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Nel voltare in italiano i Racconti delle fate m’ingegnai, per quanto era in me, di serbarmi fedele al testo francese. Parafrasarli a mano libera mi sarebbe parso un mezzo sacrilegio. Anyway, qua e là mi feci lecite alcune leggerissime varianti, sia di vocabolo, sia di andatura di periodo, sia di modi di dire: and that I wanted to note principle here, a scanso di commenti, of sudden acts of amazement and grammar or vocabulary unscrupulous.

Sin confessed, mezzo perdonato: e così sia.






Barba blue


There was once a man, who had princely palaces and villas, e piatterie d'oro e d'argento, luxury furniture and embroidered, and coaches all golden inside and outside.

But this man, for his misfortune, aveva beard blu: and this what made him so ugly and scary, that there was no woman, girl or married, only to see that, not flee in fear from the legs.

Among her in neighboring, c'era a lady, whom he had two daughters, two eyes of the sun. He asked for a wife, leaving the choice to the mother of one of the two that he wanted to give: but the girls did not want to know anything: and if you palleggiavano from one to another, not finding the way to resolve to marry a man, who had a blue beard. The thing then most of all was that it was their disgust, that this man had married several women, and these had never been able to know what had happened.

The fact is that Blue-Beard, just to enter into relationship, le menò, with his mother and three or four of their friends, and in the company of some young men of the neighborhood, in his villa, where they stayed a whole week. And there, it was all a put on horseback, lots of hunting and fishing, dances, feasts, snacks: no one took the time to turn a blind eye, because they passed the nights to come between them of jests: in short, things took such a good fold, that the youngest daughter ended up persuaded that the master of the house had no beard so blue, and that he was a clean-cut and very respectable. Back country, became the wedding.

Within a month, Blue Beard told his wife to an affair of great importance was forced to travel and stay out at least six weeks: that begged to be cheerful, during his absence; who invited her best friends, that lead him in campaign, If he did the pleasure: in a word, who were cared for queen and court banned everywhere.

“Ecco”, le these, “the keys of the two large wardrobes: here is one of the dishes of gold and silver, who do not go to work every day: here is one of my treasures, where I keep the bags of coins: here is one of the boxes, where are the joys and trappings of precious stones: here is the key common, you need to open all the districts. As for this other chiavicina here, is that of stanzina, which remains at the bottom of a large hall on the ground floor. To open his mistress all, The andar dappertutto: but as for the small closet, I forbid you to enter it and you forbid it so completely, that if you happen to open it by accident, everything you can expect from my anger.”

She promises that would have been attached to the orders: and he, after having embraced, mounted in a carriage, and forth on his journey.

The nearby and her friends did not wait to be searched, to go from the bride, pined so much by the desire to see all the magnificence of his palace, not having to go before arrisicate, when there was always the husband, because of that beard blue, that made them so afraid. And here they are now to sgonnellare for sale, for the rooms and galleries, always a wonder to another. Climb above, in the rooms of the wardrobe, went into raptures at seeing the beauty and the huge amount of wallpaper, Carpet, of beds, boards, of work tables, and large mirrors, where one could aim from the toes to the hair, and whose frames, crystal piece and part of silver and silver-gilt, What were the most beautiful and amazing that he had never seen. They do the finishing touches by magnifying and dall'invidiare the happiness of their friend, la quale, instead, point was not amused at the sight of so much wealth, tormented, com’era, the great curiosity to go and see the closet on the ground floor.

It could no longer be moved to the, without regard to the impropriety of letting there on two feet the whole company, taken to a secret ladder, and came down with such fury, Two or three times we ran nearly broke his neck.

Arrived at the door of the closet, stopped for a moment, thinking about the prohibition of her husband, and for fear of trouble, which could cater for his disobedience: but the temptation was so powerful, that there was no way to win. So he took the key, and shaking like a leaf opened the door of the closet.

At first he could not see anything because the windows were closed: but little by little he began to see that the floor was covered with blood accagliato, which reflected the bodies of several dead women and attached around the walls. They were all women that Blue Beard had married, besides slaughtered, Dietro one another.

If he did not die from fear, It was a miracle: and the key of the closet, that it had withdrawn out of the hole of the door, fell by the hand.

When he got over a little, picked up the key, closed the door and went up to his room, to recover from the shock: ma was both commossa and agitata, that was not the way to rebuild might take a little breath and’ color.

Having sighted that the key to the closet was stained with blood, the cleaned two or three times: but the blood would not go away. He had a nice wash and a nice rub glue sand and chalk: the blood was still there: because the key was enchanted and there was no way to clean it respectable: when the blood disappeared one part, new flowering suffered by that other.

Blue Beard returned from his journey that same evening, telling that the road had received letters, where they said that the deal, for which he had had to move from home, was ready-arranged and so beneficial to him.

The wife did everything he could to give him to understand that he was extremely happy with his speedy return.

The day afterwards her husband took the keys: and she gave them to him: but his hand was shaking so much, that it could effortlessly guess everything that had happened.

“Come va”, diss’egli, “that among all these keys do not find that the closet?”

“You can see”, she replied, “I have left the above, on my coffee table.”

“Mind you”, these Barba-blu, “that I want it now.”

Successful useless any excuse to traccheggiare, Take the agreed key. Barba blue, after having put on the eyes, asked his wife:

“Why is there blood on this key?”.

“Non lo so davvero”, said the poor woman, whiter than death.

“Ah! do not know, eh!”, replicò Barba-blu, “ma lo so ben io! You are desired to enter the closet. Well, o signora: we will enter you forever and you will go to might take place alongside those other women, you saw there.”

She threw herself at the feet of her husband crying and asking for forgiveness, with all the signs of a true repentance, of having disobeyed. Beautiful and saddened as he was, would have melted a rock: but Blue Beard had a heart harder than rock.

“We must die, lady”, diss’egli, “and immediately.”

“Because I have to die”, she said, looking at him with eyes full of tears all, “at least give me the time to commend to God”

“You agree half quarter of an hour: not a minute more”, replied the husband.

Just left alone, called his sister and told her:

“Anna”, that was her name, “Anna, my sister, please, salts on top of the tower to see if my brothers arrived; I have promised that today would come to see me; Li knows, ago’ their mark, because I can not move swiftly to more”.

Sister Anna climbed to the top of the tower and cried the poor disconsolate occasionally:

“Anna, Anna, my sister, Dost thou not see anyone will appear?”.

“I see nothing but the sun blazes and the grass grows green.”

Sjöstaden Barba-blu, with a large knife in his hand, how he had shouted it’ lungs:

“Come down quickly! is in the, salgo io”.

“Another minute, for charity” replied his wife.

And again he began to cry out in a choked voice:

“Anna, Anna, my sister, Dost thou not see anyone will appear?”.

“I see nothing but the sun blazes and the grass grows green.”

“Hurry down”, urlava Barba-blu, “it comes out in the io.”

“Here I am” replied his wife; and the daccapo gridare:

“Anna, Anna, my sister, Dost thou not see anyone will appear?”.

“I see” replied his sister Anna “I see a great cloud of dust coming towards this part…”

“Am I my brothers? ”

“Ohimè no, my sister: is a herd of sheep.”

“So you want to get off, sì o no?”, urlava Barba-blu.

“Another momentino” replied his wife: and made the gridare:

“Anna, Anna, my sister, Dost thou not see anyone will appear?”.

“I see” she replied “two knights who come here: but they are still very far away.”

“Thanks be to God”, he added a moment later, “are our own brothers: I make them all the signs that I can, HURRY because you and come soon.”

Meanwhile, Blue Beard-made scream so loud, that shook the whole house. The poor woman had to go down, and all disheveled and weeping threw himself at her feet:

“They are useless whining”, these Barba-blu, “we must die”.

Then multiplying it by the hair with one hand, coll 'and raising the knife in the air, was about to cut off her head.

The poor woman, turning to him and looking at him with her eyes dying, asked one last time in order to collect.

“Not, no!”, The other grid, “recommended immediately to God!”, and raising his arm…

At that point there was a knock at the door so hard, that Blue Beard stopped suddenly; and the newly opened, they saw two knights who enter, unsheathed the sword, threw themselves on Barba-blue. It recognized them immediately to the brothers of his wife, one dragon and the other musketeer, and for safety, s this a fuggire. But the two brothers pursued so close, that reached him before he could get on the porch of the house. And standest sword passed it from side to side and left him dead. The poor woman was almost dead by her husband, and had no breath to stand on end to go to embrace his brothers.

And why Blue Beard had no heirs, his wife was his mistress of all his possessions: of which, I gave her a part in a dowry to his sister Anna, to marry her with a gentleman, with whom she made love for a long time: another used it to buy the rank of captain to his brothers: and the rest kept it to himself, to marry with a fine gentleman, that made her forget all that he had suffered heartbreaks with Beard-blue.

So for all married couples.


From this story, that dates back to the time of the fairies, you might learn that curiosity, especially when it is pushed too, often brings him some illness.




The Sleeping Beauty


There was once a king and queen who were desperate not to have children, but so desperate, they can not say what. They went every year to the baths, là qui ora ora: Ratings, pilgrimages; wanted to try them all: but nothing profited. At the end of the Queen became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby girl.

He was made a gala christening; you gave to the Princess gossips all the fairies that you could find in the country (there were seven) because each of them would make her a gift; By this means the Princess had all the perfections imaginable in this world.

After the ceremony of baptism, the company returned to the royal palace, where was prepared a great feast in honor of the fairies.

In front of each of them was placed a magnificent cover, in a case of massive gold, where there was a spoon, a fork and a knife with pure gold, all set with diamonds and rubies.

But in that moment they were about to take their place at the table, He saw enter an old fairy, which had not been invited to the other, because for fifty years he never went out from his tower and everyone thought was dead and enchanted.

The King ordered her a cover, but there was no way to make them give, as to the other, laid a solid gold, because of this they had been ordered only seven, for the seven fairies. The old woman took the thing for a snub, and muttered under his breath a few words of threat.

One of the young fairies, that was beside her, the felt, and for fear that wanted to do some bad gift to Princess, just left the table, He went into hiding behind a door, to be able in this way be the last to speak, and remedy, as it was possible, the evil that the old had done.

Meanwhile, the fairies began to distribute their gifts to the Princess. The youngest gave her for gift that she should be the most beautiful woman in the world: un'altra, that she should have the wit: the third, that would put a charming grace in all the things that he had done: the fifth that she should sing like a nightingale: and the sesta, that he played all the instruments with a perfection strasecolare.

As the time came the old fairy, she said, shaking his head more to the tantrum for that reason the years, that the Princess would have punctured his hand with a spindle and die of the wound! This horrible gift sent shivers to all the people of the court, and there was no one to stop crying.

At this point, the young fairy came from behind the door and said aloud these words:

“Reassure, o Re e Regina; your daughter will not die: it is true that I do not have enough power to undo all the spell that made my sister: Princess will pierce her hand with a spindle, but instead of dying, It shall only fall into a deep sleep, which will last one hundred years, at the end of which the son of a king shall come and awake”.

Il Re, for the passion to avoid the misfortune foretold by the old, immediately made an edict banning, by which it was forbidden to all spinning with a spindle and spindles to keep house, pain of life.

The fact is, that has been fifteen or sixteen, the King and Queen being gone to one of their villa, it happened that the Princess, one day running for the castle and changing from one district to another, climbed up on top of a tower, where in a small attic there was an old woman, who she was all alone, filando la sua rocca. This good woman had never heard of the prohibition made by the King against spindles.

“What are you doing, good woman?”, the dissemina Principessa.

“I am spinning, my pretty Girl”, said the old woman, who did not know her point.

“Oh! cute, pretty much!”, the dissemina Principessa, “but how do you do? give me a little’ too, I want to see if I can too.”

Lively and even a little reckless as it was (and on the other hand the decree of the fairy wanted so), He was not finished picking up the time, that pierced his hand and fell unconscious.

The good old, not knowing what you do, he cried out for help. People came from all sides; splashing water on your face to the Princess: disengage the clothes, the fight on his hands, and rubbed his temples with water of the Queen of Hungary; but there's no way to get her back on itself. Then the King, who had rushed to the noise, He remembered the prediction of the fairies: and knowing full well that this thing had to happen, because the fairies had said, he put the Princess in the most beautiful apartment of the building, upon a bed all embroidered with gold and silver.

He looked like an angel, She was so beautiful: because fainting had dwindled to nothing beautiful pink hue of his complexion: his cheeks were of a beautiful complexion, and lips like coral. She had only eyes closed: but he felt breathe gently; and so he looked to see who was not dead. The King ordered that let her sleep in peace until he got his hour of awakening.

The good fairy, that had saved her life, condemning her to sleep for a hundred years, It was in the realm of Matacchino, far beyond twelve thousand kilometers, when this accident happened to Princess: but it was felt in an instant by a little dwarf on his feet the boots of seven kilometers (were boots, with which they were seven kilometers per gambata). The fairy left immediately, and in less than an hour was spotted arriving in a chariot of fire, drawn by dragons.

