodigious height, whole ivory and so cut peak, that it was impossible to climb on, without falling.

She made a thousand useless efforts: sdrucciolava, He labored; until, desperate to see each other in front of an insurmountable obstacle, He went to lie down at the foot of the mountain, Glue firm resolution to die out; when suddenly remembered the ew had the fairy.

He took one and said,: “Let's see', if promising relief de 'which I had need, He had mocked me”.

Just broke the egg, They came out a few small gold hooks, she clung to the feet and hands. And with the help of these he could rise effortlessly on ivory mountain; because the hooks were taken, and prevented her from below sdrucciolare.

When it was on the summit, here new difficulties to begin to fall to the floor: because the valley was nothing but a huge crystal mirror.

They were there more than sixty thousand women surroundings, which they are aimed into it with great delight, because you know that the mirror was ten kilometers wide and twenty long.

Each he will be seen reflected according to his desire: that of red hair appeared blonde: the old one could see young: The young man looked even younger; in a word, this mirror so well concealed defects, that women were running in mirrored by the five parts of the world. One must have seen the grimaces and the rounds mouthpieces, who did most of those coquettish; There was laughter from scoppiar. And why not the men we crowded into fewer: because the mirror it was very convenient to them. To those who gave beautiful hair: to whom a tall and elegant staff, or martial certain air, or a nice and beautiful appearance. They were laughing women and women do not stood laughing behind them: so the mountain was called by many different names. No one had ever been able to touch the top: and when you saw Fiorina, women messero all screamed like so many calenders:

“Where he should never be that brazen?”, they said they. “That there should be so unwise, to put your feet even on our mirror. You will see that after a few steps, He will send it crumbled.”

And so did a diavoleto to tear out the brain.

The Queen did not know how to do, because he saw great danger in having to get down from that height: then he broke a altr'ovo, from which came out two birds and a chariot, that suddenly became so great, that it can enter into comfortably: and thus the pigeons with much lightness dropped down to the lower Queen, nothing happened bad.

She said to his good pigeons:

“My little friends, if you will be so kind to take me up on the spot where the King keeps charming his court, you will not find me ungrateful”.

pigeons, polite and obedient, They flew day and night until they reached the outskirts of the city. So Fiorina dismounted, and he gave each of them a sweet kiss, that cost more than a royal crown.

Oh, like the beating heart, putting his foot in the city!

Not to be recognized, you insudiciò face; and he asked those passing along the way, where he could see the King. Some messero laughing. “See the King?”, they told her, “really eh! and that you want him, my beautiful Muzzle-messy? or, rather go and wash: because your eyes are not worthy of a great monarch to see that.” The Queen did not answer: She moved away slowly: and he returned again to ask those who happened, where he could get to see the King.

“Tomorrow should come to the temple with Princess Trotona”, they answered, “because finally allowed to marry.”

“Heaven, what news! Trotona, the unworthy Trotona about to marry the King!”, Fiorina believed to die and had no breath or to speak or to move forward. He went under a door, and also sat on a stone, with her face covered by her hair and her straw hat, He began to say:

“Unfortunate that I am! I am coming here to make more beautiful the triumph of my rival and to see with my own eyes how happy he! So it was on account of her, the blue bird was no longer see me? It was therefore for that ugly witch, who gave me the blackest of all infidelity, while I, finished with grief, He wore a passion for the preservation of his life? The traitor had changed… Remembering Me, as if he never saw m'avesse, He left that I struggessi for its remoteness, Perhaps no point thinking of my!…”.

When you have a heavy heart sorrows, it is rare that you feel the need to eat. The Queen looked a bit 'hotel: and he lays down, without taking a bite. He got up with the sun and ran to the temple; but before we could get was obliged to undergo many manieracce by guards and soldiers. He saw the king's throne and to Trotona, which it was already considered to Regina. What a pain to a sensitive soul and passionate, like that of Fiorina! He came to the throne of his rival, and there stood, leaning against a marble column. The King came the first, nicer and more lovable than it had ever been in my entire life. Trotona came after, dressed with great magnificence, but bad to be frightening. She looked at the queen with a frown “And who are you”, le these, “who dare to come close to my august person and my golden throne?”

“My name is Face-messy”, diss'ella, “They came from far away to sell you things rarer.”

And he began to rummage in his canvas sack, and he pulled out the emerald bracelets that King Charming had given away.

“Oh! oh!”, exclaimed Trotona, “Codest nice pieces of glass; I sell them for five money?”

“Let them first see to those in the know, o signora, and then on the price we will accommodate.”

Trotona, he loved the King with greater tenderness of what he could expect from the seal, and it did not seem real find opportunities to talk, he stepped up to the throne of him and showed him the bracelets, begging him to tell her feeling. At the sight of those bracelets, he remembered those who had given Fiorina: he became white, sigh, and he stood for a while 'time without answering: at the end, fearing to show the soul disturbance, He took upon himself a great effort and answered:

“These bracelets, in my view, worth as much as all my kingdom: I believed in nondo there were only a few; but now I see that there are other”.

