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La prima edizione delle Avventure di Pinocchio non fu sotto forma di libro, it was published in 35 puntate (Luglio 1881- Febbraio 1883), the insert of the Sunday of the periodical The Fanfulla: Journal for Children, il cui originale oggi e’ on sale

Author: Jordanian Giannarelli Title: PINOCCHIO vocal interpreter is BRUNELLA GHERSI , music publishing Galletti & BOSTON [audio:] .”a childhood memory translated into melody and a text, that is not the description of the history, but the memory of the story itself relived

Here you can download for free 3 children's book by Carlo Collodi:

GIANNETTINO in 1877 was the first of a series of eight books entitled to this character. Giannettino

These four cards Collodi, come from the Library of Livorno Labronica, on file with the Autografoteca Bastogi which makes available a digital version of Internet. Although I may be a little bed’ all the writings concerning Carlo Collodi, Collodi cards on me

This book of fvola Pinocchio is huge and gorgeous Below is an example of the huge illustrations in the book.

Incipit: "I know him, as you know. He was a dear boy, su i diciassette anni, the blonde hair like gold and the skin delicate and almost transparent, as the leaves of the Camellia. Only to see it, They came back to mind those

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Contents Chapter 1 How did that Mastro Cherry, carpenter, found a piece of wood, that wept and laughed like a child. Chapter 2 Mastro Cherry gives the piece of wood to his friend Geppetto, who takes it to make

– Bettina, immediately turn on the fireplace – said Clarenza, entering into the living room and turning his word to a woman in her fifties, that was dusting with a brush pens thousand knickknacks, a variable methods, placed for ornament above