The King went to offer her hand, to bring it down from the wagon. She gave him a look at what had been done: and because it was very prudent, thought that when the Princess was to wake up, you would see in a bad predicament, to be all alone in that old castle; and here's what he did.

She touched with her wand everything that was in the castle (unless the King and Queen) rulers, Bridesmaids, maids, Gentlemen, official, Butlers, cuochi, scullions, lacchè, guards, Swiss, pages and servants; and so likewise touched all the horses, who were in the stable with their grooms and large mastiffs guard in the courtyard and the small Shove, Princess the canine, that was beside her, on her bed. As soon as they had touched, slept all, only to wake up when she would wake their mistress, in order to be ready to serve her in every way. The same skewers, that turned on the heat, full of partridges and pheasants fell asleep: and he fell asleep even fire. And all these things were done in the blink of an eye; because the fairies are sveltissime in their affairs.

Then the King and Queen, So when they kissed their daughter, without waking, They came out of the castle, and they did banish that no one had approached those close. And the prohibition was not even necessary, because in less than a quarter of an hour grew, there area surrounding the park, an extraordinary amount of trees, shrubs, of twigs and brambles, so intertwined, that there was no danger to man or animal could pass through. They could see just the tips of the towers of the castle: but you look at them from a great distance. And even here it is easy to recognize that the fairy had found a makeshift of his trade, so that the Princess, during sleep, He did not have to fear the indiscretion of the curious.

At the end of century, the son of the King then reigning, and that was another family that had nothing to do with that of the Sleeping Princess, hunting in those surroundings, He asked what were the towers that were seen tick above the thickets.

Each answered, according to what they had heard: who told him he was an old castle haunted; who told that all the sorcerers of the neighborhood there were doing their Saturday. The most common item was the same house that an ogre, which brought in all the guys who could nab, then eat them at her convenience, and without the risk that someone will rincorresse, because he alone had the power to open a road through the woods.

The Prince did not know what to believe, when an old farmer spoke up and said,:

“My good Principe, will be more than fifty years that I have heard from my father that there was a princess in the castle, the most beautiful that you could never see; that it had to sleep there one hundred years, and that would be aroused by the son of a King, which she was destined to marry”.

At these words, il Principe s’infiammò; without a moment's hesitation, he thought that he would be, what would lead to the end of a beautiful adventure yes, and driven by love and glory, He decided to put to the test.

Just moved to the woods, here is that once all the tall trees and brambles and briars is pulled from, by oneself, to let him pass. He walked towards the castle, which was at the bottom of a tree, Ed walked into; and the thing that made him a little’ of stupor, was to see that none of his troops had been able to follow, because the trees, just past him, had returned to come together. But not for this expert is to get by on his way: Prince and a young man in love is always full of value. He entered a large courtyard, where the show that appeared before my eyes would be enough to make it freeze with fear. There was a silence, that scary: everywhere the image of death: not seen anything but bodies lying on the ground, of men and animals, that seemed dead, except that the lumpy nose and cheeks crimson of guardaportoni, he was able to notice that they were only asleep, and their glasses, where there were always some drops of wine, They showed clearly that they had fallen asleep trincando.

Then it goes to another great court, all paved with marble; climbing the ladder and into the guardroom, who were all lined up in a row glue rifle in arm, and snored like so many dormice; cross several rooms full of knights and dames, all asleep, those who stand to sit. Finally enters in a room all golden, and sees over a bed, who had drawn the curtains on all four sides, the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, a princess that showed from fifteen to sixteen years, and whose appearance sfolgoreggiante there was something bright and divine.

He went trembling and admiring, and he kneeled down beside her. At that point, since the end of the spell had arrived, Princess awoke, and looking at him with eyes, much softer than it would be permissible in a first interview, “Seven voi, or my Prince?”, she said. “Have you done much wait!”

Prince, charmed with these words, and still more by the manner in which they were spoken, He did not know how to express his grace and gratitude. He swore that he loved her more than himself. His speeches were disconnected and therefore liked more; because, little eloquence, great love!

It was more tricked her, nor it is there to do with it wonder, because that Princess had had plenty of time to think about the things that would have to tell him: because, as a stop (the story also makes no mention), during a sleep so long, its the good fairy had given your pleasant dreams. The fact is, who were already four hours talking together two, thick dense, and she had not yet told the half of what they had to say.

Meanwhile, all the people of the palace had woke up with the Princess: and each had taken up his affairs: and as all were not in love, so they were holding up the hungry. The maid of honor, he felt sharp set as the other, he lost patience and said in a loud voice to the Princess that the soup was on the table.

The Prince gave his hand to the Princess because you get up: she was already dressed and with great magnificence: and he was prudent enough to enforce them, who was dressed like me’ grandmother, and who had a high camicino to below the ears, as the custom a century ago.

But this was not less beautiful. They passed into the great hall of mirrors and there supped, served at the table by the officers of the Princess. The oboe and violins played symphonies very old, but always beautiful, though it was almost a hundred years no one thought to sound more: and after dinner, without putting time in half, the great almoner them husband in the court chapel, and the lady of honor drew the curtains of saved.

They slept little. The Princess did not have a great need, and the Prince, as soon as day broke, left her to return to the city, where his father was worried about him. The Prince gave him to understand that, in going to hunt, had sperso in a forest, and that he had slept in the hut of a charcoal, where he had eaten of the pan and a little black’ Cheese.

That good man his father, it was just a good man, we thought he was: but she was not his mother, la quale, seeing that his son was going almost every day to hunt and that he had always ready to justify the bells and whistles, whenever he happened to spend three or four nights out of the house, He ended up get in chief that there had to be some means of amoretto. For you must know that he spent more than two years together with the Princess, and he had two sons; of which the greater, it was a female, He was called Aurora, and the second which was male, was called Day, comecché promised to be even more beautiful sister.

The Queen tried several times to interview the son, and put it on to deprive him of under a few words: telling him that in this world everyone is master of making his pleasure: but he did not arrisicò never confide the secret of his heart. He loved his mother; but he was afraid, because it came from a family of ogres, and the King had been induced to marry solely on account of his great wealth.

Indeed there was a rumor in court that she had all the instincts of the ogre; and that, when he saw the boys go, did above him unheard-of efforts to restrain the desire to pounce on them and eat them alive alive.

That's why the Prince would never say nothing of its secrets.

But when the King died, and this happened two years later, and he became the master of the kingdom, immediately he made publicly banish her marriage and went with great squander to take the Queen his wife at the castle. She was made a solemn entry into the capital of the Kingdom, where she went in the midst of his two sons.

Shortly time the king went to make war on King Cantalabutta, His neighbor. He left the regency of the kingdom to the Queen his mother, and recommended it with such zeal his wife and his sons.

It mattered that he should remain at war throughout the summer, that just he had departed the queen sent her daughter in law and her children in a house in the woods, in order to better meet its horrible cravings. After a few days, there it went well, and this evening he said to his head chef:

“Tomorrow at lunch I want to eat the little Aurora”.

“Ah, lady!”, She exclaimed the cook.

“I want so”, replied the Queen; and he said in the tone of voice of ogress, who just want to eat the flesh.

“And I want to eat hot sauce.”

The poor man Cook, seeing that there was little to joke with ogress, took a big Coltella and climbed out of the small room in Aurora.

She was then just four years, and ran leaping and laughing and ask him to throw himself in the neck of the goodies. He began to cry, the Coltella the fell from his hand and went down into the court to slaughter a lamb, and cooked with a sauce so good, that his mistress had to say that he had never eaten anything so delicious in his life time.

In the same time it had taken away the small Aurora and had given it to his wife in custody, because hiding in the neighborhood of his home in the bottom of the courtyard.

Eight days later the wicked Queen said to his chief cook:

“I want to eat dinner at the little Day”.

He said neither yes nor no, determined as he was to them the same shot of the time spent. He went to find little Day, and found him with a sword in hand, pulling fencing with a great monkey: yet he had more than three years. He picked it up and brought it to his wife, which hid together with the little Aurora: and in place of the Child, He served in a table caprettino milk, the ogress found delicious.

Until then things had gone well; but one evening this wicked Queen said to the cook:

“I want to eat the Queen, cooked with the same sauce de’ his sons”.

It was then that the poor chef felt fall for arms, because she did not know how to deceive her for the third time. The young Queen had played twenty years, not to mention the past hundred sleeping; and her skin, though always beautiful and white, It had become a bit’ Fund: and now how to find an animal that had stalled in precisely that way skin tigliosa?

To save his life, He took the resolution to cut the throat of the Queen and went up to her room, with the firm intention not to redo twice dovercisi. He did his best to get excited and go into a rage, and with a dagger in his hand he entered the room of the young Queen: but not wanting to take you by surprise, told her with great respect the order received by the Queen Mother.

“Fate pure, fate pure”, she said, handing him the neck, “carried out the order that you have given; I will go so to see my children, My poor children, I so loved.”

She thought them dead ever since I had seen them disappear, without knowing more.

“Not, no, o signora”, He replied the poor cook, all softened, “you will not die not at all: and you will not let this go to revise your children: but you will see them at my house, where I've hidden them, and even for this time deceive the Queen, making them eat a young cervia instead of you.”

He led her to his room immediately, where, leaving you sfogasse to kiss his creatures, and to cry with them, went diviato to cook a deer, that the Queen ate for dinner, col medesimo taste, as if he had eaten the young Queen. She was very happy with her cruelty; and was already studying how to give understanding to the King, when was tornato, that the wolves had eaten up the Queen his wife and kids .

One evening, the Queen Mother, according to his custom, droned on tiptoe to the courts and the courts, to sniff the smell of raw meat, felt in a room earthly little Day crying, because his mother wanted him to beat, because that was bad, and heard at the same time the small Aurora begging forgiveness for his brother.

The ogress recognized the voice of the Queen and de’ his sons, and furious of having been cheated, with a horrible voice, which he made everybody tremble, ordered that on the morrow be brought in the middle of the court a large tub, and that the tub was filled with snakes, toads, of lizards and snakes to make you throw in the Queen, the children, the head chef, his wife and her servant home.

She had ordered that they all carried away with their hands tied behind. They were there, and the executioners were preparing to throw them into the tub, when suddenly the King, which he was not expected so soon return, He entered the court on horseback: it came with the mail, all amazed and asked what she wanted to say that horrible spectacle. No one had the courage to open his mouth, quando l’orchessa, taken from enraged to see what he saw, She threw herself forward with her head in the tub, where in a moment he was devoured by all the beasts, that there had been put in for his command. In any case, the King showed he grieved, because in the end it was his mother: but he found a way to quickly comforted with his beautiful wife and with his children.


If this story had desire to teach something, who could teach the girls that bird catches the worm… neither husband.

The Sleeping Beauty slept for a hundred years, and then found the groom: but the story is probably done on purpose to prove to the girls that it would not be prudent to imitate the example.






C’era una volta un gentiluomo, il quale aveva sposata in seconde nozze una donna così piena di albagia e d’arroganza, da non darsi l’eguale.

Ella aveva due figlie dello stesso carattere del suo, e che la somigliavano come due gocce d’acqua.

Anche il marito aveva una figlia, ma di una dolcezza e di una bontà da non farsene un’idea; e in questo tirava dalla sua mamma, la quale era stata la più buona donna del mondo.

Le nozze erano appena fatte, che la matrigna dette subito a divedere la sua cattiveria. Ella non poteva patire le buone qualità della giovinetta, because, a quel confronto, le sue figliuole diventavano più antipatiche che mai.

Ella la destinò alle faccende più triviali della casa: era lei che rigovernava in cucina, lei che spazzava le scale e rifaceva le camere della signora e delle signorine; lei che dormiva a tetto, proprio in un granaio, sopra una cattiva materassa di paglia, mentre le sorelle stavano in camere coll’impiantito di legno, dov’erano letti d’ultimo gusto, e specchi da potervisi mirare dalla testa fino ai piedi.

La povera figliuola tollerava ogni cosa con pazienza, e non aveva cuore di rammaricarsene con suo padre, il quale l’avrebbe sgridata, perché era un uomo che si faceva menare per il naso in tutto e per tutto dalla moglie.

Quando aveva finito le sue faccende, andava a rincantucciarsi in un angolo del focolare, dove si metteva a sedere nella cenere; motivo per cui la chiamavano comunemente la Culincenere.

Ma la seconda delle sorelle, che non era così sboccata come la maggiore, la chiamava Cenerentola.

Eppure Cenerentola, con tutti i suoi cenci, era cento volte più bella delle sue sorelle, quantunque fossero vestite in ghingheri e da grandi signore.

Ora accadde che il figlio del Re diede una festa da ballo, alla quale furono invitate tutte le persone di grand’importanza e anche le nostre due signorine furono del numero, perché erano di quelle che facevano grande spicco in paese. Eccole tutte contente e tutte affaccendate a scegliersi gli abiti e le pettinature, che tornassero loro meglio a viso. E questa fu un’altra seccatura per la povera Cenerentola, perché toccava a lei a stirare le sottane e a dare l’amido ai manichini. You do not talk about anything else in the house that's how they would have dressed that evening.

