Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red Riding Hood)

Little Red Riding Hood
Charles Perrault (1697)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

Once upon a time in a village a little girl, the prettiest girl you could ever see. La sua mamma n’era matta, and his grandmother even more.

The good woman her mother had to make a little red riding hood, which came back so well in the face, who called it everywhere Red Riding Hood.

One day her mother, having dug out of the oven a few stiacciate, le these:

“VA’ a powder’ and see how your grandmother, because they told me it was a little’ incomodata: and while this portal custard and this little pot of butter”.

Little Red Riding Hood, not have it say it twice, left to go to her grandmother, which was in another village. And passing through a wood, he ran into that good wool of the Wolf, which would have had a great desire to eat it; but then did not have the courage to do it, because of some woodcutters who were there in the forest.

He asked her where she was going.

The poor child, he did not know how dangerous it is to stop and heed the Wolf, said:

“Am going to see my grandmother and bring her a custard, with this little pot of butter, that sends my mom”.

“Is very far from here?”, said the Wolf.

“Oh, other!”, said Little Red Riding Hood. “He's over there, past the mill, which is seen here, in the first house, at the beginning of the village.”

“Fine”, said the Wolf, “I want to come see it too. I shall take this part I, e tu da quell’altra, and we'll get to those soon.”

The Wolf is made to run on his way, it was a shortcut, with how much strength he had in his legs: and the little girl went on his way, that was the longest, pottering to seize the filberts, to give back to butterflies, and to make bunches of flowers with all, he met along the way.

The Wolf in two jumps arrived at the grandmother's house and knocked on.

“Toc, toc.”

“Who is?”

“I am your child, I am Little Red Riding Hood”, said the Wolf, contraffacendone item, “and I come to bring you a custard and a little pot of butter, mamma che vi command of hundred.”

The good grandmother, who was in bed because she did not feel too well, shouted:

“Pull the bobbin, and the door will open”.

The Wolf pulled the bobbin, and the porta themselves aprì. Just inside, he threw himself on the good woman and ate her up in less than no say, because they were three days had not sdigiunato. Then shut the door and went to stand in the grandmother's bed, waiting for the arrival of Little Red Riding Hood, that, shortly, was a knock at the door.

“Toc, toc.”

“Who is?”

Little Red Riding Hood, that he felt the big booming voice of the Wolf, was at first a little’ of fear; but believing her grandmother had said infreddata:

“I am your child, I am Little Red Riding Hood, I come to bring you a custard and a little pot of butter, mamma che vi command of hundred”.

The Wolf cried out in, thinning a bit’ the voce:

“Pull the bobbin, and the door will open.”

Little Red Riding Hood pulled the bobbin, and the door opened.

The Wolf, Dress it enters, le these, hiding under the covers:

“Laying the custard and the little pot of butter on the cupboard and come to bed with me”.

Little Red Riding Hood undressed and got into bed, where he had a big surprise to see what she was like her grandmother, when it was all stripped. And he began to say:

“Or my grandmother, what big arms you have!”.

“The best is to hug, my child.”

“Or my grandmother, that you have great legs!”

“Is striving for the best, my child.”

“Or my grandmother, what big ears you have!”

“He has to feel better, my child.”

“Or my grandmother, what big eyes you have!”

“He has to see better, my child.”

“Or my grandmother, what big teeth you have!”

“That is to eat better.”

And in saying so, that illness Wolf threw himself on poor Little Red Riding Hood, e ne fece un boccone.


The story of Little Red Riding Hood shows the youths and maidens, and in particular to young girls, that you should never stop in the street to talk with people you do not know: because of the wolves there and everywhere of different species, and the most dangerous are precisely the ones who have to face people polite and full of compliments and good manners.

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