La gatta bianca

La gatta bianca
Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy (1698)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

There was once a king who had three sons: three pieces of strong and courageous young men; and he was put fear that wanted to take the throne before his death: the more, that according to certain rumors, His children everywhere trying to be partisan to take over the kingdom.

The King was beginning to be a little’ in there by years, but being still green of spirit and of sound mind, He did not feel the point of yielding them a place, occupied by him with such dignity. I think, therefore, that the best party to live quiet was to keep them sweet mouth by dint of promises, he always knew would disappoint and scupper.

He called them into his cabinet, and after talking to the good of various things, He jumped out by saying:

“My dear children, you will agree with me that my advanced age does not allow me to look after the affairs of state with the same commitment than once; I fear that my subjects will have to suffer the damage, and that's why I decided to put the crown on his head to one of the three of you. Moreover, it is fitting that in return for such a gift, you have to try to please me in the drawing, now that I've done, to retire in the country. It seems to me that a lively canine, fido, You could keep me pretty good company: so, without bothering to choose the eldest son rather minor, I declare to you that what the three of you will bring me the most beautiful canine, what will be my heir”.

The principles remained surprised the whim of their father for a canine, but the two minor they found their own gain and accepted with pleasure the commission to go looking for a dog. As for the eldest son, He was too shy and too respectful to assert his rights. But they took leave of the King, which he gave them gold and precious stones, adding that in a year, neither more nor less, on the same day and at the same hour, They were to bring him back to each his own canine.

Before starting the journey the three brothers went to a castle, diverged just a mile from the city. They brought him friends, and made great revelry, all three swearing eternal friendship, and remaining understood that in this matter would each pulled forward due to the fact its, without jealousy and resentment, and that in any case the luckiest would always kept apart from the other two of his fortune.

And so they left, After attaching it to the back they would find themselves in the same castle, then they all went together to the King.

They did not want with him none, and they changed the name to avoid being recognized.

Each took a different path. The two had many more adventures; but I tell only those of the child. Which it was pretty, cheerful and pleasant mood, a beautiful head, physiognomy stately, regular features, beautiful teeth and a great deal of dexterity in all those exercises, that complement the education of a gentleman. He sang with taste, He played the lute and the guitar to enchant, He handled the palette, compitissimo was short, a knight and a courage bordering on recklessness.

No day passed without bought large dogs, little ones, greyhounds, bull-dogs, hunting, Spaniards, homeless. If he had one beautiful and she found another more beautiful, He is leaving the first to keep the other: because it would be impossible, just as it was, menarsi of around thirty or forty thousand dogs; and he did not want to train with him none of gentlemen or servants or pages.

He walked and walked, without even knowing where he was going, behold that once he found himself overtaken by the darkness, by thunder and a large water upside down in the middle of a forest, where raccapezzava no longer even the way he had to do.

He took the first path that he happened at his feet, and after walking a piece, He could see a little’ light; and from this he figured that, not far away, There had to be some house, where he could get indoors until the day.

Driven so that little’ of light that saw, He came to the door of a castle, the most magnificent imaginable. The door was gold, carbuncles covered, whose clear and radiant glow shone all around.

And this was the light that the Prince had seen from a distance. The walls were transparent porcelain on which, painted in colors, He could see the history of all the fairies from the world's creation onward; nor had forgotten the famous adventures of Donkey Skin, of Finetta, del Melarancio, of Pretty, the Sleeping Beauty, the Serpentine Green and a hundred other.

It gave him great pleasure to recognize the Prince Elf, because it was his uncle use Britain.

Rain and frenzied season, arose the desire to stay longer in one place, where she was bathing everything down to the bones, not to mention that where there came the bright reflection of carbuncles, you could not just here to there.

He returned the golden door, and saw one stuck at the bottom of venison knuckle in a small chain across diamond: and he could not but be in awe, not because of the magnificence of that joint from the bell, As for the strong confidence with which lived in that building.

“Because”, did he say, “it would take for thieves to pull the chain and take away the carbuncles? It would be the real way to become rich once and for all.”

He pulled the deer paw: immediately he rang a bell, that the ring he thought of gold or silver. Within a minute the door opened, not that he could see more than a dozen hands in the air, each of which holding a lighted torch. At the sight he remained so woozy, who could not bring himself to go, when he felt other hands, pushing it to the back, and even with a certain accord such violence. He went in there reluctantly, and for all practical purposes and respect he brought the hilt of the sword hand: quand'ecco, that crossing a vestibule, all it encrusted with porphyry and lapis lazuli, He felt two angelic voices sang well:


Of Man., You see
There take suspect
Ché under this roof
There is no need fear nothing.
If the seductive
With a pretty face;
Case that your heart
I do not want to remain slaves of love.

He could not imagine that I am invited with such good grace, then to make him a bad turn: whereby, feeling pushed towards a large door coral, which opened at his approach, He entered a large hall, all of nacre; and then it passed into other rooms decorated in a thousand different ways and so rich in paintings and precious marbles, to keep him stunned.

Thousands and thousands of lights, that came from the ceiling down to the floor, illuminating other neighborhoods; even those filled with chandeliers, the reflected lights and candles crowded with fans. Long story short, was such a wonder to believe it a dream.

After crossing a row of sixty rooms, hands that guided him made him stop, and it saw a large armchair and very comfortable, which he is approached by itself alone to open fire. At that moment the fire was kindled: and hands that looked amazing, white, small, bofficette and well proportioned, They began to undress: because, com'ho said earlier, It was all wet and a half was the case for him to take a chill. It was presented without his seeing any, such a beautiful shirt, it was just a married shirt, along with a dressing gown, of cloth of gold and embroidered quilt of small emeralds, that formed arabesques and figures. The hands, bodiless, They approached him a dressing, which it was a real surprise: and they combed so lightly and with such mastery, who was delighted. Then they put on him all, not with the shoes of his, but with others much more beautiful clothes. He was admiring, without a word, everything that was happening before his eyes, and occasionally he had some shiver of fear, she could not win at no cost.

When they had powdered, pettinato, scented, dressed in gala, and it made most beautiful love, the usual hands led him into a magnificent room for furniture and for gilding. Around the walls we could see the story of the most famous cats. Rodilardo hanged by the feet, in the Council of Mice: Seize the Cat boots, Marquis of Carabas: the clerk Cat: Puss changed woman, The Sorci turned into cats: the Sabbath and all her witchcraft; in short, there was no more original thing of these paintings.

The table was set, with over two utensils and two napkins, each of which with its gold strap: the pantry was gape at the amount of the upstream crystal and other precious stones vases. The Prince did not know who those two utensils, when he saw some cats who went to might take place in a small orchestra made just for them: one carried a book full of capers and notes the strangest in the world: another was holding a coiled notebook, to beat time: others had small guitars.

All of a sudden, each of them began to meow in different tones and scratching coll'unghie guitar strings. The Prince would have almost believed to be hell happened, if it had not seemed that the building was too wonderful for giving grounds for such suspicions: and being able to do nothing, He tappava ears and was thrown away with laughter, to see the gestures and faces of those musicians of a new race.

While he was thinking about the many things that had happened in this castle, saw him enter a figure no higher than the middle arm. This kind of doll was covered from head to toe by a long veil of black crepe. The accompanying two cats, also abbrunati, his cloak and his sword. And behind them, a large retinue of cats, carrying traps and cages full of rats and mice.

The Prince was beside himself with astonishment, and he did not know what to think. Meanwhile the doll came up and took off the veil: so that he could see the most beautiful cat, between how many there were and there will never be. She looked very young and very afflicted: and he made a mewing so sweet and so cute, that went right to the heart. She disse to Principe:

“King Son, you're welcome. My mewling majesty sees you with pleasure”.

“Cat Lady”, said the Prince “you are very good to me so courteous reception; but you have not me the air of being a little creature like all other: the gift of speech and the beautiful castle that you own, They are a clear proof.”

“King Son”, He resumed Gatta, “please, do not tell me compliments. I am simple ways and words: but I have a good heart. Mind!” she continued “We serve immediately on the table; and the musicians remain silent, because so much the Prince does not mean anything about what they say.”

“They say anything too?”, he asked.

“But safe”, she added, “because there are men of letters, who have the wit: and if you will be a little among us, there persuaderete easily.”

“Just hear you talking, to believe it now”, said the Prince with great gallantry, “and that is why, o signora, I reckon you a truly unique cat.”