Trotona went back on his throne, where there was the figure of an oyster attached to its shell; and asked the Queen what, without stealing, He would have demanded de 'his bracelets.

“If you were to pagarmeli, o signora, It would be of great uncomfortable: I propose quite another pact. Obtain for me the favor to sleep one night in the room of Echoes, which it is in the King's palace, and I will give in emeralds.”

“Maybe, Face-messy!”, said Trotona, throwing away laughing like a coarse, and showing some teeth longer than those of a wild boar.

The king did not give thought to know where they came from those bracelets, a little 'because he was indifferent to the seller (that does not really aroused no curiosity), but in particular for the invincible disgust talked with Trotona. Now you need to know, that at that time he was always blue bird, such a time had come to tell that to the princess as his own under his royal quarter there was a small room called the hall of Echoes; built in an ingenious way so, that everything that was said softly, He was heard very well by the King when he was in bed in her room; so Fiorina could not imagine a better means of this, potergli reproach her infidelity.

To order Trotona led her into the hall of Echoes, where she said principle to his complaints and his reproaches so:

“The disaster, which would not believe, while too it is certain, Barbarian blue bird! thou hast forgotten me: you love my unworthy rival. wristbands, I had from your real hand, they were able to recall to your memory: I'm so far from your thoughts!”.

And here the sobs took their word: When she recovered breath to talk, He began again and continued until the morning. The waiters, having it heard her crying and sighing all night, They went to tell it to Trotona: which he asked the reason for everything he had done lamentìo. The Queen replied that he had slept deeply and sleeping was happening to the usual dream and to speak loudly.

As for the King, By a strange fatality he had not heard anything: and this resulted, because since the day he began his passion for Fiorina, He had lost the sleep; and when the evening was sleeping, They gave him opium to make him rest.

The Queen spent much of the day so restless, they can not say what. “If you heard me”, He said within herself, “how can you give the most atrocious indifference of his world? If he did not hear me, in what other way I can to reach my voice to him?” Jewels and things of truly rare and extraordinary art he no longer: because the precious stones are always beautiful, but we needed something we knew whet the taste of Trotona. Then he resorted to its ew and it broke one. That ran just outside a shiny steel wheelchair, all adorned with gold decorations in relief; They were attached to the wheelchair six green mice, led by a big rat in pink, while the tread, also the mousy family, It was of a beautiful pearl-gray tint. Inside the car were four more sprightly puppets and the prettiest of the ones you see on theaters to large fairs in Padua and Sinigaglia, and they made a lot of amazing things, especially two small Egyptian, which they were dancing the sarabande and the minuet better than all the dancers of the Pergola and La Scala.

The Queen gasped to see this masterpiece necromantic: but made no motto until evening, He was looking forward to going to the walk Trotona. Then began an avenue to gallop his mice that pulled the carriage, the other mice and puppets. This innovation made so much wonder in Trotona, that he began to cry:

“Face-messy! Hey, Face-messy! You want them five money for your car and your crew topinesco?”.

“Ask the scholars and the learned of this kingdom”, disse Fiorina “What may be worth such a wonder, and I I'll be the opinion of most capable among them.”

Trotona, overbearing in everything, He answered:

“star me No more messy glue nauseate your presence; tell me the price, and finiscila”.

“Sleeping one more time in the room Echoes”, disse Fiorina, “that's all I ask.”

“We ', poor beast”, he replied Trotona, “It will not be denied.” And turning her ladies, said: “This stupid creature does not know derive no gain from the sale of many beautiful rarity!”.

Night came.

Fiorina said everything you can imagine the most tender and passionate, but it was the same as to say the wall, as the night ahead, because the King never left to take his usual drink coll'oppio. The waiters said to one another:

“This countrified, there is no case, It must have grulla: What is all this buzz that makes the night?”.

“Moreover”, watched some, “in the things that he says, there is some common sense and passion.”

Fiorina waited glue fever upon the coming of the day, to see the effect produced by 'his speeches.

“While too”, she said, “this ruthless became deaf to my voice! No longer recognizes his dear voice Fiorina? Ah! what a shame, ostinarsi still love him! He despises me, and I deserve it. Yes, I agree with this.”

But all these arguments were returning unnecessary. She could not cure him of his passion.

In the bag he was left not a single egg, from which he could hope for some help. He broke off and came out a mess of six birds lardellati, cooked and well browned; and yet, with all this, They sang to enamor, They preached the good fortune and they knew better medicine Aesculapius. The Queen remained amazed something so wonderful, and he walked away with his talking mess in the hall of Trotona.

Mentr'essa waited to go, one of 'waiters came up to her and told her:

“But you do not know, my beautiful Face-messy, that if the King no grain opium to sleep, you cavereste the brain with all the chatter you do in the night?”.

Fiorina then immediately understood the reason why the king had not heard, and he said to the waiter:

“They are so sure of not disturbing the sleep of the King, tonight, if I sleep in the room of Echoes, if you give him even a drop of opium, all these pearls and diamonds will be for you”.

