La bella dai capelli d’oro

La bella dai capelli d’oro
Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy (1698)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

Once upon a time the daughter of a King, which it was so beautiful, that the world was not given the equal; and on account of her great beauty, called the Beautiful golden-haired, because his hair was finer gold, and blond and styled wonderfully cascaded down to the foot.

It was always covered by his ringlets, with head a garland of flowers and robes all studded with diamonds and pearls, so much so that it was impossible to see her and not remain enamored.

In that neighborhood there was a young King, who had no wife, and it was very rich and very nice person.

When he heard about all the good things which were spoken of Beautiful golden-haired, although he had not yet seen, He fell in love so strong, who did not drink or eat more; until one fine day, did resolute mood, He decided to send an ambassador to ask for her hand in marriage.

He deliberately fabricate a magnificent carriage to its ambassador: She gave him more than a hundred horses and a hundred servants, and he commended himself with all his might because it would lead Princess.

As soon as the ambassador had taken leave of the King and was put on the road, the Court did not talk about anything else: and the King, that point had no doubt that the Princess did not want to agree to his wishes, immediately he began to prepare for her beautiful clothes and furniture of great value.

While they were behind these preparations, ambassador, who had arrived at the Court of Beautiful golden-haired, He recited his good speech; but whether the princess that day was not in a good mood, whether the compliment did not he liked, the fact is that the ambassador replied ringiliraziare of the king and tell him that he had no desire to marry.

The ambasciarore departed from Princess dispiacentissimo is unable to Condur him: and he brought back all the presents, who was present from the King: because the Princess was very honest, and he knew that the girls are not good to accept gifts from young men.

So he would not like either diamonds or other things; and only not to upset the King, He accepted a paper of pins of England.

When the ambassador had returned to the capital, where his king was waiting so impatiently, all were bad to see that he had brought with him the Princess, and the King put to cry like a boy, nor was no way to comfort.

He was there, the Court, a handsome young man like the sun, the prettiest of all the inhabitants of the Kingdom. Owing precisely of his fine manners and his spirit, they called him “comely”.

Everyone loved him, less envious, which they were consumed with rage because the King filled him with favors and put it aside every secret.

It happens that Avvenente found himself in a crowd of people, who spoke of the return of the ambassador and said that was not good for nothing; then he said, not seem to mind much nor how:

“If the King had sent me the Beautiful golden-haired, I am sure that she would come with me”.

Without putting time in between those ailments risoffiarono suffered these words to the king and said,:

“You know, Sire, what he said Avvenente? said that if you had sent him from beautiful golden-haired, he intended to take her with him. You see evil How long! and 'it pretends to be more beautiful than you, and he would like to give to understand that the Princess would be so much in love with him, to follow him everywhere”.

Here the King that goes into a rage and heats up so you lose the eye lumen: “Ah! ah!”, he says, “So this beautiful mugherino can play my misfortune? therefore, it is estimated at more than me? Ola: throw him into the great tower, and there we die of hunger”.

The King's guards came to Avvenente, which he does not even remember what he had said: They dragged him to prison and they made him a thousand vexations.

This poor young man had only a bit 'of use of bed straw: and certainly he would die, not a small fountain, that flowed at the foot of the tower, where he pigliava few sips of water to cool off a little, because hunger had annoyed her throat.

One day, they can no longer, said sighing:

“What ever complains about the King? Of all his subjects there is not one that, as I do, to be faithful. I have no recollection of ever having offended him!”.

Il Re, per caso, passing near the tower, heard the moans of him who had so loved, and he stopped to stand in ear: though the courtiers, who were with him, and that they had to death with Comely, they said the King: “What is your idea, Sire? You do not know that it is an illness?”. And the king answered: “Leave me here: I want to hear what he says”.

And having heard the moans of him, the eyes the tears s'empirono: He opened the door of the tower, and he called it.

comely, all bleak, He went to throw himself at the knees of the King, and she kissed his feet. “What I have done, Sire”, he said, “to deserve such dire treatments?”

“You've got to play me and my ambassador”, said the King, “thou hast let go out of mouth, if I sent you from Beautiful golden-haired, It'd be estimated by as much as menarla thee.”