She was taken to dinner: which it was served by the same hands, belonging to unseen bodies. It remade from put on the table two pies: one of lovebirds and the other mice fat as gardeners. The sight of this mess him off to the Prince the desire to taste the first; on suspicion that they both had been cooked by the chef, and with the same giblets: but the cat, seeing him make dainty, He guessed his idea and made sure that his kitchen was made separately, and that he could safely eat the food, that had been put before, no scruple to visit us in or mice or rats.

The Prince did not need to be told twice, persuaded that the beautiful Gattina could not have had any reason to give it to understand one thing for another. And while he ate it was pointed out that she had a small portrait in ivory, attached to a leg, and he made him especially. The she asked if he wanted to show it, thinking it was the portrait of master Buricchio. But he was extremely surprised to see that he was a young man so beautiful, It would not believe that the nature of many had formed another companion: and the portrait was so like him, that if had they painted on purpose, He could not be more true, more talking. She sighed: and becoming even more sad, It preserved a profound silence. The Prince realized that there had to be in something mysterious and extraordinary, but he did not have the heart to ask for explanations, for fear of displeasing to Gatta and plague it more than ever. He spoke of all the news we knew, and he found istruttissima the interests of the princely houses and all the events that happened in the world.

Get up from dinner, the Cat White invited his guest to want to go in a large hall, where there was a stage on which gave a ballet twelve cats and Twelve Monkeys. The ones were dressed as Moors, other from Chinese. It is easy to imagine the jumps and somersaults that were, and scratches and paws that occasionally exchanged between them.

The evening ended well. Gatta Bianca said good night to his guest: and hands, that had brought him this far, I took up and carried him in a neighborhood, which was quite different from what he had seen. He could say that most elegant magnificent: and it was carpeted, from top to bottom, of butterfly wings, whose varied colors formed a thousand different flowers. There were also of very rare bird feathers, and that perhaps they have not seen each other in that place. The beds were the veil, and adorned with beautiful ribbon flakes; and large mirrors everywhere, From the ground to the ceiling that were, and put in a gold engraved frames and representing thousands and thousands of little cupids.

The Prince went to bed without a word, because it was impossible to attack a little’ glue conversation hands that served him. He slept little and was awakened by a confused noise. The hands, there waiting, immediately they pulled him out of bed and dressed in a hunting outfit messero. He looked down, in the courtyard of the castle, and he saw more than five cats, some of whom were holding greyhounds on a leash, and others sounded the horn. It was a great party: Gatta Bianca went hunting, and he wanted the Prince was the game. The usual hands, involved in his service, They presented him with a wooden horse, running at full speed and you knew go to Step, it was a wonder. He stintignava a little to climb aboard, He is saying it was almost the same as him to do the figure of Don Quixote as a knight-errant: but her reluctantly availed him little: he found himself put weight on the wooden horse, which had a mantle and a saddle embroidered with gold and diamonds. Gatta Bianca rode a monkey, the most beautiful and the most proud that you could ever see; it had left his large veil and wore on his head a cap horsewoman, which gave her a certain air of bravado, that was frightening to all the mice in the neighborhood. There was never another fun game like that: cats ran as rabbits and hares: and so, when some animal chiappavano, Gatta Bianca wanted them to eat it in front of her, and that it gave rise to a thousand extremely enjoyable games of agility and dexterity. And even the birds, for their part, they were sure: because the kittens clambered up trees: and the brave monkey carried White Cat even into the nests dell'Aquile, because onsite at his pleasure of small aquiline Heights.

After the hunt, She took a long horn finger, but who sent such a clear sound and vented, to be heard well at the distance of one hundred miles. When it had made two or three horn blasts, he saw himself surrounded by all the cats in the country: Some arrived by air, brought into chariot: others were for water, into the boats: in short, it was a sight never seen. Almost everyone was dressed in different ways. Gatta Bianca, accompanied by this pompous cortege, He returned to the palace and begged the prince to pick him also. He looked with favor on the invitation, although this gattaio knew him a little’ too much of Sabbath and witchcraft, and Gatta speaker should seem the strangest and most incomprehensible of the rest.

Just entered the building, they brought her black veil. He dined with the Prince, who had a hunger that seemed like two, and he ate for four. They were taken liquor, he relished willingly, but they made him forget, offhand, the canine that had to lead to the King. From that moment on, he had no other thought than staying meowing with Gatta Bianca: the, as who should say,, to keep them good and reliable company: every day spent in pleasant parties, Now fishing, Now the hunt: besides dancing, tournaments and other amusements, which amused him greatly. Often the beautiful Gatta made of verses and songs in a style so passionate, to make it clear that he had a sensitive heart, and that some things do not know how to say, without being in love: but his secretary, it was an old tabby, had a hand written so bad, that although the works of her Sieno been preserved, Today it is impossible to read them and something inside raccapezzarvi.

The Prince had forgotten everything, even his country. The usual hands, recollect many times, They continued to serve. Sometimes he regretted not be a cat, to be able to spend your entire life in so lovable pet “Poor me!”, he said at the White Cat, “as I would be desperate if I were to leave; I love you so much! or become a woman, or let me become a cat!” She hostile uproar these words, and she gave him the answers so ambiguous and cryptic, not overcharged a number.

A year passes quickly, in particular when you have neither annoyance nor thoughts: and when you are in good health and we have no time to be able to bore. Gatta Bianca knew the day when he had to go home, and because he did not think more, Credé done well remind.

“Sai you”, she said, “They have left only three days, to search for the canine so desired by your father, and your brothers have found beautiful?”

The Prince came to himself, and marveling at its negligence: “To whom pleasant spell” said “I could forget about one thing, that was important to me above all other? There goes my glory and my luck. Where will I find a canine, just as it takes, to earn a Kingdom, and a horse so scappatore to arrive on time?”.

He began to be uneasy, and to put themselves in a bad mood.

Gatta Bianca, in a voice caressing, said: “King Son, do not give in to despair: I am one of your good friends: you can keep you here another day, for though from here to your country Let them be there more than two thousand miles, Bravo wooden horse will take you in less than twelve hours”.

“Thank you, My beautiful Gatta”, said the Prince, “however, not enough for me to return to my father, but it has that also harbors a dog.”

“second”, said Gatta Bianca, “behold an acorn, where there you will find in a much more beautiful in the same heat.”

“Via, via, Ms. Gatta”, said the Prince, “Your Majesty is derived sport of me.”

“Approaching the acorn ear”, she added, “and hear barking.”

it obeyed; and immediately he felt the canine who was: this! this! The Prince jumped with joy: because a canine, that can enter into an acorn, We need to be very small. He wanted to open it, because he yearned to see him; but Gatta Bianca told him that the street could feel cold and it was better to wait for it to be before the king his father. The Prince thanked her a thousand times and then the other: and she gave him a farewell that came from the heart. “Vi giuro”, he added “I am that the days passed like a flash; wanting or not wanting, I feel sorry to leave you; and while you are here the sovereign, and cats that will be no more courting witty and gallant of our, I did not expert to invite you to come away with me.”

The cat, this proposal, He replied with a deep sigh. They left. The Prince arrived in the first place, where co’ his brothers had been fixed the meeting. After a while, the others came and they were astonished to see a wooden horse, that caracollava better than those of the riding schools.

The Prince met them: repeatedly they embraced and told the adventures of their travels: but our Prince did not tell the whole truth about what had happened to him, and he showed the brothers a canucciaccio half mangy, He is saying it had seemed so pretty, who had planned to take him to his father.

As they wanted good brothers and brothers, Nevertheless, the two major heard a great pleasure of bad choice made by lesser; and because they were at the table, gave themselves hidden in the foot, as if to say that he had nothing to fear.

The next day they left all three together, in the same carriage. The two major King's sons had in some baskets of canines so beautiful and so delicate, it seemed they were not to touch, for fear of creasing. The child was his mangy dog, so bedraggled with mud, no one wanted berth. Upon arriving at the palace, all were their surroundings to give him welcome home: then they went into the rooms of the King. It could not in favor of those who decide, because the two dogs presented by his older sons were equal to beauty: and already the two brothers were disputing the advantage of the succession to the throne, when behold, the prince found the means to get them to agree, faring out of the acorn pocket, Gatta Bianca who had given him. Opened it in the presence of all, each could see a dog, crouching in cotton, which would be passed through to a finger ring, without even touching. The Prince laid it on the ground, and he danced a sarabande with the accompaniment of castanets, and with such grace and lightness, how he could not have done better, the most famous dancer Spaniard. It was a thousand colors, all different, and the hide and the ears touched the ground.