The waiter agreed and gave his word.

A few minutes later and he saw the Queen Trotona pretending to want to eat her pie.

“What are you doing there, Face-messy?” le these.

“Lady”, said Fiorina, “I am here I eat astrologers, musicians and doctors of medicine.”

At that moment the birds began to sing softly, like so many sirens; then they shouted: “Buttateci a small silver coin, and we will tell you the good fortune”, A anatrotto, towering over others, said loudest of all: “By, too, too, too; I am doctor, I heal people from all evil and all the crazy things, out from that of love”.

Trotona amazed by this miracle never seen in his life, cried, sagrando like a driver:

“Affeddìo, what a beautiful mess! I want it for me. By, Visosudicio: all we ask?”.

“The usual price”, ella disse, “Echoes of sleep in the room, and nothing else.”

“Sta bene, and I want to give this coin also come”, said Trotona, beside himself dall'allegrezza to have had the mess. Fiorina goes away thanking, all happy for the hope that this time the King would hear his voice.

As soon as night came, she became lead in the area of ​​Echoes, Glue passion that melted the waiter maintained the word and, instead of giving the King the usual opium, before him put some other drink to keep him awake; when he could imagine that all were asleep, She began her pitiful moans:

“How much danger is not I met him”, she said, “to come and try, while you run and I want to marry Trotona! What have I done, cruel, to forget so your oaths? Rammentati least sometimes your metamorphosis, of my love and of our tender talks!”.

She repeated these talks one by one, and with so much memory loyalty, to show that she was not there for anything in the world that was more expensive of these memories.

The king did not sleep point, and he felt so distinctly the voice of Fiorina and all his words, he did not know make sense of where they came from: but his heart, tenderly touched, She made him remember so vividly the image of his incomparable Princess, that in now it is divided by the same pain she felt when the knives wounded him among the branches of the cypress. He also began to speak in the same tone of the Queen, e these:

“Ah! Princess too cruel for a lover who adored you! how is he ever possible that you have sacrificed me to our common enemies?…”.

Fiorina heard things that the king said, and you stood by the answer and let him know that if he had wanted to deign to call to him in Face-messy, He could have the explanation of the many mysteries, hitherto inexplicable for him.

At these words the King, impatient, He called one of the waiters, and she told him if it was possible to find him right away Face-messy and there condurgliela. The waiter replied that the thing could be done in a jiffy, Face-messy because he was sleeping in the room of Echoes.

The king did not know what you think. How could he ever imagine that so great a Queen, come Fiorina, It could be transformed like that? How believe that Face-messy had the voice of the Queen and knew all his innermost secrets, if she had not been the Queen herself? Tormented by these suspects he got out of bed, He got dressed in a hurry, and a secret staircase came down in a room of Echoes. The Queen had raised the key: but the King had one that opened all the doors of the building.

He found her dressed in a robe of white silk lightweight, that she used to wear under her dirty and torn clothes; her beautiful hair fell to his shoulders; was lying on a sofa, and a lamp, in the distance, He sent around a pale flutter of light. The king stepped in suddenly; and the passion of love winning all of his resentment, As soon as she recognized, He threw himself in 'his feet, the wet hands of her crying and believed to die of joy, of pain and a thousand different thoughts, all at once, the they flocked to the memory.

The Queen was no less touched him; and he had such a lock to the heart, he felt the breath mancarsi. She stared fixedly at the King, without a word; and when he had the strength to speak, He not had that for him to reproach. The very joy of seeing him again made her forget for a moment all the reasons, which it regarded as well-founded, to complain about him. In the end everything was clear, both of each other is found justified; their love shooting above, and the only plug, that now torment them, He was in front Sussio. But in the meantime came the Magician, great friend of the King, in the company of a famous fairy, which it was precisely the one that had given the four eggs Fiorina. Exchanged the first compliments of Use, the wizard and the fairy said outright that having agreed to unite their powers in favor of the King and Queen, Sussio the fairy could do is nothing at all against them; and that consequently there were no more obstacles to send in along their wedding.

It takes little to imagine the joy of the two young lovers. As soon as it was day, word spread through the palace, and they were all happy to see the beautiful Fiorina. The noise of this news having come up to the ears Trotona, This immediately ran to the King: and how he was bad, when he is seen alongside his hated rival! While going to open his mouth and tell them a lot of vituperation, the wizard and the fairy turned it into a pig, because so he remained a little of his character and of his bad habit of grunting. She ran away, grunting always the way down in the yard, where he was greeted by a burst of laughter, that messero last despair.

The King and Queen Pretty Fiorina, finally freed from the presence of such a hateful person, They did not think more than to celebrate their wedding: which the most notable were for good taste and magnificence: and is easily imagine the happiness of the couple, after so many disappointments and so many hardships.


Domandatelo the King Nice, and he will answer: better to become birds turchini, crows and even marsh ducks, rather than marry a Trotona, to which you do not want good.

Too bad that is not always in a magician or a fairy to mess up so many marriages, where love has nothing to do!

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