La bella e la bestia

La bella e la bestia
Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont (1756)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

There was once a merchant who was filthy rich. He had six sons, three males and three females; and since it was a man who knew how to live in the world, he spared nothing to educate them, and gave them all kinds of masters. His daughters were beautiful: especially the younger was a marvel, and called the small beautiful girl, and here was the nickname of Bella, who was then the cause of much jealousy for her sisters.

This youngest daughter, oltr'essere the most beautiful, was also the most good of the other.

The two major, because they were rich, had a lot of smoke; it gave an air of great ladies, and did not like the company of other daughters of shopkeepers, but if they said only with nobilume.

They went everywhere: dances, comedies, walks; and they laughed younger sister, because he spent a large part of his time in reading good books.

And because you knew that they were very rich, several shopkeepers, really big ones, asked the wives in; but the largest and the second said outright that they would never married, if it had not happened to them nothing short of a Duke or a Count.

La Bella (now I have told you that this was the name), la Bella, therefore, thanked very good way those who wanted to marry her: and said he was too young and wanted to keep company for a few years to its parent.

Behold, all of a sudden that the merchant was a great failure, and he had no choice other than a very small house far from the city. Then said to his sons, with tears in their eyes, that you had to resign and go and live in that little house where, putting everyone to do the peasants, they could live and pull forward.

The two older girls said that they did not want to know anything about leaving the city, dov'avevano many lovers, which would not have seemed right for them to marry, even without a penny of endowment.

But the poor daughters royalists deceived because wholesale, when they were poor, all their lovers turned off. And because, because of their pride, views were not generally well, everyone said so: “They do not deserve compassion: it's just that they had to fold the horns; now going to do great ladies behind the sheep and rams!”.

But at the same time everyone said: “As for Bella, we regret of his own misfortune: is a great good girl! is well in hand with the poor, and so loving and kind!”.

There were several gentlemen among others who wanted to marry, although he had not a penny of endowment: but she said that he could not resolve to leave his poor father in disgrace, and she would go with him across the fields, to comfort him and give him a hand in the labors.

The poor Bella, the principle, had been very sick of having lost all good luck; but then he consoled himself by saying to himself: “Though I struggessi from crying, would be no blackmail me what I lost: therefore it is best to try to be happy, even without a penny in his pocket”.

Upon arriving at the country house, the merchant and his three daughters quickly set to work the fields.

La Bella got up at four in the morning, on day, and gave the thought of ripulir the house and prepare breakfast and dinner for the family.

At first we suffered a little, because he was not accustomed to strapazzarsi as a servant: but there at the end of two months he became more robust and, struggling all day, bought an iron.

When he had finished his chores, began reading or playing the spinet: or even humming and spinning.

The sue sorelle, instead, s'annoiavano do not have idea: rose at ten o'clock in the morning, girellavano all day and were a kind of leisure to regret the nice clothes and nice company once.

“Look at '”, said to one another, “how stupid is our younger sister: and that temper trivial ! She is happy as a clam to be in his wretched condition!…”

But the good merchant did not think so. He knew that Bella had much more gracefully than her sisters to make prominent in society: and admired the virtues of this young girl, and in particular his resignation; because you have to know that her sisters, not content to throw against her all the chores of the house, the continually teased with a thousand words insolent.

It was over a year since this family lived far from the city, when the merchant had a letter in which they were told that a vessel, load of merchandise, of his property, had arrived happily!

We just clicked that this news did not give the brain the two girls balta more, which hoped to be able to leave the country, where they died of boredom: and when they saw the father on the point of starting, begged him to bring them clothes, capes, of hats and other trinkets fashion.

La Bella did not ask him anything, because he had already figured out that the whole of the goods arriving valsente would not be enough to satisfy the whims of her sisters.

“And you do not want me to buy anything?”, said her father.

“Since you are so good as to think of me”, she replied, “let me pleasure to bring me a rose: that in these places there are.”

