Barba blue

Barba blue (audolibro download or listen to mp3)
Charles Perrault (1697)
Translation of Carlo Collodi (1875)

There was once a man, who had princely palaces and villas, e piatterie d'oro e d'argento, luxury furniture and embroidered, and coaches all golden inside and outside.

But this man, for his misfortune, aveva beard blu: and this what made him so ugly and scary, that there was no woman, girl or married, only to see that, not flee in fear from the legs.

Among her in neighboring, c'era a lady, whom he had two daughters, two eyes of the sun. He asked for a wife, leaving the choice to the mother of one of the two that he wanted to give: but the girls did not want to know anything: and if you palleggiavano from one to another, not finding the way to resolve to marry a man, who had a blue beard. The thing then most of all was that it was their disgust, that this man had married several women, and these had never been able to know what had happened.

The fact is that Blue-Beard, just to enter into relationship, le menò, with his mother and three or four of their friends, and in the company of some young men of the neighborhood, in his villa, where they stayed a whole week. And there, it was all a put on horseback, lots of hunting and fishing, dances, feasts, snacks: no one took the time to turn a blind eye, because they passed the nights to come between them of jests: in short, things took such a good fold, that the youngest daughter ended up persuaded that the master of the house had no beard so blue, and that he was a clean-cut and very respectable. Back country, became the wedding.

Within a month, Blue Beard told his wife to an affair of great importance was forced to travel and stay out at least six weeks: that begged to be cheerful, during his absence; who invited her best friends, that lead him in campaign, If he did the pleasure: in a word, who were cared for queen and court banned everywhere.

“Ecco”, le these, “the keys of the two large wardrobes: here is one of the dishes of gold and silver, who do not go to work every day: here is one of my treasures, where I keep the bags of coins: here is one of the boxes, where are the joys and trappings of precious stones: here is the key common, you need to open all the districts. As for this other chiavicina here, is that of stanzina, which remains at the bottom of a large hall on the ground floor. To open his mistress all, The andar dappertutto: but as for the small closet, I forbid you to enter it and you forbid it so completely, that if you happen to open it by accident, everything you can expect from my anger.”

She promises that would have been attached to the orders: and he, after having embraced, mounted in a carriage, and forth on his journey.

The nearby and her friends did not wait to be searched, to go from the bride, pined so much by the desire to see all the magnificence of his palace, not having to go before arrisicate, when there was always the husband, because of that beard blue, that made them so afraid. And here they are now to sgonnellare for sale, for the rooms and galleries, always a wonder to another. Climb above, in the rooms of the wardrobe, went into raptures at seeing the beauty and the huge amount of wallpaper, Carpet, of beds, boards, of work tables, and large mirrors, where one could aim from the toes to the hair, and whose frames, crystal piece and part of silver and silver-gilt, What were the most beautiful and amazing that he had never seen. They do the finishing touches by magnifying and dall'invidiare the happiness of their friend, la quale, instead, point was not amused at the sight of so much wealth, tormented, com’era, the great curiosity to go and see the closet on the ground floor.

It could no longer be moved to the, without regard to the impropriety of letting there on two feet the whole company, taken to a secret ladder, and came down with such fury, Two or three times we ran nearly broke his neck.

Arrived at the door of the closet, stopped for a moment, thinking about the prohibition of her husband, and for fear of trouble, which could cater for his disobedience: but the temptation was so powerful, that there was no way to win. So he took the key, and shaking like a leaf opened the door of the closet.

At first he could not see anything because the windows were closed: but little by little he began to see that the floor was covered with blood accagliato, which reflected the bodies of several dead women and attached around the walls. They were all women that Blue Beard had married, besides slaughtered, Dietro one another.

If he did not die from fear, It was a miracle: and the key of the closet, that it had withdrawn out of the hole of the door, fell by the hand.

When he got over a little, picked up the key, closed the door and went up to his room, to recover from the shock: ma was both commossa and agitata, that was not the way to rebuild might take a little breath and’ color.

Having sighted that the key to the closet was stained with blood, the cleaned two or three times: but the blood would not go away. He had a nice wash and a nice rub glue sand and chalk: the blood was still there: because the key was enchanted and there was no way to clean it respectable: when the blood disappeared one part, new flowering suffered by that other.

Blue Beard returned from his journey that same evening, telling that the road had received letters, where they said that the deal, for which he had had to move from home, was ready-arranged and so beneficial to him.