The king remained a little’ male, it was just impossible to finding fault anything about the beauty of that little dog. Anyway he did not want to discard the tip of his crown: each rose it had a thousand times more expensive than all the universe dogs. So he said to his sons to be chuffed with everything they had done: but since it had succeeded so well in the first Test, he wanted to have more evidence of their skills, before keeping his word; for which it gave their time a year to find him a piece of cloth so fine and thin, from passing across the eye of a needle, those Embroidery. All three felt bad about having to rifar from head to look. The two principles, whose dogs were less impressive than that of his younger brother, resigned. Everyone went off on his trip without getting lost in so many endearments like the first time, because the nice little dog had been the cause of some cooling between them.

Our Prince got back on his horse, and regardless of other aid, other than those that might be expected from Gatta Bianca, He sets out to gallop and returned to the castle, where she had made such a good face and joyful welcome.

He found that all the doors were wide open and shining walls for a hundred thousand torches, they did a wonderful effect. The usual hands, who they had always served with such punctuality, there met him: and taken the reins of the good wooden horse, They led him to the stable, while the Prince was heading toward the chamber of Gatta Bianca.

She was lying in a small trash on a silk pillow, white as snow. His hair was a little’ neglected and dejected countenance and sad: but just saw the Prince, hundred thousand and a thousand jumps tripping, to make him understand the joy she felt.

“For many reasons I had to believe it when you return”, diss'ella, “I confess, O son of King, who was counting us very little: for they usually are so wretched’ my wishes, this time it seems to me precisely that he was so lucky.”

Prince, in parts, He made her a thousand caresses: and he told her about the outcome of his trip, that maybe she already knew better than him; and he came to say how qualmente the King wanted a piece of cloth that could pass through the eye of a needle; this thing to him seemed impossible, but anyway he wanted to tempt, promising miracles good friendship and the help of her. Gatta Bianca, Gaining a certain air of seriousness, He replied that it was not a matter of thinking docks: that, for good luck, He had in his castle of cats who spun well: it also would put you a hand, to advance the work; in a word that he could keep quiet, and that he would find there what he wanted, no need to go to the world girellone.

At that point they appeared hands, who carried torches: and Prince going behind them, along with Gatta Bianca, He entered a magnificent covered terrace, that led along a great river, on which they were burned beautiful fireworks artifice. They had to burn four cats, which it was done in a process all the rules. They were accused of having eaten the roast prepared for the dinner Gatta Bianca, its cheese and its milk: and conspiring against his real person along with Martafaccio and the Hermit, famous mice out of the country and held for such also from La-Fontaine, writer worthy of faith; but, with all this, it was known that in the process there had been many pies, and that almost all the witnesses had taken the morsel. The fact is, that Prince won for them the grace: and the fires of artifice not burned none: and rockets and pinwheels that way, did they not never seen.

After the fireworks was laden dinner, that the Prince tasted much more of pinwheels and rockets, because he was hungry as a wolf, for the reason that his wooden horse had done striving much, like it was in railway, and even more. The days went by and looked alike: parties from morning to night, and always different, with which the ingenious Gatta Bianca kept her cheerful guest: and perhaps there was another deadly, that is so fun, having with him other company than that of cats.

The Gatta is true that White had one lovely spirit, seductive and adapted to everything; She knew more than what is reasonable to learn a cat: and Prince often was left stunned.

“Not”, it told her, “the wonders that is done I note in you, They are not natural point: If you really love me, dear Micina, tell me what miracle to think and speak with such subtlety of sense, to make you worthy to sit among the begl'ingegni of the most celebrated academies.”

“Stop it with these questions, son of King”, she said, “to me it is not lawful answer: you can fantasize all you want and like: absolute right! Suffice only know that I will always have for you a paw with a velvet glove: and that everything about you will be as if it were a thing of me.”

This sophomore passed, no addarsene, as the first. The prince had no time to desire an object, that the usual hands, always ready, They brought him right away: be it of books, gems, paintings, of ancient medals: in short, he had to do was say: “I want this bigiù, which it is in intimate cabinet of the Mughals or the King of Persia, or the statue of Corinth or Greece” who immediately he saw what he wanted before comparirsi, without knowing or who brought it to her, nor where it came from. Here is a magical virtue, it has its attractions and, if only as a pastime, There would be born the desire to become the masters of the most beautiful treasures of the earth.

Gatta Bianca, who never lost the interests of the Prince's eye, She warned him that the time of his departure approached, and he could feel comfortable as the coveted cloth rag, because to him it had woven a marvelous: adding that this time he wanted to give him a crew worthy of him. And without giving him time to respond, She forced him to look down into the courtyard of the castle. And there, indeed, There was an open carriage, all enamelled gold, fire color, with a thousand gallant enterprises painted over, that pleased him in the eyes and mind. There were attacked four by four, twelve white horses like snow, loads of trappings of flaming red velvet, embroidered with diamonds and garnished with buckles and gold tiles. The carriage was lined inside with the same magnificence and had a following of a hundred other carriages to eight horses, all full of great appearance and beautifully dressed gentlemen. There was spare a regiment of a thousand bodyguards, whose uniforms were so covered with embroidery and braid, that the cloth could not be distinguished more: and the strangest thing was this: that the portrait of the White Cat could be seen everywhere, on the crests of the carriage, on the uniform of the guards, and even attacked with a gown of buttonhole tape courtiers, as the sign of a new order of knighthood, of which it had honored the.

“Now parts as well”, diss'ella to Principe, “and presented to the King your father dazzling codest'arnese; and that your majesty of a great gentleman put it into subjection so as not to have the heart of ricusarti the throne that you have earned. Here's a nut: looks good not to crush, until you're in the presence of him: inside you will find us the piece of cloth, you who have wondered.”

“Look pretty”, he answered, “I swear that they are so taken by your kindness to me, that, is former Contenta, I'd rather pass my life with you, all grandezzate waiting for me out of here.”

“King Son”, she added, “I believe in the goodness of your heart, rare commodity among princes: because they want to be loved by all, and not love anyone. But you are the exception rule. I will keep in mind the good showing of wanting to Gattina White, which at bottom, It is not good for anything but to take mice.”

The prince kissed her paw and departed.

If you already do not know how the wooden horse had done to him making two thousand miles in less than forty-eight, stenterebbe now believe the great fury that put to arrive on time. If only the same power that drove the wooden horse, so also he urged others, who did not remain for more than twenty-four hours road. Nor did one stop, until they were reached by the King, where already the two older brothers were: which, seeing no younger brother, They gloated of its delay and whispering to each other subheading: “This is a protruding chin for us: or he has died or is sick: and so we will have a rival less, in succession to the throne”.

Without wasting time explained their webs, which, to tell the truth, They were so fine, to pass through the eye of a large needle: but as the eye of a needle, it was useless to talk about it; and the King, all happy to have found this attaccagnolo, He showed them the needle that he had chosen, and by his order the magistrates had brought from the Treasury of the city, where it had been closely guarded. He was born a large brawl: and everyone wanted to have their say.

Friends de’ Principles, and in particular those of greater, whose canvas was undoubtedly the most beautiful, They claimed that the King had put out a gretola, where there was a lot of mischief mixed dose of bad faith. At the end, to truncate each gossip, he felt for the city cheerful and rhythmic noise of a fanfare of trumpets, timbales and clarinets: was our Prince, that came with its splendid cortege. The King and his two sons did as much of an eye at the sight of a show so amazing.

As soon as he respectfully saluted his father and hugged his brothers, He took out a box, encrusted with rubies, la Noce: and he crushed. He had expected to find the piece of cloth, much-vaunted: but instead there was a hazelnut; This also crushed, and he was astonished to find ourselves in a cherry pit. Everyone looked at each: the King laughed under his mustache and amused himself behind his son, which had been such a pod that he believed he could carry a piece of cloth inside a walnut; but because he didn't have to believe it, when he had already been given a canine that went all into an acorn? He also crushed the cherry stone, who was all full of his almond. Then a great whisper began in the hall: and there was nothing but this refrain: “The cadet prince took him to enjoy!…”. He did not respond to the insolent coldness of the courtiers. He opened the almond in the middle, and found a grain of millet there. Oh! then then, to tell the truth, also he began to doubt and chewed between the teeth, “Ah! Gatta Bianca, Gatta Bianca, tu me you did it!…” At this point she heard the cat fingernail hand, that scratched him so well for him to draw blood. He did not know if quell'unghiata was to give him courage, or to advise him to quit: anyway he opened the grain of millet, and the wonder of all was not small when you really took out a piece of cloth of a thousand meters so wonderful, there were painted on all manner of birds, fish, of animals, with trees, the fruits and plants of the earth, the rocks, rarities and sea shells, the sun, the moon, the stars, the stars and planets in the sky. And there were the portraits of kings and monarchs who ruled then in World: and those of their wives, of the children and all their subjects, without there had forgotten the most infinitesimally, among the beggars and street saucy. Each, in his state, was the person who was supposed to represent, and he was dressed in the fashion of his country.

