Il principe amato

Il principe amato
Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont (1756)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

C’era una volta un Re, which was just a decent person so, that his subjects called him the king good. One day, trovavasi while hunting, it happened that a baby rabbit, which he was there to be killed by dogs, He was to throw himself into his arms.

The King made the poor little animal petting and said:

“Since it was put under my protection, I do not want no one hurt”.

And he brought the little rabbit in his palace, and he gives him a nice closet and herbs excellent food.

In the night, when it was only in the room, King saw appear a beautiful woman, who he was not dressed in clothes embroidered with gold and silver, but his garment was white as snow, and she wore a crown of white roses.

The good king was greatly astonished at seeing this lady, especially since that door was closed, nor he could comprehend how the hell he did to pass inside.

“I am the fairy Candida, and through the woods while you were on the hunt, I wanted to see if you really are that good King, everyone says. To this end, I took a picture of a small rabbit and rescued me in your arms: because I know that those who feel compassion for the animals, the feel even for men: and if you had refused me your rescue, I would have taken for a bad. Thank you, therefore, of the good that I have done, and count that I will always be your very good friend. You do not have to do is ask, and everything will be yours”.

“Lady”, said the good King, “since you are a fairy, you have to read me in my heart that I want. I have only one child, which I want a good soul, so that everyone calls him Prince Amato. If you want me to make a gift, take a liking to this my son.”

“With all my heart”, He replied the fairy, “I can make your son or the world's most beautiful Prince, or richer, or more powerful. You choose.”

“None of this”, He replied the good King, “about me, I will be much obliged if you will make the best of Principles. A that would be of great, rich, master of all the kingdoms of the world, if it was bad? You know better than me that would be an unfortunate, because there is that the virtues that make me truly happy.”

“You have a thousand reasons”, said Candida, “but it is not in my power to become good Prince Amato, Despite his: if you want to be virtuous, It must also put the commitment and good will. All the more that I can promise is to give you good advice, to take it back when hurt: and also to chastise, if you do not want to correct or punish themselves.”

The good King was chuffed to this promise, and soon he died. Beloved father wept much, because it was all her affection, and he would have given kingdoms, air, silver, everything short, to save him: but it was not possible.

Two days after the death of the King, while Amato was in bed, Candida appeared to him and said:

“I promised your father to be a good friend; and as a sign that I want to keep my word, I am here to give you a gift”.

And in saying so, He puts a ring on the finger and said Amato:

“Please comply with this ring: It is most precious diamonds; every time you will be to do a bad deed, we pungerà il dito: but if in spite of the sting, vi ostinerete nel male, I lose my friendship and become your enemy”.

These words, Candida disappeared and left Amato beside himself with astonishment.

For some time he was so clean-cut and respectable, that he felt never shoot up from the ring: and this what made him so happy, that his name Amato, which already bore, It was also added to Happy. It happened, however, that in those days being hunted and not having no animal died, He entered a very bad mood. Then it seemed to him that the ring the pigiasse, so he did not care nor nor how. Which she was entered in her room, canine Bibi met him, all hopping in place to make him party, but he said:

“Skip doghouse! I have other things to the boss who is your love”.

But the poor dog that understood nothing of what he said, He is tugging at her dress to force at least looking at her. This was enough to make him lose patience and let out a big kick. At that moment the ring stung so strong, like it was a pin. He he remained confused, and all red with shame went into hiding in a corner of his room.

Meanwhile he thought: “I believe that the fairy who wants to make fun of me: what harm can there be to give a kick to a beast who comes to bother me? we are just: to which it would be the ruler of a great empire, if you were not even master to beat my dog?”.

“I'm not making fun of you”, said a voice that responded to the thought of Amato, “you have committed three errors, instead of one: you're in a bad mood, why would you want all the things in your own way and because you believe that beasts and men are created on purpose to obey; you went into fury, and this is a very bad thing; thirdly, you have shown cruel to a poor bestiuola, that really did not deserve to be kicked. I know that you are too far above a dog, but whether it was lawful and reasonable that large could abuse the people who are below them, I could beat you at this time and even kill you; because a fairy is more of a man. The advantage of being masters of a great empire, It is not to be able to do all the evil you want, but all the good you can.”