The wife did everything he could to give him to understand that he was extremely happy with his speedy return.

The day afterwards her husband took the keys: and she gave them to him: but his hand was shaking so much, that it could effortlessly guess everything that had happened.

“Come va”, diss’egli, “that among all these keys do not find that the closet?”

“You can see”, she replied, “I have left the above, on my coffee table.”

“Mind you”, these Barba-blu, “that I want it now.”

Successful useless any excuse to traccheggiare, Take the agreed key. Barba blue, after having put on the eyes, asked his wife:

“Why is there blood on this key?”.

“Non lo so davvero”, said the poor woman, whiter than death.

“Ah! do not know, eh!”, replicò Barba-blu, “ma lo so ben io! You are desired to enter the closet. Well, o signora: we will enter you forever and you will go to might take place alongside those other women, you saw there.”

She threw herself at the feet of her husband crying and asking for forgiveness, with all the signs of a true repentance, of having disobeyed. Beautiful and saddened as he was, would have melted a rock: but Blue Beard had a heart harder than rock.

“We must die, lady”, diss’egli, “and immediately.”

“Because I have to die”, she said, looking at him with eyes full of tears all, “at least give me the time to commend to God”

“You agree half quarter of an hour: not a minute more”, replied the husband.

Just left alone, called his sister and told her:

“Anna”, that was her name, “Anna, my sister, please, salts on top of the tower to see if my brothers arrived; I have promised that today would come to see me; Li knows, ago’ their mark, because I can not move swiftly to more”.

Sister Anna climbed to the top of the tower and cried the poor disconsolate occasionally:

“Anna, Anna, my sister, Dost thou not see anyone will appear?”.

“I see nothing but the sun blazes and the grass grows green.”

Sjöstaden Barba-blu, with a large knife in his hand, how he had shouted it’ lungs:

“Come down quickly! is in the, salgo io”.

“Another minute, for charity” replied his wife.

And again he began to cry out in a choked voice:

“Anna, Anna, my sister, Dost thou not see anyone will appear?”.

“I see nothing but the sun blazes and the grass grows green.”

“Hurry down”, urlava Barba-blu, “it comes out in the io.”

“Here I am” replied his wife; and the daccapo gridare:

“Anna, Anna, my sister, Dost thou not see anyone will appear?”.

“I see” replied his sister Anna “I see a great cloud of dust coming towards this part…”

“Am I my brothers? ”

“Ohimè no, my sister: is a herd of sheep.”

“So you want to get off, sì o no?”, urlava Barba-blu.

“Another momentino” replied his wife: and made the gridare:

“Anna, Anna, my sister, Dost thou not see anyone will appear?”.

“I see” she replied “two knights who come here: but they are still very far away.”

“Thanks be to God”, he added a moment later, “are our own brothers: I make them all the signs that I can, HURRY because you and come soon.”

Meanwhile, Blue Beard-made scream so loud, that shook the whole house. The poor woman had to go down, and all disheveled and weeping threw himself at her feet:

“They are useless whining”, these Barba-blu, “we must die”.

Then multiplying it by the hair with one hand, coll 'and raising the knife in the air, was about to cut off her head.

The poor woman, turning to him and looking at him with her eyes dying, asked one last time in order to collect.

“Not, no!”, The other grid, “recommended immediately to God!”, and raising his arm…

At that point there was a knock at the door so hard, that Blue Beard stopped suddenly; and the newly opened, they saw two knights who enter, unsheathed the sword, threw themselves on Barba-blue. It recognized them immediately to the brothers of his wife, one dragon and the other musketeer, and for safety, s this a fuggire. But the two brothers pursued so close, that reached him before he could get on the porch of the house. And standest sword passed it from side to side and left him dead. The poor woman was almost dead by her husband, and had no breath to stand on end to go to embrace his brothers.

And why Blue Beard had no heirs, his wife was his mistress of all his possessions: of which, I gave her a part in a dowry to his sister Anna, to marry her with a gentleman, with whom she made love for a long time: another used it to buy the rank of captain to his brothers: and the rest kept it to himself, to marry with a fine gentleman, that made her forget all that he had suffered heartbreaks with Beard-blue.

So for all married couples.

From this story, that dates back to the time of the fairies, you might learn that curiosity, especially when it is pushed too, often brings him some illness.

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