Il gatto con gli stivali (The Puss in Boots)

Il gatto con gli stivali
Charles Perrault (1697)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

A Mugnaio, He came to death, He left no other assets to his three sons who had, if not its mill, her ass and her cat.

So the divisions were soon made: nor was there a need lawyer and notary; which, com’è naturale, They would be eaten in one bite tutt'intera the small inheritance.

The largest was the mill.

The second, the donkey.

And the younger of the brothers had only cat.

The latter could not give himself peace, to be his part touched so low.

“My brothers”, did he say, “can rise ahead honestly, Waving life together: ma quanto a me, when I have eaten up my cat, fattomi and a sleeve of his skin, You have to resign yourself to starve.”

The cat, she felt these speeches, and pretended not intended for docks, he said with serious face and quiet:

“You do not give in to despair, padron mio! You do not have to do is find me a lot and give me a pair of boots to go into the woods; and then I will show that in the part that is touched, It has not been treated as badly as might believe”.

Although the owner of the cat pigliasse these words for cash currency, in every way she had seen him do so many games of skill in catch mice, or get with dangling, attached to the feet, or by making the dead, hidden in the flour, coll'aver that ended any hope of finding him a bit’ help in his misery.

As soon as the cat had what he wanted, bravely slipped on his boots, and putting the bag in the neck, took the ropes in front paws and went in a rabbit hutch, where there were plenty of rabbits.

Placed inside the bag a little’ bran and sow-thistle: and he is lying on the ground as if dead, He waited for some young rabbits, still a novice in the world of chiapperelli, He came to shove in the bag by the neck to eat the stuff that was in it.

As soon as he was lying, immediately he had the grace. Here a rabbit, young in years and judgment, that came into his bag,: and the brave cat, immediately pulling the rope, She took him and killed him without pity or mercy.

All glorious prey made went to the king, and he asked to speak.

They brought him up in the King's quarters, which entered that was made a low bow to the King, and said,:

“Ecco, Sire, a rabbit warren of the Marquis of Carabas”, It was the name that he liked to give his master, “He instructed to present his part”.

“Of’ your master” said the King “I thank him, and that made me a real gift.”

Another time he went and hid among the wheat, always keeping his bag open; and as soon as we had entered into two partridges, He pulled the rope and grabbed both.

Then ran to submit to the King, as he had done for the rabbit hutch. The King looked with favor on it as well and the two partridges him to tip.

The cat continued in this way for two or three months to lead occasionally to the Kings game hunting his master's.

One day, having learned that the King had to go for a walk along the river bank with his daughter, the most beautiful princess in the world, said to his master:

“If you give heed to my advice, your fortune is made: you have to go to bathe in the river, and precisely in the place that I'll tell you: As for the rest, leave it to me”.

The Marquis of Carabas did everything he advised her cat, without knowing what he would have benefited.

While he was bathing, King went beyond; and the cat made cry with how much he had in his throat:

“Help, help! drowns the Marquis of Carabas”.

At these cries, the King put his head out of the door of the carriage and, recognized the cat, that many times had brought the game, ordered the guards corrected immediately help the Marquis of Carabas.

Meanwhile pulling on, out of the water, the poor Marquis, the cat approached the coach told the King that while his master was bathing, the thieves had come to take away her clothes, although he had cried to the thief with the full force of the lungs. The crafty trincato had hidden the clothes under a large stone.

The King gave orders immediately to the officers of his wardrobe to go get one of the most luxurious changing rooms for the Marquis of Carabas.

The King used a thousand caresses, and as the dress she had brought at that time did stand out the advantages of his person (because it was beautiful and very well done), Princess found him likeable and his genius: and they took only a few glimpses of the Marquis of Carabas, very respectful but enough to keep, because she will remain in love crush.

He wanted to go up and the King in his coach, and did the walk with them.

The cat, delighted to see that his plan was beginning to color might take, He walked forward; and having met peasants, that sawed, said to them,:

“Good people who sawed the hay, if you do not tell the King that the mown grass from you belongs to the Marquis of Carabas, you will all be sliced ​​for purposes such as meat to make meatballs”.

The King in fact asked to sawyers who the lawn sawed.

“It is the Marquis of Carabas”, they said with one voice because the threat of them had frightened cat.

“You have the beautiful possessions”, said the King to the Marquis of Carabas.

“The vedete da voi, Sire”, He replied the Marquis.

“This is a prairie, that there is no year that does not give me an abundant harvest.”

The good cat, who always set the pace, He met the harvesters, e disse loro:

“Good people who sawed wheat, if you will not say that all this corn belongs to the Marquis of Carabas, you will be crushed for purposes such as meat to make meatballs”.

Il Re, It spent a few minutes later, he wanted to know who it belonged to all the grain he saw.

“It is the Marquis of Carabas”, They replied the reapers.

And the king was glad with Marquis.

The cat, trotting on and on the carriage, always said the same things to everyone he met along the way; and the King remained amazed of the great possessions of the Marquis of Carabas.

At last the cat came to a beautiful castle, of which he was a master ogre, the richest that had ever seen; because all the land, that the King had crossed, depended on this castle.

The cat strove to know who was this man, and what he could do: and he asked to speak with him, He is saying that it would have seemed impropriety pass so near his castle without pay homage and reverence.

The ogre received him with all the courtesy that can have an ogre; and he offered him to rest.

“They assured me”, said the cat, “that you have the power to be able to change in any animal species; and you can, for one thing, transform into a lion and elephant.”

“Verissimo!”, He replied the ogre sharply, “and it does get any proof, you will see me become a Lion.”

The cat was so scared of seeing before our eyes a lion, who immediately he climbed up the gutters, but not without difficulty and danger, on account of his boots, that they were not good at nothing to walk on gutters’ roofs.

Shortly, when the cat saw that the ogre had resumed his form of first, He dropped low and confessed to having had a great fear.

“I have furthermore secured”, said the cat, “but this seems to me too big and can not drink it, that you also have the power to take the shape of the smallest animals; would like to say, change you, for example, in un topo o in una talpa: but these are things, Let me say that again, I seem to dream of another world!”

“Dreams?”, disse l’orco. “Now I'll see I!…”

And in saying so, si cangiò in sorcio, and started running around the room.

But the cat, Quick as a flash, He fell upon him and ate it.

Meanwhile the King, passing from that part, He saw this fine castle of the ogre, She wanted to enter.

The cat, that was the sound of the carriage passing the castle's drawbridge, He ran to the King and said,:

“Your Majesty is welcome to this castle of the Marquis of Carabas”.

“Come! Marquis!”, She exclaimed the King. “Even this is your castle? There is nothing more beautiful than this building and factories around him; visitiamolo all’interno, if not uncomfortable.”

The Marquis gave his hand to the Princess; and following the King, that he had risen the first, they entered a large room, where they found a magnificent laden snack, that the ogre had done to prepare for some of his friends who had come to see him, but who had not dared to come into the castle, because they knew that there was the King.

Il Re, glad that he could not say, the good qualities of the Marquis of Carabas, Like her daughter, that was no mad, and seeing that he had great possessions, after having emptied four or five glasses, said:

“Marquis! if you want to become my son-in, is not that you”.

The Marquis, with mille reverenze, He had regard for the high honor done him by the King, and the next day he married Princess.

The cat became a great lord, and if he continued to hunt mice, he did only for hobby.


Enjoy a rich heritage in peace, passed from father to son, it is always a good thing: but for young people, l’industria, svegliatezza the skill and ingenuity are worth more than any other inherited fortune.

From this side, the story of the cat Marquis of Carabas is very informative, especially for cats and for the Marquis of Carabas.

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