Introduction and a free chapter

Who assumes that the author of the Bible, that is, God, is the author of the most famous story of the world is on the wrong track!
This sacred text has a distribution of four billion copies, for the greater part free, but how many of those are read? Sub to L'Chamran 2005 says precisely that, despite 70% people possess the Bible, in realtà il 73% of these the law has never or rarely read, and only a little more than a million Italians declare read regularly.
Let me be clear: the disclosure of the Bible is not in crisis, tutt’altro! But if a little more than 100 years ago the majority of people were illiterate and, plus, I was sacrosanct forbidden reading in Italian, currently the Bible, while still enjoying its most prosperous period, can not, however, be defined as the most famous work of the world. Solo per citare alcune tra le opere che potrebbero avvicinarsi, si ricordi: The Little Prince, over 200 million copies sold, exceeded by Don Quixote with "only" eighty translations spent the 500 million, while the famous Harry Potter has been translated "only" in sixty-seven languages ​​and arrived, for now, a “sole” 400 million copies. Alice in Wonderland is famous, unfortunately, if the recall almost exclusively girls! Lo so, dear reader, dear reader, or, you have not changed your mind ... You also suppose that the Bible is the most famous story! Ok, we even pretend that all the baptized Jews and Christians have read passionately…
There is, however, a story that goes beyond the novel, every story and beyond national borders, surpassing even fame for every religious text. Yet, excluding those who, are still illiterate and live in conditions of poverty such as he had never seen a television and read a single book, all children and adults in the world have made the acquaintance of Pinocchio and shall retain the memory for a lifetime.

Anyway, on all continents, all the children of yesterday and today in the second year of age and older, know who is Pinocchio.
In India it is the famous Pinocchio Pizza; in Germany have even a cute Pinocchio Park; in Brazil they call Pinoquio; Restaurants in France prefer to Pinocchio; in America there are those who try to figure out how to lengthen the nose and in Canada there are those who go to bars Pinocchio; Denmark Pinocchio sell carpets that are among the most desired; Indonesia and Singapore are the famous Pinocchio fx, young ladies who sing lies like no other in the world; negli Stati Uniti hanno prodotto il film horror Bad Pinocchio; in the Netherlands are fashionable shoes Pinocchio; in Spain there are adults playing in the Pinocchio Poker Club; in Belgium are selling puzzles depicting the story; Poles have shops for children on behalf Pinokkio…; Egypt selling furniture brand speakers Pinocchio and China in addition to those set out the chairs of the same name made in Italy… there are those who studied at the University, come a Urbino, o alla Oxford University.
In Italy, the famous wooden puppet largest in the world with 16 meters in height and are in the fantastic town of Collodi.
There's no denying: Pinocchio has conquered the world and the world has conquered Pinocchio! His invincible reputation and its spread must make moral and cultural knowledge of its author: Carlo Lorenzini, in Collodi. After so many years, the book of Pinocchio continues to receive positive reviews and numerous personalities refer to it: in particular intelligences elected as psychologists, Educators, critical, established writers, directors and many of the best poets, philosophers, Theologians; in short, we're almost all… also many who are professional politicians and clerical.
All these, in my heart, deserve appreciation for their bravery, in giving value to a story still often considered only direct children.
Do you want a little 'know who appreciated the important work of Collodi before me wretch?
Here is a very abbreviated list, saving of space and time:
- His first biographer, writer and professor of philology Joseph Rigutini;
- Pope John Paul and Cardinal Giacomo Biffi… although their arguments are very discordant;
- Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo; - Senator for life, and former president of the Italian Senate, Giovanni Spa dolini;
- The composer and jazz trumpeter Miles Davis;
- Edward Jackson the singer and the band Pooh;
- The journalist and writer Giorgio Manganelli neoavanguardista;
- The historical Italian cartoonist Benito Jacovitti;
- The versatile theater artist Carmelo Bene;
- The historical, political, Italian writer and literary critic Benedetto Croce;
- The famous writer and novelist Italo Calvino;
- The renowned journalist Indro Montanelli;
- Journalist, former director Rai 1, Gad Lerner;
- The writer Carlo Fruttero;
- Film directors such as Luigi Comencini, Walt Disney e Roberto Benigni.

I leave behind many, but I hope that these are enough to understand that we are in good company!
I will say, rather, that are about to begin the exciting story of, I feel invaded by a single fear… what, after the last list of my predecessors, after realizing the historical importance of Carlo Collodi, find that the topic is too serious, matter too wide, the company too much for one little writer without a shadow of authority which I am.
I am comforted by the thought and I trust in the hope that at least the amateurs of Collodi want, per amor suo, use indulgence even to his biographer, and I propose that we proceed in my research and my first lead story with such simplicity of ideas, con tale sincerità d’intenti, with so much ingenuity of forms, and with so great and good faith that the last, my kind readers piglieranno me for a writer to me!
I can not invent facts, distort the dates, play ball with the names, falsify texts, create quotes, invoke miracles, do mute the living and the dead speak. Here I recount the story of Carlo Collodi, certainly not the History of the Popes!

Matthew Ray
and, sul finale, plagiando Yorick figlio di Yorick
(a very dear friend of Collodi)