Amato acknowledged his mistake and gave word of emendarsene. But it was like the wind. We must know that as a child he had been brought by a foolish ruler, who had been accustomed evil. If he wanted something, He did not have to do anything but cry, imbizzirsi, step on toes and that it contented immediately, and so it was a stubborn, You could not possibly live. Fra le altre cose, it spent the whole day to tell him and telling him that one day he would become king, and that the Kings were overjoyed because all people had to obey them, and worship them, and because they were masters of all the vagaries that whirled extricate their minds.

Quand'Amato grew and was in the case of reasoning, He recognized without saying that there was something so bad, such as that show despisers, proud and stubborn. She is studied to correct, but now he was pulled up with all these defects, and when it is taken a turn bad is difficult to abandon it. Can not be said, moreover, that deep down it was bad for the heart: what a fact, when he made a mistake, Despite the crying and saying,:

“How I am unfortunate to have to fight every day against my pride and against my nature capricious. If a boy had yelled at me, Now I do not find myself in this sorrow”.

The ring stung him often, so, if he was doing no good action, He stopped immediately: other times he did not mind and pulled forward: and the curious thing was this: that for small faults, the ring stung him little: but then when he showed really bad, then he made him draw blood from the finger.

Eventually he lost patience and wanting to be an illness as she pleased him, He threw away the ring. Freed from the hassle of being pierce, thought he was to be the happiest mortal on earth. He threw himself into the fray and made of every stripe and color: so that became a real daredevil, and no one could suffer.

One day that Amato had to walk, He saw one so beautiful that it will immediately put the idea to marry her. His name Zelia and it was such a decent girl, how beautiful she was. Amato figured that Zelia would have seemed to touch the sky with a finger in order to become a great Queen; but the girl instead told him unceremoniously:

“Sire, I am a poor peasant and without a dowry money: and yet, although bare grazing, there will never marry”.

“That maybe you do not like me?”, He asked Amato moved a tad.

“Not, my prince”, said Zelia, “for me you are beautiful, as you are in fact: but that would benefit your beauty, your riches, fine clothes and fine carriages that have, if your bad behaviors I would force all days pigliarvi in ​​shadow and despite?”

Amato s'imbestialì against Zelia and ordered’ its lead officers to force the palace. How long was your day, he could not find peace of being so despised by this girl: but because he loved, he could not find the direction of mistreating.

Among the bad companions Amato, She was his foster brother, with whom he trusted in all respects. This man, who had the vulgar passions, vulgar as it was his birth, He stroked the passions of the master and always put the bad road.

Seeing that Amato was sad mood, He asked the cause of her sadness.

And by reason that the prince replied that he did not know resign themselves to contempt of Zelia, and that he did swear to reform de’ its flaws, because to please her had to be honest and virtuous people, that calamity came out to tell him:

“You are very, very good, usar in many respects with that ragazzuccia: if I were them’ your shoes, I know what to do to force her to obey: remember that you are the King and you would do much wrong to give in to the whims of a peasant, which should be estimated happy to be admitted among your slaves. Begin to keep her stint, bread and water: rinserratela in a prison and, if not treachery to marry volervi, let it die in agony, if only to teach others to bow their heads to your wishes. If you come to get known that you have left to impose a gamine, You forgive such a reputation, and your subjects will not remember more that are in the world on purpose to serve”.

“But”, Amato asked, “I would not be too taken by mouth, if you did die an innocent? Because, in the end, Zelia is not guilty of any crime.”

“Anyone who rebels against your command, It is never innocent”, He shoots the evil adviser, “but also because you have to commit injustice, it is always better to know that you are wrong, than it displeases to say that it is lawful sometimes disrespect and submission.”

