The author of the most famous story of the world

This reading will take you to relive the amazing experience of the man who wrote that story now experienced by all, and the symbol that accompanies us every day.

That story that in little more than a century has entered the fantasies of almost all mankind, spreading over every book, every fairy tale, every legend, every religion and ideal ...

For you reopen the curtains of the ancient Florentine theaters, illumineremo antlers and you can taste the flavors, live passions and whisk gently eyes on the life of the man who by 130 years gives dreams and smiles to millions of people… "Of all heights".
This author was a great lover of Italy all united and Italian, always stood in defense of the people, justice, of freedom and of joy.
His battlefield passed by guns and cannons, the periodical press, and so continued throughout life. Armed with pen and paper, together with his collaborators and illustrators, fought the injustices suffered by the people: from monotonous plays the corrupt ministers, by preachers in bad faith to politics slacker and ignorant.
He always remembered to thank and honor all the deserving, Children and adults, all the ladies and gentlemen, all good people, all honest, and all those who gave it their way, a contribution to an independent Italy and united.
And he was always a friend to all… perhaps.

The autograph is the most valuable piece of white paper.
(Moral maxims of a Cartolaro, edite da C.C.)

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