La cervia nel bosco

La cervia nel bosco
Anonymous (1698)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

Once there was a king and a queen who were among them along like two souls in a pit: they loved each other dearly, and were adored by their subjects; but the complete happiness of one and the other was missing a thing: an heir to the throne.

The Regina, who knew that the king would love her twice if she had a son, He never left to go in the spring to drink some water which is said to have miraculous for children. In these waters there people ran in crowds from all over; and the number of strangers was so overwhelming, that there were in all countries of the world.

In a great forest, where he went to beverle, there were several fountains: which they were made of marble or porphyry, because they all competed to who was the most beautiful. One day the Queen was sitting on the edge of a fountain, He ordered his ladies to leave the company and to leave her alone and then began his usual whining.

“How unfortunate”, said it, “not having children! have five years now ask for the grace of having one; and yet I could not have it. So I'll have to die without experiencing this consolation?”

As he was saying, He observed that the water of the fountain was all move; then he came out and said a big shrimp:

“O great Regina! finally you will have the desired grace. You must know that nearby there is a magnificent palace made by fairies: but it is impossible to find, because it is surrounded by very thick clouds through which no mortal eye passes: anyhow, since I am your humble servant, here I am ready to menarvici if you want to trust the guidance of a poor shrimp”.

The Queen listened to him without interrupting, because the thing to see a shrimp discoursed, He had stunned by the wonder: then she told him he would gladly welcome your offer, but he did not know, like him, walk backwards.

The shrimp smiled and immediately took the appearance of a beautiful old lady.

“That's it, o signora”, le these, “so we will no longer walk backwards. But I ask you a favor: always keep me for one of your friends, because I want nothing more than to be useful to something.”

He left the fountain without a drop of water on him: her dress was white, lined with crimson silk, and gray hair knotted behind with green ribbons. She had never seen old gallant like that! He greeted the Queen, who wanted to hug her; and without putting time in half, He made her take a narrow road to the forest, with great wonder of the Queen herself: which although it was coming in the woods a thousand times, it had never occurred to swiftly along there. And how would he be able to pass? That was the fairy road, to go to the fountain, and the whole was usually closed by Ronchi and brambles: but as soon as the Queen and her guide were put there foot, the roses bloomed suddenly from roses, jasmine and orange trees twined their branches to form a pergola covered with leaves and flowers, and thousands of birds of various species, laid on the branches of trees, sfringuellarono blithely.

He still had not got over with astonishment, that the Queen found herself dazzled eyes from the dazzling splendor of a building across diamond; the walls, the roofs, ceilings, the floors, the gardens, the windows and even the same terraces were all diamond. In the delirium of his admiration, She could not help but send a surprise scream, and he asked the elegant old lady, that accompanied, if what he had before his eyes was dream or truth.

“There is nothing more true, o signora”, she replied.

And once the gates of the palace were opened, and they went out six fairies: and which do! The most beautiful and most magnificent views were if not throughout their realm.

They all came to make a profound bow to the Queen: and each presented her with a flower of precious stones, in order to form a pack: There was a rose, a tulip, an anemone, un'aquilegia, a carnation and a pomegranate.

“Lady”, they said, “we can not give you a greater sign of our veneration, that allowing you to come here to visit: we are very pleased to let you know that you will have a beautiful princess, which will put the name of Desiderata, because one has to agree that it is a large piece that the desired. When it will come to light, remember to call, because we want to enrich it with the most beautiful qualities; and to invite to come, no need to do is pick up the deck, now we give, and appoint one by one all the flowers, thinking about us. Are you sure that in no time at all we will be in your room.”

The Regina, beside himself dall'allegrezza, He fell on his neck to do; and embraces lasted a good half hour.

When they had finished, They begged the Queen to pass in their palace, which you can not find fault with words all the wonders. Imagine that they had taken to manufacture the architect of Sun Palace, which was rebuilt in the small that was in the great palace of the sun. The Regina, not being able to withstand so alive glow, was every bit forced to close their eyes. They took her in their garden, and the most beautiful fruit if you were not undreamed! Apricots biggest of a boy's head, and certain cherries, that in order to eat a, He had to do it in four pieces; and such exquisite taste, that the Queen, when he had tasted, He did not want to eat other species in his life time.

Among the many wonders, there was a grove of fake and artificial trees, which they grew and put the leaves on a par with all other.

Can not complain all the exclamations of awe of the Queen, the speeches made on the Princess for you and thanks to the kind people who had wanted to give her a piece of news so pleasing: this is enough, that was not forgotten a single word of gratitude and no expression of tenderness. The fairy of the fountain was moved with his share, as a thrashing touched. The Queen was held in the palace until the evening: deeply in love and music, made her hear the angelic voices. It was almost drowned by the gifts and thanked a thousand times those great ladies, It came away with glue Fairy Fountain.

All the people of the Court, troubled about, the seeking of here and beyond: and no one could figure out where to find it. There was even someone who suspected he had been kidnapped by some bold stranger, especially since he was still young and in the prime of beauty.

When the saw back, as it is by figurarselo was all loud cheers: and because they also felt in the heart of an immense consolation for the good hopes had, so in his conversation there was something of a cheerful and gioiale who fell in love.

The fairy of the fountain left her that was almost close to home; and in the act of saying goodbye, They redoubled the caresses and compliments.

The Regina, trattenutasi again for a week to drink the waters, he left one day without returning to the palace of fairies with his elegant old lady, which he showed all times from the beginning in the form of shrimp, and then he ended up taking its natural shape.

The Regina, game that it was, She became pregnant, and he puts to light a Princess, to which gave the name of Want: and immediately took the deck, who had a gift, He appointed one by one all the flowers that formed it, and here the moment they saw the fairies. Each of them had a different chariot other: one was of ebony, drawn by white pigeons; some were ivory, attached to small deer, and other cedar, and other wood-pink. This was the crew that used to be used in a sign of alliance and peace; because, when they were angry, they used only flying dragons, of snakes they threw flames from the throat and eyes, lions, leopards and panthers, riding to which you were bringing from one end of the world in less time that it takes not to say good morning or good year. But this time they were at peace and very good mood.

The Queen saw them enter his room, they had a very proud and majestic wax: and behind them, dwarf and dwarf the cortege, all loaded with gifts. After the Queen embraced and kissed the little Princess, They explained the layette, made of a canvas so fine and so resistant enough hundred years, no danger of becoming lisa; the fairies spun itself into idle hours. As for the laces were the most valuable of the canvas itself: there could be seen depicted therein, the coll'ago the col zone, the whole history of the world; after this messero showing bands and blankets, embroidered on purpose with their own hands: and these were represented thousand of those giuochetti very varied, which serve to amuse the kids. Ever since the world there are embroiderers and stitchers, had never seen such a wonderful thing that canvas. But when it was taken out of the cradle, then the Queen could not restrain himself from the hunt a cry of astonishment, so that cradle surpassed, for glory, all the rest. It was made of a wood that cost hundred thousand crowns a pound. The held up four cupids: four masterpieces, where art had won the matter, although they were all rubies and diamonds, they can not say how worth. These cherubs were animated by the fairies; so when the screaming baby, the gently rocked and fell asleep, and this was a great convenience even to the nurse.

The fairies took the little Princess and if the messero on his knees: The bandaged and kissed more than a hundred times, because it was already so beautiful, that was enough to see her, to eat it by kissing. When they realized that he needed to nurse, They clapped their wand on earth, and appeared immediately a nurse, which he did for such a lovely infant. There remained now only to provide it: and the fairies spicciarono to do that too; Who gave her the virtue, who grace; the third, a marvelous beauty; the fourth, He wished her every luck; the fifth, good health; it's the last one, ease of riuscir well in all those things that had taken to make.

The Regina, delighted, and he finished off by not thank them many favors lavished the Princess; when suddenly they saw come into the room such a big shrimp, just passing through the door.