“I”, said the eldest, “I will get the dress in red velvet and my trine of England.”

“And I”, disse other, “I will not have my usual dress: but, in compenso, I put the coat in golden flowers and my diamond necklace, that is not DiCerto of those seen every day.”

They sent for the pettinatora gala, to be doing curls on two lines, and bought some beauty spots by the manufacturer of the most fashionable cities.

So called because Cinderella said its opinion, like the one that had a great deal of taste; Cinderella and die’ their best tips, and, moreover, offered to dress them: Wherefore was accepted without the need to say it twice.

Mentre le vestiva e le pettinava, they said:

“Di’, Cenerentola, avresti caro di venire al ballo?…” .

“Ah, signorine! voi mi canzonate: questi non son divertimenti per me! ”

“You are right: ci sarebbe proprio da ridere, a vedere una Cenerentola, pari tua, a una festa da ballo.”

Un’altra ragazza, nel posto di Cenerentola, avrebbe fatto di tutto per vestirle male; ma essa era una buonissima figliuola, e le vestì e le accomodò come meglio non si poteva fare.

Per la gran contentezza di questa festa, stettero quasi due giorni senza ricordarsi di mangiare: strapparono più di dodici aghetti per serrarsi ai fianchi e far la vita striminzita; e passavano tutt’intera la santa giornata a guardarsi nello specchio.

Venne finalmente il giorno sospirato. Partirono di casa e Cenerentola le accompagnò cogli occhi più lontano che poté: quando non le scorse più, si mise a piangere.

La sua Comare, che la trovò cogli occhi rossi e pieni di pianto, le domandò che cosa avesse.

“I would like to… vorrei…” E piangeva così forte, che non poteva finir la parola.

La Comare, che era una fata, le these:

“Vorresti anche tu andare al ballo, not true?”.

“Me too, yes” disse Cenerentola con un gran sospirone.

“Well: prometti tu d’essere buona?”, disse la Comare. “Allora ti ci farò andare.”

E menatala in camera, le these: “Vai nel giardino e portami un cetriolo”.

Cenerentola scappò subito a cogliere il più bello che poté trovare e lo portò alla Comare, non sapendo figurarsi alle mille miglia come mai questo cetriolo l’avrebbe fatta andare alla festa di ballo.

La Comare lo vuotò per bene, e rimasta la buccia sola, ci batté sopra colla bacchetta fatata, e in un attimo il cetriolo si mutò in una bella carrozza tutta dorata.

Dopo, andò a guardare nella trappola, dove trovò sei sorci, tutti vivi.

Ella disse a Cenerentola di tenere alzato un pochino lo sportello della trappola, e a ciascun sorcio che usciva fuori, gli dava un colpo di bacchetta, e il sorcio diventava subito un bel cavallo: e così messe insieme un magnifico tiro a sei, con tutti i cavalli di un bel pelame grigio-topo-rosato.

E siccome essa non sapeva di che pasta fabbricare un cocchiere:

“Aspettate un poco” disse Cenerentola “voglio andare a vedere se per caso nella topaiola ci fosse un topo; che così ne faremo un cocchiere”.

“Brava!” disse la Comare “va’ a powder’ a vedere.”

Cenerentola ritornò colla topaiola, dove c’erano tre grossi topi.

La fata, fra i tre, scelse quello che aveva la barba più lunga; which, appena l’ebbe toccato, diventò un bel pezzo di cocchiere, e con certi baffi, i più belli che si fossero mai veduti.

Fatto questo, le these:

“Ora vai nel giardino: e dietro l’annaffiatoio troverai sei lucertole. Portamele qui.”

Appena l’ebbe portate, la Comare le convertì in sei lacchè, i quali salirono subito dietro la carrozza, colle loro livree gallonate, e vi si tenevano attaccati, come se in vita loro non avessero fatto altro mestiere.

Allora la fata disse a Cenerentola:

“Eccoti qui tutto l’occorrente per andare al ballo: sei contenta?”.

“Yes, ma che ci devo andare in questo modo, e con questi vestitacci che ho addosso?”

La fata non fece altro che toccarla colla sua bacchetta, e i suoi poveri panni si cambiarono in vestiti di broccato d’oro e di argento, e tutti tempestati di pietre preziose: quindi le diede un paio di scarpine di vetro, che erano una meraviglia.

Quand’ella ebbe finito di accomodarsi, montò in carrozza: ma la Comare le raccomandò sopra ogni altra cosa di non far più tardi della mezzanotte, ammonendola che se ella si fosse trattenuta al ballo un minuto di più, la sua carrozza sarebbe ridiventata un cetriolo, i suoi cavalli dei sorci, i suoi lacchè delle lucertole, i suoi vestiti avrebbero ripreso la forma e l’aspetto cencioso di prima.

Ella dette alla Comare la sua parola d’onore che sarebbe venuta via dal ballo avanti la mezzanotte.

E partì, che non entrava più nella pelle dalla gran contentezza.

Il figlio del Re, essendogli stato annunziato l’arrivo di una Principessa, that no one knew who he was, ran up to receive, and offered his hand to iscendere carriage, and led her into the room where they were bidden.

He then made a great silence: dances were interrupted, the violins playing smessero, all eyes were turned to contemplate the beauty of the great unknown.

You could not hear anything but a confused murmur, and say softly: “Oh! com’è bella!…”.

The same King, as old, not finished off the look, and he was saying softly to the Queen, who for many years was no longer ever seen a woman so beautiful and so pretty.

All the ladies had their eyes on her, to examine the hairstyle and clothes, to do with it and do the same for the next day, provided that it was possible to find the fabrics so beautiful and so talented milliners.

The king's son placed it in the place of honor: then went to pick her up to make her dance. She danced with such grace, to grow in all the wonder.

It was a wonderful refreshments served, that the young Prince did not even tasted, he was so absorbed in gazing at the beautiful stranger.

She went and stood next to her sisters: used their many subtleties: and made them part of the oranges and citrons, that the Prince had given; Wherefore the marveled greatly, because they did not recognize neither point nor little.

In what were talking together, Cinderella felt beat the quarter to twelve; e fatta subito una gran riverenza a tutta la società, scappò via come il vento.

Appena arrivata a casa, corse a trovare la Comare, e dopo averla ringraziata, le disse che avrebbe avuto un gran piacere di tornare anche alla festa del giorno dipoi, perché il figlio del Re l’aveva pregata molto.

Mentre stava raccontando alla Comare tutti i particolari della festa, le due sorelle bussarono alla porta: Cenerentola andò loro ad aprire.

“Quanto siete state a tornare!” disse ella stropicciandosi gli occhi e stirandosi come se si fosse svegliata in quel momento. E sì, che ella non aveva avuto davvero una gran voglia di dormire, dacché s’erano lasciate.

“Se tu fossi stata al ballo”, le disse una delle sue sorelle “non ti saresti annoiata: vi è capitato la più bella Principessa, ma di’ pure la più bella che si possa vedere al mondo: essa ci ha fatto mille garbatezze, e ci ha regalato dei cedri e delle arance.”

Cenerentola non capiva più in sé dalla gioia. Ella domandò loro il nome di questa Principessa; ma quelle risposero che non la conoscevano, e che il figlio del Re si struggeva della voglia di sapere chi fosse, e che per saperlo avrebbe dato qualunque cosa.

Cenerentola sorrise, e disse loro:

“Dev’ esser bella davvero! Dio mio! come siete felici voi altre! Che cosa pagherei di poterla vedere! Via, signora Giulietta, prestatemi il vostro vestito giallo, quello di tutti i giorni…”.

“Giusto, lo dicevo anch’io!” rispose Giulietta. “Prestare il mio vestito a una brutta Cenerentola come te. Bisognerebbe proprio dire che avessi perso il giudizio.”

Questa risposta Cenerentola se l’aspettava: e ne fu contentissima; perché si sarebbe trovata in un grande impiccio, se la sua sorella le avesse prestato il vestito.

La sera dopo le due sorelle tornarono al ballo: e Cenerentola pure; ma vestita anche più sfarzosamente della prima volta.

Il figlio del Re non la lasciò un minuto; e in tutta la serata non fece altro che dirle un monte di cose appassionate e galanti.

La giovinetta, che non s’annoiava punto, si era dimenticata le raccomandazioni fatte dalla Comare; tant’è vero che sentì battere il primo tocco della mezzanotte, e credeva che non fossero ancora le undici. S’alzò e fuggì con tanta leggerezza, che pareva una cervia.

Il Principe le corse dietro, ma non poté raggiungerla.

Nel fuggire, ella lasciò cascare una delle sue scarpine di vetro, che il Principe raccattò con grandissimo amore.

Cenerentola arrivò a casa tutta scalmanata, senza carrozza, senza lacchè e con addosso il vestito di tutti i giorni, non essendole rimasto nulla delle sue magnificenze, all’infuori di una delle sue scarpine, la compagna di quella che aveva perduta per la strada.

Fu domandato ai guardaportoni del palazzo, se per caso avessero veduto uscire una Principessa; ma essi risposero che non avevano veduto uscir nessuno, tranne una ragazza mal vestita e che dall’aspetto pareva piuttosto una contadina che una signora.

Quando le sorelle ritornarono dal ballo, Cenerentola chiese loro se si erano divertite e se c’era stata anche la bella signora.

Esse risposero di si, e che era scappata via allo scocco della mezzanotte, e con tanta furia, che s’era lasciata cascare una delle sue scarpine di vetro, la più bella scarpina del mondo: e che il figlio del Re l’aveva raccattata, e non aveva fatto altro che guardarla tutto il tempo del ballo, e che questo voleva dire che egli era innamorato morto della bella signora, alla quale apparteneva la scarpina.

E dicevano la verità: perché di lì a pochi giorni il figlio del Re fece bandire a suon di tromba che sposerebbe colei, il cui piede avesse calzato bene quella scarpina.

Si cominciò a provare la scarpa alle Principesse: poi alle Duchesse e a tutte le dame di corte: ma era tempo perso.

Fu portata a casa delle due sorelle, le quali fecero ogni sforzo possibile per far entrare il piede in quella scarpa: ma non ci fu modo.

Cenerentola, who was looking at them and that he had recognized the shoe, said to them,:

“I want to see if I'm okay!”.

The sisters began to laugh and to tease.

The gentleman in charge of enforcing the proof of the shoe, having laid eyes on him in Cinderella and it seemed to him very beautiful, said it was only right, and that he had orders to PROVAR the shoe to all the girls.

She sat Cinderella, and approaching the shoe to his foot, saw that it had to do without a trace of fatigue and that he wore like a glove.

The astonishment of the two sisters was great, but grew twice, when Cinderella took out of his pocket the other slipper and stuck it in that other foot.

In Codest point came the Mistress, la quale, given a wand to Cinderella's clothes, made them become much more luxurious, that they were not ever.

Then the two sisters recognized in it the lovely lady seen at dance; and threw themselves at his feet to ask forgiveness of ill-treatment that they did suffer. Cinderella made her raise, e these, embracing, who forgave their heart, and that he prayed to love her forever and dimolto.

Dresses com'era, was conducted by Prince, which seemed more beautiful than all the other times, and after a few days he married her.

Cenerentola, good girl as beautiful, did give a neighborhood to her sisters, and the husband the same day to two gentlemen of the court.


This tale, instead of a moral, ne ha due.

Prima should: beauty, ESPECIALLY for women, is a great treasure; but there is a treasure that is worth even more, and it is the grace, modesty and good manners.

With these skills Cenerentola BECOME arrived in Regina.

Another morale: grace, spirit, courage, modesty, nobility of blood, common sense, all beautiful things; but that benefit these gifts of Providence, if it is not a shill or a godmother, or, as we say today, a good fellow to take us?

Without the help of Brother, che cosa avrebb’ella fatto quella buona e brava figliuola di Cenerentola?







C'era una volta un taglialegna e una taglialegna, i quali avevano sette figliuoli, tutti maschi: il maggiore aveva dieci anni, il minore sette. Farà forse caso di vedere come un taglialegna avesse avuto tanti figliuoli in così poco tempo: ma egli è, che la sua moglie era svelta nelle sue cose, e quando ci si metteva, non faceva meno di due figliuoli alla volta.

And because they were very poor, the seven boys gave them a great thought, for the reason that none of them was able to earn a living.

The thing that most tormented them, was that the child was of a delicate and never spoke: and that this was a manifest sign of the goodness of his character, mistook him for a sign of stupidity.

The boy was the minute of person; and when he came to the world, He did not pass the size of a thumb; so they called Little Thumb.

It happened a year very sad, in which the famine was so great, that these poor people resolved to rid de’ their children.

One night when the kids were in bed, and that the woodcutter was in the song of fire, said, his heart was breaking, his wife:

“As you see, we no longer have to feed our children: and I do not have the heart to vedermeli starve before his eyes: now I am determined to bring them into the woods and have it lose your way; nor it will take great effort, because, while they baloccheranno to make bundles of, we succeed to give legs, without they have time to addarsene”.

