Other biographies of Carlo Collodi, selected and annotated by Matteo Raggi and ordered by date of publication.


Satan and the Graces : legend in the four corners with prologue and license / John Meadows – Chiantore, 1855 [con questo prologo l’autore si vendica degli articoli di Collodi definendolo un “mouse standing on the bottom of the back, with the doublet in off, hat on his head, penna sull’orecchio, curled tail and sheets of paper in his pocket”, fatto fuori da un grosso gatto d’angora. Lorenzini non gli rispose… in frattemp had already sold the magazine with which repeatedly attacked him: it Skirmish]


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  • Giuseppe Rigutini, Preface to Note Gaie, Florence, Bemporad 1892 then in the 3rd edition of the 1910 preface by Rigutini will be replaced with that of the younger brother of Collodi: Ippolito Lorenini (Ippolito also called Cortona)
  • Critical and humorous asides, collected and collated by Giuseppe Rigutini (author: Carlo Collodi posthumously, Florence, Bemporad)


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anche online:


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anche online: = oai% 3A38% 3AMI0185% 3AEVA_0AAE_A366130&Teak = Emeroteca braidense


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Once. 15 The character of Giannetto was rigid and schematic
Once. 26 In 1850 Collodi also collaborated with the Spectator e l’Opinion
Once. 27 Zipoli (learned priest)… they were good together: ready to joke and jealous of their freedom they had in common a passion for music and literature, for the theater, good food and hours piccine.
…Paul Lorenzini is defined as “Commendatore”
… Driven mainly by the Thouar and Rigutini worked at Giannettino.


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Contribution to a bibliography Collodi, by the Learning Center of Florence in the brochure Pinocchio illustrated by the Young, published in the journal Schedario, supplemento a Center, April-June 1954. There are two conferences mentioned, without warning if they were published or not. They are: Furio Bartorelli, Humanity of Pinocchio, People held at the University of Pisa, 1953, e C. Betocchi, The Collodi and children's literature, held at the Free Chair of Renaissance Studies, in Florence 12 April 1954. [not found]
Humanity of Pinocchio : A Masterpiece for The Small and Large. People's Conference held at the University of Pisa 28 April 1953. Foreword by Piero Bargellini. Cover of Salvatore Pizzarello. With the addition of biographical notes on the Collodi and his work
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(biography more fluent and easy to read, nice and bright, Also this is how the majority of subjects and temporal jumps, stands for never having checked the sources of what he says, even if he can boast of being the last living source of unique information on the life of Carlo Collodi after his first biographer Rigutini).
LUIGI VOLPICELLI, The truth about Pinocchio, Flights, Rome, 1954, (corrected and enlarged under the title, The truth about Pinocchio and essay on <<Heart>>, Armando, Rome,1959): His original note contrasts in the story of Pinocchio and very useful at the end of the volume, the works of Collodi in chronological order
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Ferdinando Martini, Confessions and memories, Florence, Bemporad, 1922 [library in the Faenza and Forlì]: interesting in particular his description of Fanfulla and simpaica countered the Pope in response to one of the many anti-clerical articles dedicated to him.

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Assumptions about Pinocchio, Alessandro Gnocchi and Mario Palmaro:
It offers some parallels between the gospel and the tale of the puppet, of which only 2 the 3 backs, others seem to be wrong or made almost at random.

Pinocchio Message initiatory, Marcello Carosi:very detailed analysis of the story of Pinocchio


Pinocchio The Heretic – Witch, shaman, holy, puppet, Mauro Quattrina: is an original reinterpretation of Pinocchio, mingled with parallelisms between devils bible, Demons, witchcraft, inquisition, masonry.

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Pinocchio : a fairy tale for adults, Delio Carnevali. This biography curiously sees Pinocchio in Collodi's autobiography, even the search for God, in sole 61 pages 12euro.

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[Municipal Library Giorgio Bassani – Ferrara – FE]

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You Dove va? : Questions and Answers / Yorick figlio di Yorick (Chambers. P. C. Ferrigni). – Rome : tip. A. Befani, 1886. – 47 p. ; 23 cm. [library Archiginnasio of Bologna]:Critiche a teatri


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The Lepanto : memories, news, ghiribizzi / Yorick figlio di Yorick (Lawyer. P.C. Ferrigni). – Florence : Typography publisher of Fieramosca, 1883. – 142 p. ; 19 cm. [Library Archiginnasio of Bologna]: tells of Battle of Lepanto


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Education and politics in Pinocchio / Joseph Decollanz. – Bari : School '70, [1972?] [ Library Urbino Univ. Bible. Bo Foundation]: bed in 2010


Answer brochure: the truth about Count Pietro Bastogi / [P.C. Ferrigni]. – Florence : G. Barbera, 1869. – 14 p. ; 24 cm. [library of the resurgence of bologna]: describes the management of railways

Further reading


The pointy hat – The jew medieval Christian art in the mirror by Chiara Frugoni [Library of Cesena Manfredi]: pointed hat, symbol of the feeling of anti-Semitism since its inception, from the Crusades in the Middle Ages.