“Oh! ingratissima Queen”, said the shrimp, “how is he possible that you have forgotten so soon the fairy of the fountain and the great service you have rendered, menandovi my sisters? Come! you have invited all the, and I alone have left aside? While too he had a premonition, and was the reason that I found myself obliged to take the shape of a shrimp the first time that I spoke to you, just for you to note that your friendship, instead of progressing, He would walk backwards.”

The Regina, desperate for smemoraggine committed, He interrupted and asked forgiveness. She said she had believed to nominate its flower, like those of all other; who it had been the bunch of flowers of precious stones that had deceived: and that it was not capable of forgetting the great favors received; and that, consequently, He begged and implored not to deprive her of her friendship, and in particular to show benign towards the Principessina.

All the fairies, for fear that wanted to provide it with misery and misfortune, They chorused the Queen to see abbonirla.

“By SORELLE”, they said, “Your Highness does not disdain monsters against a Queen, that never had a mind to the smallest snub; leave, of grace, MISUSE peel shrimp and let them see you in all your beauty.”

As it has been said, the fairy of the fountain was a little 'owl, and to feel the praise sisters tamed a bit and became easier.

“Well”, said, “I will not do for you to all the evil that I wanted: because I swear that it was my intention to ruin it all, and no one could stop me; nevertheless I will speak unto you one thing: if she will see the light of the sun, before he tasks fifteen years, He will regret it bitterly and perhaps will lose their lives.”

The cry of the Queen and the prayers of the illustrious do not availed to shake a hair of his judgment.

She withdrew walking backwards, because he had not wanted to leave his shrimp overdress.

When it was removed from the chamber, the poor Queen asked to do if there was to save his daughter from the disgrace that had been threatened. They took counsel together, and after several parties put forward, finally adhered to this: that, namely, He had to manufacture a large building with no doors and no windows; with an underground entrance door, and guard you in there the Princess till he had reached the fatal age, to be out of any danger.

Three shots were enough wand to start and finish this vast edifice. Outside it was all in white and green marble: and ceilings and gl'impiantiti all diamonds and emeralds, depicting flowers, birds and a thousand other pretty things. The walls were hung with velvet different colors, embroidered by the fairies with their own hands: and because they knew of history, He had taken the taste to represent the most beautiful historical facts and the most remarkable: It was painted the past and the future, and several tapestries were seen portrayed the exploits of the greatest Kings of the earth.

The good fairies had imagined this ingenious way to teach more easily to the young Princess various cases of life heroes and other mortals.

The whole house, inside, It was lit only by dint of lamps: but there were so many and so many, that seemed to be clear day, from year to year. They all teachers were introduced, of which she might need to educate themselves and improve; and his spirit, svegliatezza her and her common sense came to understand many things, even before that they were taught: which is why the teachers remained strasecolati for the beautiful things that she could say in an age, in which the other guys know just call Dad and Mom. And this is a proof that you do not grant their protection, to reel fools and degl'ignoranti!

If the vivacity of his spirit fell in love all who approached, her beauty was no less, and he knew amicarsi people more numb and the hardest hearts. The Queen Mother would not let a single minute, if his duty had not held at the King. From time to time the good fairies came to see the Princess and brought a present things rare and luxurious and elegant clothes, that they seemed made for the wedding of Princess few, no less beautiful for you.

But among all the fairies who loved her, the one that wanted most was Tulipano, which never and finished off recommending to the Queen that does not let see the light of day before hitting the fifteen.

“Our sister, the fountain, it is vindictive”, said Tulipano, “we will have a nice catch us all care for this girl; but if she can, You are assured that will hurt; and for that reason we must, o signora, that you be vigilant, and many more.”

The Queen for his part promised to continuously watch over something of such importance: but approaching the time when his beloved daughter had to leave the castle, made her portrait done, and the portrait was taken to shows in the larger universe Courts. Only to see it, There was no prince who did not show took admiration: But among others there was one who was so infatuated, not knowing how to detach more. She took him into her toilet, and he shuts himself together with the portrait, and speaking as if it were alive and could understand it, She told him the most passionate things of this world.

Il Re, no longer seeing the son, She asked what he was doing and how to pass his time, and why it was not more than his good humor. some courtier, those chatting happily, and there are several with this vice, made him understand that there was a chance that the Prince would give her brain, because he passed whole days locked in his cabinet, and there was talking to himself, as if there was someone with him.

The king heard this with displeasure:

“How can he”, He told his confidants, “so that my son lost the judgment? it, who had always so! You know that it has to date been the admiration of all, and I do not see it 'His eyes no sign of insanity or mental aberration: I think only become more thoughtful. I must interrogate it from me: so maybe I'll get to find out what is the fixation that trial was put to the head”.

No sooner said than done, She sent for it, and then he ordered everyone to come out from the hall. After several speeches, to which the Prince replied he was not careful or backward, the King asked him why he had brought so much change in his habits and his character. Prince, it seemed to him that had happened to the ball, he fell at his feet, and said,:

“You have determined to make me marry the Princess Black: in this family relationship you will find the advantages, I can not promise with what Princess Desiderata; but, senor, I find this girl so many graces and many attractions, how the other does not really have”.

“And where you have views?”, He asked the king.

“So much of one to the other, They portraits were taken”, He replied the Prince Warrior (that was her name, since he had won three great battles), “and I confess that my passion for the princess for you is so strong, that if you do not withdraw their word to the Black Princess, It is not nothing but death: always happy to lose his life, once you lost hope of being the husband of the one I love.”

“"So with a portrait”, taken seriously the King, “Spend your time doing some talks, that make you ridiculous in the eyes of all the courtiers? They will believe the brain vanished, and if you knew what it says about you, you would have no face to speak to this way of similar pranks!”

“I have no reason to reproach myself so a beautiful flame”, He replied the Prince, “when you have seen the portrait of this lovely princess, You're sure compatirete the passion I feel for her.”

“Go get it now” She exclaimed the King, with so much resentment, which gave divide the bizza that gnawed inside.

If the prince had not had the certainty that no beauty in the world could be compared to that of Desiderata, would have remained a bit 'wrong. Instead he immediately went to his cabinet, and then he returned to the King. The king was amazed how his son.

“Ah!”, diss’egli, “my dear Warrior, I approve of your choice; when my court there will be a princess so pretty, I feel rejuvenated, too. Since this moment immediately sent ambassadors to the Black Princess isciogliermi the word: and even if I were to get me on the arms war to the death, I prefer to do away once and for all.”

Prince respectfully kissed his father's hands and hugged her knees. His joy was so much, that seemed to become another. He prayed and ripregò his father to send ambassadors not only to the Black Princess, but also for you, It is recommending that it had chosen the man most capable and richer than the United, because in this great occasion it was necessary to make a beautiful figure, and get what you wanted. The King laid eyes on Beccafico. It was a great lord, eloquent as Cicero, and one hundred thousand lire annuity. Beccafico was very fond Prince Warrior, and up to meet a genius, he did make the most wonderful crew and the most beautiful liveries imaginable. His haste to set up the preparations of the trip was great, because the love of the Prince grew by eye by the day, and it was always there to tease him because they departed.

“Remember”, She told him in confidence, “that is half of my life, and I lose the light of reason every time I think of the case that the father of this princess could engage with someone else, without turning back: and then I should lose her forever.”

Beccafico reassured him, if only to gain time; because after the great expense to which he had gone to meet, he wanted at least to do with honor. Taketh him eighty carriages all resplendent gold and diamonds, and painted with certain miniatures, to do disappear more finished thumbnails you ever seen Sieno: there were, moreover, five other carriages: twenty-four thousand pages on horseback, clothing like many principles: and the rest of the cortege was not to deface the midst of that magnificence.

