A novel steam. From Florence to Livorno-The mysteries of Florence

A novel in steam is at the forefront of new literary tradition established by railway and that will only enrich as that technology of steam locomotion is established and that the train will become an increasingly important reality in everyday life…”. “What strikes in old Lorenzini dei Misteri di Firenze, published in Florence 1857, is the ability, the looseness, the brio, and especially the irony, with whom he knows is allow, or rather fit one inside the other, a whole range of diverse sketches that eventually unfold like a real romance fabric…”.

In Chapter XVII is a short guide for the traveler:
“3.Try to place your ticket in a safe Pocket, to avoid the case of handbag, and be forced to repay the price of the whole trip, with first class ticket (arrogance of the middle ages a mile away).
4.If you don't need or economic view pushes, ordinary trains preferred to so-called direct trains: because although from Florence to Livorno road it is not very long, Although human nature, so caduca, so demanding and so evil avvezzata, I can hardly stand two hours here, No wonder some service, or some pleasure for strength.
– If you need to start with a direct train, before getting into the car to do your soul-searching, to see if you need anything. It happens that, during the trip, you do hear sometimes needs more pressing social needs and then, believe in me, an excursion of pleasure becomes a bloody epigram”.

Interesting is also the description of the class to choose from when you travel by train, offering a glimpse of the 19th-century railway situation.

“On the choice of the, where you have to enter, consult with your coin holder. If you like stand, Enter class, new kind of torment newly invented, in an immense benefit of wealthy people, shareholders of railway tracks.
If you love fresh air, the hardness of the benches and the brain rheumatic fever, entered into a third-class wagon and be heard. Wanting to save the human respect and get to covered by surprise by a sudden rain or sunstroke, the second class is just right.
If you love the comfort of life, or if you travel on behalf of a customer, It is welcome: the first class is the one that most agree”.

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