“It's true, Sire”, said Avvenente, “I told him I would so well your virtues and your strengths, which I'm sure she would not have known how to resist; and none of this seems to me that there is something that might offend.”

The King recognized, in fact, he was wrong: He took one look at those, He had put into disgrace his favorite, and he brought him with him, not without regret bitterly of the great sorrow that had given him.

After inviting him to a lavish dinner, She called him into his cabinet and said: “comely, I always love the beautiful golden-haired; his refusal not dented my hope, but I do not know which way to take me to get her to be my wife. I really want to divorce you, to see if you were good to deal with them”.

Comely replied that he was perfectly willing to obey him in everything, and that he would leave immediately, Also tomorrow.

“Oh!”, said the king, “I want to give a wonderful accompagnatura…”

“I do not point seems necessary”, he answered, “about me, just me and me n'avanza of a beautiful horse and a few letters you can present your part.”

The King could not stand dall'abbracciarlo for the very joy of seeing him so ready and prompt as.

He took leave of the King and his friends on a Monday morning, and on his journey to fulfill his embassy to himself, without flashiness and no noise.

Along the way, did nothing but study all the ways to engage the beautiful golden-haired to become the bride of the King. He carried in his pocket a small inkwell, and when he was some nice thought to be embedded in his speech, He descended from his horse and put under a tree to remember pigliarne before they pass from memory.

A morning, who had started at daybreak, moving from a large prairie, it occurred to him kind and gracious idea; and immediately fell from the saddle, He went to stand under a parade of willows and poplars, planted along a small stream that flowed to the edge of the lawn.

When he had finished writing turned to look at all sides, He was so happy to be in such a delightful place! Behold, he saw a grass Carpione gold color, gasping and was tired, because, for chiappare throat of midges, He had made such a long jump, and so out of the water, who had gone to falling back on the grass, where he was about to die.

Comely had compassion, and although it was meatless day and could make him comfortable for his dinner, perbenino took it and returned to the river current.

Just our Carpione felt the cool water, dall'allegrezza began to wag his tail and went straight to the bottom: but then, back upon the waters;, said, approaching the shore lively throughout:

“comely, I thank you for the service you have rendered me; without you I would have died and you saved me. I am not ungrateful and I'll compensate for it!”.

After this compliment disappeared under water: Comely and was greatly amazed the spirit and the good manners of Carpione.

Another day, and continued his journey, he came upon a small Corvo in evil: this poor bird was chased by an eagle immeasurable, great devourer of Ravens; and he was just about to be grabbed, and the Eagle would have swallowed like a hemp grain, Avvenente if he had not moved to compassion for poor beast.

“Ecco”, said, “as usual the strong oppress the weak. What reason did the Eagle of the Crow eating?”

He took the bow that he always carried with him, and an arrow, He pointed his aims against Aquila and crash! He flung the arrow in the body and passed it from side to side.

L'Aquila fell down dead, and the Crow, tutt'allegro, andandosi to lay on top of a branch:

“comely”, said, “you have been very generous in coming to the aid of me, I'm a poor bird: but you have not found a thankless; I'll know if necessary compensate for it!”.

Comely admired the good heart of the Crow, and he continued on his way. A morning, that day was breaking, and he could not see where he even put his feet, in crossing a great forest, he heard an owl screaming like a madman.

“Bed! “, he said, “here is an owl which must have happened some grievous evil.”

Watch here, looks beyond, eventually he was made to see some networks, that had been held out at night to catch the birds.

“What misery!”, he said, “It sees just that men are made to torment one with another, and not to let well to have so many poor animals, who have done them no harm and no spite.”

He drew out his knife and cut the cords of the networks. The owl took flight, but now to ricalando stone's throw:

“comely”, he said, “I do not need to lose myself in words to tell you the gratitude I feel for you. The fact speaks for itself. The hunters were there to get: without your aid, they took me and killed. But I have a grateful heart, and I'll compensate for it”.

Here are the three most amazing adventures that happen to good Avvenente during his trip.