When the king had seen this piece of cloth, She became white-faced, as he had done Red Prince, meanwhile that he sought. Both the King that the two major principles laid them up a gloomy silence, although on several occasions they were forced to say that in the whole world there was another thing, It could agguagliarsi the beauty and rarity of this canvas.

The King let out a big sigh and turning to’ his children, said to them,: “You can not be included in it my consolation, to see the deference you have for me: I wish, therefore, to put you to a test news. Go to travel one more year, and he that shall he carry with him in the head a year the most beautiful maiden, to marry her and be crowned the King himself on his wedding day; because, in the end, it is a necessity that my successor has wife: and I swear and promise that this time will be the last and I will not send more to the long promised reward”.

This one, to look good, It was an outright injustice borne by our Prince. The dog and the piece of cloth, Instead of a kingdom, he deserved ten; but the Prince had such a well-made character, that he would not get into conflict with his father: and without another word, He got back in the car and go. His retinue followed him, and he returned from his beloved White Cat. She knew the day and the next minute we had to get; all the way there was a flowering and a thousand braziers with odorous substances were smoking outside and inside the castle. It was sitting on a Persian carpet, under a gold brocade canopy in a gallery, from which he could see him return. It was received by the usual hands, who had always served. All cats they crept up to the gutters, to give him welcome home, with a yowl of torment ears.

“Well, son of King”, she said, “there we are back here, and without crown.”

“Lady”, he answered, “your good grace had put me in case of guadagnarmela: but I realized that the King would never regret to get rid of what I had pleasure in owning it.”

“Never mind”, she added, “You should not neglect all to deserve it; I'll help you this time, and since it is necessary that thou bring to the court your father a beautiful girl, I will think about cercartene one that makes you win the prize: meanwhile, have fun, and that's why I ordered a naval battle between my cats and the terrible mice country. My cats will slightly’ impappinati in their movements, because they are afraid of water; but without this, they too would the above: and, as far as you can, We have to try to balance the forces.”

The Prince admired the prudence of Mrs. Micina: He made her his mirallegri and went with it over a large terrace overlooking the sea,

The vessels of cats consisted of large pieces of cork, on which they rowed comfortably enough. I gathered they had mice and tied together many shells of egg, and these were their ships. The fighting was fierce and cruel: the mice were thrown into the water and swam with more mastery of cats: and so far more than twenty times found themselves to be winners and losers: ma Minagorbio, Admiral of the Fleet gattesca, reduced the armed topina last despair, and he ate very tastefully General of the enemy fleet, it was an old mice experienced, who he had done three times around the world on large vessels where he was neither captain, or sailor, yet simple leccalardo.

Gatta Bianca did not want those poor wretches were completely destroyed. It was politics and thought that if in the country there were no more were either mice or rats, his subjects should live in idleness, that could be dangerous in the long run,

The Prince also passed this year, as the previous two, hunting, fishing and giuocando: because we know that Gatta Bianca was talented in the game of chess. He, occasionally, He could not stand by them of the pressing questions, to get to scuoprire by what miracle she had the gift of being able to speak. And he wanted to know if it was a fairy, and if it had been changed into a cat, in the wake of a metamorphosis: but since there was no chance that she never said what he did not say, so always answered that so much that he wanted to respond, and he gave the truncated and meaningless answers, reason why he was obliged to persuade Gatta Bianca did not want to make it part of his secret.

There is one thing to pass anytime soon, As the happy days: and if the Cat White was she did not give a thought to keep in mind the precise time to return to the Court, there is no doubt that the Prince if he would be forgotten good and better. On the eve of departure she warned him that depended on him, Menara him if he wanted one of the most beautiful princesses in the world; it was finally time to destroy the fatal spell hatched by fairies and for this it was necessary that he resolved to cut her head and tail, and throw them on the fire right away.

“I?”, esclamò, “Bianchina! amor mio! and I will kill you as ruthless as? Ah! I can see that you want to put my heart to the test: but be even certain that it is not able to miss the friendship and the recognition that there must,”

“Not, son of King”, she continued, “I suspect in you even the shadow of ingratitude; I know you too: but it is not to me or to you to regulate in this case our destinies: Do what I tell you and we will be happy. On my cat word honorable and respectable, I'll see that you are friend…”

The thought of having to cut the head to his Gattina, so cute and pretty, the young Prince felt venirsi for two or three times to tears. He said all that could say more than affectionate, to be excused, but it, letterhead, he replied that he wanted to die for his hands; and that this was the only way to prevent his brothers to seize the crown: in short, He insisted now and then so much, that in the end he pulled out his sword and with a trembling hand cut off the head and tail of his good friend. At that point he found himself present at the most beautiful metamorphosis imaginable. The Gatta Bianca body began to enlarge and suddenly became a girl: wonder not to be able to describe in words, and perhaps unique in the world. His eyes stole the hearts, and its sweetness kept them tied: her figure was majestic, the noble and modest appearance, seductive spirit, his courteous manners: and to say everything in one word, It is a mart above all that you can be lovable and charming on earth.

Prince, to see her, he was seized with a great astonishment: but such a pleasant surprise, who believed to be enchanted. He could spiccar word: it seemed that his eyes were enough not to look, and tongue-tied he could not find the verse to express his wonder; which grew a thousandfold, when he saw him enter an extraordinary crowd of ladies and knights, glue them good cat or cat's skin, thrown on the shoulders, who went to prostrate themselves at the feet of the Queen, and to give her a sign of their joy to see her back in her first natural state.

It it accepted them with all that goodness, that revealed the excellent pasta of his heart and his character, and after a little restrained with them, ordered that the leave alone with Prince, to which spoke so:

Do not you put yourself in the head, senor, I was always cat: and that my birth is obscure among men. My father was king and master of the six realms. He dearly loved my mother, and he left perfectly free to do whatever was on her mind, The ruling passion of my mother was the one to travel: whereby, although pregnant with me, He undertook a trip to go see a mountain, which he had heard things of this world. And while it was because, she was told that there in those’ Near there was a castle of fairies, the most beautiful among those who were known; or at least believed such an ancient tradition; because he never entered there being no, potevasi not judge it from the outside: but the thing that we knew for sure was that, that the fairies had in their garden some fruit so delicate and tasty, as if they have never eaten. Here at once that the Queen my mother was born a great desire to taste them, and he moved toward that part. He came to the door of this magnificent building, all shining with gold and blue: but he knocked in vain. There appeared a soul: it seemed that they were all dead. Quest'indugi served to grow them the desire; so he sent in search of stairs to the garden walls iscavalcare; and it would be well managed, if the walls had not got up there and then, and without seeing a hand that worked. He then took the expedient of putting scales on each other! but they finished smashed under the weight of what we climbed above, which, falling down, They remained dead or crippled.

Regina was desperate.

He could see the big trees laden with fruit, that it believed delicious, and he wanted to clamber desire, or die: and for this, He made to erect in front of the castle several stately tents and luxurious, and it remained there six weeks and all his Court. She had not slept nor ate more: He did nothing but sigh, always talking of inaccessible fruit garden, until he became ill, without finding who could lift his evil, because the inexorable do not they ever did see, after she had been camping in the vicinity of their castle. All his officers are plagued dimolto: they did not feel that tears and sighs from all sides, while the dying queen asked of fruits to those who served, but he did not want the other species, except for the ones that were denied. One night, while he was half dozing, opened her eyes and awoke he saw a decrepit little old and ugly as sin, sitting in a chair by the bedside of her bed. He marveled that her ladies had been allowed to pass a stranger in her bedroom; when it said:

“It seems to us that we Your Majesty is very indiscreet, to peg away to want to eat to force our fruit; but because it is half of your precious life, My sisters and I will consent to many dartene, how many you can take, as long as you'll be here: on one condition: to the condition that you make us a gift”.

“Ah! My good grandmother”, He shouted the Queen, “ask and ask! I am ready to give my kingdom, my heart, my soul, provided that leads me the desire of your fruit: They will seem expensive at any price.”