The courtier Amato teased at his Achilles; and the fear of seeing diminished his authority had much effect on the mind of the King, to silence the good intentions that he had to give himself to the good. Indeed he fixed the same evening to go into the chamber of the hill take her countrywoman and bad, If it was obstinate in not wanting to marry. The brother of Amato milk, to avoid the danger that had to repent, He met three young lords, As sad as he, to make an orgy in the King's company: and dining together s'ingegnarono make him drink like a sponge, because this poor Prince lost all the light of reason. During dinner the messero up against Zelia and reproached again and again his weakness of character, that in the end he got up from the table swearing that he wanted to be obeyed, e subito: is in the, the next day it would make selling on the market like a slave.

When Amato entered the bedroom of the girl, He was surprised not to trovarcela: especially since he had the key in his pocket.

He took a bestial fury, and he swore the extermination of all those who had given the hand to escape Zelia. His companions of vice, to hear such a speech, thought to bring forth he left his blind fury, to ruin a gentleman, who he had been tutor of Amato. This good man had taken some time freedom to admonish the king of’ its flaws, because he loved him like a son. Amato began by thanking him; but then impazientitosi of being contradicted, He ended up believing that it was only through the spirit of opposition, if his tutor answered the failings of some: while all the others did nothing but praise and name a lot of good. Amato ordered him to leave the court: moreover, despite this order, The justice was, repeating that it was an honest man, and although not had more in his good graces, He felt obliged, in spite of himself, to having to estimate.

His friends were always glue afraid that one day or another the pigliasse the inspiration to draw aio; long they believed they had found the key to get him out at all in the way. And to do this, gave to understand that the King Soliman (It was the name of that worthy person) He had boasted of making the freedom to Zelia. Three individuals, bought with tips and gifts, They reported that they had heard this speech from the mouth of Suleiman; so that the Prince lost his eye lumen: He commanded his foster brother to send soldiers, because conducessero before his tutor and governor, handcuffed like a murderess.

given this, Amato returned to her room; but as soon as she was inside, the terra treme: he felt a frightful thunder and Candida appeared before’ his eyes.

“I promised your father”, diss'ella with severe voce, “to give advice, and punish, if you had refused to follow. These tips you have despised them and you is not nothing but the appearance of man; because your flaws you have turned into a monster to be disgusted with heaven and earth. "Time for me to keep my promise and they will punish. Therefore I condemn you to become like the beasts, with which you have in common inclinations. Have you made like a lion for the wrath; luck for the voracity; the serpent tearing him who had made you a second father; the bull for your brutality. In your new look, serber un po’ the forms and character of any such animals.”

As soon as the fairy had finished he says so, Amato was seen soon, with his great fright, converted and become as such had ordered the fairy. His head was a lion, the bull's horns, the wolf's feet and the tail viper. At the same time he found himself in the midst of a great forest, right on the edge of a fountain, where he could mirror and see his horrible figure: and he heard a voice that said,: “Look’ the state in which you have reduced the vices: yet your soul is also the ugliest of the same body”.

Amato recognized the voice of Candida and in a fit of rage turned to throw against her and devour, if he could; but he did not see a soul, and the same voice said,:

“I laugh at your impotence and de’ tuoi headlines. I confound your pride, re ndendoti of Cabello de’ your own subjects”.

Amato thought, moving away from that fountain, he would find a little’ rifrigerio of his torments: if only he would no longer have before our eyes its ugliness and its deformities: and said fact, he advanced in the woods; but after a few steps and fell into a hole, dug on purpose to take the bears, and at that point itself some hunters, they were hidden in the trees, They got out and, after having chained, They brought him to the capital of his kingdom. And along the way he sent a thousand curses, He is biting his chains and was foaming with rage, while he had better recognize that this punishment was called upon only if his fault.

When approaching the city, where they led, He saw large parties of public rejoicing: and hunters having asked what was new, they were told that the Prince Amato, who liked to torment his subjects, He had been incinerated by lightning in his room. So they told, and so they believed.