“Ah!”, She cried the wife, “and you can have so much heart to disperse yourself your creatures?”

The husband had a nice return to beat the misery, they were in; but his wife would not agree to any terms. It was poor, ma mother was: moreover, recalling also the pain he would feel if he had seen them starve, He ended up resigned to, and he went to bed crying.

Little Thumb had heard all their speeches: and perceived, from bed, who reasoned business, rose on tiptoe, sneaking under the stool of his father, to be able to listen to everything senz'esser seen.

Then went back to bed, and not turned a blind eye to the rest of the night, mulling over what he should do. He rose to a day, and went on the edge of a stream, where he filled the pockets of white pebbles: Chiotto Chiotto then returned home.

They left, Little Thumb, but said nothing to his brothers of what he knew.

They entered into a very thick forest, where at a distance of few steps there was no way of seeing the one towards the other. The woodcutter is made to cut firewood, and boys to collect branches to the bundles.

The father and mother, seeing intent to work, They walked away slowly, until they slunk out of a lane out of hand.

When the boys saw themselves alone, They began to shriek and cry tightly.

Thumb the left yelling, I am sure that in any case they would return home; because he, along the way, He had dropped along the way the white pebbles that had been put in the pocket.

“Do not be afraid of anything, my brothers”, said to them,, “the father and mother have left us here alone; but I will I will turn home: VENITEM behind.”

In fact, they followed him, and he led them by the same route that they had made, going to the woods. At first they did not enter into it coraggi: and messero in ear to the door to hear what they said to one another, father and mother.

Now you must know that when the woodcutter and his wife returned home, found that the ladies of the village had sent them ten crowns, of which the debtor was a long time, and on which there were more. This was enough to put a little’ of breath in the body that poor people, that was just a touch and not to touch starve.

The woodcutter's wife immediately sent from the butcher. And since it was a long time since they had fed, it bought three times more meat than that which would abbisognata for two people dinner.

When they were filled, his wife said:

“Ohimè! where they will now be our children? if they could get round here with our leftovers! but anyhow, William, is’ was you who wanted smarrirli: but I have always said that we would repent. What will they do now in the forest? Ohimè! Dio mio! wolves perhaps by this time have ready-eaten. Just do not have the heart, come te, isperdere for the children in this way!…”.

The woodcutter lost patience, because his wife he repeated more than twenty times that he he would regret, and that it had already said and repeated: and he threatened to beat her if he had not calmed.

This did not mean that the woodcutter could not be more sorrowful wife; but it tormented him too: and he was like so many others, that if they say a lot with women who speak judiciously, but they can not suffer those that are always right.

The woodcutter melted in tears, and always seguitava the dire:

“Ohimè! where they are now my children? My poor children?”.

One time, among other, she said it so loud, the boys, who were behind the door, heard her and cried out all together: “We are here! we are here!”.

She immediately ran to open the door and, embracing, said:

“What a joy to see you again, My dear children! Who knows how you're tired, and hunger have! e tu, Pieruccio, looks a bit’ how did you bedraggled! vien qua, you spillaccheri”.

Pieruccio was the eldest of the children and the mother loved him more good than others, because it was red hair like her.

They messero you at the table and ate with an appetite, that did just consolation to my father and mother, which told, almost all talking at the same time, the great fear that they had had in the forest.

The good people were all glad to see the children at home; But the happiness lasted until lasted ten shields. When these ended, They returned to the miseries sicutera, allor and decided to smarrirli again; and to be sure, thought to lead much farther away than the first time. Moreover, this thing could not talk about it with so much secrecy, did not feel all that Little Thumb; which he thought to clamber out with the usual fallback: name is che, although to get up at dawn to go in search of white pebbles, was just like that, pot and not far NULL, because he found the front door locked and double-locked.

He did not really know what stillarsi, here is that when the mother gave each of them a piece of bread for breakfast. Then he came into his head that he could use it as much bread, instead of pebbles, sowing the crumbs along the way to where they would pass. And you put the bread in your pocket.

The father and mother brought them into the thickest and the darkest point of the forest: and when we arrived were, they took a loophole and via.

Little Thumb it all came neither here nor there in, because he knew he could find your way easily with the help of the crumbs scattered; but imagine how he felt, when he realized that the crumbs them to him had caught birds.

So here they are all afflicted, because they walked more and more they were lost in the forest. Night came and stood a wind to be frightening. It seemed to them to hear all sides cries of wolves, approaching to eat. They had no breath to talk, nor to turn back.

Then came a grand'acqua that bathed them from under the skin: at every step sdrucciolavano and tumbling in the mud: and when it did set up all muddy, They had no place to put your hands.

Little Thumb climbed on top of a tree to see if scuopriva country; and looking on all sides, He saw a little flicker, like that of a candle, which he was far away, far beyond the forest.

She got down from: and when he was on earth, He saw nothing. This thing gave him great pain.

Despite, walking forward with his brothers, to the part where he had seen the flicker, ended up replay it as he left out of the woods.

Finally they arrived at the house where you could see this light: not without experiencing the great tight to the heart, because occasionally the lost sight, especially when they are walking in some very plain low.

They knocked at a door: a good woman came to open their, and he asked them what they wanted.

Thumb said were poor kids who had scattered in the forest, and asking to sleep for the sake of God.

the woman, seeing them all so cute, He is put to cry, e these:

“Ohimè! my children poor, where ever you've come? But you do not know that this is the Orc home eating all children?”.

“Ah, lady”, replied Thumb, who she was shaking like a leaf, and so his brothers. “What do you want us to do? If we take home, It is sure that the wolves will eat us tonight. And in that case, it is better that we eat this gentleman. Maybe if you will pray, it could be that he had compassion on us.”

His wife Orc, the hope of being able to hide from her husband until the next morning, let them come in and brought them to warm up around a good fire, where he turned on the spit a ram yourself wholly, which he was to serve for dinner dell'Orco.

As they began to warm up, beat heard three or four shots at the door screanzati. Orco was the returning.

In men d’un baleno, his wife hid them all under the bed and went to open.

The Ogre at once asked if dinner was deft and lifted the wine cellar: and without loss of time he sat at table. The ram was not cooked and was getting blood, and this seemed even more good. Then, fiutando in qua e di là, He began to say that smelled of raw flesh.

“maybe”, said his wife, “the calf which I have just now peeled, that puts you by the nose that smell.”

“And I say that I feel the smell of raw flesh”, replied the Ogre's wife looking sideways, “and here there must be some subterfuge!…”

In saying so he got up from the table and went straight to the bed.

“Ah!”, he cried, “So you wanted to deceive, ugly witch? I do not know who keeps me from making an even bite you. Good for you, you're old and tigliosa! Here is the game, It happens at the right moment to treat three Orcs my friends, that will come to me in these days.”

And he pulled them out from under the bed, one behind the other.

Those poor children fell on their knees, asking forgiveness, but they had to do with the cruelest of all the Orcs, which, pretending to feel compassion, ate them already with their eyes ahead of time, telling his wife that he would have been a delicate dish, especially if she settled down with a good sauce.

He fetched a knife, and approaching those poor children, the sharpened over a long stone which he held in his left hand.

And he had already grabbed one, when his wife told him:

“What do you want to do at this time? it would not be better to wait until tomorrow?”.

“Chetati, too!”, replied the Ogre. “So will most shortbread.”

“But there is still advancing much meat! There is here a calf, one ram, and half pig…”

“You are right”, said the Ogre, “rimpinzali therefore for good, lest they lean, and portals to bed.”

This good woman, beside himself with joy, He gave them supper: but they did not eat on account of the great fear they were wearing.

As the Ogre, He began to drink, very satisfied to have found that giving to his friends. He emptied a dozen glasses more than usual, until the day Wine’ the head and he was forced to go to bed.

The Ogre had seven daughters, who were always girls, which they were all of a good complexion, because, as the father, They fed on raw meat; but they had the occhiettini gray and round, and a pointed nose and a very large mouth, with a rack of teeth long, sharp and separated from each other.

They had not yet become bad: but promised good, because already biting the children to suck the blood.

They had been sent to bed early, and all seven were in a large bed, each with a golden crown on his head.

In the same room there was another bed of the same size. It was on this bed that the Ogre's wife put to sleep the seven boys; and after he went to bed beside her husband.

Puccettino, who had notice that the Orc daughters wore a gold crown on his head, and that was always afraid that the Ogre not ripentisse to have them slaughtered immediately, He arose at midnight, and taking the caps of the brothers and his, He went very slowly to put them on the head of the seven daughters dell'Orco, after they lifted the golden crown, which put on his head and de’ his brothers, because the Orc mistook them for their daughters, pigliasse and his daughters to the children who wanted to slaughter.

And the thing went appuntino as he figured if he was; because the Orc, He awoke at midnight, He regretted is having deferred to the next day what he could have done the same evening.

Therefore, the bed jumped sharply, and taking the knife:

“Let's go a little’ a vedere”, said, “how are these birbe; and get it over with once and for all”.

Then he went groping in the chamber of his daughters, and he approached the bed where the boys were, who were all asleep, less Thumb, who was terribly frightened when she heard the ogre that probed his head, as already he probed his brothers.

The Orc feeling the golden crown, said:

“Now I could really beautiful! We see just that last night I drank half a finger more”.

So he went to the other bed, and having heard their caps boys:

“here they are”, said, “these monellacci! We work late”.

And in saying so, unhesitatingly, He slits the throats of his seven daughters.

Delighted of himself, He went back to lie down next to his wife.

As soon as Little Thumb heard the Ogre snoring, He woke his brothers and told them to get dressed right away and follow him. They descended on tiptoe into the garden and climbed over the wall. They ran to their heels most of the night, shaking like leaves, and without knowing where they were going.

When the ogre woke, He said to his wife:

“VA’ a powder’ to dress the little urchins last night”.

The ogress remained very surprised of the unusual goodness of her husband, and he not even puts his mind that he wanted to dress them understand another thing, believing in good faith to having to go to dress. So she stepped over, and she gasped in body, seeing her seven daughters you scan and dipped in his own blood. He immediately started by svenirsi, this being the first device, that similar cases occur in all women.

L’Orco, fearing that his wife did not put too much time doing what he had ordered, he went upstairs to give her a hand; and was not less shocked at the sight of that horrendous show.

“Ah! I've never done?”, cried. “But those unfortunates will pay me, e subito!”

And without putting time in half, He threw a pitcher of water on the nose of his wife, and so having it made to his senses:

“Give me now”, said, “my boots seven kilometers, because I want them to reach”.

And there went out the open country, and after being here and there, finally he puts the road beating precisely those poor boys, who were perhaps within a distance of a hundred yards from the family home.

They saw the ogre who was passing by in the mountains mountain, crossing the river with the same ease as if they were streams.

Little Thumb look having a hollow rock,, there near the place where they were, did you hide the six brothers, and hid too, however, without losing sight of all the moves dell'Orco.

The Orc who was beginning to feel the finished road made (because the boots of seven kilometers are very strenuous for the wearer), thought of ripigliar breath, the sky and wanted him to go precisely to sit on the rock, where those guys were hiding.

And because he was dead tired, after lying he fell asleep, and made so much noise with snoring, that the poor guys had the same fear when they saw him with the knife in his hand, in place to get them to the party.

But Little Thumb was not all this fear, and he told the brothers to escape to his heels back home, while the Ogre was asleep like a log; and not to stay in it for him.

They do not say if they did twice, and in a few minutes they arrived home.

Little Thumb meanwhile approached the Ogre: the rose adagino boots, e sure to know the infilò.

These boots were very large and very large, but because they were fairies, had the virtue of grow and shrink, the second leg of who wore them: whereby, returning the precise, as if they had been made to his foot.

He went to the house of career dell'Orco, where he found his wife weeping for her daughters killed.

“Your husband”, said Thumb, “It is located in a great danger: It has fallen into the hands of a gang of killers, who they have sworn to kill him, if it does not deliver them all his gold and his silver. While they were with the dagger to the throat, it has seen me, and he asked me to come here to warn you of his sad condition and to invite you to give me all that he possesses valuable, without anything hold you, because different case, they will kill him without a trace of mercy. And since time is running out, he wanted me to take his boots seven kilometer, as you see, and not just because I spicciassi, but also so that you can make sure that I'm not a cheater.”

The good woman, all scared, She gave him everything he had; because the Orc, in the end, He was a good husband, though it was fond of children.

Puccettino, with the load on him all the Ogre's riches, he returned to his father's house, where he was greeted with loud cheers.

There is for other people who do not believe that it end like this; and claim that Little Thumb not ever commit this theft to the detriment of the Ogre: and that just did not care to get him the boots of seven kilometers, because he used it only to chase the boys.

These ensure those having known the truth right on the spot, for loved to eat and drink in the house of the woodcutter.

Recount, therefore, that when Little Thumb had put on his boots Orco, He went to the Court, where they were all in great thought for army, that was in the country at a distance of two hundred kilometers, and the outcome of a battle date a few days later.