When Ambassador by Prince had an audience of leave, This embraced as a brother, and said,:

“Think, my dear Beccafico, that my life depends on marriage that go to combine: say everything that the more you know, and lead with you Princess, which it is the soul of my soul”.

She gave him a thousand gifts offer, in which stood out in the same way the elegance and richness; They were all loving allegories, engraved on gemstones and diamonds: encrusted watches carbuncles, above with the figures of Want: bracelets of rubies shaped in the form of hearts: in short, there was something to which he had not thought, to find ways to please.

The ambassador brought with him a portrait of the Prince, painted with such skill and mastery, that he lacked not even the word, and made compliments filled with grace and panache. »True that he could not respond to all that he was asked: but of this there was a great need. Beccafico, for his part, Prince promised he would do the impossible to see him happy, and he added that he was carrying a lot of money: and if anything he had been denied the Princess, He would find the means to buy one of his waitresses and would have abducted. “Ah!”, He exclaimed the Prince, “do not tell even in jest: I'm sure she would call offended by a way of doing so disrespectful!”

Beccafico did not stay to say more, and departed.

The big rumor of his trip came before him: the King and Queen they were delighted, because much they valued his sovereign and knew the acts of bravery of Prince Warrior, and, particularly, her personal merit; why they could not find a more worthy party for their daughter, even looking for him on purpose in the five parts of the world. It was a palace to house apprestato Beccafico, and they were given orders so that all the Court showed in gala dress.

The King and Queen had thought to show the ambassador Princess Desiderata: but the Tulip fairy came to see the Queen and told her:

“Look good, Regina, by beating Beccafico our daughter”, she used to call it that, “not convenient that he sees it as soon as possible and must not send her to the King, that he demanded in marriage, until it has tasks fifteen! because, mind you what I say to you, If she comes out ahead of time, You will fall on him to feel some big calamity”.

The queen embraced the good Tulip: He promised to listen to her, and without loss of time they left together by Princess.

Meanwhile came the ambassador. Its sequel lasted twenty-three hours to go, because he had six hundred thousand mules, Hill bells and golden shoes and velvet trappings embroidered in pearls and brocade. Along the way there was a crushing-presses do not have a clear idea, and they all ran to view it. The King and Queen met him, they were so happy with his coming.

We'll skip at the foot of the things he said, the compliments exchanged, because it takes little to figurarseli: but when he asked to present its compliments to the Princess, He was very bad at being denied the grace.

“Mr. Beccafico”, said the king, “If we refuse you something that seems so right, credetelo, It is not a whim: and why you're persuaded, we must tell you about the strange adventure of our daughter. Una skin, from the day he was born, He took her to boredom and threatened a thousand woes, if she had seen the sunlight before they hit the age of fifteen: Do we then we keep it locked in a building, which it has its most beautiful neighborhoods in the ground. It was our idea of ​​menarvici but the Tulip fairy has commanded us to do nothing.”

“Why, Sire!”, He replied the ambassador, “and I then I'll have to have the displeasure to turn back without her? You accordaste to the King my master for his son: She is expected with lively impatience: and it is possible that you will yourselves to be certain childishness, as are the predictions of the fairies? Here is the portrait of Prince Warrior here, I order to present: and the portrait is so similar, that when I look at it I seem to see the same Prince in person.”

So saying, he discovered it. The portrait, who had been instructed only to speak to the Princess, said:

“Beautiful Desiderata, You can not be included in it how ardently I will wait! come now to our Court, and abbellitela with those graces that make you unique in the world!”.

The portrait said no more: and the King and Queen were so amazed, who prayed to give him Beccafico, to take him to see the Princess. He did not seem the true, and immediately she handed the portrait in their hands.

The Queen had never mentioned her daughter what was happening in Court; and he had indeed forbidden the ladies around her to tell her the smallest thing on arrival ambassador: but they had not obeyed, and Princess already knew that it was up to a great marriage; however, it was so cautious, to do so that the mother not noticing anything. When this was shown the portrait of Prince, speaking, and that made her a compliment I do not know if it softer or more graceful, But she was so surprised, because he had never seen anything like it; beautiful appearance and Principe, cute appearance and regularity of features no less amazed of the things she gave the speaking likeness.

“Would you mind”, said the Queen, “to have a husband who looked like the Prince?”

“Lady”, she replied, “not up to me to choose: I will always be happy with the one who will love destinarmi.”

“Ma pure”, insisted Regina, “if the lot fell on him, non vi estimation reste Felice?”

she paddy, He looked down and said nothing. The Queen took her in his arms and kissed her over and over again, nor could he refrain from shedding a few tears, thinking he was on the verge of having to lose, because the now missing that three months just to make fifteen: and hiding his displeasure, She puts it to do anything as the concerned embassy in Beccafico: and among other things, said even the gifts that had been brought for her. She admired them: He praised with refined taste the most unusual things; but every bit his eyes divagavano, to go to rest on the portrait of Prince, with a never experienced until then delight.

The ambassador, He is seeing that he lost his time insisting they might give him the Princess, and that only content to promettergliela, but in a solemn manner by not being able to doubt, It stayed a few days at the King, and returned by post to account to the master of his actions.

When the Prince came to know that his Desiderata could not have her first three months, It is spoken in these outpourings of grief, which they saddened the whole court: not sleeping: He did not eat anything and became sad and pensive: He lost its beautiful color: passing whole days lying on a sofa, in his cabinet, to contemplate the portrait of Princess: He wrote to her every five minutes and handed the letters to the portrait, as if it could read the. Eventually his forces were weakened gradually, and he fell seriously ill: There was no need to doctor or surgeon to guess the cause of evil.

The king was in despair; he dearly loved his son, and he was about to lose. What sorrow for him! Neither saw any remedy that might help them to save the Prince, who did not ask more than his Desiderata: without it he just had to die. In the face of the seriousness of the case he took the resolution to go to find the King and Queen, who he had promised his daughter, affine of avoiding them to move to the state in which compassion had reduced the Principe, and not to send more in the long wedding; which would not have made more, So when they they had peg away to want to wait for the Princess he had the task fifteen.

This step was extraordinary for a King, but it would have been something even more extraordinary if he had left his son to die, that was more expensive of the pupils of the eyes.

However he tumbles into an insurmountable difficulty: and this was the great age of the King, which does not consented if not traveling in a sedan: and this thing is evil combined the impatience of his son: so he sent for mail his trusted Warbler and wrote letters of commoventissime to engage the King and Queen to please him in his desires.

Meanwhile, for he did not feel less pleasure to contemplate the portrait of the King, that he did not feel watching hers. Every little she went into the room where he had been put, and although charge his memory conceal the feelings of his heart, there were those who could guess them; and, among others, Purple-a-locks and Spinalonga, who were her bridesmaids, they realized that kind of restlessness which was beginning to torment.

Purple-a-locks loved her sincere love and was fidatissima; while Spinalonga had always harbored a secret jealousy of the beautiful virtue and to the fantastic condition of the Princess. The mother of Spinalonga had raised the Princess, and after being his housekeeper, He had become her lady of honor. So she would have to love her, as the dearest thing in the world: but it idolizing his daughter, and seeing the hatred of this for the beautiful Princess, he could not, again one, love her.

The ambassador, who had been sent to the Court of the Black Princess, he found glad reception, once he came to know the good part he had to do. This Negro was the most vengeful creature that can imagine; and it seemed not to be treated so cavalierly to be told on the face, After the promises and engagements taken, that it remained thanked and commissioning freedom. She had seen the portrait of Prince, and he had stuck in the head to want him at any cost: because black women, when you think of love, become the most stubborn woman in the world.

“Come, Mr. ambassador”, ella disse, “perhaps your king does not believe me rich enough or pretty enough? Turn for my states and find it difficult to de 'wider; enter my real treasure and you will see so much gold, than it's ever quarried from all mines of Peru; dates finally look at the color of my face morato, my thick lips, to my nose pressed, and besides tell me if a woman, to be beautiful, It must not be done so!”