“We want”, diss'ella, “that your Majesty give us the daughter who harbors in the breast. When it is born, We will come to fetch it and we'll breed: there is no virtue, beauty or wisdom, that it can not get through us, in a word it will be our daughter and we will gladly: but understand me well: Your Majesty will not see her again until the day that you will be married. If the deal you like it, I will heal quickly, menandoti pomari here in our garden: never mind Night Falls; you will see enough, iscegliere for the fruit as you want. If the deal does not go to you, good night, Ms. Regina and run to bed.”

“No matter how tough the law m'imponete”, replied the Queen, “I accept it rather than dying, because it is more than certain that I have left just one day old, and dying I, my daughter would die with me. Heal, wise fairy”, She went on to say “and do not let me miss a minute to get to the enjoyment of the grace that I have made.”

The fairy touched with a golden wand, saying: “What Your Majesty is free from all evil, that hold nailed in bed”. At these words she seemed to be relieved by a robe of lead, heavy and hard, that took his breath away, and that in some places felt even weigh more, because maybe there was the seat of evil. He sent all her ladies and told them, with a smiling face, that was fine, He wanted the rising quickly, that the doors of the castle at last, tightened bolt, and dual delivery, They would open for her, that he might eat the good fruit from the garden and bring it with him, than he had unintended.

Of all the ladies, there was no one who did not suspect that the Queen had fallen into a frenzy, and at that time the most desired fruit dreaming with open eyes: whereby, instead of answering in kind, They wept and did awaken all doctors, to come and see her. Quest'indugio did disturb the Queen, who asked her clothes, and no one was moving; and he went so far that he ended up letting seize the tantrum and turned red as a cherry. Some were careful to say that it was due to the fever: but doctors, We are finally arrived, and after having tested the wrist and without the usual ceremonies of Use, they could not do without state that was back in the most perfect health. His women accortesi of dry crab that had taken too zealously, They tried to repair the badly done, dressing from head to foot in a jiffy. They asked for forgiveness: everything was settled: and she hastened to follow the old fairy who had been waiting since then.

He entered the building, where nothing was missing to be the most beautiful building in the world: “E voi, senor, penerete not believe it”, he added Gatta Bianca, “when I say that it is the same, where I am today and you will find us”.

Two other fairies, a powder’ less old one that led my mother, They came to receive her at the door and made her welcome, it seemed like a party. It begged the menarla suffered in the garden and precisely to those espaliers, where he could find the best fruits. “They are all good in the same way”, They answered the fairies, “and were it not that you want to claw your taste to catch them with thy hands, we would not have to do anything but to call them and have them come here!” “Oh! I beg, My lord”, He exclaimed the Queen “do I have the happiness to see something so wonderful and out of the usual.” The older of the two do you put a finger in his mouth and made three whistles: then he shouted “apricots, peaches, nights, prugnole, pere, poponi, grape mascadella, my, oranges, lemons, gooseberry, strawberries, raspberries, run all at my command!”. “But”, the Queen remarked, “Codest fruit are all in different seasons of the year!” “In our garden it is not so”, they answered, “we always have all kinds of fruits of the earth: always good, more mature, and they never go bad.”

In the meantime, the fruit arrived, rolling, clambering over each other, without mixing and without get dirty; so that the Queen, that melted into the desire levarsene, there, jumped upon, and the first that they happened under hand sockets. He does not eat: but he devoured.

When it was full up to the throat, He asked the fairies to let her go back to, order to be able to choose with his eyes before you pluck them. “Willingly”, They answered the fairies, “but recollect the promise you made: now there is no time to go back.” “I am so convinced”, She went on to say, “here you will face a golden life, and I think this building is so beautiful, that if it were not for the great good that I want my husband to the King, I put it to agree to stay there too: So you see it is it possible that I might regret what I said.”

Le fate, all happy by not believing, the they opened their gardens and the secluded precincts; and so it is good we found, it remained there three days and three nights, without departing from there a minute. He made a large supply of fruit and it took as many as he could seize: and because he knew they were not going to hurt, He made it to load four mules that led him. To the gift of fruits fairies wanted to add that of baskets and baskets of gold, of a very fine work that seemed to be made with the breath: they promised that they would reared by Princess I, as I was, They would have given an education perfect, and at the time chosen a groom. They told her more than she would have been advised of the wedding day, and that counted on the sure would not be missed.

The King was pleased with the return of the Queen and the whole court he showed his joy. Every day were dancing, masked, tournaments and festivals, where the fruit carried by Regina were distributed, as a delicious gift. The King himself preferred them to anything else. It knew nothing of the covenant that the Queen had done the hill fairies, and asked which countries had been to find those delights. It now replied that he found them on a high mountain, almost inaccessible: Now that arose in the valleys: and sometimes he invented growing in a garden or in the middle of a large forest. The King could not explain many contradictions. He questioned those who had accompanied, but these did not dare say a word to have been forbidden to say one single word of this adventure. Eventually the Queen, of restless promise to do and seeing approaching the time of childbirth, It was taken by a large grouchy: He did nothing but sigh and melted at sight, like a candle. The king he impensierì, and began to insist with the Queen, to know the reason for his great sadness: and beat today, beat tomorrow, finally she told him everything that had passed between her and the fairies and how she promised them the daughter she was about to bring to light.

“Come!”, She exclaimed the King, “we have no children: you know how much I want them, and for the throat to eat two or three apples, you have been able to promise your daughter? It must be said that you do not want me a thread of good.” And there he began to reproach her and said many and many, that my poor mother was almost dying of pain. And as if this were little, he had her shut up in a tower and placed guards everywhere so that they could not barter a word with a living soul, besides the officers intended to serve: and he wanted them to be changed all the people of the service that had accompanied her to the castle of the fairies.

Quest'urto between the King and Queen Court threw a great consternation. Each pinned her finery for vestirne of the adapted general distress. For his part, King showed himself inexorable: he refused to see his wife: and as soon as I was born, He did bring in his palace to be raised, while my mother was still in prison and a maximum squalor. Moreover the fairies did not ignore what was happening: and if they took it very badly and they wanted me at all costs, because they concerned me as their own, and it esteemed that the Court hold me in was the same as committing a theft against them. Before pigliarsi revenge slap and proportionate to spite them, they sent to the King a famous embassy to warn him to give freedom to the Queen and to readmit him in his good graces, and pray at the same time consegnar me their ambassadors. And these ambassadors were filthy dwarves and a figure so tiny and crushes, who had not even the fate of being able capacitare the King of their reasons. He put them out of the door unceremoniously, and if they did not soon escape, Who knows how it would end.

When the fairies heard my father's demeanor, They took a tantrum of not believing: and after sending in the six realms all imaginable ailments, They unleashed a horrible dragon, who spat venom everywhere where spent; eating beasts and Christians, and only with the breath she was drying all the trees and all the plants.

The king was in despair. He consulted with all the wise men of the State to find a way to free his subjects from many disasters, from which they were troubled. Who told him to send for all the world's best doctors and the most reliable remedies: others advised him to promise the grace of life to all those sentenced to death, provided that they were going to fight the dragon. At King liked the advice, and she accepted him: but does not he obtained no advantage, because the mortality raged from good to better, and those who went against the dragon, they were all eaten alive: so that not the other remained fallback, that turning to a fairy, who had always been under his protection as a boy. It was old and decrepit not rising nearly as out of bed: he went to her house and gave her a thousand reproaches because tartassare left that way by fate, without coming to his aid.

“As you like me to do?”, she said the, “you have tightened my sisters; they have so much power, as I do, and there is no coincidence that among us we give him. Think rather rabbonirle, giving them your daughter: This Princess is their thing. You have closed the Queen in a prison hole: that she has made this woman so lovable, to be treated so bad? Mind, da bravo: keep a promise to your wife, and then it will rain on him every happiness.”

Il Re, my father, She loved him dearly: but seeing no other way to save their kingdoms and to free himself from the fatal dragon, ended by saying to her friend who was convinced of the good reasons and that he did not give me a hard time in hand to do, especially as it assured him that I would be cherished and reared by Princess, like me; he would shoot himself with the Queen and the fairy did not have to do anything but say to those who had to give me, because I was brought to the fairy castle.

“You have to take it”, She answered him, “flowers on mountain: and you can keep you there, at a certain distance, to attend the festivities that will be made.”

The King said that within eight days he would go along with the Queen; and she might as well warn you his sisters, for preparing for what they wanted to do.