It does not say already that the premises at the Bella Rose: ma lo fece, by his example not to criticize the conduct of the sisters; which they said they did not ask for nothing, to distinguish themselves in the eye and give.

The good man left, but just arrived, had to stand trial because of his merchandise: and after a thousand annoyances, he came back poorer than before.

He still had to do no more than thirty miles to get home, and already consoled in the thought of seeing her little family; but having to navigate a large forest, he lost his way and he lost the road.

The snow fioccava to be frightening, and a wind so strapazzone, that threw him twice off his horse. When the night came, he began to believe that he must die of hunger and cold or, or devoured by wolves, who felt they were yelling at a short distance.

When all of a sudden, in turn the eye towards the bottom of a long parade of trees, saw a great flame that seemed far, far away.

S'avviò that way, and could make out that the light was coming from a large palace, that was all lit up.

The merchant thanked heaven's aid sent to him and hurried to reach this castle; but he was greatly surprised not to find a soul.

His horse, that was behind, having seen a pretty stable open, falls within; trovatovi and hay and forage, the poor animal, starving, I jumped on it with great avidity.

The merchant tied him to the crib: and walked towards the house, where he found no. But that was entered into a large hall, I found a nice fire going, and a table set with many dishes: but there was only a piece of cutlery.

Being soaked to the bone dell'ossa, for snow and much water that had taken, came to the fire to dry, dicendo fra sé: “The landlord and his servants will excuse me the freedom that I take! I'm sure they will be arriving shortly”.

Wait, expected and none were: played until eleven and still had not seen any. Then no longer able to stand the moves, the very hungry and took a chicken, trembling with fear, ate it in two bites.

Also drank a few sips of wine, and put on a little’ of courage, left the room and crossed many neighborhoods beautifully carpeted and furnished. Eventually he found a room where there was a good bed: and because it was midnight sounded and felt dead tired, took the party to shut the door and bedtime.

The next morning he woke up around ten: and imagine how he felt, when he found a very decent outfit in the place where he had left his, it was all worn out and he fell to pieces.

“It is clear”, he said, “that in this building there is some good fairy house, who moved to compassion for me.”

He looked out the window and saw more than a wisp of snow, but pergolas of beautiful flowers, who fell in love just looking at them.

He returned in the great hall, where he had dined the night before and saw a small table, with over a Chicchera and a pot of chocolate.

“Thank you so much”, he said aloud, “thank you very much, Ms. fairy, of politeness you thought of my breakfast.”

The good man, when he had taken the chocolate, he went out from his horse; and passing under an arbor of roses he remembered that Bella had asked him a, and broke off a branch where there were many ready-blossomed.

At that same point he heard a loud noise and saw a beast come meet so scary, we ran nearly fainted come what:

“You are very ungrateful”, said the Beast, in a voice as to shiver, “I have saved your life by welcoming you to my castle, and in return you have robbed me of my roses, that is precisely the thing that I especially love in this world. To repair the badly done there is nothing left to die: I give you a quarter of an hour time to ask God for forgiveness”.

The merchant fell on his knees and with folded hands began to say to the Beast:

“Monsignor, Forgive: I did not think really hurt you to pick a rose for one of my daughters, me that he had demanded”.

“My name is Monsignor”, replied the monster, “ma Beast. The compliments are not for me; I want everyone to talk about how he is: why do not you put yourself in the head of your coaxing intenerirmi hill. You told me that you have daughters: Well, I may forgive you as long as a Codest daughters come here voluntarily to die in your place. Not a word more; matches, and if your daughters ricusassero to die for you, swear that you will return within three months.”

The poor man had no intention of pointing sacrificing any of his daughters to the ugly monster, but he thought within himself: “If only I will have at least the consolation of being able to embrace again”.

He swear to return, and the Beast told him he could leave to his pleasure. “But I do not want”, adds, “that you should leave with empty hands. Return to the room where you sleep; There you will find a large empty chest; for I think to let you lead the way home.”

That said, la Bestia se ne andò, and the good man said to himself: “At least, if ho da morire, I will leave a piece of bread to’ My poor boys”.