He had so much passion soon arrivar, that, just arrived, immediately she went to the palace of Beautiful golden-haired.

The building was full of wonders. Diamonds piled like stones: beautiful clothes, silverware, confetti, cakes and all grace of God: so that Avvenente thought within himself that if the Princess had decided to leave all those glories to come and stay with the King his master, just he had to say that a large fortune had befallen.

He puts a brocade dress and white feathers and flesh colored: combed, s’incipriò, He washed his face: He slipped around a rich neck scarf, all embroidered, with a small basket and containing a beautiful canine, that it had bought, going from Bologna.

Comely was so beautiful and so graceful person, and everything he did, he did it with so much grace, that when he showed up at the door of the building, all the guards crawled a low bow, and ran to announce the Beautiful golden-haired, that Avvenente, the ambassador of the King his neighbor, He asked the grace of being able to see.

Immediately understood that the name of Comely, Princess said: “This name to me a good omen: I bet you must be a young pretty and pleasure”.

“Oh really, Lady!”, said all the ladies of honor. “We have we seen from the top floor, where he had to put in order your lingerie: and all the time who has withheld under our windows, we have not been more good to do nothing.”

“There is a How glorious”, Bella said the golden-haired, “to spend your time watching the young men. Mind, via! I will immediately bring my gala dress, blue satin, in embroidery; I will sparpaglino gracefully my blonde hair: It will make a garland of fresh flowers, you pull off my shoes heeled detected and my fan; It sweeps my room and pouncing on my throne; because I want people to say everywhere that I am really beautiful golden hair.”

Here are all women of great bike for abbigliarla like a Queen: and both are busy, that s'urtano each other and do not conclude anything good.

Finally the Princess passed in the hall of the big mirrors rimirarsi and see if his clothing was missing something; then he ascended the throne, all of gold, ivory and ebony, sending out a delicious smell, and he ordered women to make the instruments and to sing, but with a certain discretion, not to tear out the brain of people.

When Comely was led into the courtroom, He remained so beside himself with wonder, that after he told many times that he could hardly open his mouth to talk. Nevertheless, it took courage: said his speech how you could not say it better, and he begged the princess not to give him the sorrow that she must tornar away without her.

“gentle Avvenente”, the dissemina Principessa, “the reasons you gave me are excellent and I would be happy to do a favor to you, rather than to any other person, But you have to know that a month ago I went for a walk with my own ladies in waiting along the river, and since I was served breakfast, so in tear my glove, I went by the ring finger and unfortunately fell into. This ring it is more expensive of the kingdom. I leave it to you to imagine the disappointment I felt! And now I have sworn not to listen to any marriage negotiations, if the ambassador who will come to take the groom does not report to me before my ring. It's up to you to decide on what you want to do; because if duraste telling me about fifteen days and fifteen nights in a row, You'd never get to change my feeling.”

Comely was half numb to this answer: He made her a low bow, and begged her to want to like the canine, the basket and scarf; but she said she would not accept any gift, and that he thought the things he had said,.

When he returned home, he went to bed without taking even a morsel of dinner: and canine, He named Fawn, even he did not eat and went to cucciarsi next to the master.

All night long, As it was long, Comely did nothing but sigh. “Where can I bear fish out a ring, that, one month ago, it fell into the river?”, it said. “It would be madness to try on only! It is clear that the Princess told him on purpose to put myself in the impossibility of being able to obey.”

And he returned to sigh and give up all cravings. fawn, he felt the, said: “Dear lord, do me a favor: not yet despair of your good luck. You are a young man too cute, to not have to be lucky. Just make day, let's get right by the river”.

Avvenente gave glue two hand flips and not answered syllable: until tired and worn out from passion, fell asleep.

fawn, when he saw the first glimmers of dawn, so much within toddle, that woke him up and said,: “Mind, master, dress yourself: and leave!”.

Comely desired nothing better. Gets up, and news, down to the garden and the garden walks a step behind the other towards the river, where he starts walking with his hat over his eyes and folded arms, thinking bad time to have to start again, and lo, suddenly hears a voice calling him: “comely! comely!”.

