The Sleeping Beauty (The Sleeping Beauty)

The Sleeping Beauty (listen to or download the audio book in mp3)

di Charles Perrault 1697
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

There was once a king and queen who were desperate not to have children, but so desperate, they can not say what. They went every year to the baths, là qui ora ora: Ratings, pilgrimages; wanted to try them all: but nothing profited. At the end of the Queen became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby girl.

He was made a gala christening; you gave to the Princess gossips all the fairies that you could find in the country (there were seven) because each of them would make her a gift; By this means the Princess had all the perfections imaginable in this world.

After the ceremony of baptism, the company returned to the royal palace, where was prepared a great feast in honor of the fairies.

In front of each of them was placed a magnificent cover, in a case of massive gold, where there was a spoon, a fork and a knife with pure gold, all set with diamonds and rubies.

But in that moment they were about to take their place at the table, He saw enter an old fairy, which had not been invited to the other, because for fifty years he never went out from his tower and everyone thought was dead and enchanted.

The King ordered her a cover, but there was no way to make them give, as to the other, laid a solid gold, because of this they had been ordered only seven, for the seven fairies. The old woman took the thing for a snub, and muttered under his breath a few words of threat.

One of the young fairies, that was beside her, the felt, and for fear that wanted to do some bad gift to Princess, just left the table, He went into hiding behind a door, to be able in this way be the last to speak, and remedy, as it was possible, the evil that the old had done.

Meanwhile, the fairies began to distribute their gifts to the Princess. The youngest gave her for gift that she should be the most beautiful woman in the world: un'altra, that she should have the wit: the third, that would put a charming grace in all the things that he had done: the fifth that she should sing like a nightingale: and the sesta, that he played all the instruments with a perfection strasecolare.

As the time came the old fairy, she said, shaking his head more to the tantrum for that reason the years, that the Princess would have punctured his hand with a spindle and die of the wound! This horrible gift sent shivers to all the people of the court, and there was no one to stop crying.

At this point, the young fairy came from behind the door and said aloud these words:

“Reassure, o Re e Regina; your daughter will not die: it is true that I do not have enough power to undo all the spell that made my sister: Princess will pierce her hand with a spindle, but instead of dying, It shall only fall into a deep sleep, which will last one hundred years, at the end of which the son of a king shall come and awake”.

Il Re, for the passion to avoid the misfortune foretold by the old, immediately made an edict banning, by which it was forbidden to all spinning with a spindle and spindles to keep house, pain of life.

The fact is, that has been fifteen or sixteen, the King and Queen being gone to one of their villa, it happened that the Princess, one day running for the castle and changing from one district to another, climbed up on top of a tower, where in a small attic there was an old woman, who she was all alone, filando la sua rocca. This good woman had never heard of the prohibition made by the King against spindles.

“What are you doing, good woman?”, the dissemina Principessa.

“I am spinning, my pretty Girl”, said the old woman, who did not know her point.

“Oh! cute, pretty much!”, the dissemina Principessa, “but how do you do? give me a little’ too, I want to see if I can too.”

Lively and even a little reckless as it was (and on the other hand the decree of the fairy wanted so), He was not finished picking up the time, that pierced his hand and fell unconscious.

The good old, not knowing what you do, he cried out for help. People came from all sides; splashing water on your face to the Princess: disengage the clothes, the fight on his hands, and rubbed his temples with water of the Queen of Hungary; but there's no way to get her back on itself. Then the King, who had rushed to the noise, He remembered the prediction of the fairies: and knowing full well that this thing had to happen, because the fairies had said, he put the Princess in the most beautiful apartment of the building, upon a bed all embroidered with gold and silver.

He looked like an angel, She was so beautiful: because fainting had dwindled to nothing beautiful pink hue of his complexion: his cheeks were of a beautiful complexion, and lips like coral. She had only eyes closed: but he felt breathe gently; and so he looked to see who was not dead. The King ordered that let her sleep in peace until he got his hour of awakening.

The good fairy, that had saved her life, condemning her to sleep for a hundred years, It was in the realm of Matacchino, far beyond twelve thousand kilometers, when this accident happened to Princess: but it was felt in an instant by a little dwarf on his feet the boots of seven kilometers (were boots, with which they were seven kilometers per gambata). The fairy left immediately, and in less than an hour was spotted arriving in a chariot of fire, drawn by dragons.

The King went to offer her hand, to bring it down from the wagon. She gave him a look at what had been done: and because it was very prudent, thought that when the Princess was to wake up, you would see in a bad predicament, to be all alone in that old castle; and here's what he did.

She touched with her wand everything that was in the castle (unless the King and Queen) rulers, Bridesmaids, maids, Gentlemen, official, Butlers, cuochi, scullions, lacchè, guards, Swiss, pages and servants; and so likewise touched all the horses, who were in the stable with their grooms and large mastiffs guard in the courtyard and the small Shove, Princess the canine, that was beside her, on her bed. As soon as they had touched, slept all, only to wake up when she would wake their mistress, in order to be ready to serve her in every way. The same skewers, that turned on the heat, full of partridges and pheasants fell asleep: and he fell asleep even fire. And all these things were done in the blink of an eye; because the fairies are sveltissime in their affairs.

