ll continuously interrupted the adventures of Pinocchio

The 21 October 1890 Collodi, prepare a manuscript

(found only in Florence 1997) just four pages with the beginning and the rapid conclusion of the ongoing New Adventures of Pinocchio, here they are transcribed below:

Chapter 1.
How did Pinocchio,
awoke from his sleep,
found himself puppet

Said Pinocchio:
– Com’ero buffo, when I was a puppet!… and as of now I am happy to have become a good boy!
But really it had become?
Why you need to know, my little readers, Pinocchio had found himself in the middle of a dream and, as often happens in dreams, he believed to be awake and find the things that most wanted. Imagine the impression that he obtained when he was awake! Instead of the graceful and elegant small bedroom furnished, found the usual walls of straw hut.
Jumping out of bed, he heard a creaking sound very familiar, caused by the movement of the legs and any other part of his body puppet. Looking down, precisely in the direction of the tip of the nose, noticed that the leather boots were gone! Ran to mirarsi in a basin of water, in the case had at least preserved the beautiful face of a young boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He reappeared a little head instead of wood, without the new cap, bare and smooth as the knob of an aristocrat stick. He remembered the words that the fairy had whispered in his dream and the forty purses ivory with gold sequins. He pe take the money out of the pockets, but found only a few crumbs of bread and a cork tow. – Oh, My Fairy! – esclamò . – If I dreamed that too, it means that you're still sick and you lie in bed at a hospital!
He cried like a fountain, so you do not need to wash your face that morning. Riasciugatosi lucciconi finally saw that it was still asleep Geppetto. – Even this morning I will go to work, – thought. – il mi’ Dad is still weak and until it shall be forgiven will work for two.
He started early greengrocer Giango and immediately set to work. If you remember, dear boys, Pinocchio to have a glass of milk to bring the old parent, had to pull over at least a hundred buckets of water pumping machine.

Back home, he saw that his father was standing to attend to the daily chores. – What are you doing out of bed?-asked the Marionette, somewhat worried by the poor health of his father.

Geppetto replied to feel better. – I think it would benefit me to work a lot - he added. – Anyone who is not accustomed to idleness, find a good job in medicine and especially in the kitchen. I have a pocket full of air and the bag that cries out for justice.

Glad that its parent is returned to health, Pinocchio finally found a good mood. She made the lunch noon, In the afternoon rush built with three baskets and two baskets, drilled into the sunset to write by candlelight. When it was day again, waited impatiently for the appointment time with snail, which he had to report to the health condition of the Fairy. The slow ambassador this time did not wait very: only five hours of delay! As soon as Pinocchio saw the two antennas sticking out from behind a bush, rushed and said,:

  • Soon, lumachina, Give me some good news!

The beast arrived all out of breath, like being chased by a disaster, mixed with the language and the words that did not seem to be willing to

The king embraced his loved ones and said,: "I was alone and sad, so poor as the poorest of my subjects. Now that I have you near, I finally re. Why they re really only when there is abundance of love in the hearts!”

C’era una volta…

“Un re!"My little readers will say immediately. Not, boys, you are wrong. There was once a piece of wood that maybe he became king!

Florence, 21 October 1890

C.Collodi (signature)


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