He turns to look at all sides and not see a soul. Credé had dreamed. It puts a walk, and again the usual voice calling: “comely! comely!”.

“Who is calling me?”, diss’egli.

fawn, which it was very little, and so he could look into the water in small distance, She answered him: “Give me a liar if it is not a Carpione, color dell’oro, what down there”.

No sooner said than done, a big Carpio came up to the water's edge and said,:

“You have saved my life in the meadows Alzieri, where I without you I would have been dead, and I promised you a replacement. Sonic, dear Avvenente, here's Ring Beautiful golden-haired”.

He bent down and pulled out the ring from the throat of Carpio and thanked him a thousand times.

Instead of returning home, He went straight to the palace, Fawn in the company, he was happy as a clam for advising his master to come on the river bank.

It was announced that the Princess wanted to see her Avvenente.

“Alas! poor young man!”, diss'ella, “and 'it comes from me to take leave. He will understand that what I want from him is impossible, and it will start to go to tell it to his master.”

comely, just introduced, He showed them the ring saying: “Ecco, O Princess, Your command was obeyed: Now you would be so complacent to take your spouse for my august master?”.

When she saw her ring, safe and sound as if it had not been touched, he was amazed: but so amazed, who thought he was dreaming.

“Really”, ella disse, “pretty Avvenente! You see that you have just a fairy on your otherwise these miracles are not made.”

“Lady”, he replied, “I do not know about fairies: but I know that I have a great desire to satisfy your every desire.”

“Because you have this good will”, she continued “make me another big serve, without which there is no chance that I can bring myself to take her husband. There is a Prince, not far from here, said Galifrone, which he was put into his head to marry me. He introduced me to his intention with scary threats, saying that if I do not want, will havoc and desolation it 'my States. You ditemi a po 'you, if I could listen to him. Imagine that it is a giant of a large tower; and he is able to eat a man as a monkey would eat a chestnut. When out and about for the campaign, It puts into the pocket of small cannons, which then serves as if they were guns: and when he speaks loudly, It does become deaf all the people that are close. I sent him to say that I had no desire to get married and I apologize: but it not stopped haunting me: killing my subjects, and before everything must for you to argue with him, and bring me his head.”

Comely was stunned by this speech: He stood for a bit 'lost in thought; then he said: “Well, o signora! I will fight with Galifrone. I think that I'll touch! Anyway, I'll die a brave”.

The Princess remained meravigliatissima: and said a mountain of things, to see the reverse it by this company. But it was not sufficient to nothing. He came off it, starting immediately in search of weapons and everything you need.

When he had what he wanted, Fawn usually tucked in little basket, He mounted his good horse and went into the land of Galifrone. To those who met on the street, asked everyone heard from him: and everyone said it was a real devil, and that only fear was having to bring. fawn, to encourage him, She told him: “Dear lord, at the same moment that you will beat, I'll go to bite your legs: he will bow to keep me off of his feet, and meanwhile you kill yourself with the”.

Comely admired the spirit of his canine: but he knew that his help would not have been because of the need.

Finally he came in the vicinity of the castle Galifrone: all the roads were planted with bones and carcasses of men, it had eaten or made into pieces. Neither was obliged to wait a long time, because he saw him appear behind the woods. His head surpassed the tallest trees, and with a frightening voice sang:


Who brings me the cutest kids
From them creak under the tooth?
I need many, then many.
What in the world there is not quite sufficient.

And immediately Avvenente, at repartee, He is made to sing:


forward Facts, there Avvenente
That will tear your teeth;
There is a giant figure,
But you is not afraid.

The did not return precise rhymes: But we must reflect that the improvised verse in haste and fury, and it is a miracle that did not make her even uglier, for fear that he had entered into the body. When he heard this answer Galifrone, he turned this way and that, Comely and he saw the sword in the hand punch, who told him to come three or four bad words, to make it go into a rage more than ever. No more missing!

He took such a terrible fury, that, grabbed a whole iron mace, He would kill with a single blow the delicate Avvenente, without the case of a raven who came to posarglisi on the head and gave him a peck in the eye so adjusted, them to him took from his net.