It came back into the room where he had slept, avendovi and found some gold coins to corbellini, ne empì il baule, of which he had spoken the Beast: then closed it, and taken the horse left the stable, came out of the palace with so much uneasiness on, how much was the joy with which he had entered. The horse took him to one of the paths of the forest, and in a few hours the good man came to his house. His sons were all round about: but instead of being happy with their caresses, The merchant looked at them and the tears were falling from her eyes. He had in his hand a branch of roses, that led to Bella: and give it to him, said: “Nice, stand upon these roses: but they will cost very dear to your poor father!”.

And so he told the family the bad event that happened to him.

In that story the two older sisters messero to yelling and said a thousand Cossack Bella, which was not crying either point or shortly.

“Here are the consequences”, they said, “the pride of this brat: because she did not like us and did not ask for clothes? Not at all! Miss wanted to distinguish. And now she is the cause of the death of his father, and it does not do neither here nor there.”

“It would be useless”, added Beautiful, “and why should I mourn the death of my father? He will not die once the monster is happy to accept in exchange for one of his daughters; I want to put myself at the mercy of his wrath: and I am very happy, why so I can have the happiness to save my father and prove to the great good that I always wanted.”

“Not, my sister”, said to his three brothers, “tu non morirai: anderemo us to find the monster, and perish under his blows, if we are not good to kill him.”

“I do not hope, my boys”, the merchant said to them,, “the power of this beast is so vast, that there is no case to be able to kill. I am a true consolation the good heart of Bella: but I do not want to send her to die. I am old; I just have a short time to live; so, that goes wrong, I scorciarmi a few years life; What I do not regret that point, because I do it for your sake, My dear children.”

“You are so my oral, padre mio”, These Bella, “that you do not anderete in that building, without me: you can not prevent me to follow you. Although young, I'm not very attached to life, and I prefer to be devoured by the monster, who die from the pain that would make me your loss.”

They had quite a say, but Bella wanted at all costs, even from her to the palace of the monster; and sisters did not seem real, because they were consumed with jealousy for the good qualities of her younger sister.

The merchant was so out of tune from the pain of losing her daughter, which is not passed to the head of even the trunk which he had filled with gold coins.

But as soon as he was in the room stood greatly amazed to find it at the foot of the bed. He resolved to say nothing in the house to have become rich, for fear that her daughters could put in the head to want to go back to town, as he had done on behalf of wanting to die in that country. Moreover she confided the secret to Bella, who told him about the time he had been away, some gentlemen had come to the house and as, among these, there were two that amoreggiavano with his sisters. It is recommended that the father maritasse; because it was so good for heart, who loved them both, and forgave them all the evil they had done.

Those two are bad rubbed his eyes with his onion to get the lucciconi, at the time that Bella went with his father: but the brothers were crying really: and also the merchant. The only one who did not cry was Beautiful, inciprignire who did not want the pain of all other.

The horse took the road of building, and in the evening they began to see it in the distance illuminated, as such as the first time.

The horse went by himself in the stable: and the good man came in with his daughter in the great hall, where they found a large table beautifully set for two.

The merchant did not know who to refer to eat; ma la Bella, trying to seem calm, is placed at the table and served: then he said within himself:

“I understand that the Beast wants ingrassarmi before letting me have a bite! n'accorgo me the manner in which he treats me”.

So when they had dined, they heard a loud crash and the merchant, with tears in her eyes, said goodbye to his poor daughter, because he knew that the Beast was about to arrive.

La Bella, at the sight of the horrible figure, heard a breaker to make blood: but strove not to give it to divedere: and when asked the monster had come to him willingly, replied in a trembling voice yes.

“Really you are very good”, these la Bestia, “and I will be very grateful. Good man! will leave tomorrow, and God forbid that you return to this place. Goodbye, Bella.”

“Goodbye, Beast”, she replied.

And the monster disappeared.

“Oh ! my daughter”, said the merchant, embracing and kissing, “I am half dead with fear. Do it my way; let me die here.”

