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Villa Garzoni in Collodi

The garden of Villa Garzoni Villa Garzoni

But that sandwhiches Pinocchio?

“… hundred of mamma, Bice Bianciardi, knew well the Collodi, and he told me a story. Suo padre, a lawyer, took a day around her little daughter, and he ran down the street with the Lorenzini, with whom he stayed a little’

Muore mamma Angiolina: Carlo changing life

Collodi Grandson recognizes it as the mourning for the loss of his mother he had changed his habits of life: "You saw more frequent the usual coffee, and inns where it was used to stop to make the retouch or drink


(Trilogy dedicated to all schoolchildren in the United) Boys! Let's for a moment the policy by, and talk about things clean. We speak, for example, final exams in schools. Perhaps you will ask me: Who he was the first who invented

The author of the most famous story of the world

This reading will take you to relive the amazing experience of the man who wrote that story now experienced by all, and the symbol that accompanies us every day. That story in just over a century has entered the fantasies

Aphorisms by Carlo Collodi

Each, caro mio, in this world plays his part. Some people are born to eat and those who are born to be eaten… (Carlo Collodi, Macchiette) – I then if I were king I would seize every morning a nice cup of coffee-and-milk,

Pecorso tourist Collodi (Pescia)

Molina Orzali (the mother of Carlo Lorenzini, pseudonym Collodi, said Carlo Collodi) nacque the Collodi, more precisely, on the road from the bridge to the abbot leads to the villa Garzoni, precisely because of Cartiee 99, Collodi PT.

MODERN Paolotti

THE LAMP's 17 February 1864


SOMMARIO Avvertenza. 4 Barba blue. 5 The Sleeping Beauty. 8 Cenerentola. 14 Puccettino. 19 Pelle d’asino. 25 The fairies. 32 Little Red Riding Hood. 34 Il gatto con gli stivali 36 Riquet with the Tuft. 39 La Bella haired d’

I RAGAZZI GRANDI di Carlo Collodi

– Bettina, immediately turn on the fireplace – said Clarenza, entering into the living room and turning his word to a woman in her fifties, that was dusting with a brush pens thousand knickknacks, a variable methods, placed for ornament above