Blood was dripping down his face: and enraged to be frightening, He beats blows to right and upside down. Meanwhile Avvenente, dodging time, the he is pulling of the sword, ficcandogliela in the body up to the hilt: and such was the blood, that the giant was leaking from his many wounds, which finally she collapsed on the floor.

Comely cut off his head at once, all happy to have had this great fortune; and the Crow that had been laid on the branch of a tree, said:

“I have not forgotten the service that you made me, killing the eagle that looked on me. I promised to repay you, and I think I've paid my debt”.

“It is I who owe you everything, Mr. Crow”, said Avvenente, “and I declare your good servant.”

Then he mounted his horse immediately, with the load of the frightening head Galifrone.

When he arrived in the city, all the people went after him shouting: “Here's the good Avvenente, returning from having died giant Galifrone” and Princess, he heard this noise and shaking with fear that they would give him the new Avvenente of death, He had no breath to ask what had happened. But at that point she saw him enter Avvenente, glue head of the giant, who still put terror, though he could no longer do any harm.

“Lady”, he said, “Your enemy is dead. I hope that now you will not say no more to the King, My august master.”

“Ah! no doubt”, Bella said the golden-haired, “that I will always say no, If you before my departure does not find a way to bring water from the dark cave. There is here, little distant, a deep cave that runs more than one hundred kilometers. There are input two dragons that prevent the entry. They throw flames from his mouth and eyes. Then, when we are inside the cave, There is a large hole where you have to descend, and it is full of toads, of biacchi, of lizards and other snakes. At the bottom of this hole there is a small niche, from which springs the fountain of beauty and health: I want all of that water costs. Everything that you wash with this water becomes wonderful: if we are beautiful, one is always beautiful: if ugly, you become beautiful: we are young, one remains young: if old, rejuvenates. You see, dear Avvenente, I can not leave my Kingdom, without taking with me a little of that water there.”

“Lady”, he answered; “you are so beautiful, I think that this water for you any unnecessary: but I am an unfortunate ambassador, that you want death. I'm going to look for what you want, with the certainty of the heart never come back.”

The beautiful golden-haired did not change for this purpose: Comely and the poor left with his canine Fawn to go to the dark cave, to seek the water of beauty.

Everyone who met him along the way, they said: “What a shame to see a young pretty much run so carelessly in the mouth of death: He goes to the cave to himself: but even if they were a hundred, They would not get nowhere. Because s'incaponisce Princess to want the impossible?”. He continued to walk, and not say a word: but it was sad, very sad.

Arrived at the top of the mountain, He sat down to ripigliar breath, and he allowed the horse to graze and Fawn running after the flies. He knew that the dark cave was not far beyond, and he looked if by chance he had been able to find out; when suddenly he saw a huge rock, black as ink, of where came a dense smoke, and soon one of the dragons who threw fire from his eyes and throat. The dragon had the green body and yellow, big claws and a long tail, s'attorcigliava that more than a hundred laps. Fawn also saw everything, and he did not know where to hide: the poor beast was half dead from fear.

comely, done now soul to die, He took out his sword and went his glue bottle, the golden-haired Bella had given him, to fill coll'acqua of beauty. He told his canine Fawn:

“For me it's over! I can never get to take this water, which is guarded by dragons; when I'm dead, Fill the bottle with my blood and take it to the Princess, because she can see how much it costs me serve: and after you go to find the King my master, and tell my misfortune”.

As she said, he heard a voice calling to him: “comely! comely!”.

He said: “Who is calling me?”, and he saw an owl in the hole of an old tree, who told him: “You have delivered me from the nets of 'hunters, where was taken: and it was to save lives. I promised to make you recompense, and the time has come. Give me your bottle: I know all the comings and goings of the dark cave: I'll go pick the water of beauty”.

Imagine if this thing pleased him! I leave you to think. Avvenente immediately gave him his flask and the Owl entered the cave, as he would come into his house. In less than a quarter of an hour he returned and brought the full and stoppered bottle.

For Comely thought he had touched the sky with a finger: thanked the owl from my heart and, ski mountain, tutt'allegro took the road that led to the city.