“Not, padre mio”, Bella replied with firmness, “You will go out tomorrow morning, forsake me and help of heaven. The sky may have mercy on me!…”

The one and the other went to bed, with the idea that throughout the night would not have been good at turning a blind eye, but instead, soon as they were lying in their beds, slept like babies. And Bella saw in a dream a Queen, who told:

“O Bella, I am glad of your good heart. The noble action you take, giving his life for that of your father, will not remain without reward”.

When Bella woke up, told the dream to his father, and although the rinfrancasse this thing a little, however, was not enough to keep him from giving in very large plants, when he was forced off by his beloved daughter.

Party that was, Bella went to sit in the great hall; and it also began to cry; but being very brave, commended himself to God and did not give much account of despair for the little time that remained to live: because she firmly believed that the Beast would come to eat in the evening.

Meanwhile, while waiting for, thought it well to turn and visit the castle, which could not starsi from admiring the great beauty.

And imagine if gaped, when he saw a door on which was written: District of Bella.

Opened in haste and fury this port and was dazzled by the magnificence that you were in.; but what most struck, was the sight of a large library, of a harpsichord, and many books of music.

“You really do not want me to get bored”, those from sé e sé; then he thought:

“If I were to lodge here one day only, I would not be served up all these beautiful things”.

This thought perked up his courage. She opened the library and saw a book on which was written in golden letters: “Desired and controlled; you are here lady and mistress!…”.

“Meschina me!”, diss'ella, “I have no other desire than to see my poor father and know what it is about him at this time! ”

These words had said within himself, but that was not his astonishment, when casting their eyes over a mirror, I aimed for his home, and precisely at that moment there came his father with a face so mercilessly. Her sisters were going to meet; and in spite of the faces were of the opinion that afflicted, showed on the face and skin-deep contentment felt for the loss of their sister.

After a minute, everything disappeared, but Bella could not help but think of the Beast was very complacent, and that he had nothing to fear from it.

At noon he found the table ready-apparecchiata: and during lunch he heard excellent music, she could not see any.

In the evening, as he was coming to the table, heard the thudding and the Beast was taken by a tremor of fear:

“Nice”, he said the monster, “I'm glad you are to see you while you dine?”.

“You are not the master?”, replied the Beautiful, tremando.

“Not”, replicò la Bestia, “here there is no other hosts that you; if you are importunate, you just have to tell me that I will go and I immediately. Tell me one thing: it is not true that I seem very nasty?”

“»True, yes”, answered Beautiful, “because I'm not accustomed to say one thing for another; however, I think there very good heart.”

“You are right”, said the monster, “but in addition to being bad I did not point spirit, and I know to be a Beast.”

“It is never a Beast”, answered Beautiful, “he that believeth not have spirit. Imbeciles they will never understand this.”

“Your dunque, eat, Nice”, he said the monster, “and try all means to not get bored in your home: because everything you see here, Your stuff is: and I would be mortified if you do not know happy.”

“You have a lot of goodness for me”, Bella dissemina, “and I'm so happy your heart: when I think about it I do not seem not so bad.”

“Oh! for this”, replied the Beast, “the heart is good: but I'm a monster!”

“I know of men who are more monsters than you”, These Bella, “what about me, I like you more than you with your figure MISUSE, than many others that, under the aspect of man, hide a false heart, corrupt and ungrateful.”

“If I had a little’ spirit”, these la Bestia, “I would like to thank you for a compliment: but I'm an idiot; and all I can tell you is that you are obligated.”

La Bella dined with a good appetite. It was not nearly as afraid of the monster; but it was just going to die of fright, when he told: “Nice, you want to be my wife?”.

She stood for a while’ time without answering: was afraid to wake the wrath of the monster with a refusal; anyway she said in a trembling voice:

“Not, Beast”.

In response to this the poor monster wanted to send out a sigh and he was made a hissing sound as scary, that resounded throughout the building.

But Bella was soon reassured, because the Beast, after telling “goodbye, therefore, Nice”, walked out of the room looking back three or four times to be able to still see.