(Texts of friends, colleagues, opponents to Collodi and his works)

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History of Ancient caricature / by Champfleury. – 2.eme edition tres-augmentee – Paris : It. Dentu, 1867. – XXIV, 332 p., [1] c. of pi., ill. ; 19 cm. [library Malatesta of Cesena]: nice history of caricature.

Political caricatures / Adolfo Matarelli (Bush). – Milan : Publisher Sonzogno, 1942. – 134 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. ((Nel front.: Sprite 1882. [library Malatesta of Cesena]: fine exhibition of caricatures of Matarelli, but has a much larger collection of historical reality.

Yorick al cav. lawyer Ugo Chiellini XVII January 1883. – In Livorno : the typography of Franc. Vigo, 1883. – 14 p. (16 cm) [available at the library Classense of Ravenna]: contains a short booklet with a public letter to the lawyer Ugo Chielini, reading it quickly and carelessly, I have not found anything particularly exciting or cheerful.

God helps those who help themselves (Self help) : or history of the men who were able to rise up from nothing to a highest degree in all branches by human activities […] / [of] Samuele Smiles ; [translation it.] Caesar Donati. – 23. and. – Milan : Treves, 1890. – xv, 320 p. ; 20 cm. [although it is present in many ancient libraries]: huge exhibition of important people who have made a career out of nothing, the text is too technical and old-fashioned for a modern reading, Yet in his time was a great success.

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Life and selected writings / Francesco Crispi. – Milan : Dalai, 2011. [read at the library Malatesta of Cesena]
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The theater of Paolo Ferrari in the criticism of Yorick / foreword by Sabatino Lopez. – Milan : Aliprandi, 1922 [read at the library Malatesta of Cesena]
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Tribunals umoristic / Yorick figlio di Yorick (Chambers. P.C. Ferrigni). – Florence : Salani, printing 1902. – 218 p. ; 18 cm. [available at the library classense of Ravenna]: carreallata of a delicate and playful humor stories, many of which, however, possess a tragic end to injustice, often because of the fault of the judge of the court, containing many allusions, I have not bothered to check if the stories were real or invented.

Men and made in Italy / Yorick (Peter Coccoluto-Ferrigni). – Florence : F. Le Monnier, 1920 (tip. It. Ariani). – 63, 333 p. ; 19 cm. [in classense library of Ravenna]: contains Documents, Memories and Anecdotes collected posthumously by the two sons of Yorick: Umberto and Mario Ferrigni. Mainly collects biographies of important figures such as Pope Pius IX (on which is deliberately ironic since raccont Odella youth), Ferdinando II, Giuseppe Giusti, Garibaldi and other…


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AA. VV., Tribute to Pinocchio, "Review Lucchese», 9, 1952 then Pescia, Papers of the National Foundation "Carlo Collodi", 1, 1967.



When Dreams Came True: Classical Fairy Tales and Their Tradition, di Jack David Zipes

National edition of the works of Carlo Lorenzini. – Collodi : National Edition Carlo Collodi ; [Florence] : Joints. – 3 volumes ; 25 cm

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Flight 2. Macchiette [Hardcover]
Carlo Collodi (Author), It. Mazzanti (Illustrator)
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Il mio caro Pinocchio, di Verger Mario – Eidon (collana Daphne)

Flight. 3: * The Adventures of Pinocchio : story of a puppet / Carlo Collodi ; foreword by Mario Vargas Llosa ; [by Roberto Randaccio ; introduction of Daniela Marcheschi ; original illustrations by Enrico Mazzanti]. – Collodi : Carlo Collodi National Foundation ; Florence : Joints, 2012. – 346 p. : ill. ; 25 cm [available at the library Malatesta of Cesena and Ravenna Classense]:


Il mio Pinocchio (Gli emersi narrativa) di Aldo Marzi (Formato Kindle)

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