“Lady”, He replied the ambassador, who had a great fear of being beaten, worse than in Turkey, “I blame the progress of my Sovereign, as it is permissible to do so in a subject: and if heaven had given me the most beautiful universe throne, I know well the person to whom offer it!”

“These words save lives”, ella disse, “I set to begin from you my revenge; but it would have seemed an injustice, because in fin de 'accounts you are not the cause of the treacherous steps of your Prince: go, and tell him from me that makes me a real gift to melt with me, for me I did not have ever spoken with people no good.”

The ambassador, that he could not wait to be laid off, He took these words to flight; and off to leg.

But Negra was too angry against Warrior Prince, potergli forgive. He climbed on top of an ivory chariot drawn by six ostriches, which they were ten miles per hour. He went to the palace of the fairy fountain, it was his godmother and the best friend I had: and after having told his adventure, He begged his arms on the cross to help her pigliarsi a vengeance. The fairy relented from the pain of godchild; He looked in the book, where it says it all, and so he was soon learned that the Prince left the Warrior Princess Black for Desiderata reason, he loved madly, and that he had even been sick from the great passion of not being able to see. This thing was enough to rekindle the anger in the heart of the fairy, that now it was almost extinguished; so much so that you could hope, that having not seen the Princess since the day he was born, He thought he would never hurt her, without promptings that bad moraccia.

“Come!”, She cried the fairy, “So this sciaguratissima Desiderata trial was put in charge of me always teasing? Not, no, Sparg Princess: no, my cute; I never suffer you will face an affront. The sky and all the elements piglieranno part in this thing. Back on home and trust the word of your good godmother.”

The princess thanked her and made of fruits and flower gifts, which were very much appreciated.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador Garden Warbler was advancing to spur beaten to the city, where he was the father of Desiderata: just come and threw himself at the feet of the King and Queen; He poured a torrent of tears and said with a language to soften the stones, that Prince Warrior would die, if gl'indugiavano the pleasure of seeing the Princess: that there now were missing more than just three months to accomplish fifteen; there was no danger that in such a short time could have happened some misfortune: that he took the liberty of recalling that this excessive credulity to certain stories did wrong the real majesty: in a word, so he was able to say and did so order, which he ended with both persuade.

The proof is that they s'intenerirono and wept, remembering the pitiful state in which he had reduced the Principe: and ended by saying that pigliavano few days time before giving a green light response. It then replied that he could not grant that few hours, because his master was now reduced to a flicker, and he had into his head that the Princess could not suffer and she herself was to examine all paraphernalia to postpone the start overnight.

Then he was told that the evening would know what you could do.

The Queen ran to the palace of his beloved daughter, and he told her everything. For he felt a great pain: He had a pang and fainted. So the Queen could know all the passion of his love for the Prince.

“Do not give so much to the despair, my baby”, she said, “You have the virtue of being able to heal: the only thing that keeps me thinking, are the threats made by the fountain fairy at the time of your birth.”

“I want to hope, o signora”, she continued, “that there must be some fallback, to deceive this mischievous fairy. I could not, for one thing, Starting in a carriage closed throughout, where I could not see the light of day? this car the only open up the night, to feed us, and so I would go happily home of Prince Warrior.”

The fallback really liked the Queen: He spoke to the King, which the approved: and so they sent for Beccafico, why go now to Court, where they gave him for sure thing that the Princess would be leaving soon; and they told him to while traveling to bring good news to his master, adding that for the sake to make haste, they failed to make her kit and the very rich clothes, which they suit the degree of Princess. The ambassador, It did not understand the skin with delight, He fell again at the feet of their Majesties to thank them, and he left immediately without having seen the Princess.

No doubt she would have felt a great pain in the break away from his father and mother, if he was not alive in her prevention in favor of the Prince: but they give in life certain feelings so overbearing, that silencing all other. The prepared a carriage lined out velvet, adorned with large gold studs; and the inside of brocade embroidered with silver and pink. There were no crystals; the coach was very large, all closed like a box; and one of the first lords of the kingdom held the keys in custody, that opened the lock of the doors. Why a sequel too large could be a hindrance, few officers were chosen to accompany: and after having given the world's most beautiful gems and some rich clothes, and after pre-wedding, who made almost suffocated by tears and sobs the King, The Queen and the whole court, They locked her in the carriage, along with her ladies of honor Purple-a-locks and Spinalonga.

You have to remember that he did not point Spinalonga well to Desiderata; but instead he wanted very much to the Prince Warrior, which he had seen the speaking likeness. The dart had hurt her so acute, that, starting in, he told his mother die of grief, if it happened the wedding of Princess, and that if he wanted to save her from her sad fate, needed whereabouts toward mess up everything. His mother, who was maid of honor, He told her to find peace, that he would seek a way to comfort her and make her happy.

When the Queen was about to break away from his daughter, that started, He commended her, you can not say what, this sad female.

“This precious deposit”, diss'ella, “I trust in your hands. It is more expensive life! Take care of my daughter's health, and especially look carefully you will never see the light of day. It would be over for her! You know from such disasters is threatened, and though I fixed the Ambassador Prince Warrior, so long as fifteen years do not have homework, to be held in a castle, where I can not see other light than the chandeliers.”

The Queen drowned this lady gifts, to engage it to stand faithfully attached to his instructions, and she for his part promised to watch over the preservation of the Princess, and make them very minute account of all, as soon as they arrive.

In this way the King and Queen, trusting her well recommended, They not had any thought for their beloved daughter, and so they felt less the pain of separation; ma Spinalunga, that the officials in charge of opening every night the coach to serve dinner to the Princess, he had heard that they approached the town where they were expecting, He began to put on her mother who was to carry his wicked design, before the King and the Prince were to meet them and lacked the time to make the big shot.

so, when it was about the hour of noon when the sun's rays darted with greater force, She cut the net with a large knife on purpose, he had brought with him, the imperial of the coach where they were-absorbed. That was the first time that Princess Desiderata saw the light of day. As soon as he had seen, He sent a sigh and hurried out of the carriage, transmuted into a white Cervia: and that way they made run to the nearby forest, where he hid in a thick, dark place, to be able to cry, without being seen by anyone, the graces, the handsome features and elegant figure, who had lost.

The fairy of the fountain, who directed this strange adventure, seeing that all those who accompanied the princess gave him a great bike, one to follow, others to run to the city and to warn the Prince Warrior of misfortune happened, put upside down heaven and earth: so that the lightning and the thunder panicked even the bravest: and in favor of his prodigious knowledge, He was able to carry those people far away from there, removing them in this way from one place, where their presence was not pleased point.

The sun remained, were the lady of honor, Spinalonga and Viola-a-locks.

The latter rides behind his hostess, echoing the woods of her name and de 'his sharp wails.

The other two, delighted of being free, They did not lose a minute to do what they had already fixed.

Spinalonga slipped the clothes for you. The royal mantle, which he was to serve for the wedding, It was of a wealth that he could not say, and the crown had big diamond two or three times the fist. His scepter was a ruby ​​in one piece: and the globe that held in the other hand, a large pearl as the head of a child. All wonderful things to see and very heavy to carry him: but they do not leave anyone behind the royal ornaments, Once Spinalonga wanted to pass himself Princess.

In quest'abbigliamento, Spinalunga, followed by the mother who was holding her train, He walked toward the city. The false princess walked with stately step. She was sure that people would come to meet her; in fact, They had not yet come a long way, that they saw a troop of cavalry, and in the middle two gleaming sedans gold and gems, carried by small mules, adorned with long green plumes (because green was the favorite of Princess color).

The King who was in a sedan, and the other sick Prince, they did not know what to think of these ladies, who came to meet them. The curious first galloped, and judged by the wealth of clothes that were to be two large ladies about. They went down from his horse and greeted with much respect. “Let me grace” He told them Spinalonga “to know myself to say who's inside those sedans.”