Returning to the palace which was, He sent to take the queen with so much care and so much pomp, how much was the rage with which he had made imprisoned. It was so dejected and battered, that the King would have labored to recognize, if his heart had not said he was the same person in other times so beloved by him. The tears in his eyes begged to forget the great sorrows that had caused, by saying that they would be the first and last. She replied that if it was deserved, for the imprudence he had promised his daughter to do: and that at that time had no other excuse, if it was interesting as it was. Eventually the King showed itself to its intention, who he was to deliver me into the hands of fairies; but the Queen, for his part, he opposed. It was just the case to say that the devil had taken the horns, and that I had to be a bone of contention between my father and my mother. When he cried and sobbed very well not get yourself anything (because my father saw the fatal consequences and our subjects continued to die in droves, as if they were responsible for the mistakes of our family), So to say that when my mother had wept and sobbed very well, He resigned and agreed to everything and they prepared the preparations for the ceremony of delivery.

I was placed in a cradle of mother of pearl, adorned with all the gallantry that art can imagine. They were garlands of flowers and garlands around comes around: and the flowers were precious stones, whose various colors, the reflection of the sun, They flashed so that it hurt the eyes. The magnificence of my clothing surpassed, if you can say, the cradle: all the laces of my bands were made of large pearls. Twenty-four princesses took me on a kind of lightweight stretcher; their hairstyle out all the ordinary, but it had not been allowed to use colors other than white, as to allude to my innocence. All the people of the Court, lined up to order and able, I accompanied.

As he went up the mountain was heard a melodious symphony, that drew closer; until it appeared the fairies in the number of thirty-six; Pray they had their good friends they might take part in the holiday. Each was sitting in a larger shell than that of Venus, when he came out from the sea; and pairs of sea horses, who were not used to walking on the ground, They are shuffling those nasty old with so much pomp, as if they were the greatest queens of the universe.

They brought an olive branch, to signify to the King that his submission had found favor before them: and when I had taken in the neck, were so many and their touch, that seemed to have no other passion, but to make me happy.

The Dragon, which he had served to avenge them against my father, He was behind them, attacked with a whole diamond chain. They abballottarono me in their arms, They made a thousand caresses, They endowed me with all good things: and then they began a medley of witches. It's a very cheerful dance: nor it is there to imagine the jumps and capers that made those old zittellone: after which the dragon, he had eaten so many people, He came crawling on the floor. The three fairies, to which my mother had promised me, I sat over, They put my cradle each other, and touched the dragon with a wand, This explained his mighty wings made flings, thinner than the fine crisp and colorful than a thousand bizarre colors.

It was in this way that the fairies returned to their castle. My mother saw me in the air on the back of the dragon, He could not help but send a loud voice. The king consoled her by saying that her friend Fairy was assured that I would not have nothing bad happened, and in fact he would have me as carefully, as if I'd stayed in my own palace. Ella say this pace, although it was for her great tribulation that of having missed for so long and on account of him: so much so that, if it had not been seized by the desire to taste the fruits of the garden, I'd grown up in the kingdom of my father and I would not have had all the sorrows, I still have to tell you.

know now, son of King, that my guardian had manufactured a tower on purpose, where there were many beautiful apartments for all seasons; beautiful furniture, very pleasant books, but not even a door; so he had to enter from the windows, which it was at such a height that makes you dizzy. Above the tower there was a beautiful garden adorned with flowers, fountains and pergolas with verdure, They repaired by boiling of the heat wave. In this place the fairies they raised me with such care, to surpass what they had promised to the Queen. My clothes were cut to the fashion taste: and so rich and beautiful that, seeing, He would have thought I was in a wedding day.

The fairies taught me all those things, which they were suitable to my age and my birth; nor I gave them plenty to do, perché avevo la facilità d’imparare alla prima. La dolcezza del mio carattere le aveva innamorate: e perché io non aveva mai veduto nessun altro, intendo benissimo che sarei rimasta tranquillamente in quello stato per tutto il rimanente della vita.

Esse venivano sempre a trovarmi, montate sul famoso drago che sapete: non mi rammentavano mai né il Re né la Regina; e siccome mi chiamavano la loro figlia, io credeva di esserlo davvero. Per potermi divertire mi avevano dato un cane e un pappagallo, i quali avevano il dono della parola e parlavano come due avvocati. Nella torre non c’era con me nessun altro.

Un lato di questa torre era fabbricato sopra una strada molto avvallata e tutta coperta di alberi; so that since the day I was locked up I had never seen a living soul pass by. But one day, being at the window chatting with the dog and the parrot, I thought I heard some noise: I looked on all sides, and finally occurred to me to see a young knight, who had stopped to listen to our conversation. I had not seen other men, nothing but paintings, so I do not mind this occasion propitious point just as it was unexpected. Without thinking about the thousand miles a danger that was joined to the satisfaction of admiring such a nice item, I spenzolai out to see it better; and the more I looked the more we seized him taste. He made me a low bow, He fixed his eyes on me and I thought you ooze your brain to find ways to be able to speak; because my window was very high and he was afraid of being discovered, knowing full well that I was in the garden of fairies.

The sun sank suddenly: or, to say it as it is, night fell without there avvedessimo; for two or three times he put his horn to his mouth and cheered me with some suonatina; then he left, I could not even see which way pigliasse, so the night was dark. I remained as ecstatic, and I felt no more the usual delight to do with my conversation with my dog ​​and parrot. They told me the nicest things in the world, because the fairy beasts are full of spirit, but I had my head who knows where, neither I knew the art of simulating point. The parrot noticed: m furbo com'era, trapelar did nothing that brooded for the boss.

I was on time to take off my the sun: I ran to the window and was for me a grateful surprise to see the young rider at the foot of the tower. He wore a gorgeous dress: and in this its luxury I flattered me having a bit’ merit too, And I plucked the mark. He spoke to me with a kind of trumpet, the, as who should say,, with a spokesman, and he told me that having been until then indifferent to all the beauties he had seen, now he felt suddenly so hurt by my, not knowing what would become of him, if you could not see me every day. This compliment made me a great pleasure, and I was very sorry not to respond potergli, because I'd have to cry strong and the risk of being heard before the fairies, that he. I had flowers in hand: and I tossed them to him; He aroused his slight favor as a great favor: He kissed them several times and thanked me. I then asked if I would be glad that he came every day and at the same hour under my window, and if I wanted to be so kind as to throw anything. I had a yellow ring: me lifted up by deft deft finger and threw it to him very quickly, motioning to go like the wind. And the reason was that the other side I heard the Violent fairy, riding the dragon, He was to bring me breakfast.

The first thing he said going into my room, these words were: “I can smell the voice of a man: search for, drago!”. Imagine if I was blood in the veins! I was more dead than alive by fear that the dragon, through the other window, not would begin to pursue after the rider for whom I already felt a half-passion. “Really”, I said, “My good mother (because the old fairy wanted so I called her name), I really think you seem to apologize for celiare, saying that you smell the voice of a man: perhaps that the voice has an odor? And though they had, those who want it to be the rash of arrisicarsi to climb on top of this tower?”

“You are right, my daughter, say well”, she replied, “and I'm glad to hear you think so pale. I understand that I must be the hatred I feel for all men, I do believe them close to me even when they are away.”

He gave me breakfast and fortress; he added:

“When you are done eating, get in there and queue; yesterday you did nothing: and my sisters have it badly”. In fact, the day before I had been so busy with the unknown knight, that I touched neither the fortress nor the spindle.

As soon as it was gone, I threw away the fortress with a kind of spite and mounted on top of the tower, to see as far as possible. I had an excellent telescope with me: nothing around prevented me from seeing: I was in charge of turning around and looking everywhere, when I was made to discover my rider on the top of a mountain. Egli si riposava sotto un ricco padiglione di broccato d’oro ed era circondato da una numerosissima Corte. My first thought was that he must be the son of some king, near the palace of the fairies. And because I was afraid that he returned under the tower it could be discovered by the terrible dragon, so I went to take my parrot and ordered him to fly on top of that mountain, where he would find that knight who had spoken with me, to which he had to say on my part not to return under the windows on the ground that, I had noticed how, the fairies were wide-eyed and could make a bad joke.

The parrot fulfilled his commission to be true spirit parrot. They were all amazed to see him come with wings and resting on the shoulder of the prince to speak to him in the ear voice. The Prince looked with favor on the one hand the embassy: and for another towards displeased. The care that I seized him him, It was good for his heart; but all the difficulties he encountered to be able to speak the disanimavano, however not dissuade him from drawing that he had made to please. He gave a hundred questions to the parrot: and the parrot, Curious by nature, made him many. The King gave me a ring in exchange for what glue turchina: and even his was a turchina, but much more beautiful of my: He was cut to the heart and surrounded by brilliant. “" quite right”, he added, “I treat you as an ambassador. Here's a gift my portrait; but do not let him see anyone, out that your dear mistress.” And saying so, He attacked the portrait under the wing of the parrot, il quale portò nel becco l’anello che aveva per me.