He went straight to the palace and presented the bottle to Bella with golden hair, which no longer had anything to say.

She thanked Avvenente, and gave the order that was set up everything for the departure. Then he put on the road with him: and along the way, ended up he persuaded that the young man was very nice; and sometimes he would say: “If you wanted, I would have made King and would not parties ever from my States”. He answered: “, Should all the thrones of the earth, rather than to upset so loud my King: Although you are more beautiful than the sun”.

At last they came to the Capital, and the King, knowing that the beautiful golden hair was coming, he went to meet her and presented her with the most beautiful gift in the world.

It was the wedding made, and with a great gala and magnificence, which he lasted to discuss it for a piece; but the beautiful golden-haired, who at heart he was in love with Comely, He could not stay without seeing it and had always on the mouth.

She said the King: “If it was not Avvenente, I would not have come here DiCerto: he has done for me of things, You can not believe; and you have to be grateful”.

Envious they heard these words of the Queen went after whispering to the King: “You are not jealous; yet you would have reason to be. The Queen is so in love with Comely, who does not eat or drink more; it does nothing but talk about him and very grateful that you need him: as if anyone else you had sent, in its place, he had been able to do the same”.

And the king said,: “Really, I noticed that too. Whether it caught right away and imprisoned in the tower, irons with the feet and hands”.

Comely was taken and, as a reward for having so well served the King, It was closed in the tower with leg irons and hands. The only person he saw, It was the prison warden; which threw him from a hole a piece of black bread and a bit 'of water in an earthen bowl. But his little Fawn never left him, and was to encourage him and to bring all new running through the city.

When the beautiful golden-haired came to get known the misfortune Avvenente, He went to throw himself at the feet of the King, and tears in her eyes begged him to rouse him from prison. But more it was recommended, and the King s'intristiva, thinking to himself: “It is a sign that he's in love” and so he did not intend nor reason nor prayer.

The Kings ended up take the lead not handsome enough in the eyes of the Queen: and he got the idea to wash your face coll'acqua of beauty, to see if in this way he managed to be loved a little more. This water was on fire in the chamber of the Queen, She is holding her there, always have an eye for it; but one of her maids, wanting to kill a spider with a brushed, did fall unluckily flask, which broke, and the water he went across to the land. The waitress Ripuli everything in a hurry, and not knowing how rimediarla, he remembered seeing in the King's cabinet somigliantissima another bottle and filled with clear water, as such as the water of beauty. Not seeming its done, He took no star to say anything and put it on the open fire of the Queen.

The water that was in the king's cabinet was used to kill the princes and great lords, when they had made some of the large. Rather than cut off their heads and hang them, She bathed their faces with this water: and so they fell asleep and did not wake up more. One evening, therefore, King took the bottle and rubbed thoroughly with the Face. After he fell asleep and died.

The Little Fawn, that was one of the first to hear the case, immediately she went to tell it to Avvenente, who told him to go running from Beautiful golden-haired and beg her to want to remember the poor prisoner.

Fawn slipped in between the legs of the crowd, because the Court there was a great coming and going and a great rumor for the death of the King, and he said to the Queen: “Lady, you do not forget the poor Avvenente”.

She reminded immediately of all the sufferings he had endured for her, and his great trustworthiness.

He left without a word to anyone, and he went straight to the tower, which broke from itself the chains from the hands and feet of Comely: and putting a crown on his head and a royal mantle on his shoulders, said: “Come, my dear Avvenente, I will do King, and I take you for my husband”.

He threw himself at his feet and thanked: and everyone called themselves lucky to have him for king. The wedding was made with great magnificence, and Beautiful golden-haired lived many years with his bell'Avvenente, both of them happily, by until they cried.


He wants Avvenente leave his children a book of memories: a curious book, because it had all the white pages, less than the last, on which he had written in her own hand the following words:

“If by chance some poor devil occurs to you for help, your aiutalo: nor care how dress, or if you have the person's face that we can make, someday, the pleasure that you.

On the good works and generous never haggle: or need to be done with the intention of ripigliarci above the fruit and wear.

Anyway, always keep in mind that a benefit that has never lost”.

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