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Jokes, gag, ironies of the Risorgimento

Girolamo Pagliano second Collodi

Girolamo Pagliano (Genoa, 1801 – Firenze, 9 September 1881) è stato un chimico, farmacista e impresario teatrale italiano, inventore dello sciroppo purgativo che portava il suo nome, Pagliano syrup, centerbe di lunga vita. Pagliano fece una certa fortuna, from 1838,

AGENCY OF WEDDINGS (The Lamp Post No. 14 of 1861)

– In Milan there - it would be the time that we were in Florence. Courage! We form a Company limited by shares: we put on a capital. The Agency marriages - these lights moon - must make one hundred percent. It

The story of a clever (Macchiette) Carlo Collodi

[…] Anthony was the patron saint of the family; comecchè tonino's father and all his grandparents and they exercised bisnoni, from generation to generation, l’industria all’ingrosso di insaccati di carne salata. […] [Sant'antonio is the protector of animals,

Collodi and piano

Francesco Paolo Tosti Collodi Grandson puts a special emphasis to fame as a pianist of Collodi: "I do not remember which for the festive occasion we found ourselves together in our house, briefly allowed. Dad took us to visit his uncles


(Trilogy dedicated to all schoolchildren in the United) Boys! Let's for a moment the policy by, and talk about things clean. We speak, for example, final exams in schools. Perhaps you will ask me: Who he was the first who invented

PI-PIO (The Lamp of 1862)

Holy Father, Now to me it stings vagueness Di tell you two very hot words, But willing to tell them calmly, with sweetness, And with affection to you as it is customary to. First of all know that we highly rumored you, They say verbs grace

Il ratto delle sabine

The author of the most famous story of the world

This reading will take you to relive the amazing experience of the man who wrote that story now experienced by all, and the symbol that accompanies us every day. That story in just over a century has entered the fantasies


THE STREET 3 September 1864 ….Who is telling the truth forbid bidende? Horat. Lib. I, Sat. I. The Peter's Pence is a Coined in the mint coin fraud: Along one side has plenty pleased That eats and drinks, and is the


THE LAMP Number 15 of 1861 – The genius! That has never? The mark of misfortune! – Misunderstood if you show: ignored it does not show: always unhappy. – It is better to be born mole! POGGIALI, Thoughts aesthetic