Little Thumb the result that he went to see the king and told him that if he wished he could bring him the news of the army, before the sun goes down. The King promised him a large sum, if he had been a long.

The evening news Thumb returned hill army; and this first race having put in good eyesight, He earned what he wanted; because the King paid him handsomely, making use of him to carry out his orders to the field; and countless ladies gave him what he asked, for their new lovers; and this was the most conclusive gain of all other. There were also some wives who delivered letters to their husbands; but they paid with their elbows, and the profit was so mean, he did not deign even to score in the book of the small blessings that pervenivano useful for this title.

After doing for some time the carrier's craft, and have amassed great wealth, He returned to his father's house, where you can not imagine the party that made him to see him among them.

He put his family in comfort; bought degl'impieghi, newly founded, for his father and brothers: He formed a state at all cost; and it was always a bit of time, much to do Beau ladies hill.


The history of this little hero, the French call Tom Thumb, because it was great just like the thumb, It was probably invented on purpose to give reason and authority to that ancient proverb: “The men are not measured in barrels!”.




Pelle d’asino


There was a Voïta a King so powerful, so well-liked by’ its peoples and so respected by his neighbors and allies, which he could be said to be the happiest of all the monarchs of the earth.

Among its many fortunes, There was also to be chosen for a companion Princess, beautiful as virtuous: and they ventured newlyweds lived as two souls in a pit.

From their chaste Hymen was born a daughter, adorned with all the graces and all the attractions, a sign that does not make them wish for a larger sonship.

The luxury, the abundance, good taste prevailed in their palace: Ministers were wise and able: the virtuous and loyal courtiers: the trusted servants and hardworking: the vast stables and full de’ the most beautiful horses in the world, all covered with magnificent trappings.

But the thing that was most impress outsiders, who came to visit those beautiful stables, was that in the midst of them, and in the most visible place, Mr. Donkey was a display of his great and long ears.

Nor can we say that this was a whim; if the King had assigned a special place of honor and almost, It was his reason. For you must know that this rare animal indeed deserve every respect, because that nature had formed in a manner so extraordinary and singular, every morning his litter box, instead of being dirty, It was covered with a profusion of beautiful sequins and gold napoleons, which they were picked up, As soon as he woke up.

But since the misfortunes are tiles that fall upon the heads of the King as on that of his subjects, and there is no joy without there being mixed some displeasure, so it happened that the Queen was suddenly seized by an illness fair, for which neither science nor the doctors knew whatsoever to suggest a remedy. The desolation was at its height.

Il Re, tender-hearted and in love, in spite of the proverb “Marriage is the tomb of love”, he gave in to despair and made ardent votes to all the gods of the kingdom, and he offered his life for that of a bride so adored: but the gods and fairies were deaf to all prayer.

Meanwhile the Queen, feeling approaching the breaking news, she said to her husband, who wept struggevasi:

“Before dying, you do not be amiss if I demand from you something; and it's, that if you should wish to rimaritarvi…”.

At these words the king called in by screams rend your heart. He took the hand of his wife and tears bathed, swearing that he was a more save him talking about another marriage.

“Not, no, My dear Queen”, he cried, “rather than tell me I must follow you!”

“The state”, He resumed the Queen with an imperturbable calm, which increased the pangs and tortures of the King, “the state's right to demand from you successors; and seeing that I have given only a daughter, you'll want the children that resemble: but I, with all the strength and all the good that you wanted me, I ask you not to give in to pressure from’ your peoples, except when you have found a more beautiful Princess and done better than I. Giuratemelo, and he will die happy.”

Some believe that the Queen, which was not without a certain amount of self-love, He wanted to force this oath, because, convinced as he was that in the world there was no other woman from Starla in the face for beauty, It was thus to make sure that the King would never riammogliato.

At last she died, nor was there ever husband who did so much noise. He cried like a cut lives, sobbed day and night, and he had no other thought, that to fulfill all the ceremonial and all the hassle of widowhood.

But great pains do not last.

On the other hand, the elders of the state gathered, and presented themselves in a deputation to the King, They grew to ask him resumption wife.

This proposal seemed hard, and was the cause of new whining. Messe half the oath to the Queen and challenged all his advisers to find him a more beautiful mogile and made the best of his bride good soul; convinced that it would be impossible.

But the Council called childish similar oaths, and added that beauty care up to a certain point, provided that the queen was virtuous and good to make children: and for the peace and tranquility of the state they took the hereditary princes: that, without a doubt, the Infanta had all the desired qualities to become a great Queen, It was fitting to give her to a stranger isposo: and in this case, or the stranger would have brought her to his house, the, reigning with it, their children would not be considered the same blood: and finally, not having no sons he bearing his name, their neighbors could give birth to wars to lead the state to ruin.

Il Re, touched by these considerations, He gave word that he would think to please them. He tried indeed among the princesses of marriageable what would be most suitable for him. Each day brought him to see beautiful portraits: but there was not even one that had the graces of the late Queen. And so he never decided.

And behold, that by its great misfortune, although it had been until then a man of judgment pien, all of a sudden gave time to the brain, and he began to seize fixing believe that the Infanta his daughter won by far in grace and beauty of the Queen Mother, and he understood that he was determined to marry her, because she alone could dissolve the promise made.

In this brutal proposition, the young Princess, a fine virtue and modesty, He just ran it would not fall to the ground unconscious. He threw himself at the feet of his father King, and he entreated, with all the strength, not to force her to commit such a crime.

Ma il Re, that was thick in the head this strange idea, he wanted to consult an old man, to quiet the conscience of the young Princess. Il druid, most ambitious knew that the holy, He paid no heed to sacrifice the innocence and virtue, for the pride of becoming the confidant of a great King, and he found a way to creep in with so much grace in the soul of him, and so she embellished the crime he was about to commit, who even persuaded him to marry his daughter was a meritorious.

Il Re, put on by the infamous speeches, She hugged him, and she left him more stubbornly than ever in his idea, Infanta and ordered to prepare to obey.

The young Princess Nonetheless a bitter pain, He saw no other way out than to go to the house of her godmother, the Lilac Fairy. So he left the same evening in a nice gig, pulled by a big ram who knew all the streets, and he got safely.

La fata, who was very fond of the Infanta, He told her that he knew everything, but that he does not give any thought, because it could not happen to no harm, only he had listened faithfully to its requirements.

“Because, My dear daughter”, ella disse, “It would be a great mistake marrying your father: and you, not to contradict, you can tirarvene out: ditegli, that satisfy a whim, There he must presents an air-colored dress. With all its power he will never be capable of such.”

The princess thanked the endless gossip, and the next morning he repeated to the King, his father, what the fairy had advised, saying that without the air-colored dress, she would never agree to anything.

Il Re, happily for hope had, He gathered the most famous workmen and ordered them this fabric, under penalty that, if they were not able, he made all hang them from first to last. But there was no sorrow to come to these extremes. The next day brought him the coveted dress: and when the sky is dotted with clouds of gold does not have a nicer color than you had this fabric, when it was explained.

The Infanta he was most grieving and did not know how to get out quest'impiccio. The King trod to come to a conclusion. He had to come back another time the godmother, which amazed that her fallback had not done the effect, He suggested she try on to ask another moon-colored dress.

Il Re, who knew nothing ricusarle, He sent out in search of more capable workers, and he ordered them a moon-colored dress, and so eagerly being bullied, that between the order it and bring it back ready-made, there ran twenty-four hours.

The infant, in love in the first over of the magnificent dress of all her father's attentions, Then he was sad beyond measure, soon he found himself along with his women and with his nurse.

The Lilac Fairy, who knew everything, He came to the aid of disconsolate Princess, and he told her:

“Or I do not guesses longer a, or have reason to believe that if you asked him now for a sun-colored dress, It would be the direction of displeasing the King, your father; because it is impossible that we can reach to fabricate a similar cloth. Evil evil that goes, always we will gain time”.

L'Infante us Persu, and he asked for the dress. Il Re, all love for her, He gave without regret all the diamonds and rubies of his crown, with orders not to save anything because this fabric could partner in the sun: so much so that when it was put on display, all who saw, They were forced to close his eyes to the great glow. You will want to begin fact that since that time the use of green and smoked lens glasses.

Imagine a little’ He remained as the Infanta to that seen. What more beautiful and artistically worked he had not ever seen. She remained confused, On the pretext that it hurt the eyes, He retired in his room, where the fairy was waiting with the blush of shame to the tip of the hair. And there happened to worse; because the fairy, seeing the sun-colored dress, He became flushed from chagrin.

“Oh, this time then, dear daughter”, diss'ella all'infanta, “We put the unworthy love of your father to a terrible ordeal. Be it that he really set the nail in this marriage, that figure is very close: but I am sure that will remain very sbalestrato the question that I recommend him. This is the donkey skin, to which he wants much good because it provides so wide all the expenses of his court. Go, and tell him you want the skin.”

The infant, tutt'allegra to have found another scappavia to mess up a marriage that hated, and sure hope glue that her father would never agree to sacrifice the ass of his heart, He went to him and bluntly said he wanted the skin of that beautiful animal.

Although the King remained very puzzled why whim, He did not hesitate to satisfy her. The poor donkey was sacrificed and her skin was presented with great gallantry Infanta, la quale, no longer seeing any means to escape his misfortune, He was about to lose heart and give in to despair; when here came the fairy:

“What are you doing, my daughter”, she said, seeing the princess who tore his hair and scratched her pretty face; “This is the luckiest moment of your life. Wrap yourself in the skin MISUSE, exit the building and walk until you see the ground beneath your feet. When you sacrifice everything to virtue, Gods know reward. Go; It will be sure that your stuff will follow you everywhere; anywhere, where you will stop, cassette de’ your clothes and your joys will be coming back under the ground: here's my wand: Gift sees, and beating it into the ground as many times as you need your tape, the tape will appear before your eyes. But Hurry starting, and no more ado”.

The Infanta embraced a thousand times her godmother, begging her to never abandon; He puts on that ugly skin, and after the soot smeared face, It emerged from the magnificent palace, without anyone recognize her.

The Infanta disappearance made a great fuss.

Il Re, that he had prepared a magnificent feast, She was desperate and did not know docks peace. Die order they left more than a hundred gendarmes and more than a thousand musketeers in search of her daughter: me to face, that protected, She made her invisible to the eyes of all; and so it was necessary to deal with it.

The Infanta meanwhile inflicted day and night. It went away, and then further, and further and further away, and everywhere he was looking for a place to be used; But though for the charity gave a bite, nobody wanted to know about her, on account of seeing her so filthy.

finally he came to a beautiful city, where near the door it was a farm: and the farmer's wife had just needs a woman from overwork to wash the rags and cleaned to keep the turkeys and pigs stalled. Seeing this gypsy so filthy, He asked her to enter his service: and the Infanta agreed heartily, tired as she was that he had done so much land.

It was put in a corner of the kitchen, where on the first day he had to endure the vulgar jokes of the low servidorame, so his skin donkey made it dirty and disgusting.

In the end they made the eye, and why she showed very precise with the chores she had to do, the fattoressa the sockets in its good thanks.

Menava the grass sheep, and, his now, The he remitted within: and also he looked at turkeys, and did it with so much intelligence, that seemed to have done another job in his life: everything flourished and prospered in his hands.

One day, as she sat at a water fountain crystal clear, where he often came to mourn his miserable fate, jumped in chief is mirrored by it, and the horrible donkey skin, that served as a hat and dress, He frightened her.

Ashamed of being in that state, He very carefully washed his face and hands, that became more ivory white, and her beautiful complexion filming the freshness of first.

The pleasure of being so beautiful made her enter the urge to get wet, and he bathed: but after, to return to the farm, He agreed to get back on the usual Pellacchia.

For good luck the next day was a holiday; so had plenty of handy bring up his box, to sit down and comb respectable, to give the powder to his beautiful hair and put on her beautiful dress of color’ aria. His room was so tiny, that had nothing to do either around the train of her skirt.

The beautiful princess is aimed, and is admired by herself, and with great pleasure; rather, with such pleasure, decided that from that moment on to get at parties and on Sundays, one at a time, all her beautiful clothes, if only to give himself a little’ leisure. And punctually kept his grip resolution.

She wove flowers and diamonds between her beautiful hair, with admirable art: and often he sighed, mortified not to have to witness, if not his sheep and his turkeys, that they wanted the same good, also see her dressed in that horrible donkey skin, who gave her the bad nickname, between the farm people.

A day of celebration, where Pelle d'Asino had put on her sun-colored dress, The king's son, to which belonged the farm, returning from the hunt, He stopped to get some’ rest.

That Prince was young, bello, made of the person brush, the right eye of his father, the love of his mother Queen, the idol of all its peoples. It was offered to the Prince a snack country, he accepted: and after it put to turn to the courts and all the closets.

And in girandolare here and there, He entered a dark passage, in the bottom of which saw a closed door. Curiosity made him put his eye to the keyhole. But imagine how he felt!, when he saw the princess so beautiful and so richly dressed! At his noble and modest appearance, the sockets for a Dea. The heat of passion, he felt at that moment, It was so strong, DiCerto that he smashed the door, if he had not held back the respect that gl'ispirava quell'angiolo woman.