Then the King and Queen, So when they kissed their daughter, without waking, They came out of the castle, and they did banish that no one had approached those close. And the prohibition was not even necessary, because in less than a quarter of an hour grew, there area surrounding the park, an extraordinary amount of trees, shrubs, of twigs and brambles, so intertwined, that there was no danger to man or animal could pass through. They could see just the tips of the towers of the castle: but you look at them from a great distance. And even here it is easy to recognize that the fairy had found a makeshift of his trade, so that the Princess, during sleep, He did not have to fear the indiscretion of the curious.

At the end of century, the son of the King then reigning, and that was another family that had nothing to do with that of the Sleeping Princess, hunting in those surroundings, He asked what were the towers that were seen tick above the thickets.

Each answered, according to what they had heard: who told him he was an old castle haunted; who told that all the sorcerers of the neighborhood there were doing their Saturday. The most common item was the same house that an ogre, which brought in all the guys who could nab, then eat them at her convenience, and without the risk that someone will rincorresse, because he alone had the power to open a road through the woods.

The Prince did not know what to believe, when an old farmer spoke up and said,:

“My good Principe, will be more than fifty years that I have heard from my father that there was a princess in the castle, the most beautiful that you could never see; that it had to sleep there one hundred years, and that would be aroused by the son of a King, which she was destined to marry”.

At these words, il Principe s’infiammò; without a moment's hesitation, he thought that he would be, what would lead to the end of a beautiful adventure yes, and driven by love and glory, He decided to put to the test.

Just moved to the woods, here is that once all the tall trees and brambles and briars is pulled from, by oneself, to let him pass. He walked towards the castle, which was at the bottom of a tree, Ed walked into; and the thing that made him a little’ of stupor, was to see that none of his troops had been able to follow, because the trees, just past him, had returned to come together. But not for this expert is to get by on his way: Prince and a young man in love is always full of value. He entered a large courtyard, where the show that appeared before my eyes would be enough to make it freeze with fear. There was a silence, that scary: everywhere the image of death: not seen anything but bodies lying on the ground, of men and animals, that seemed dead, except that the lumpy nose and cheeks crimson of guardaportoni, he was able to notice that they were only asleep, and their glasses, where there were always some drops of wine, They showed clearly that they had fallen asleep trincando.

Then it goes to another great court, all paved with marble; climbing the ladder and into the guardroom, who were all lined up in a row glue rifle in arm, and snored like so many dormice; cross several rooms full of knights and dames, all asleep, those who stand to sit. Finally enters in a room all golden, and sees over a bed, who had drawn the curtains on all four sides, the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, a princess that showed from fifteen to sixteen years, and whose appearance sfolgoreggiante there was something bright and divine.

He went trembling and admiring, and he kneeled down beside her. At that point, since the end of the spell had arrived, Princess awoke, and looking at him with eyes, much softer than it would be permissible in a first interview, “Seven voi, or my Prince?”, she said. “Have you done much wait!”

Prince, charmed with these words, and still more by the manner in which they were spoken, He did not know how to express his grace and gratitude. He swore that he loved her more than himself. His speeches were disconnected and therefore liked more; because, little eloquence, great love!

It was more tricked her, nor it is there to do with it wonder, because that Princess had had plenty of time to think about the things that would have to tell him: because, as a stop (the story also makes no mention), during a sleep so long, its the good fairy had given your pleasant dreams. The fact is, who were already four hours talking together two, thick dense, and she had not yet told the half of what they had to say.

Meanwhile, all the people of the palace had woke up with the Princess: and each had taken up his affairs: and as all were not in love, so they were holding up the hungry. The maid of honor, he felt sharp set as the other, he lost patience and said in a loud voice to the Princess that the soup was on the table.

The Prince gave his hand to the Princess because you get up: she was already dressed and with great magnificence: and he was prudent enough to enforce them, who was dressed like me’ grandmother, and who had a high camicino to below the ears, as the custom a century ago.

But this was not less beautiful. They passed into the great hall of mirrors and there supped, served at the table by the officers of the Princess. The oboe and violins played symphonies very old, but always beautiful, though it was almost a hundred years no one thought to sound more: and after dinner, without putting time in half, the great almoner them husband in the court chapel, and the lady of honor drew the curtains of saved.

They slept little. The Princess did not have a great need, and the Prince, as soon as day broke, left her to return to the city, where his father was worried about him. The Prince gave him to understand that, in going to hunt, had sperso in a forest, and that he had slept in the hut of a charcoal, where he had eaten of the pan and a little black’ Cheese.

That good man his father, it was just a good man, we thought he was: but she was not his mother, la quale, seeing that his son was going almost every day to hunt and that he had always ready to justify the bells and whistles, whenever he happened to spend three or four nights out of the house, He ended up get in chief that there had to be some means of amoretto. For you must know that he spent more than two years together with the Princess, and he had two sons; of which the greater, it was a female, He was called Aurora, and the second which was male, was called Day, comecché promised to be even more beautiful sister.

