Lorenzini in Cortona

The father of Carlo Lorenzini, called Domenico Lorenzini, was born in 1795 and viveva a Cortona (more than 100 sitanza miles from Collodi), and came from a peasant family and very poor.
He had a passion for cooking and soon became very skilful in his craft, so much so that he was hired as a cook by the Marquis Ginori.

The brothers of the father:
1° fratello: Lorenzo Lorenzini (lived comfortably in Cortona), played a trader with decent profit, anhée that will allow him to finance his nephew Carlo Collodi in the purchase of some journals.

2° fratello: Philip Lorenzini who moved to Poggibonsi is dedicated to cultivating land owned by him and no one knows more.
It is not yet official, the building exactly where he lived the father of Carlo Collodi, is still an ongoing research cadastral and registry which should be completed by the 2013. We remain optimistic, hoping to get some information as soon as possible.

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