“The gods”, added more, “could not endure as long as the excesses of his wickedness, and they have freed the land. Four lords, accomplices him, They believed to profit and to divide among themselves the kingdom: but the people who knew that they had been with their tips sad that they had misled the King, He made them into pieces and gave the throne to Suleyman, that the malady of Amato wanted to die at any cost. The worthy gentleman was crowned just now, and we celebrate this day, such as the liberation of the kingdom: because Suleiman is a very good person and prepares to bring peace between us and abundance.”

On hearing these words, Amato was quivering with rage; but found himself worse, when he came on the large square in front of his palace. It was there that he saw Suleiman sitting upon a magnificent throne and all the people in desiderargli a long life, to repair the great harm done by his predecessor.

Suleiman made a sign with his hand to ask for some’ of silence, and he said to the people:

“I accepted the crown that you have offered me, but I did it for the serbarla Amato Prince. He is not dead, how they have given to understand. So it gives a fata, and maybe one day I'll see good and virtuous as he had been in his early youth. Ohimè!” He went on to say in his eyes tears “flatterers he had been seduced. I knew his heart, which it was done for the virtues: and without the wicked suggestions of those who stood berth, he would have been a good father to all of you. Detest his vices, but bemoan; and all together please the gods because we make it. In quanto a me, well lucky would estimate I give all my blood to see him back on the throne, with all the virtues worthy of a great king”.

The words of Suleiman touched the heart of Amato. He knew then what he was sincere affection and loyalty of this man: and for the first time he reproached himself his guilt.

As soon as he listened to this sign of repentance, She began to feel calm the anger that I live gnawed; and thinking about the fouls committed in life, He fails to see that he was not punished because of merit.

Smesse, in the meantime, of sbatacchiarsi inside the iron cage where he was chained, and it became smoother as a lamb. He was taken to a large menagerie, where they kept all the monsters and fierce animals and was imprisoned along with others.

Amato then made a resolute and began to want to repair the badly made, by showing subdued and obedient to the guard that was in the charge. But he was a fat man, and when he had the paturne, it was beating for no reason and without discretion, and although it was docile and easygoing. One day it happened that the guard had fallen asleep a tiger, broken cage, He pounced on it to devour. Amato, in the first, he felt a kind of contentment, to see that he was about to be released from his persecutor: but soon he repented of this feeling and wanted to be free.

“I feel”, diss’egli, “I'd be able to make well for evil, saving the lives of the wretched.”

As soon as he formed this desire, He saw open his iron cage: and he threw himself on the side of the man who had already woken up and was defending himself against the Tiger. When the Guardian also saw the monster, He became ready-sent: but his fright is soon changed into joy, because the beneficial monster jumped on Tiger, the strangolò, and he went to squat at the foot of the guardian who had freed.

In gratitude, the man was bending down to make stroking the monster, who had made such a great favor, when he heard a voice saying: “A good deed is never left unrewarded” and at the same time, Instead of the monster, he saw at his feet a lovely canine. Amato, delighted at this new transformation, He began to make a mountain of the attendant festivities, who took him in her arms and carried him to the King, who told him to wire and sign all this wonder; the Queen took the dog for himself and Amato would have been happy with his new status, if he could forget about being a man and sovereign.

The Queen had all day to caress: But out of fear that grew too, consulted doctors Court, who advised her to give him only bread and small dose. The poor dog felt rifinirsi hunger twelve hours of the day: but he had to resign, and shut up.

One time, who had brought the usual sandwich for breakfast, he got the inspiration to go and eat in the garden of the palace and took him with her teeth started toward a stream, that he knew and that was quite far: but arrived at the scene, the stream was gone and instead he found a palace, whose outer walls shone all the gold and precious stones. He saw is entering a crowd of women and men, beautifully dressed: and inside they sang, they played, He ate fine dishes: but all those who then came out of there, were pale, finished, covered with bubbles and half naked, because their clothes were falling to pieces. Some nell'uscir fell off dead; others walked away with great difficulty and effort; others remained on the ground, exhausted by hunger, and asked for a bite of bread to those who came into this house; which not even they turned to look at them.