When Bella was alone she began to feel a great compassion for poor Beast, and saying,: “What a pity that it is so bad, while it would be so good!”.

La Bella, for three months, brought into this building a fairly quiet life.

Every night, the Beast was going to visit her, and during dinner he stayed with her, making a show of very good sense, but never of what we call spirit among the people of the world gallant. Every day that passed, Bella discovered new virtues in monster. By dint of seeing, had the eye to its ugliness, and instead of dreading the time of his visit, She often looked at the clock to see how long it was at nine, because the Beast was always at that precise.

One thing put in a bad mood the Beautiful; and it was that every night, forward to going to bed, the monster asked her if she wanted to be his wife, When Death was left mortified and said no.

She said one day: “You do me a great pain, Beast; I wish I could marry, but I'm too honest to give you hope one thing that will never be. I will always be your good friend. Contented with this”.

“To force!” replied the Beast. “I am right. I know I'm ugly: but I want a lot of good. Anyway, I'm lucky enough to stay here if you adapt: Promise me that I'll never get.”

La Bella of these words made the red face. She saw in the mirror that his father was sick from the pain of having lost, and wanted to see him again. “I promise you I might as well” she said to the Beast “not to leave you forever more; but I suffer so much to revise my father, I would die of a broken heart if you refuse me this pleasure.”

“I would rather die”, said the monster, “that give you a displeasure; I will send you to your father: you will remain with him and your beast will die of grief.”

“Not”, Bella replied the weeping, “I want you too well to be the cause of your death. I promise to return in eight days. You made me see that my sisters are married and that my brothers have left for the army. My poor father was left alone; let me at least a week with him.”

“Tomorrow morning there will be”, these la Bestia, “remember your promises. When vorrete tornare, you do not need to do is put your ring on the table in going to bed. Goodbye, Bella.”

The Beast, as he spoke so, sighed according to his wont use, and Bella went to bed, sorry to have given him all this pain.

When he woke up the next morning, he found himself in his father's house; and having rung the bell beside the bed, visually venire the service, which gave a surprise grand'urlo.

The good man of his father, to that cry, immediately ran, and revise it, he almost did not die from happiness: stood and embraced for more than a quarter of an hour.

Vented the first tenderness, Bella thought she had no clothes to be able to raise, but the maid told her that he had found in stanzaa beside a large trunk full of clothes, all gold and adorned with brilliant.

Beauty thanked good Beast of his attentions: chose the less conspicuous among those clothes and ordered the servant to put the other, of which are intended to make a gift to the sisters: but just ell'ebbe uttered these words, il baule sparì. Moreover, by having his father told the Beast that she wanted everything for himself serbasse, the trunk back into place.

La Bella dressed, and in this were felt while her sisters, which ran immediately along with dear husbands. Both had very bad combination! The major had married a gentleman, beautiful as a love, but so much in love with himself, that from morning to night did nothing but look in the mirror, regardless neither point nor the beauty of the little wife.

The second had married a man who had a lot of spirit, but it only served to be the despair of all women, beginning with his wife.

The sisters Bella when they saw her dressed like a queen and beautiful as the eye of the sun, if not anger creparono, It was a miracle.

She had a bell'accarezzarle; nothing could appease their jealousy; which in fact grew at double hundred, when told how happy she was.

The two-envious went down into the garden to be able to vent to cry, and said,:

“Or because that ragazzuccia is luckier than us? Are we not the most graceful and most beautiful of her?”.

“By SORELLE”, said the eldest, “I have an idea: we do everything to keep her here for more than eight days; his stupid Beast ander on a rampage for the word is not kept, and perhaps to punish devour.”

“You are right, sister”, rispose other, “but because it is able, must try to ammaliarla with many blandishments.”

Taken this party, both went up into the house and began to do so many and so many garbatezze sister, this he wept with joy. That were passed eight days, two sisters tore his hair and gave signs of desperation for the departure of her, she ended by promising to stay eight days more.