Io aspettavo il ritorno del mio corriere verde, con un’impazienza che non avevo provata mai. Egli mi disse che la persona, dalla quale lo avevo mandato, era un gran Re; che gli aveva fatto un’accoglienza coi fiocchi: che esso non poteva vivere senza di me: e che sebbene ci fosse un gran pericolo a venire sotto la mia torre, io poteva esser certa che egli era preparato a tutto, piuttosto che rinunziare a vedermi. Queste cose mi messero addosso un gran malessere; e cominciai a piangere come una bambina. Pappagallo e il canino Titì s’ingegnavano di farmi coraggio, because they loved me a lot. Then Parrot presented me with the Prince's ring, and showed me the portrait. I confess that I have never felt such consolation, how much I had in considering closely and under the eyes the one whom I had seen nothing but from a distance. It seemed even more graceful to me that it hadn't seemed to me at first; and a hundred thoughts, partly pleasant and partly sad, they crowded into my head and an extraordinary restlessness entered my blood. The fairies came to see me and noticed it. They said to each other that I must doubtless be bored and that I should look for a spouse of their race. They named several: but they stopped on the little King Migonetto, whose reign was five hundred thousand miles away from there, but this was not a serious obstacle. Parrot felt this beautiful set, and coming now to rifischiarmelo, he told me: “I pity you really should, dear mistress, if you touch her husband for the King Migonetto: He is a bundle of dirty clothes to be frightening: he re, you love, piglierebbe not even for her Pull-boots”. “Di’, Parrot, and you saw?” “If I saw him?”, he added, “imagine that I was raised on a branch with him.” “As above a branch?”, I asked,. “Yes, ma'am! because you know that he has the feet of Eaglet.”

Those speeches made me very ill. I looked at the beautiful portrait of the King, and I thought that he had not given a parrot if not because I could see: and when I compared it with that of Migonetto me tumbling arms and rather than marry the monkey felt like I let me die.

Do not shut an eye all night. Parrot and Titi kept me a little’ companionship. A day I dozed off: but the canine, he had a good nose, he heard that the King was down at the bottom of the tower. He woke Parrot and said: “I bet you already low there is the King”. Parrot answered: “Chetati, mouthy! why are you always with his eyes open and grab ears to air? I'm sorry that the other a little nap?”. “And yet”, He insisted the good dog, “I bet there is.” “And I tell you that there is no”, He replied the parrot, “Are not I who was I forbidden to come here by the Princess?” “A really nice prohibition!”, cried the canine, “a man who loves does not consult his heart.” And in saying so he began to strapazzargli so little grace wings, Parrot that lost the pieces seriously. The screams of both woke me: and heard the bickering reason no courses, no, but I flew to the window: and saw the King who stretched my arms and by means of spokesmen he said I can not live without me, and he testified for me now to do so or to come away from the tower or get us into him too, calling to witness all the Olympians who would marry me right away, and that I would become one of the great Universe Queens.

I ordered Parrot andargli to say that what he was asking me was impossible: but nevertheless behind the word and the oaths, I would be an engineer to make him happy: however, I recommended myself why not come under the tower every day: in the long run it would have been known, and then they would have no pity or mercy.

He left with a heart full of joy and hope, and I found myself in a great affliction of spirit, I saw what I promised. How to escape from the tower, he had not even the sign of a door, certainly help Parrot and Titi, and since I am so young, so inexperienced and so scary?… My resolution, therefore, was to try my hand groped for a try, from which I could not stand up legs, and I sent word to the King by means of Parrot. He, of prim'impeto, he wanted to kill himself before his eyes: but then he instructed him to persuade me and go to see him die or to console him in his passion.

“Sire!”, exclaimed the ambassador with the pens, “my mistress is more than persuaded of your words… It is not that it lacks goodwill! If he could!…”

When he returned to laugh at me what had happened, I was afflicted more than ever. The Violent fairy entered and found me with red eyes: then he began to say that I had cried and that if I did not confess the reason, it would have burned me alive; because all his threats were always frightening. I replied, trembling like a leaf, that I was bored spinning and that I would have happily taken a little’ twine, to make nets and catch the birds that came to pick up the fruit from my garden. “» questo, my daughter”, ella disse “all you want? then you won't cry anymore: I will bring you so much string that I don't know where to put it.” It said that, he brought it to me that evening: and meanwhile he warned me to think of making myself beautiful and not crying, because the Migonetto King was about to arrive at any moment. At this news I shivered for the shoulders, but I didn't catch my breath. As soon as he was out of the room I started making some laces; but my intention was to make a rope ladder, which I did very well without ever having seen. Moreover, the fairy never brought me so much string, how much was the need, and he paid attention to me:

“But, my daughter, your work is like Penelope's canvas: does not go ahead of a shirt and you are always asking me about the other string”.

“O my good mother”, I replied, “you will speak well: but you don't see that I don't really know what I reel and that I throw my work on the fire? You are afraid that it will make you fail for a while’ twine?” My naive way of doing it put her in a good mood, although he was of an insufferable and truly cruel character.

With the medium of Parrot I sent to tell the King to come such an evening under the windows of the tower; that we would find the ladder and that the rest would have known it there.

In fact, I attacked the ladder well, resolute as I was to escape with him; but as soon as he saw it, without giving me time to get off, got up in the blink of an eye, while I was putting everything in order for the escape.

The sight of him made me feel so much joy, che non pensai più al pericolo che ci stava sul capo. Mi rinnuovò i suoi giuramenti e mi scongiurò di non differire più in là ad accettarlo per mio sposo. Pappagallo e Titì, pregati da me, ci fecero da testimoni. Non c’è esempio di una festa di nozze celebrata con tanta semplicità fra due persone di grado così elevato, né c’è ricordanza di due cuori più soddisfatti e contenti dei nostri. Non era ancora spuntata l’alba, quando il Re mi lasciò: io gli avevo raccontato l’orribile disegno delle fate di volermi maritata al Re Migonetto; gliene feci il ritratto e n’ebbe più ribrezzo di me. Appena partito lui, le ore mi parvero anni. Corsi alla finestra e lo accompagnai cogli occhi, sebbene facesse ancora buio. But what was not my amazement, seeing in the air a chariot pulled by winged salamanders, running at breakneck speed, so much so that the eye could hardly follow them! This chariot was escorted by a cloud of guards, mounted on many ostriches. I didn't have time to explain to anyone who ran through the air like that, but I immediately figured it had to be either a wizard or a fairy.

Shortly, the Violent fairy entered my room. “I have some good news to give you”, she told me, “your lover arrived here a few hours ago: get ready to receive it; here are some clothes and harnesses of precious stones.” “And who ever told you”, I answered a little’ resentfully “that I want to get married? It's really not my intention. The King Migonetto can go back to where it came from, ; For me it is an absolute right: between me and him there Let us take for sure.”

“Feel! hearing!”, disse la fata, “or do not you put me to make the difficult? I would like a bit’ know what messes with that little brain! at court, You do not mess with me; either you marry him, or I…”

“I will?… We feel a bit’ What you will do me?”, I added, becoming red scarlet up to the eyeballs for the impertinence that he gave me, “than ever it can accader worse than being kept in a tower, in the company of a dog and a parrot, and with the obligation to see seven or eight times a day the figure of a fearsome dragon?”

“Oh? undiscerning, that you are nothing!”, disse la fata, “role is, It deserves everyone's thoughts and sentences, that we have given to you! Already, I had long ago told my sisters: we will have a nice reward!…”

Ella andò a trovarle e raccontò loro quello che era passato fra noi due, e rimasero scandalizzate.

Pappagallo e Titì mi dissero, a tanto di lettere, che se io seguitavo a battere quella strada, mi sarei trovata a dei brutti guai. Ma in quel momento mi sentivo così orgogliosa di possedere il cuore di un gran Re, che le fate non mi facevano paura, e che i consigli dei miei piccoli amici mi entravano da un orecchio e mi passavano da quell’altro. Restai vestita, com’era, né mi volli mettere un nastro in più; rather, per farlo apposta, mi spettinai tutta per parere a Migonetto una vera befana. L’incontro accadde sulla terrazza. Egli vi giunse nel suo cocchio di fuoco. Dei nani piccini ne ho veduti, but a nanerucolo that way there, more! To walk is served at the same time the eagle's legs and knees, because he had no bones in the legs; and he kept upright on two crutches, all diamond. He had a royal mantle of about one meter in length: yet he was dragging on the ground at least two good third. Instead of head, a big blockhead who seemed a bushel and a nose so screanzato, there were over a dozen birds: and he liked to hear them sing. The beard looked like a forest and the canaries were they doing in the nest; his ears passed from one meter above the head; What, however, that no one avvedeva, on account of an inordinate crown tip that led to the head, to appear higher. Le fiamme che mandava il carro arrostivano le frutte, seccavano i fiori e inaridivano le fontane del mio giardino. Egli mi venne incontro a braccia aperte; ma io non mi mossi né punto né poco; per cui bisognò che il suo scudiere gli desse di braccio. E quando si provò ad avvicinarsi scappai in camera e chiusi la porta e le finestre: sicché Migonetto dové andarsene colle fate, le quali mi avrebbero cavato gli occhi dalla bile.