“Lady”, they said, “There the King and the Prince his son, that meet the Princess for you.”

“So please”, she continued, “going to tell them that the princess is here. Una skin, that is the enemy of my happiness, He has scattered and dispersed all who accompanied me to the fury of thunder, lightning and fearful wonders: but here is my lady of honor, which is in charge of presenting the letters of the King my father and keep custody of my joys.”

I cavalieri, these words, immediately they kissed the hem of his robe and went running to tell the king that Princess approached.

“Come!”, he exclaimed, “she departed, walk and is broad daylight?” They told him what she had told them. Prince, who was anxious impatience, he called them, telling them with great eagerness: “It is not a beauty miracle? a miracle? a Princess unmatched?”.

No one answered: whereby the Prince he was amazed.

“You really”, he resumed, “than having one thing too well, rather prefer to say nothing.”

“Lord, you will see it from you”, said the boldest of them, “It will be that the fatigue of the trip has a little 'trasfigurita.”

The Prince was stunned: had it been in force, He would be knocked out from the sedan to run to satisfy his impatience and his curiosity. The King came down to feet, and advancing with all the cortege reached the false Princess. See her, throw a shout and stand back a few paces, was just one point. “Who ever see?”, he said, “but this is a real treachery.”

“Sire”, said the lady of honor in advancing fresh face, “here is the Princess for you with letters of the King and Queen. I commit well in your hands the tape of the joys, which it was delivered to me on the verge of leaving.”

The King persevered in a sinister and gloomy silence; and the Prince, leaning on the arm of Beccafico, He approached Spinalonga. God of Gods! as he was obliged to remain, seeing a girl of a stature so effusive as to be frightening? It was so long, the clothes of the Princess barely touching the knee; dry as a door; his nose was like the curved beak of a parrot, and red and shiny on top as a pepper. Teeth more blacks and more disunited than, You have not really ever seen: in a word, It is a mart that bad, As Desiderata was beautiful.

Prince, he had always before his eyes the image of his beloved Princess, to see this ugly witch remained imbietolito: He had no breath either to move or to say half a word. Only, after having watched a little with the eyes out of your head, He turned to the king and said,:

“I am betrayed! The marvelous portrait on which I bound my freedom did not see anything that the person who was sent to us. They demanded deceive? they succeeded: but it will cost me my life”.

“What do you mean, senor?”, said Spinalonga. “Who has tried to deceive? know, senor, that marrying me, there have really deceived.”

So much audacity and arrogance had no such. For his part, Also the lady of honor increased costs by dose:

“Oh! My beautiful princess”, exclaimed, “where we are ever happened? "Perhaps in this way, which hosts a par Your Princess? What inconstancy! and what kind of proceeding!…The King your father will do with it give account”.

“It's up to us getting to account”, said the King, “He promised us a beautiful princess and there instead sends a lot of bones, a mummy to do run away in fright: Now I'm not the kind he has been hiding this beautiful treasure for fifteen years in a row: He expected to happen on merlotto: and misfortune has befallen upon us: but we'll see how this ends.”

“But what insolence!”, said the false princess. “How unfortunate to be coming here, on the word of this sort of people! Just look at 'the great crime of having her to retract a bit' more beautiful than real! Are not things that happen every day? If these little pranks sent back the principles behind their girlfriends, few but little good if it mariterebbero.”

The King and Prince, glue tantrum until the tip of the hair, They not deigned to reply: They climbed each in their sedan, while a bodyguard, unceremoniously, put on the horse, behind him, Princess: the lady of honor had the same treatment: and so it was menate city, where the order of King were closed in the three-pointed Castle.

The Warrior Prince remained so stunned by this blow, that the whole is worth the rinserrò at heart. When he had breath to speak, what ever she said of her sad fate? He was always in love as before, but he could only object of his passion than a liar portrait. All his hopes go up in smoke: all his illusions about the Princess Desiderata, faded! There was despair that they can agguagliare his. The Court had become an insufferable living, and I think, just recuperated a little 'healthy, to flee secretly to a deserted place and spend the rest of his miserable life.

He confided his idea to trust only Beccafico, in the certainty that they would follow him everywhere: and she chose it on purpose to have a person with which they can vent more freely than with anyone else, the trick he had had to suffer. Just he felt a bit 'better, He sets out by the Court, leaving on the table of his cabinet a long letter for the King, with which warned him that he would return as soon as he found a little 'peace of mind: but meanwhile she begged him to think about the revenge of both, and always keep in prison the specter of Princess.

It is easy to imagine the king of pain on receiving this letter. He thought the pain to die for the distance of a child, so adored. While everyone strove to console, Prince and made their way Beccafico: until after three days they found themselves in a large forest, so obscure for spessezza plants and so seductive and herb for the freshness and the rivulets and threads of water, that flowed in all respects, that Prince, finished by long way, had not yet put in respectable forces dismounted from his horse and lay sadly on the ground, He is holding his head in his hand, and the weakness of having just breathless to talk. “Lord”, said the Warbler, “while you rest a little, I'll go in search of some fruit for you to cool off: and meanwhile I'll look to get an idea of ​​where we are.” The prince did not answer, but he motioned with his head, as if to say: “Sta bene”.

He is now a long time since we left the forest in Cervia, I mean the incomparable Princess. she Pianse, You can cry like a deer last despair, when he saw his new forms, mirroring in the water of a fountain.

“Come! and I am, really me?”, she said, “and it is precisely today, I am reduced to suffer the sad adventure that can ever touch to an innocent princess like me, whim and guilt fairy? And how will last this metamorphosis? And to hide, because the lions, bears and wolves do not devour? How shall I cibarmi grass?” And so it goes, was herself a thousand questions, and he felt the most bitter pain that never can.

If anything could console her, It was to see that it was a beautiful Cervia, in the same way that it was a beautiful princess.

Driven by hunger, Desiderata is made eating the grass with much appetite: and he could not understand how this thing could stay. Then she crouched on the moss: Meanwhile, night fell, no addarsene: and she passed it in the midst of such terrible frights, not included poterseli.

He felt the wild beasts within walking distance; and forgetting to be Cervia, He tried to climb up trees.

The first light of day reassured her a little: I admired the sunrise: and the sun seemed so marvelous, who never ceased to watch. All great things, that he had heard say, they seemed much less than what he saw. That was the only fun he had in that deserted place. For several days he stayed there all alone.

The fairy tulip, he had always loved this Princess, Heart is passionate for his misfortune; but then, it was very much annoyed that the Queen as her daughter had done so little account of 'his advice: because, if you remember, the good fairy had repeated them several times that if the Princess had left before de 'fifteen years tasks, It was going to meet some illness. Anyway he would not leave her at the mercy of the wrath of the fountain fairy, and it was she herself who led the steps of Viola-a-wisps into the forest, because this trust confidante could console her in his terrible misfortune.

The beautiful Cervia was going, a step behind the other, along a small river, When Viola-a-locks, not having more legs to walk, He lays down to take away a bit 'off. All afflicted, almanaccando was with the head on which side turn in order to come across in his beloved Princess. As soon as the Cervia took the view, did all jump, and passed across the river, which it was quite wide and deep, He was to throw him a Purple-a-strands and made countless caresses. She was astonished, not knowing if the beasts of that place had a particular liking for men so as to become human, or if the Cervia knew her; because to put it as such, It does not happen every day that you see a Cervia me to do with so much grace and so courteously honors Forest.

After looking carefully, He realized with great surprise that 'her eyes welled up a few big tears; why had not the shadow of a doubt that this was his beloved Princess. He took her legs and neck kissed them to him same respect and glue same tenderness, how he would kiss your hands.