Meanwhile, Bella scolded herself the pain that was about to give his poor Beast, She really loved it and was sorry now that he is unable to see. The tenth night she spent in her father's house, dreamed of being in the building and see the Beast lying on the grass, near death, and that reproached his ingratitude.

Bella awoke suddenly and wept: “I am not very bad” she said “to give this displease a Beast, that has been so good to me? "His fault he's so ugly and it has little spirit? She is good: val and this more than anything. Why have not I wanted to marry him? I would be happier with him than my sisters with their husbands. It is not the beauty or the spirit of a husband that make a woman happy; but the goodness of character, virtue and good manners: and the Beast has all these beautiful things. I do not feel love for it, but I respect the, and I for her friendship and gratitude. But I must not make wretched: this ingratitude would be for me remorse for life”.

These words, Bella stands, puts the ring on the table and go back to bed. Just lying down and fell asleep, waking in the morning, saw with joy to be in the palace of the Beast.

It made the most beautiful clothes to go and genius even more, s'annoiò and the deathly desire to wait the arrival of nine o'clock in the evening: but the clock was a nice play nine: la Bestia not comparve.

Beauty then feared of them caused the death: and these are desperate to turn the whole building, sending high plant.

After searching everywhere, he remembered the dream and ran into the garden, near the river, where sleeping, Aveva L'Veduta.

And in fact it was there that he found the poor beast lying on the ground unconscious: with the result that the believed dead. Without experiencing disgust of that ugly figure, she threw herself on her, and having heard that the heart was beating, taken from the river a little’ Acqua e le Bagno testa.

The Beast opened his eyes and said to Bella: “You have forgotten your promise: and the great sorrow of having lost made me decide to leave me to die of hunger: but now I die happy, because I had the consolation to see you again”.

“Not, mia way Bestia, you will not die”, told the Beautiful, “you will live to become my husband: from this moment I give you my hand, and I swear that I will not be that of others of you. Ohimè! I thought of not having that friendship for you, but the pain that I feel makes me believe that I could not live without seeing you.”

As soon as Bella had pronounced these words, here is that the whole castle is resplendent with lights: the fires of artifice, la musica, everything was proclaimed a great feast. But these wonders not enchanted point her eyes: she turned to her dear Beast, the danger which he held in such agitation. And what was his astonishment! La Bestia on sparita, and she did not see that a prince at his feet like a beautiful love, which he thanked her for having broken his spell. Although this prince deserved all his attentions, she could not stand by to ask him where he was the Beast.

“Here she is at your feet”, said the Prince, “a mischievous fairy had condemned me to remain under that aspect until a fair maiden had not consented to marry, and I had to top it forbidden to make a show of spirit. So in the world that you did not take, to let yourself fall in love from the goodness of my character: and offering you my crown, I can not repay the great good that I have done.”

La Bella, pleasantly surprised, held out his hand to get back up because of the beautiful Prince standing. So they went together to the castle, exact spot where he almost did not feel faint with joy, finding in the great hall, his father and all his family, transported between the castle from that beautiful lady who had appeared in a dream.

“Nice”, he said this Lady, it was a fairy and those slap-, “Come and receive the reward of your good choice: you have preferred virtue to beauty and spirit, and you deserve for it to find all those things collected in one person. You are about to become a great Queen: but I hope the throne will not make you forget your virtues. As for voi, mie care signore” said the fairy to Beauty's two sisters “I know your heart, and all the evil that is within: become two statues; but nevertheless, you will retain the light of reason under your stone form. You will be staying at the door of the palace of your sister; and do not impose other punishment than to be witnesses of his happiness. You can not come back in pristine, if not when you recognize your mistakes: but I have a great fear that need to remain statues forever. You can correct the pride, le bizze, la gola, laziness; but the conversion of a heart envious and evil is a kind of miracle.”

In saying so, gave a flick of the wand, and all who were in that room, were transported to the United States Prince. His subjects saw him again with joy, and it married the Beautiful, who lived with him at length and in perfect happiness, it was founded on virtue.

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