He came away with great strides to quell'andito dark and gloomy, but he did it to go straight to inquire who was the person who was in that small cameruccia. They said it was a servaccia, called Donkey Skin, because of skin glue which she dressed, and it was greasy and tutt'unta to do disgusting to look at and to speak, and who had just taken pity to send her back to sheep and turkeys.

Prince, little satisfied with this clearing, he immediately noticed that the ordinary people do not know more, and he was breath thrown away stand to question. He went back to his father's palace, love from not being able to say what, and coll'immagine fixed before the eyes, of that divine creature who had seen through the keyhole. He regretted not beating at the door: but I swear that another time he would not happen again.

Meanwhile, the great turmoil of the blood caused by love, He puts him in the night a high fever horses, that in a few hours reduced him to a flicker.

The Queen mother, that he had neither son that what, He gave to despair, seeing unnecessary return all remedies: and vainly he promised big rewards to doctors: they were using their whole art, but it was not enough to heal the Prince.

Eventually they guessed that this great sickness came from some secret passion, and they warned the Queen; la quale, all tenderness for his son, She was begged to reveal the cause of his malady, by saying that even if it were to give him the crown, the king his father would come down from the throne without regret, just to see him happy; and that if he had wanted to marry a Princess, He would make any sacrifice because he could have, even if they were at war with the father of it and there were just a grudge; but for heaven's sake begged him not to let himself die because of her life depended on their.

The Waste Queen could not finish this moving speech without wetting the face of the Prince with a flood of tears.

“Lady”, spake and said the Prince with a whisper, “I'm not a child so unnatural to want the crown of my father: God grant that he still fields a hundred years, and that I can be the most loyal and the most respectful of his subjects! As for the Princess you offer me, I have not even thought to ammogliarmi: but when it, you may believe that, subdued as they are, always I would do your will, whatever it may cost me.”

“Ah! my son”, shoot the Queen, “There seem anything serious, in order to save your life: but, my dear son, save my life and that of your father, letting us know your wish, and rest assured that you will be contented.”

“Well, lady”, he said, “because you want to force that will manifest my desire, I will obey; especially since it would seem to me a crime of endangering the lives of two beings, I have dear. Well, my mother, I wish I can do with a sweet dish Donkey Skin: and when it will be done, I've brought here.”

The Regina, hearing such a bizarre name, asked who this Donkey Skin.

“Lady”, He answered one of’ his officers, who by chance had seen, “It is the most ugly beast, After the wolf: a tinted muzzle, filth that lives on your farm which houses turkeys.”

“This means nothing”, said the Queen, “maybe my son, returning from hunting, He has eaten his pastry: It will be a whim sick: but ultimately I want Donkey Skin (since this leather light’ Donkey exists) the face immediately a mess.”

He was sent to the farm and made her come Donkey Skin, to order a mess for the Prince, and why he puts all his skill.

Some writers claim that at that point, in which Prince put his eye to the keyhole, the eyes of Donkey Skin it avvidero; and that after, affacciatasi to his little window, and saw this so young Prince, so beautiful, and so well-formed, He would have kept the carved image of the heart, and that often this memory the cost was some big sigh!

The fact is that Donkey Skin, or he wanted, or had only heard much good about him, she was overjoyed to have found the way to get to know. He locked himself in his bedroom: He threw in a song that Pellacchia filthy, He very carefully washed his face and hands, He smoothed his blond hair, He slipped a beautiful small screw shiny silver and a petticoat of the same stuff, and she is made to do so desired mess. He took the fine flour, eggs and fresh butter. And while working to knead, If he or other, a ring in his finger fell into the dough, and remained inside. When the mess was cooked, remittances is wearing his horrible skin d’ Donkey and handed the mess officer, which he asked the new Prince: but these do not even deign to reply, and he ran immediately by Prince with mess.

The Prince took him eagerly from his hands and ate with such voracity, that doctors, there present, They said immediately that this was no point starving a good sign.

In fact she just ran that the Prince did not remain strangled ring, who he found in a pie slice: but he was able to cavarselo mouth with great dexterity, and so he slowed a bit even the fury of eating, looking at the beautiful emerald set in a gold circle, who he was so closely, he judged it would not feel good other than the finger prettiest and most fascinating in the world.

He kissed a thousand times the ring, I put under the pillow, and every bit, when she thought of not being seen by anyone, I pulled out to watch. There's no telling how much you torment your brain to imagine ways to get to know the one, to which this ring goes well. He did not dare to hope that if he had asked for Donkey Skin, ie that it had made the mess he requested, gliel'avrebbero made come; and he did not even have the courage to reveal to a living soul what he had seen through the keyhole, for fear that canzonassero and pigliassero for a visionary. The fact that he has all these thoughts tormented him with such zeal, he recovered a large fever: and doctors, not knowing what to say, They declared to the Queen that her son was sick of love. The Queen went straight from son, together with the King, who could not find peace.

“Son, my dear son”, said the king, addoloratissimo, “also reveals the name of what you want, for we do swear to give it to, even if only the most vile of all the slaves of the earth.”

The Regina, hugging him, The he repeated the promise of the King. Prince, softened by tears and caresses of the authors of’ his days:

“My father and my mother”, said to them,, “I do not think the point to forge a bond, I can make you regret, and proof, I tell the truth”, he added, holding up the emerald under the pillow, “it's this one, I'm going to marry the woman who can get this ring on my finger, whoever she is; nor it is there to suspect that the one having a finger so graceful and subtle to be a peasant or a Marrano”.

The King and Queen took the ring in hand, They examined it with great curiosity, and they ended by saying as the Prince said, namely, he could not perform well, if not to a girl from a good family. Then the King, embraced the Prince and scongiuratolo to heal, He left the room and made to give the drums, the fifes and trumpets throughout the city and banish by means of his heralds that it was no help but come to the palace to try on a ring, and that to which he would return accurate, She would marry the heir to the throne.

First came the Princesses: the Duchess poi, the Marquis and Baronesse; but all had a bell'assottigliarsi fingers: there was one which could slip the ring. He agreed to come down modistine, which, although pretty, the fingers were too big. The Prince was beginning to feel better, acted as if the same test. It was finally the waiter; and also these made the figure of any other. There was no woman that he had not tried in vain to get the ring, when the Prince wanted them to be cooks, The scullery maids and pecoraie: and all the were before menate; but their ditoni thick and squat could not pass in the ring, beyond dell'ugna.

“It was made to come as Donkey Skin, days ago, She made a cake?”, He asked the Prince.

Everyone messero laughed and said no, because it was too dirty and suck.

“Look for it soon”, said the king, “it will never be said that I have made one exception.”

Laughing and mocking, They ran in search of tacchinaia.

The infant, he had heard the drums and the announcement of the heralds of arms, He had already figured that his ring was the cause of all this diavoleto; she loved the Prince, and because true love is shy and modest, so glue was always afraid that some lady had not a little finger as his, so it was for her great joy when they came to seek and to knock at his door.

Ever since she had come to know that you tried your finger, to which his ring goes well, a vague hope had recommended to comb with more love than usual and to put her beautiful silver bust, with her skirt all ruffles and silver embroidery and sown with emeralds. Just knock on the door and called to go to the King, Deft as a flash he resigned his donkey skin and opened. The courtiers, multiplying it in jest, they told her that the King was looking for her, for her to marry his son; then in the middle of the more matte laughter, They took her by Prince: which, also amazed by the strange clothing of the girl, he did not believe it was the same he had seen with their own eyes, so brilliant and so beautiful!

Grim and confused that I have this crab dry egregious:

“Seven voi”, he asked, “that dwell at the bottom of that dark corridor, in the third courtyard of the farm?”.

“Yessir!”, He answered.

“Let me see your hand”, He said he trembling and with a big sigh.

Guess you now who was more astonished all? It was the King and Queen, They were all the chamberlains, and the great of the Court, When they saw come out from under that black skin and greasy, a delicate little hand, white and pink, where the ring without much effort could slip into the most beautiful finger of the world; so for a slight movement made Infanta, Skin fell, and she appeared in a beauty so dazzling, that Prince, although still very weak, he fell at his feet and embraced so eagerly, which she made her blush; but almost no one noticed, because the King and the Queen were to also embrace it with great tenderness, and they asked if he was glad to marry their son.

The Principessa, confused by so many caresses and love showed that this handsome Prince, He was to thank, when suddenly the ceiling of the hall opened, and the fairy Lilac, lowering himself inside a twisted wagon with branches and with the flowers of his name, He told with infinite grace the whole story of the Infanta. The King and Queen are delighted to know that Donkey Skin was a great Princess, redoubled attention, but the Prince always showed more sensitive to the virtues of the Princess, and his love grew for all the things he had heard.

His impatience to marry the Princess was so strong, who did not give her no time to make affordable preparations for this august imeneo.

The king and the queen, in love with their daughter, They made her a thousand caresses and always kept close in their arms. She had said that she could not marry the Prince without the consent of her father King; so he was the first to be invited, without telling him for another the bride's name: the Lilac Fairy who, com’è naturale, It was the one that controlled everything, He had wanted so, to avoid any consequences.

They arrived princes and kings from all countries; those in sedan, those drawn carriage; the farthest were riding above elephants, above tigers and above eagles; but the most magnificent and the most powerful of all was the father of the Infanta, which, for good luck, He had forgotten his strange love and married a Queen, widow and very beautiful.

The Infanta went to meet him; and he immediately recognized and embraced with great tenderness, before she had the time to throw himself at her feet. The King and Queen presented him with their son, to which he made a lot of garbatezze. The wedding was celebrated with a squander beyond description. The newlyweds, GP little of all these magnificence, they did not see and did not think anything but themselves.

Il Re, father Prince, himself crowned his son on the same day, and kissing his hand, She placed him on the throne, in spite of the resistance offered by this delicious son: but it was necessary to obey. The parties to these distinguished nuptials lasted more than three months; but the love of the young couple would last even today, much they loved, if they were a hundred years after deaths.


The story of Donkey Skin is a bit’ difficult to take her for real; but as long as the world there will be grandmothers, moms and teens, they will remember it all with pleasure.




The fairies


C’era una volta una vedova che aveva due figliuole. La maggiore somigliava tutta alla mamma, di lineamenti e di carattere, e chi vedeva lei, vedeva sua madre, tale e quale. Tutte e due erano tanto antipatiche e così gonfie di superbia, che nessuno le voleva avvicinare. Viverci insieme poi, era impossibile addirittura. La più giovane invece, per la dolcezza dei modi e per la bontà del cuore, era tutta il ritratto del suo babbo… e tanto bella poi, tanto bella, che non si sarebbe trovata l’eguale. E naturalmente, poiché ogni simile ama il suo simile, quella madre andava pazza per la figliuola maggiore; e sentiva per quell’altra un’avversione, una ripugnanza spaventevole. La faceva mangiare in cucina, e tutte le fatiche e i servizi di casa toccavano a lei.

Fra le altre cose, bisognava che quella povera ragazza andasse due volte al giorno ad attingere acqua a una fontana distante più d’un miglio e mezzo, e ne riportasse una brocca piena.

One day, mentre stava appunto lì alla fonte, le apparve accanto una povera vecchia che la pregò in carità di darle da bere.

“Ma volentieri, nonnina mia…” rispose la bella fanciulla “aspettate; vi sciacquo la brocca…”

E subito dette alla mezzina una bella risciacquata, la riempì di acqua fresca, e gliela presentò sostenendola in alto con le sue proprie mani, affinché la vecchiarella bevesse con tutto il suo comodo.

Quand’ebbe bevuto, disse la nonnina:

“Tu sei tanto bella, quanto buona e quanto per benino, figliuola mia, che non posso fare a meno di lasciarti un dono”.

Quella era una Fata, che aveva preso la forma di una povera vecchia di campagna per vedere fin dove arrivava la bontà della giovinetta. E continuò:

“Ti do per dono che ad ogni parola che pronunzierai ti esca di bocca o un fiore o una pietra preziosa”.

The girl came home with the pitcher, a few minutes later; her mother gave her a hell of noise for that small delay.

“Mamma, abbi pazienza, ti domando scusa…”, disse la figliuola tutta umile, e intanto che parlava le uscirono di bocca due rose, due perle e due brillanti grossi.

“Ma che roba è questa!…”, esclamò la madre stupefatta, “sbaglio o tu sputi perle e brillanti!… O come mai, my daughter?…”

Era la prima volta in tutta la sua vita che la chiamava così, e in tono affettuoso. La fanciulla raccontò ingenuamente quel che le era accaduto alla fontana; e durante il racconto, figuratevi i rubini e i topazi che le caddero già dalla bocca!

“Oh, che fortuna…”, disse la madre, “bisogna che ci mandi subito anche quest’altra. Senti, Cecchina, guarda che cosa esce dalla bocca della tua sorella quando parla. Ti piacerebbe avere anche per te lo stesso dono?… Basta che tu vada alla fonte; e se una vecchia ti chiede da bere, daglielo con buona maniera.”