He tried to speak and saw that the Cervia understood it very well: but he could not answer; and then the tears and the sighs doubled from side to side. Purple-a-locks promised his mistress that he would not have abandoned ever: The Cervia made her a thousand little signs with his head and his eyes, to make them understand that it would be very happy, and that this thing consolerebbe in part of his penis.

They had been together all day, when Cervietta was afraid that his trust Viola-a-locks would need to eat, and he brought in some point of the forest, where he had seen some wild fruits but tasty. Purple-a-locks ate a lot, because he was dying of hunger; my quand'ebbe finita la sua cena, It was taken by a great unrest, because he does not know where he would be hospitalized for sleeping. Staying in the forest, exposed to all the dangers, was not even thinking about it.

“Are not you afraid, pretty Cervia”, ella disse, “to spend the night here?”

The Cervia rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Ma pure”, Viola went on-a-locks, “you have already come a part of this vast solitude: there are, per caso, huts tips, a charcoal, a lumberjack, a hermitage?”

The Cervia made his head no.

“Oh Gods!”, He exclaimed Viola-a-locks, “Tomorrow I will not be alive: though I have the fate of dodging tigers and bears, I'm sure that would be enough to kill the fear. And do not believe, my dear Princess, that I mind for me to lose my life: I'm sorry for you. Poor me! Leave you in these places, without a soul that there consuls! One can imagine the sad thing?”

The Cervietta wept: She sobbed as could make a person. Her tears touched the heart of the fairy tulip, that the dearly loved and that at the bottom, despite his disobedience, He had always watched over the preservation of her: whereby, by appearing suddenly, le these: “I have no desire to make you reproach: the state where you are makes me too much pain”.

Cervietta and Purple-the-wisps interrupted, He fell at his knees: the first kissing her hands and made her the prettiest caresses of this world: while the other he testified to move to pity the Princess, making its natural form.

“This does not depend on me”, said Tulipano; “the one that did so much harm has much power; but I will shorten the time of his penance: and to soften it a little, As soon as you make the night she will leave the remains of Cervia; but the first light of dawn, that it must resume again and run to the plain and the forest, like other Cervie.”

Cease to be Cervia overnight, It was something, indeed very: and Princess called to share his joy by dint of jumps and somersaults, They messero you in a good mood the fairy. “Sonic”, diss'ella, “for this little road, and you'll find a pretty decent hut for these rural places.”

that said, shooting. Purple-a-locks obeyed, and together with the Cervia he entered the narrow road, who he was standing a few steps, and they found an old woman sitting in the doorway, who was finishing a basket of bulrushes.

Purple-a-locks he waved: “Will ye, My good grandmother”, le these, “give me a bit 'of hospitality together with this Cervia?”.

“But yes, my daughter, which I will be hosting willingly: come on in your Cervia glue.”

It said that, the immediately he brought in a pretty small room, he had the walls and the flooring of cherry planks: There were two white linen beds: fine linens, and everything so simple and neat, that the Princess told later that he had never found anything that was more to his taste.

When it was dark night for you ceased to be cervia: He embraced over a hundred times her dear Viola-a-locks; thanked for the affection that had pledged to follow his fortune, and he promised to make her happy, As soon as his penance was over.

The old woman came knocking with the door and very garbino, without entering, Viola gave-a-locks of delicious fruits, de 'which he also ate it for you, and with a big appetite: then they went to bed, but as soon as day, Want being returned Cervia, She began to scratch the door with his feet, because Purple-the-wisps opened. When parting, both exchanged the signs of a living sorrow, although the gap was a few hours: and Cervia, lanciatasi in the thick of the forest, He began to run, according to his custom.

I think I've said that Prince Warrior had stopped in the forest, and Garden Warbler ran here and there, looking for fruit. It was already very late, quand'esso happened to the little house of the good woman, of which has already been discussed. It came in with very courteous manner and asked those things that abbisognavano for his master.

The old woman made in a flash to empirgli a fruit basket, and he said telling him:

“I'm afraid that if you spend the night here, in the open air, It happens some misfortune: I can not offer you a poor little room: at least, You will be safe from the lions”.

Beccafico thanked, and he told her that she was with a friend, and he was going to propose to go to her house: indeed he knew seize the Prince as well in his stride, these are left lead to the good woman home. They found, who was still on the door: and she, tiptoed, He carried them to a room, companion to that of Princess, and both so close to one another, which they were separated by a mere partition.

The Prince spent the night busybody, as usual: but as soon as the sun clapped nell'imposte window, He stood up, and isvagarsi dall'uggia that was on him went into the forest, telling Beccafico not to follow. He walked a half day, without even knowing where he was going; until he came into a small field, big enough, all covered with trees and moss grass. At that point he popped off a Cervia, and he could not resist the desire to pursue, because hunting was his favorite passion: though now is not like it used to, since he had the heart this other plug. Yet let you put behind the Cervia, and from time to time with the bow he pulled darts, that froze from fear, though they did not have the slightest evil: because you have to know that her friend Tulip watched in his defense: and it did not take less than the helping hand of a fairy to save her from death, under a rain of blows so well-aimed.

You can not be weary, as was the Princess of Cervie, so little accustomed to this new year. In the end he was lucky enough to turn dry for a little road, where the dangerous hunter, having it lost sight and feeling too tired, He not insisted on her behind.

Passed this way the day, poor Cervia saw joyfully approaching the time to go home: in fact he walked toward the hut where Viola-a-strands waited eagerly. Entrance Room, she threw herself on the bed, finished and dripping with sweat. Purple-a-locks made her a mountain of caresses and was dying to know what had happened to her. Since it came time to lose its zest Cervia, the beautiful Princess resumed his true likeness and throwing the arms of his best friend in the neck:

“Poor me!”, these ella, “I believed he had to fear only the fairy of the fountain and the wild beasts of the forest: but today I was a young hunter insegnita: I just saw, so I fled to legs: a thousand darts threatened me an inevitable death, and I am saved, I do not know myself how”.

“It should no longer go out, My beautiful princess”; said Violet-a-locks, “date retta a me: spent in this room the fatal time of your penance, I'll go now and the closest town to buy you books that you may have a diversion: we will read the new stories they wrote about fairies, and we will do the verses and songs.”

“Remain silent, My dear daughter”, filming Princess, “I just loved the image of Prince Warrior, for me to while away whole days; but that same power that condemns me during the day to the sad condition of Cervia, me strength, despite my, to do what they do cervie: I run, jump and eat the grass com'esse, and at that time there, a room for me would be an unbearable prison.”

It was so tired from the chase that asked for food: and then, her beautiful eyes closed until the dawning. As soon as he saw that day was, the usual metamorphosis happened and she went the way of the forest.

The prince meanwhile had returned the night to reach his great friend.

“I spent the day”, said, “to give back to the most beautiful I've ever seen Cervia: over a hundred times it made me misfired with extraordinary swiftness: and yes I pulled right, nor did I understand com'abbia dodging my blows. Tomorrow per day vo 'back to look for it, and this time I will not run away.”

In fact, the young prince, who did his best to divagarsi from an idea that now he believed a dream, seeing that the hunt for him was a great distraction, buonissim'ora went to the same spot where he had found the Cervia; but it had not seen fit to go there, for fear it would renew the bad case of the previous day. The Prince looked here and there, and continued to walk; until, It is a bit 'overheated, It does not seem real to find apples, that color were beautiful; ne colse, He ate and soon fell asleep like a log, lying fresh tender grass in the shade of some trees, on which many birds seemed that they had all the meeting point.

While sleeping, our timid Cervia, always in search of lonely places, He passed that way. If he'd seen right away, perhaps he would run away: but finding, no addarsene, to pass hugging him, he could not stand by watching: and his sleep seemed so deep, who felt much safer to stop with all convenient to contemplate the beautiful features.

Oh Gods! How she stood when she recognized!