Esse gli chiesero mille e mille scuse della mia ruvidezza; e per abbonirlo, perché era un arnese da far paura, pensarono di condurlo la notte in camera mia, mentr’io dormivo: di legarmi i piedi e le mani e di mettermi così nel carro infuocato, perché potesse menarmi seco. Quando ebbero tutto fissato e combinato, tornarono da me; e mi ripresero leggermente della mia condotta, contentandosi solo di dirmi che in qualche modo bisognava rimediare al malfatto. Tutti questi rimproveri giulebbati e in pelle in pelle, dettero nel naso a Pappagallo e Titì. “Volete che vi parli chiaro, padrona?”, disse il mio cane, “il cuore non mi dice nulla di buono. Queste signore fate son certa genteche Iddio ci liberi tutti, e segnatamente dalla Violenta.

Io risi di tutta questa paura e stavo sulle spinte aspettando il mio sposo, il quale si struggeva troppo di vedermi per non essere puntuale ai fissati. Gli gettai la scala di corda col fermo proponimento di fuggirmene con lui. Egli montò, leggero come una piuma, e mi disse tante e poi tante cose gentili e appassionate, che anch’oggi non ho cuore di richiamarmele alla memoria.

Mentre si stava parlando insieme, tranquilli e sicuri, come se fossimo stati nel palazzo di lui, vedemmo sfondare con un gran colpo la finestra della camera. Le fate entrarono dentro montate sul loro drago: Migonetto le seguiva sul suo solito cocchio di fuoco, tirandosi dietro tutte le sue guardie a cavallo agli struzzi. Il Re, senza impallidire, messe mano alla spada e non ebbe altro pensiero che quello di difendermi nella più terribile avventura che mi potesse capitare. Well… debbo dirvelo, caro signore? quelle spietate creature gli aizzarono contro il drago, che se lo divorò vivo vivo dinanzi ai miei occhi.

Fuori di me per la sciagura sua e mia, mi gettai in bocca all’orribile mostro, perché m’inghiottisse, come avea inghiottito la persona che era tutto l’amor mio: and he would have gladly: but the fairies, most cruel of him, they forbade him.

They cried together:

“We must serbarla to longer torments: a death prompt and ready is almost a sugary for a creature so unworthy and unholy”. I touched, and I saw myself transformed into Gatta Bianca: then they took me to this building, that was my father, changed in cats and in cats all the lords and all the ladies of the United, and several left hands only: and so they reduced the state tearful where you found me, letting me know the secret of my birth, the death of my father, to my mother, and how I could not be freed from my cat figure, se non da un Principe che somigliasse come due gocce d’acqua a quello che mi era stato rapito. E voi, senor, siete il suo ritratto vivo e parlante: le stesse fattezze, la stessa fisonomia, perfino lo stesso suono di voce. Appena vi vidi per la prima volta, ne rimasi colpita: io sapevo tutto quello che doveva accadere, come so quello che accadrà, e però vi dico che le mie pene stanno per finire.

E le mie, bella Regina, dovranno ancora durare un pezzo?”, He asked the Prince, She fell at his feet,

Io vi amo, senor, più della mia vita, E questo è il momento di partire per andare da vostro padre: vedremo quali sono i suoi sentimenti verso di me, e se è disposto a rendervi contento.

Ella uscì: il Principe le dette la mano: and along with him he got into a cab much more beautiful and magnificent of all those who had until then. The rest of us did not disappear: suffice to say that all rows of the horses were emerald and the diamond nails. From that time on, he has not seen anything like it. Needless to stay here to repeat talks, who had set the Prince and the Queen. She was a singular goodness and a fine spirit: and the young Prince was as good as she: so that they could not think and say nothing but a mountain of gorgeous things.

Once in the vicinity of the castle, where they were to be the two brothers Prince, Queen entered in a small upstream crystal block, di cui tutte le sfaccettature erano guarnite d’oro e di rubini. Tutt’all’intorno era circondato di tendine per impedire ai curiosi di guardar dentro, ed era portato a barella da giovinotti di bellissimo aspetto e vestiti splendidamente. Il Principe rimase nella sua bella carrozza; e di lì poté vedere i suoi fratelli che se la passeggiavano a braccetto di due Principesse d’una bellezza da sbalordire. Appena lo riconobbero, gli andarono incontro per fargli festa e domandarono se anche esso aveva condotto la sua dama. Al che rispose che era stato così disgraziato, che in tutto il viaggio non si era imbattuto altro che in donne bruttissime; e tutto ciò che gli era capitato di meglio da portar seco, era una gatta bianca. Essi si misero a ridere della sua semplicità. “Una gatta!” dicevano essicome mai una gatta? avete forse paura che i topi ci mangino il palazzo?” Il Principe soggiunse che capiva bene che non era prudenza di portare un simile regalo a suo padre. And so, fra una parola e l’altra, s’incamminarono verso la città.

I due fratelli maggiori salirono colle loro Principesse in due carrozze tutte d’oro e di lapislazzoli: i cavalli portavano in capo dei pennacchi e altri ornamenti: to make it short, nulla di più splendido di questa cavalcata. Dietro a loro veniva il nostro giovine Principe: e quindi il blocco di cristallo di monte, che tutti guardavano con grandissima ammirazione.

I cortigiani corsero subito ad avvisare il Re dell’arrivo dei Principi.

Hanno con sé delle belle donne?”, domandò il Re.

Non s’è veduto mai nulla d’eguale!…”

The stop as, questa risposta non garbò troppo al Re. I due Principi si affrettarono a salire le scale colle loro Principesse, che erano due occhi di sole. Il Re li ricevette benissimo, e non sapeva a quale delle due dovesse dare la preferenza. Voltatosi al minore dei figli, he asked: “Come va che questa volta siete tornato solo?”.

Vostra Maestà vedrà dentro questo cristallo una gattina bianca, che miagola con tanta grazia e che ha le zampine più morbide del velluto, e son sicuro che le piacerà”, He replied the Prince.

Il Re sorrise e si mosse per aprire da se stesso il blocco di cristallo. Ma appena si fu accostato, la Regina toccò una molla, sicché il blocco andò tutto in minutissimi pezzettini ed ella apparve fuori come il sole dopo essere stato un podi tempo nascosto fra i nuvoli: i suoi capelli biondi erano sparsi per le spalle e in grandi riccioli le cadevano giù fino ai piedi. In capo aveva tutti fiori: e la sua veste era di leggerissimo velo bianco foderato di seta rosa. Si alzò e fece una profonda riverenza al Re, il quale nel colmo dell’ammirazione non poté frenarsi dall’esclamare:

Ecco veramente la donna senza confronto, e che merita davvero la mia corona”.

“Lord”, ella disse, “io non son venuta qui per togliervi un trono che sì degnamente occupate: sono nata con sei regni: permettete anzi che io ne offra uno a voi e uno per uno ai vostri figli. In ricompensa non vi domando altro che la vostra amicizia e questo giovine Principe per mio sposo. I tre regni, che avanzano, sono più che sufficienti per noi.

Il Re e tutta la Corte fecero un baccano con urli di ammirazione e di allegrezza incredibile. Le nozze si celebrarono subito, e quelle dei due fratelli ugualmente: motivo per cui per diversi mesi furono feste, baldorie, divertimenti e corte bandita. Poscia ciascuno partì per andare a governare i propri Stati: e la bella Gatta Bianca si immortalò non tanto per la bontà e per la generosità del suo cuore quanto per il suo raro merito e per la sua gran bellezza.

La cronaca di quel tempo racconta che Gatta Bianca diventò il modello delle buone mogli e delle madri sagge e perbene. E io ci credo.

Dal trist’esempio avuto in casa, essa aveva imparato a sue spese che le follie e i capricci delle mamme spesse volte sono cagione di grandi dispiaceri per i figliuoli.

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