“E non ci mancherebbe altro!…”, rispose quella sbadata. “Andare alla fontana ora!”

“Ti dico che tu ci vada… e subito”, gridò la mamma.

Brontolò, brontolò; ma brontolando prese la strada portando con sé la più bella fiasca d’argento che fosse in casa. La superbia, capita, e l’infingardaggine!… Appena arrivata alla fonte, eccoti apparire una gran signora vestita magnificamente, che le chiede un sorso d’acqua. Era la medesima Fata apparsa poco prima a quell’altra sorella; ma aveva preso l’aspetto e il vestiario di una principessa, per vedere fino a quale punto giungeva la malcreanza di quella pettegola.

“O sta’ a vedere…”, rispose la superba, “che son venuta qui per dar da bere a voi!… Sicuro!… per abbeverare vostra Signora, non per altro!… Guardate, se avete sete, la fonte eccola lì.”

“Avete poca educazione, ragazza…”, rispose la Fata senza adirarsi punto, “e giacché siete così sgarbata, vi do per dono che ad ogni parola pronunziata da voi vi esca di bocca un rospo o una serpe.”

Appena la mammina la vide tornare da lontano, le gridò a piena gola:

“Therefore, Cecchina, com’è andata?”.

“Non mi seccate, mamma!…”, replicò la monella; e sputò due vipere e due rospacci.

“O Dio!… che vedo!…”, esclamò la madre. “The fault must be entirely your sister, but she shall pay…”

And it moves to beat. That poor girl ran away to chase and took refuge in the nearby forest.

The son of the King, who was returning from the hunt met for a lane, and seeing her so beautiful, asked her what she was doing in that place all alone, and because he was crying so much.

“La mamma…”, these tired, “sent me out of the house and I wanted to beat…”

The son of the King, he saw out of that little mouth five or six pearls and as many diamonds, begged her to tell why it was possible something so wonderful. And the girl told for word for word everything that had happened.

Il Principe reale se ne innamorò subito e considerando che il dono della Fata valeva più di qualunque grossa dote che potesse avere un’altra donna, la condusse senz’altro al palazzo del Re suo padre e se la sposò.

Quell’altra sorella frattanto si fece talmente odiare da tutti, che sua madre stessa la cacciò via di casa; e la disgraziata dopo aver corso invano cercando chi acconsentisse a riceverla andò a morire sul confine del bosco.




Gli Smeralda, pearl, ed i Diamanti

High beam eyes alive with splendor;

But the sweet words and the sweet tears

They often have more strength and more value.




The courtesy lights that bell'alme,

Costa sometimes bitter sorrows and pains;

But sooner or later the virtue shines,

And when we think men get the prize.




Little Red Riding Hood


Once upon a time in a village a little girl, the prettiest girl you could ever see. La sua mamma n’era matta, and his grandmother even more.

The good woman her mother had to make a little red riding hood, which came back so well in the face, who called it everywhere Red Riding Hood.

One day her mother, having dug out of the oven a few stiacciate, le these:

“VA’ a powder’ and see how your grandmother, because they told me it was a little’ incomodata: and while this portal custard and this little pot of butter”.

Little Red Riding Hood, not have it say it twice, left to go to her grandmother, which was in another village. And passing through a wood, he ran into that good wool of the Wolf, which would have had a great desire to eat it; but then did not have the courage to do it, because of some woodcutters who were there in the forest.

He asked her where she was going.

The poor child, he did not know how dangerous it is to stop and heed the Wolf, said:

“Am going to see my grandmother and bring her a custard, with this little pot of butter, that sends my mom”.

“Is very far from here?”, said the Wolf.

“Oh, other!”, said Little Red Riding Hood. “He's over there, past the mill, which is seen here, in the first house, at the beginning of the village.”

“Fine”, said the Wolf, “I want to come see it too. I shall take this part I, e tu da quell’altra, and we'll get to those soon.”

The Wolf is made to run on his way, it was a shortcut, with how much strength he had in his legs: and the little girl went on his way, that was the longest, pottering to seize the filberts, to give back to butterflies, and to make bunches of flowers with all, he met along the way.

The Wolf in two jumps arrived at the grandmother's house and knocked on.

“Toc, toc.”

“Who is?”

“I am your child, I am Little Red Riding Hood”, said the Wolf, contraffacendone item, “and I come to bring you a custard and a little pot of butter, mamma che vi command of hundred.”

The good grandmother, who was in bed because she did not feel too well, shouted:

“Pull the bobbin, and the door will open”.

The Wolf pulled the bobbin, and the porta themselves aprì. Just inside, he threw himself on the good woman and ate her up in less than no say, because they were three days had not sdigiunato. Then shut the door and went to stand in the grandmother's bed, waiting for the arrival of Little Red Riding Hood, that, shortly, was a knock at the door.

“Toc, toc.”

“Who is?”

Little Red Riding Hood, that he felt the big booming voice of the Wolf, was at first a little’ of fear; but believing her grandmother had said infreddata:

“I am your child, I am Little Red Riding Hood, I come to bring you a custard and a little pot of butter, mamma che vi command of hundred”.

The Wolf cried out in, thinning a bit’ the voce:

“Pull the bobbin, and the door will open.”

Little Red Riding Hood pulled the bobbin, and the door opened.

The Wolf, Dress it enters, le these, hiding under the covers:

“Laying the custard and the little pot of butter on the cupboard and come to bed with me”.

Little Red Riding Hood undressed and got into bed, where he had a big surprise to see what she was like her grandmother, when it was all stripped. And he began to say:

“Or my grandmother, what big arms you have!”.

“The best is to hug, my child.”

“Or my grandmother, that you have great legs!”

“Is striving for the best, my child.”

“Or my grandmother, what big ears you have!”

“He has to feel better, my child.”

“Or my grandmother, what big eyes you have!”

“He has to see better, my child.”

“Or my grandmother, what big teeth you have!”

“That is to eat better.”

And in saying so, that illness Wolf threw himself on poor Little Red Riding Hood, e ne fece un boccone.


The story of Little Red Riding Hood shows the youths and maidens, and in particular to young girls, that you should never stop in the street to talk with people you do not know: because of the wolves there and everywhere of different species, and the most dangerous are precisely the ones who have to face people polite and full of compliments and good manners.




Il gatto con gli stivali


A Mugnaio, He came to death, He left no other assets to his three sons who had, if not its mill, her ass and her cat.

So the divisions were soon made: nor was there a need lawyer and notary; which, com’è naturale, They would be eaten in one bite tutt'intera the small inheritance.

The largest was the mill.

The second, the donkey.

And the younger of the brothers had only cat.

The latter could not give himself peace, to be his part touched so low.

“My brothers”, did he say, “can rise ahead honestly, Waving life together: ma quanto a me, when I have eaten up my cat, fattomi and a sleeve of his skin, You have to resign yourself to starve.”

The cat, she felt these speeches, and pretended not intended for docks, he said with serious face and quiet:

“You do not give in to despair, padron mio! You do not have to do is find me a lot and give me a pair of boots to go into the woods; and then I will show that in the part that is touched, It has not been treated as badly as might believe”.

Although the owner of the cat pigliasse these words for cash currency, in every way she had seen him do so many games of skill in catch mice, or get with dangling, attached to the feet, or by making the dead, hidden in the flour, coll'aver that ended any hope of finding him a bit’ help in his misery.

As soon as the cat had what he wanted, bravely slipped on his boots, and putting the bag in the neck, took the ropes in front paws and went in a rabbit hutch, where there were plenty of rabbits.

Placed inside the bag a little’ bran and sow-thistle: and he is lying on the ground as if dead, He waited for some young rabbits, still a novice in the world of chiapperelli, He came to shove in the bag by the neck to eat the stuff that was in it.

As soon as he was lying, immediately he had the grace. Here a rabbit, young in years and judgment, that came into his bag,: and the brave cat, immediately pulling the rope, She took him and killed him without pity or mercy.

All glorious prey made went to the king, and he asked to speak.

They brought him up in the King's quarters, which entered that was made a low bow to the King, and said,:

“Ecco, Sire, a rabbit warren of the Marquis of Carabas”, It was the name that he liked to give his master, “He instructed to present his part”.

“Of’ your master” said the King “I thank him, and that made me a real gift.”

Another time he went and hid among the wheat, always keeping his bag open; and as soon as we had entered into two partridges, He pulled the rope and grabbed both.

Then ran to submit to the King, as he had done for the rabbit hutch. The King looked with favor on it as well and the two partridges him to tip.

The cat continued in this way for two or three months to lead occasionally to the Kings game hunting his master's.

One day, having learned that the King had to go for a walk along the river bank with his daughter, the most beautiful princess in the world, said to his master:

“If you give heed to my advice, your fortune is made: you have to go to bathe in the river, and precisely in the place that I'll tell you: As for the rest, leave it to me”.

The Marquis of Carabas did everything he advised her cat, without knowing what he would have benefited.

While he was bathing, King went beyond; and the cat made cry with how much he had in his throat:

“Help, help! drowns the Marquis of Carabas”.

At these cries, the King put his head out of the door of the carriage and, recognized the cat, that many times had brought the game, ordered the guards corrected immediately help the Marquis of Carabas.

Meanwhile pulling on, out of the water, the poor Marquis, the cat approached the coach told the King that while his master was bathing, the thieves had come to take away her clothes, although he had cried to the thief with the full force of the lungs. The crafty trincato had hidden the clothes under a large stone.

The King gave orders immediately to the officers of his wardrobe to go get one of the most luxurious changing rooms for the Marquis of Carabas.

The King used a thousand caresses, and as the dress she had brought at that time did stand out the advantages of his person (because it was beautiful and very well done), Princess found him likeable and his genius: and they took only a few glimpses of the Marquis of Carabas, very respectful but enough to keep, because she will remain in love crush.

He wanted to go up and the King in his coach, and did the walk with them.

The cat, delighted to see that his plan was beginning to color might take, He walked forward; and having met peasants, that sawed, said to them,:

“Good people who sawed the hay, if you do not tell the King that the mown grass from you belongs to the Marquis of Carabas, you will all be sliced ​​for purposes such as meat to make meatballs”.

The King in fact asked to sawyers who the lawn sawed.

“It is the Marquis of Carabas”, they said with one voice because the threat of them had frightened cat.

“You have the beautiful possessions”, said the King to the Marquis of Carabas.

“The vedete da voi, Sire”, He replied the Marquis.

“This is a prairie, that there is no year that does not give me an abundant harvest.”

The good cat, who always set the pace, He met the harvesters, e disse loro:

“Good people who sawed wheat, if you will not say that all this corn belongs to the Marquis of Carabas, you will be crushed for purposes such as meat to make meatballs”.

Il Re, It spent a few minutes later, he wanted to know who it belonged to all the grain he saw.

“It is the Marquis of Carabas”, They replied the reapers.

And the king was glad with Marquis.

The cat, trotting on and on the carriage, always said the same things to everyone he met along the way; and the King remained amazed of the great possessions of the Marquis of Carabas.

At last the cat came to a beautiful castle, of which he was a master ogre, the richest that had ever seen; because all the land, that the King had crossed, depended on this castle.

The cat strove to know who was this man, and what he could do: and he asked to speak with him, He is saying that it would have seemed impropriety pass so near his castle without pay homage and reverence.

The ogre received him with all the courtesy that can have an ogre; and he offered him to rest.

“They assured me”, said the cat, “that you have the power to be able to change in any animal species; and you can, for one thing, transform into a lion and elephant.”

“Verissimo!”, He replied the ogre sharply, “and it does get any proof, you will see me become a Lion.”

The cat was so scared of seeing before our eyes a lion, who immediately he climbed up the gutters, but not without difficulty and danger, on account of his boots, that they were not good at nothing to walk on gutters’ roofs.

Shortly, when the cat saw that the ogre had resumed his form of first, He dropped low and confessed to having had a great fear.

“I have furthermore secured”, said the cat, “but this seems to me too big and can not drink it, that you also have the power to take the shape of the smallest animals; would like to say, change you, for example, in un topo o in una talpa: but these are things, Let me say that again, I seem to dream of another world!”

“Dreams?”, disse l’orco. “Now I'll see I!…”

And in saying so, si cangiò in sorcio, and started running around the room.

But the cat, Quick as a flash, He fell upon him and ate it.

Meanwhile the King, passing from that part, He saw this fine castle of the ogre, She wanted to enter.

The cat, who heard the noise of the carriage passed over the bridge-draw of the castle, He ran to the King and said,:

“Your Majesty is welcome to this castle of the Marquis of Carabas”.

“Come! Marquis!”, She exclaimed the King. “Even this is your castle? There is nothing more beautiful than this building and factories around him; visitiamolo all’interno, if not uncomfortable.”

The Marquis gave his hand to the Princess; and following the King, that he had risen the first, they entered a large room, where they found a magnificent laden snack, that the ogre had done to prepare for some of his friends who had come to see him, but who had not dared to come into the castle, because they knew that there was the King.