Amato approached a young girl, which he was trying to snatch a little’ of grass to eat. Moved with pity, Prince said to himself: “My appetite is big, no doubt about it; but I not die of hunger here an hour of dinner: so if I lifted my mouth my breakfast to give to the poor creature, maybe I would save lives”.

Resolves to heed to this good inspiration and went to put his sandwich in the hands of the young girl, who carried it to his mouth with great greed. In a heartbeat he seemed to have recovered from death to life, and Amato, happy to have helped in time, He was about to return to the palace, when he heard the piercing shrieks and saw Zelia in the hands of four men, that dragged into this beautiful home, where they did enter by force. Amato at that point felt a great displeasure to no longer have the figure of a monster, for then it would not have missed the way to rescue Zelia: m debol canine com'era, Non could do was barking up the kidnappers and prove himself to give them to the legs. They sent him back by dint of kicks: and yet he did not turn away from there, for the passion to know what would happen to Zelia. He felt weighed on my conscience all the misery of that poor girl.

“Ohimè”, He said inwardly, “I am here that I have her with those who have kidnapped!… but I did not commit the same crime? And if divine justice there was no entry means, I would not have treated with equal indignity?”

These thoughts were interrupted by a noise Amato, that was made above its head. He turned up, he saw a window that opened, and his joy was great when he saw Zelia that from this window threw down a plate of food so well cooked, to bring back the appetite to a standstill. The window is closed immediately, Amato and that throughout the day had not found a way to appease his hunger, He thought that it was a good time to put back the time lost.

It is already prepared to attack the tooth in those dishes, When the girl to whom he gave the sandwich, She screamed and having taken in his arms:

“Poor little beast”, said, “do not pull the mouth that sort of foods. This is the Palace of Pleasure; and all that comes out of there inside, it is poisoned”.

At the same time he heard a voice saying Amato:

“You see yourself as a good deed is never left unrewarded”.

And suddenly he found himself changed into a beautiful white dove. She remembered that this was the color of Candida, and he began to hope that finally she wanted to remember this in his good graces.

His first thought was to get close to Zelia, He stood up and flying through the air, He turned around the whole house, and he saw with joy that there was an open window.

But he had a good rummage in the house all the nooks: Zelia could not find. Desperate to have lost, I swear I did not stop for a moment only, till he had met. And for several days he flew and flew, as long as you're in a desert he saw a cave, and out of curiosity he approached.

Great was his joy at the sight Zelia, that sitting next to a venerable Hermit, It made him a frugal meal.

Amato, in the heat of passion, He flew on the shoulder of the pretty peasant girl, and she gave him to see with his caresses the great pleasure he felt in seeing her again.

Zelia, love the sweetness of this animalino, it gently smoothed glue hand, and although he did not think of being understood, He said he enjoyed the gift that made himself, and that he always loved.

“What have you ever done, Zelia?”, said the Hermit. “This way you have committed your word.”

“Yes, pretty shepherdess”, said Amato who resumed at that time its natural shape, “the end of my metamorphosis depended on your consent to our union. You promised me to always love me: confirm my happiness and I'm running to prevent Candida fata, my guardian, because it makes me that figure, in which I had the good fortune to please you.”

“You need not fear at all her inconstancy”, said Candida, and he dropped the remains of Hermit, under which had hidden, to look in their eyes that, What it was indeed. “So I love you just saw, but your vices forced her to hide the inclination felt for you. The change now in your heart, She makes her mistress to give free rein to his tenderness. You will be happy, because your union will be founded on virtue.”

Amato and Zelia had thrown themselves at the feet of Candida. The Prince and finished off not to thank her for her kindness, e Zelia, extremely happy to know that he hated Amato on his experience, He returned to repeat to him the great love she felt for him. “Get up, My sons”, He told them the fairy, “I want to carry you in your building to make a wreath at Amato, which his vices had made him unworthy.”

Just said these words, they were all in the room of Suleiman, who delighted to see his beloved master became virtuous, He yielded the throne and remained as faithful de’ his subjects. Amato reigned long time with Zelia: and it is said that he was so scrupulous in fulfilling his duties, that the ring had resumed, not even stung once, and tell it to blood.

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