That beloved image was carved in her heart too, so he could have forgotten her in so little time.

love, love, They claim to her? Do you want us Cervietta expose himself to lose his life at the hands of the Prince? Do not doubt, He will do it; it no longer head to think about your safety. He crouched a few steps away from him, and his eyes, love to watch, they knew only a minute off: He sighed and sent the little moans; until, shewn a little 'courage, He came time, that almost touched him: when he woke up at a stretch.

His wonder was great. He recognized the Cervia who had given much to do, and that he had been searching for all the forest: and trovarsela now so close, It seemed almost a miracle. It is not expected that he tried to take it, but he fled with all I had in the legs; and he, behind the gallop. Occasionally they are stopping to breath ripigliar, because the beautiful Cervia was tired of the day before, and the same was Prince. But it did slow down the running of Cervia, era… alone, I must say? It was the great displeasure of getting away from him, who had hurt her more with his qualities that with his arrows. He saw every little turn her head toward him, as if to ask if she wanted to perish for his shots: and when he was in touch and not touch to reach, she answered new strength to escape.

“Oh! if you could understand me, my Cervietta”, He shouted the Prince, “You do not fuggiresti in this way! I love you; I want you to feed. You are cute, and I want to take care of yourself.” But the wind carried the words, so they did not arrive until the ears of Cervia.

At the end, after doing the rounds of the forest, she, not having to run out of breath, He slowed: Prince instead redoubled her and joined her with a joy, which he was not believed more capable. He saw immediately that she had finished her strength: He was all lying on the ground, as a poor creature, half dead, not expecting anything but to end their lives at the hands of its winner. But it, instead of being cruel, He began to stroke.

“Beautiful Cervia”, le these, “do not be afraid: vo 'me lead you, and you have to remain always with me.”

He cut some tree branches on purpose: He folded them gracefully, ricuoprì them of mosses and sprinkled on roses, missed by a stain that was all flowery. Then he took the Cervia in his arms, She made her rest his head on his neck and went to lay it lovingly on the grassy bed, made by him. Then he sat down beside looking here and there of grass, that appeared to mouth, and that she was eating in his hand. Although not intended to be hoped point, Prince continued to speak: ed it, no matter how great his pleasure at seeing him, s'inquietava by the approach of night.

“What then will”, He said to himself, “If I saw all of a sudden to change his appearance? Or run away scared, the, if he does not run away, that will happen to me, finding myself all alone in the middle of this forest?”

She lambiccava the brain to find a way to escape, the same when he facilitated the way: because, fearing that the Cervia suffer thirst, He went to seek some brook, for menarvela; but in that moment he was looking for, if she gave it to his legs and came to the hut, where Viola-a-locks waiting. He threw himself on the bed again; there came the night, its metamorphosis stopped and began to tell his adventure.

“I believe, mia face?”, She told her friend, “my Prince Warrior is here, right here in this forest; it is he who gives me two days hunting, and that, after having taken, He did a thousand caresses. Oh! it is just like the portrait that I did ! He is a hundred times more beautiful; the same disorder, accustomed to receive hunters in suits and in person, He does not detract from his genial countenance: rather, He gives it a certain something, You can not find fault in words. Am I not perhaps a great unfortunate to have to flee this prince? he that I was destined to be 'my parents? He who loves me and is loved in return. There was not lacking anything but a fairy, pigliasse that I bored since my birth, to poison me every day of my life!…”

And he gave into tears. Purple-a-locks consoled her and gave her hope that as soon as her pains would change in many joys.

Prince, As soon as he found a source, soon he returned from his dear Cervia: but the Cervia was no longer where he had left. He sought everywhere, but to no avail, and he took her with her, as if she had believed him to reason.

“How is it possible”, he exclaimed, “I should always have reason to complain of this fickle sex and deceiver?”

And he returned from the good old with the heart embittered: He told his faithful friend adventure, and he will not mention the ingratitude Cervia. Beccafico could do no less than to laugh at bizza Prince, and he advised him to punish Cervia, the first time that he happened under. “I stay here on purpose,” He replied the Prince “after we leave for other countries further afield.”

He made afresh day, and with the day the Princess shoot the figure of white Cervia. She did not know what party cling: or go to the same places, where the Prince used to hunt; or hold a different path, not to meet him. He chose the latter Party, and she moved away dimolto, but very dimolto: but the young Prince, smarter than you, He guessed that it would use this little ruse; and here you grasp the hot hot in the thickest forest, where it was believed to be safe from harm. As soon as it sees, squirts standing, bypasses stains, and even more afraid for the case of the previous day, He runs away like the wind, but in what is going to traverse a narrow road, Prince aim so right, that the plant an arrow in the leg. She felt a great evil, and not having the strength to run, he dropped to the ground.

This sad catastrophe could not dodge, because of the fountain fairy had decreed forward, as the dissolution of the strange adventure. The Prince came up and was seized by a sharp pain in seeing the Cervia That Dripped Blood; He tore some herbs, He sat on the wound, to decrease the spasm, and he prepared a new bed of branches and leaves. He kept his head on his knees to Cervietta:

“You're not you, fickle little brain”, le these, “the cause of the misfortune that has befallen you? What had I done you wrong, yesterday, to abandon me like that? But today I do not run away, because I'll take you with me”.

The Cervia no answer: and what could he say? He was wrong and could not speak; although it is not always true that those who have wronged, keep quiet. Prince ended the caresses.

“As I'm sorry I hurt you”, the he said, “I hate you and I want you to love me instead.”

A feel, it seemed that a secret voice gl'ispirasse those things that he said to Cervietta. Meanwhile he stepped forward to getting back on the good old. He took his prey, and it was no small effort for him to bring him, Hand or lead, or strascinarsela behind. It did not in any way go with him. “What will become of me?”, he said, “come! and I'll be alone with this Principe? Not: rather die.”

She was dead and spiombava shoulders with the weight: Prince was in a sweat lake and with his tongue out by fatigue: and although the hut was not far, He felt that there could not have come, without someone had given him a hand. He thought of calling his trusted Beccafico: but before leaving the prey, The very well he tied it with a few ribbons at the foot of a tree, for fear that he does not ran away.

Ohimè! Who could ever imagine that the most beautiful princess in the world would one day treated in this way by a prince who adored her? It tried in vain to tear tapes; but his efforts only served to tighten more, and he was on the verge of choking with a slip knot, that her throat, when he wanted the case that Viola-a-locks, tired of staying locked in the room, He went out to get some fresh air and passed on the site, where was the white Cervia struggling. As he was to see his beloved Princess in that state! He could not dissolve it any time soon, as he wanted, because the tapes were stopped with many nodes: and while he was away for menarla, Prince returned along with Beccafico.

“However great the respect that I have for you, o signora”, said the Prince, “allow me to oppose the theft you want me. This Cervia I wound me, it's mine; I love her and I beg you to leave me.”

“Lord”, He replied beautiful manner Purple-a-locks, it was compitissima and pretty as ever, “This Cervia belonged to me before it was your: rather I would sacrifice to life, that she; and if you want to see how she knows me, no need to do is leave a bit 'in the wild. Mind, My beautiful Bianchina, hug me”, diss'ella: and the Cervietta threw his paws around his neck. “Kiss me here, this gota!”, and it obeyed. “Touch me on the side of the heart”, and it took us a leg. “Make a sigh” and she sighed.

The Prince could not doubt what stated Viola-a-locks.

“I give it am”, he said politely, “but I confess that I do it reluctantly.”

She went off her away immediately Cervia glue.

Both the one and the other did not know that Prince were lodged under the same roof: He stalked to a certain distance, and he marveled seeing them come from good old, that was just waiting for them. After a few minutes there came also: and pushed by a wave of curiosity, whose cause was white Cervia, He asked the old woman who was the young lady: and that he said that he did not know either the point or just, that he had taken into his home Cervia glue, but they paid, and he lived ritiratissima. Beccafico wanted bracare, and he asked where was the room of the lady: and he was told that it was close to her and separated only by a simple entablature.