The Queen tried several times to interview the son, and put it on to deprive him of under a few words: telling him that in this world everyone is master of making his pleasure: but he did not arrisicò never confide the secret of his heart. He loved his mother; but he was afraid, because it came from a family of ogres, and the King had been induced to marry solely on account of his great wealth.

Indeed there was a rumor in court that she had all the instincts of the ogre; and that, when he saw the boys go, did above him unheard-of efforts to restrain the desire to pounce on them and eat them alive alive.

That's why the Prince would never say nothing of its secrets.

But when the King died, and this happened two years later, and he became the master of the kingdom, immediately he made publicly banish her marriage and went with great squander to take the Queen his wife at the castle. She was made a solemn entry into the capital of the Kingdom, where she went in the midst of his two sons.

Shortly time the king went to make war on King Cantalabutta, His neighbor. He left the regency of the kingdom to the Queen his mother, and recommended it with such zeal his wife and his sons.

It mattered that he should remain at war throughout the summer, that just he had departed the queen sent her daughter in law and her children in a house in the woods, in order to better meet its horrible cravings. After a few days, there it went well, and this evening he said to his head chef:

“Tomorrow at lunch I want to eat the little Aurora”.

“Ah, lady!”, She exclaimed the cook.

“I want so”, replied the Queen; and he said in the tone of voice of ogress, who just want to eat the flesh.

“And I want to eat hot sauce.”

The poor man Cook, seeing that there was little to joke with ogress, took a big Coltella and climbed out of the small room in Aurora.

She was then just four years, and ran leaping and laughing and ask him to throw himself in the neck of the goodies. He began to cry, the Coltella the fell from his hand and went down into the court to slaughter a lamb, and cooked with a sauce so good, that his mistress had to say that he had never eaten anything so delicious in his life time.

In the same time it had taken away the small Aurora and had given it to his wife in custody, because hiding in the neighborhood of his home in the bottom of the courtyard.

Eight days later the wicked Queen said to his chief cook:

“I want to eat dinner at the little Day”.

He said neither yes nor no, determined as he was to them the same shot of the time spent. He went to find little Day, and found him with a sword in hand, pulling fencing with a great monkey: yet he had more than three years. He picked it up and brought it to his wife, which hid together with the little Aurora: and in place of the Child, He served in a table caprettino milk, the ogress found delicious.

Until then things had gone well; but one evening this wicked Queen said to the cook:

“I want to eat the Queen, cooked with the same sauce de’ his sons”.

It was then that the poor chef felt fall for arms, because she did not know how to deceive her for the third time. The young Queen had played twenty years, not to mention the past hundred sleeping; and her skin, though always beautiful and white, It had become a bit’ Fund: and now how to find an animal that had stalled in precisely that way skin tigliosa?

To save his life, He took the resolution to cut the throat of the Queen and went up to her room, with the firm intention not to redo twice dovercisi. He did his best to get excited and go into a rage, and with a dagger in his hand he entered the room of the young Queen: but not wanting to take you by surprise, told her with great respect the order received by the Queen Mother.

“Fate pure, fate pure”, she said, handing him the neck, “carried out the order that you have given; I will go so to see my children, My poor children, I so loved.”

She thought them dead ever since I had seen them disappear, without knowing more.

“Not, no, o signora”, He replied the poor cook, all softened, “you will not die not at all: and you will not let this go to revise your children: but you will see them at my house, where I've hidden them, and even for this time deceive the Queen, making them eat a young cervia instead of you.”

He led her to his room immediately, where, leaving you sfogasse to kiss his creatures, and to cry with them, went diviato to cook a deer, that the Queen ate for dinner, col medesimo taste, as if he had eaten the young Queen. She was very happy with her cruelty; and was already studying how to give understanding to the King, when was tornato, that the wolves had eaten up the Queen his wife and kids .

One evening, the Queen Mother, according to his custom, droned on tiptoe to the courts and the courts, to sniff the smell of raw meat, felt in a room earthly little Day crying, because his mother wanted him to beat, because that was bad, and heard at the same time the small Aurora begging forgiveness for his brother.

The ogress recognized the voice of the Queen and de’ his sons, and furious of having been cheated, with a horrible voice, which he made everybody tremble, ordered that on the morrow be brought in the middle of the court a large tub, and that the tub was filled with snakes, toads, of lizards and snakes to make you throw in the Queen, the children, the head chef, his wife and her servant home.

She had ordered that they all carried away with their hands tied behind. They were there, and the executioners were preparing to throw them into the tub, when suddenly the King, which he was not expected so soon return, He entered the court on horseback: it came with the mail, all amazed and asked what she wanted to say that horrible spectacle. No one had the courage to open his mouth, quando l’orchessa, taken from enraged to see what he saw, She threw herself forward with her head in the tub, where in a moment he was devoured by all the beasts, that there had been put in for his command. In any case, the King showed he grieved, because in the end it was his mother: but he found a way to quickly comforted with his beautiful wife and with his children.


If this story had desire to teach something, who could teach the girls that bird catches the worm… neither husband.

The Sleeping Beauty slept for a hundred years, and then found the groom: but the story is probably done on purpose to prove to the girls that it would not be prudent to imitate the example.

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