When the Prince was in his room, Beccafico said, or that he was mistaken wholesale, or that maiden must have been glue Princess Want: and who she remembered having seen her in Corte, when he went ambassador.

“Why do you call to mind those sad memories?”, said the Prince, “by what strange if you want it that she's here?”

“Here's what I can not tell, my lord”, he added Beccafico, “but I yearn to see you again: and because we are divided by a wooden partition, I want to make us a hole.”

“It seems a pointless curiosity”, said the prince sadly, because the words of the Garden Warbler rinnuovato had all his pains: and open the window, he looked in the woods, he became very thoughtful.

Meanwhile worked Beccafico, and within minutes he made a hole big enough that you can see the lovely Princess, who she was dressed in a silver brocade dress, strewn with pink flowers, embroidered in gold and emeralds: her hair fell down in large curls, the most beautiful neck, you can see; her complexion glowed de 'brighter colors and eyes to watch them fall in love.

Purple-a-locks was kneeling in front of her, and with some strips of cloth she wrapped her arm of the Princess, from which the blood flowed in great abundance: and both appeared in much thought to this wound.

“Let me die”, said the Princess, “more death, this wretched life, that touches me to do. That song! be Cervia all day: seeing one, to which they are destined, without being able to speak, without letting him know my fatal calamity. Alas! if you knew the passionate things he told me, under my figure of Cervia; If you felt his voice, if you saw his noble and seductive ways, You compiangeresti you even more than you do not do, to be in such a state as not potergli explain my cruel fate.”

Imagine the amazement of Beccafico to see and hear of these things. Corse by Prince, and pulling it away from the window, with a joy unspeakable transport:

“Oh lord”, esclamò, “spiccatevi to put his eye to the hole quest'intavolato, and you will see the true original portrait, who has trained for so long your delight”.

The Prince looked at him and immediately recognized his Princess; and perhaps he would die of joy, if he had not come on suspicion of being the victim of a spell; in fact, how to put together a meeting with so marvelous fact of Spinalonga and his mother locked in the castle of the Three Tips, one for you with the name and the other with that of her maid of honor?

But the passion flattered him, not to mention that we all have a great grace to believe what you want. The fact is that in his case, there was no escape: or die of impatience or ascertain the truth. Without calling time in half, he knocked very manierina the bedroom door, where was the Princess. Purple-a-locks, not suspecting that it could be other than good old, and having indeed need your help to bind up the arm of her mistress, immediately ran to open, and imagine how remained in the to be face to face with the Prince, who threw himself at the feet of Desiderata.

It was so great emotion of his soul, he could not make a speech and yarn ammodo: whereby, although I have endeavored to know what balbettasse in those first moments, there was no one who has heard me say. The Princess was no less tangled him in his answers: but love, which often he acts as interpreter between the dumb, C'Entro half and he persuaded them both that they had said the wittiest and most passionate things of this world. Tears, sighing, oaths, and even some pretty smiles: in short, There was a bit 'of everything. The night went well: it was day, without even realizing it for you, and it did not become more Cervia. Not to be able to imagine his joy, just noticed it: and she wanted too well the Prince, to linger to tell him the reason: and so he began to tell his story, and did so with such grace and with so much natural eloquence, by intimidating the first lawyers in the world.

“Come!”, He exclaimed the Prince, “are you then, my gracious Princess, that I hit under the guise of a white Cervia? What must I do to expiate such a crime? It is enough that I die of grief, below your eyes?” He was so mortified, that the sorrow could be seen painted on her face. Desiderata he suffered and felt the pain of this thing of his injury; and he wanted to persuade him that it was not a sgraffiatura docks the shadow of thought and, in the end, she could not complain of an evil that had been the reason for her to so much happiness.

The way in which he spoke was so affectionate, that he could not doubt the truth of his words. And it too, to turn, It could be taught everything, Prince told her trappoleria used by Spinalonga and his mother, mandar adding that it was necessary now to tell the king his father had the good fortune that he had to be able to finally find, because the King is indeed prepared to wage deadly war, grand'affronto to get the satisfaction that he believed he had received. Desiderata begged him to write him a letter and mandargliela for Beccafico, and what it was to be done, when suddenly the forest all at a sudden sounded a fanfare of trumpets blaring, cornette, timbales and drums. It seemed to go much people there to hear near the hut. The Prince looked out the window and recognized many official, its flags and its bearers; which he ordered him to up and wait.

It was for those soldiers a welcome surprise: since everyone expected their Prince would put the head, to go to avenge the Father for you. The father of the Prince, although full of years, He commanded them in person. He did bring in a litter of velvet embroidered in gold: and behind him, an open wagons, where were Spinalonga and his mother. Just before the litter, Prince ran there at once, and the King, stendendogli arms, He embraced with a truly paternal tenderness.

“And where you come from, my dear son?”, He asked the old, “how come you could have left me in great affliction, cagionatami from your distance?”

“Lord”, said the Prince, “deign to listen to me.”

The King alighted from his sedan, and retired to a secluded place, Prince told him about the chance meeting he had done and the cunning of Spinalonga.

Il Re, all happy with this beautiful adventure, He raised his arms and eyes to heaven in the act of thanksgiving: and he saw in the meantime come forward Princess Desiderata, more beautiful and resplendent with all the stars gathered together. She rode a superb horse, that continually caracollava: percent feathers of different colors adorned the head and the biggest diamond in the world were scattered on her dress, He dressed as he was by hunter. Purple-a-locks, that followed, It was not less well than she: and that was all the protective effect of Tulip, which he had brought everything with great care and good understanding. Was it that he had fabricated the pretty wooden hut to promote Princess, and under the guise of old, He had then donated to several days.

After that the Prince and his soldiers had recognized, and while he went to find his father King, the fairy walked into the room for you: She blew on the arm to heal the wound: and he gave her the beautiful clothes, with which she showed in the eyes of the King, who he was so amazed, to starve to believe it was a mortal person. He told her everything that can be imagined more graceful and gentle in a similar case, and she begged not to postpone longer his subjects pleased to have her for the Queen.

“Because”, He went on to say, “I am determined to give my kingdom to Prince Warrior, to make it in this way more worthy of you.”

Desiderata answered him with all that kindness, that is to be expected from a person exquisitely polite: then, laying eyes on the two prisoners who were in the wagon and hiding her face with her hands, ell'ebbe generosity to ask their grace, and that the wagon would serve to lead them where they wanted to go. The king agreed to his desire; but was obliged to admire the beautiful heart of Desiderata and made him the greatest praise of the world.

Armata was given orders to go back. The prince mounted his horse to accompany his beautiful Princess: and reached the capital were received with a thousand cries of joy. They they prepared the preparations for the wedding day: day was a veritable feast, for the presence of the six fairies girlfriends and conducive to the Princess. They made her the richest gifts, than ever imaginable and among others, the magnificent palace where the Queen had been to visit them, He appeared at a stretch for air, led by fifty thousand Cupids, which it rested in a beautiful valley, on the river side. After such a gift, it was impossible to make other more valuable.

The trust Beccafico begged his master to put a good word for him with Viola-a-locks, and combine it with it, when he had married Princess: and he willingly gave. And so to this dear child it does not seem real to find an opportunity slap, just arrived in a foreign country. The fairy tulip, he had holes in his hands even more of his sisters, He gave her four gold mines in India, why not s'avesse to say that her husband was richer than she is.

The wedding of Prince lasted several months: every day there was some party again, and for everything he did nothing but sing the white Cervia adventures.


If all fairy tales should have necessarily a moral, this story here would not know precisely where to draw it.

Subject always the case that white Cervia, Glue pitiful story of his misfortunes, He has not purported to show the young girls the great dangers that there are, to want to get out ahead of time out of the shadow of domestic walls, to get into the glare of the great world.

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