Il Re, glad that he could not say, the good qualities of the Marquis of Carabas, Like her daughter, that was no mad, and seeing that he had great possessions, after having emptied four or five glasses, said:

“Marquis! if you want to become my son-in, is not that you”.

The Marquis, with mille reverenze, He had regard for the high honor done him by the King, and the next day he married Princess.

The cat became a great lord, and if he continued to hunt mice, he did only for hobby.


Enjoy a rich heritage in peace, passed from father to son, it is always a good thing: but for young people, l’industria, svegliatezza the skill and ingenuity are worth more than any other inherited fortune.

From this side, the story of the cat Marquis of Carabas is very informative, especially for cats and for the Marquis of Carabas.




Riquet with the Tuft


There once was a Queen, which bore a son so ugly and so bad basted, as to create doubts for a while if he likeness of the beast, or of Christian. Una skin, who found himself present at the birth, said for sure that he would have very spirit: and added more, in favor of a particular gift, him by her, could transfuse equal dose of wit and intelligence in that person, anyone who had, that he had loved above all others.

This thing a little comforted the poor Queen, which there could be no peace for having given birth to an ugly brat like that!

The fact he is, that as soon as the child began to utter a word, said a lot of things adjusted: and in everything he did, showed a know so graceful, they liked and gave the genius in all. I forgot to say that he was born with a Ciuffettino of hair on the head: and that's why they called it Riquet with the Tuft: Enrichetto because it was his first name.

At the end of seven or eight years, Queen of a neighboring state bore two children.

The first, who came into the world, was more beautiful than the Sun; and the Queen was moved with such great, reason to fear for his health.

The same fairy, who had witnessed the birth of Riquet with the Tuft, was found also to that other: and to moderate the joy of the Queen, declared that the little Princess would not have not even the shadow of the spirit, that would be so stupid, how beautiful she was.

The Queen was very bad this thing: but a few moments later he had another disappointment even bigger, to see that the second daughter, who had given birth, was so afraid to do bad.

“There despair, lady”, he said the fairy, “your daughter will be rewarded in another way; it will have so much spirit, not even noticing the beauty that is not touched.”

“God wants it that way!”, replied the Queen, “but there would be no way to have a little’ spirit also to the higher which is so beautiful?”

“As the spirit, o signora, I can not do anything”, disse la fata, “but all I can for the part of the beauty; and since there is nothing in the world I would not do to see you happy, so will grant them the gift of virtue to become the beautiful person who will be more of his genius.”

As the two princesses grew, they grew with their strengths, to the point that there was no talk of nothing but the beauty of the largest and spirit of the lower.

It is true, however, that even their flaws became more conspicuous, coll'andare beyond the years. The lower imbruttiva glances, and the greater became stupid one day more than the other, and could not answer the questions that were being made, or answer the giuccherie. In addition to this ell'era so smanierata and without grace or grace, that was not good to put down four porcelain vases on the open fire without someone romperne, nor approach the mouth of a glass of water without rubbing it means on the dress.

Although beauty is a great advantage for a girl, it is also a fact that the younger sister always had the upper hand over the other, in society and in all conversations.

The first, everyone turned from the most beautiful to see and admire; but after a few minutes left to go to the one who had more spirit, to hear the nice things he said: and was astonished to see how in less than a quarter of an hour had not increased any more round about him, while all were to make a ring around her younger sister.

The greater, although very stupid, caught sight of this thing: and would have given all her beauty, to have half the spirit of his sister.

The Regina, quantunque fosse prudente, could not stand by to scold her many times its grullerie: and this thing had so much trouble to the poor Princess, that he felt like dying.

One day, that had gone into the woods to mourn his misfortune, saw a little man coming towards bad and sorry as ever, but dressed with great elegance.

It was the young Prince Riquet with the Tuft, who fell in love with her only to see the portraits that were wandering all over the world, had abandoned his father's kingdom to have the pleasure of seeing and talking to her.

Delighted to find her alone, approached her with all the respect and kindness imaginable. And when he heard that it was very distressed, after the usual compliments of use of the said:

“I do not know understand, o Regina, as being as beautiful as you are, can be as sad as you appear; because, though I may boast of having seen countless beautiful women, I can say I have not seen a single, whose beauty approaching your”.

“You like nothing so!”, replied the Princess, and said no more.

“The beauty”, shooting Riquet with the Tuft, “is such a great gift, who must make up for all the rest; and when you have, I do not see any thing that can bring us grief.”

“I would like to”, replied the Princess, “be as ugly as you and have the spirit; rather than have the beauty that I, and be a stupid as they are.”

“There is nothing, o signora, that gives sign of having the spirit, As the belief of not having: he is one of those qualities, which by its nature singular, the more we have, and most are believed to be missing.”

“I do not know anything about these things”, the dissemina Principessa, “but I know that I'm a big idiot, and this is the cause of pain, I will die.”

“If it is not this that torments you, o signora, I can easily put an end to your sorrow.”

“And how do?”, the dissemina Principessa,

“I have the power”, said Riquet with the Tuft, “to transfuse whole spirit, which may be desired, in that person that I will have to love over the other; and since you are the one, so it depends on you to have so much spirit, As far as can be, you're just happy to get married.”

The Princess stood like a statue, and did not answer syllable.

“I'm good”, replied Riquet with the Tuft, “that my proposal there is no point in going genius: I do not and no wonder; but I leave you a whole year, because you can make a resolution.”

The Princess had so little spirit, and at the same time felt a great desire to have, who imagined that the end of the year would not be where ever, and so he accepted the proposition that was made.

As soon as he promised Riquet with the Tuft that within a year, and on that day he would have married, immediately felt very different from that of the first; and felt incredible ease to say all the things he wanted to say, and to tell her in a nice way, spontaneous and natural. He began from this time to put on a conversation with smart and well-conducted Riquet with the Tuft, in which it shone so vividly, to doubt that he was born of the spirit have given her more than what she had preserved itself.

Which was returned to the palace, the Court does not know what to think of a change so sudden and extraordinary; dappoiché, how many antics they had heard him say in the past, now they heard many things spiritosissime and full of common sense.

Whole Court he was moved with joy such as not figurarselo. There was the younger sister, that do not remain happy, because they no longer had the upper hand on the greater of the spirit, faceva ora accanto a lei la figura meschinissima d’una bertuccia.

The King was guided by her, and sometimes went to take counsel in his neighborhood.

The rumor of this change having been scattered around, all the young princes of neighboring states vied to get to be loved, and almost everyone asked in marriage but it was not enough spirit who had, and it was the same face to all offers of marriage, without engaging with any.

Meanwhile, he presented a so powerful, so rich, and so funny and nice person, that she could not keep from feeling a certain inclination for him.

Suo padre, that he had circumspect, told her that she left her mistress to choose the groom in his own way, and that he had to do is make known his will.

And since it happens that one has more of the spirit, and is more worried to catch a stable resolution in certain matters, that, After thanking his father, She asked that she be given a little’ of time to be able to think over.

And if he went for a walk in the woods where she met Riquet with the Tuft, to have the way of thinking easily to the resolution to be taken.

While she was walking tutt'immersa it’ His thoughts felt under his feet thudding, how many people that come and go, and Dieno a lot to do.

Having listened carefully more carefully, he heard someone say: “Pass MISUSE boiler”; and another: “Put some wood on the fire”.

The earth opened at that time, and she saw beneath his feet as a large kitchen full of cooks, of dishwashers and all kinds of people needed to prepare a great feast. And there went out a group of twenty or thirty roaster, who went to plant themselves in a tree of the forest, around a long table, and all glue drip pan in hand and glue ear foxtail were placed to work in time to music, on the grounds of a lovely song.

The Principessa, amazed at the sight, asked them for who they were and then workings.

“We work”, replied the foreman of the brigade, “for Mr. Riquet with the Tuft, tomorrow is the groom.”

The Principessa, more and more amazed, and suddenly remembering that a year ago, and on the same day, had promised to marry Prince Riquet with the Tuft, believed him to fall from the clouds. The reason for its omission was that in this, when promise, was always the same stupid, and later buying the spirit that the Prince had given, did not remember most of all its grullerie.

He had not yet thirty paces, continuing his walk, who fell in Riquet with the Tuft, who came forward all flamboyant and magnificent, as a prince who goes to a wedding.

“Here I am, lady”, he said, “punctual to my word: and I have not the slightest doubt that you are coming here to keep your, and to me, with the gift of your hand, the happiest mortal on this earth.”

“We frankly confess”, replied the Princess, “on this thing that I have not yet taken any resolution; and I fear that, if I have to take a, will never be what you want.”

“Voi mi fate stupire, o signora”, said Riquet with the Tuft.

“I understand that”, the dissemina Principessa, “In fact I would find myself in a huge mess, if I had to do with a man brutally and without spirit. A Princess gave me his word, he would tell me; and once you promised me, well you have to marry me. But as the person with which I speak, is the wittiest person in this world, so I'm sure you'll want to comprehend the reason. You know that even then, quand’ero stupida, I did not know risolvermi to have to marry; and you think it possible that now, after all the spirit that you gave me, and that has made me more choosy, than it was before, can now make a resolution that I was not good to take to the past? If you are pressed for time to get married, you have got a great wrong to take away from my stupidity, and made me open my eyes, because we saw better than once.”

“If a man without spirit”, replied Riquet with the Tuft, “would be well received, according to what you say, when the word came to rinfacciarvi failure, or why do you want that I should not avail myself of the same means, for one thing, in which reposes the happiness of my whole life? Does it seem reasonable that he should be the spirit of the people in worse condition than those who do not have? And you can demand it? what do you have so much and you have so much desired to have? But let's get down to brass tacks, if you are content. Outside of my ugliness, maybe there is something in me that displeases you? You are probably unhappy with my birth, of my spirit, of my character, of my ways?”

“Tutt’altro”, replied the Princess, “rather, all the things that you have nominated, are precisely the ones I like in you.”

“When it's like”, replied Riquet with the Tuft, “I'm happy, why is not it up to you to make me the most beautiful and the most charming of men.”

“But how can this accader?”, asked the Princess.

“The how is easy”, replied Riquet with the Tuft. “As long as you love me so much, to want that to happen: and why, o signora, there arises no doubt about what I say, know that the same fairy, che nel giorno della mia nascita mi fece il dono di rendere spiritosa la persona che più mi fosse piaciuta, diede a voi pure quello di far diventare bello colui che amerete, e al quale vorrete far di genio e volentieri questo favore.”

“Se la cosa sta come la raccontate”, the dissemina Principessa, “vi desidero con tutto il cuore che diventiate il Principe più simpatico e più bello del mondo, e per quanto è da me, ve ne faccio pienissimo dono.”

La Principessa aveva appena finito di dire queste parole, che subito Enrichetto dal ciuffo apparve ai suoi occhi il più bell’uomo della terra, e il meglio formato, e il più amabile di quanti se ne fossero mai veduti.

Vogliono alcuni che questo cambiamento avvenisse non già per gl’incanti della fata, ma unicamente per merito dell’amore. E dicono che la Principessa, avendo ripensato meglio alla costanza del suo cuore e della sua mente, non vide più le deformità personali di lui, né la bruttezza del suo viso: talché il gobbo che egli aveva di dietro, le sembrò quella specie di rotondità e di floridezza d’aspetto di chi dà nell’ingrassare: e invece di vederlo zoppicare orribilmente, come aveva fatto fino allora, she thought she had graceful gait and a little’ thrown on a part, che le piaceva moltissimo. Fu detto fra le altre cose, che gli occhi di lui, che erano guerci, le parvero più brillanti; e che finisse col mettersi in testa che quel modo storto di guardare fosse il segno di un violento accesso di amore: and that even the nose of him, big and red as a beet, accennasse to something serious and martial.

The fact is that the Princess promised, there on the drum, who would marry him, provided that he had obtained the consent of his father King.

Il Re, having learned that his daughter had a great deal of esteem for Riquet with the Tuft, that he knew the rest for a Prince witty and full of judgment, accepted it with pleasure for his son.

The day afterwards was made the wedding, as Riquet with the Tuft had foreseen, and according to the orders that he himself had already given a long time before.


This sounds like a fairy tale; yet it is a story. Everything seems fine in the loved person, also defects: everything seems pretty, also the antics.

The history of Riquet with the tuft is as old as the world.




La Bella haired d’ air


Once upon a time the daughter of a King, which it was so beautiful, that the world was not given the equal; and on account of her great beauty, called the Beautiful golden-haired, because his hair was finer gold, and blond and styled wonderfully cascaded down to the foot.

It was always covered by his ringlets, with head a garland of flowers and robes all studded with diamonds and pearls, so much so that it was impossible to see her and not remain enamored.

In that neighborhood there was a young King, who had no wife, and it was very rich and very nice person.

When he heard about all the good things which were spoken of Beautiful golden-haired, although he had not yet seen, He fell in love so strong, who did not drink or eat more; until one fine day, did resolute mood, He decided to send an ambassador to ask for her hand in marriage.

He deliberately fabricate a magnificent carriage to its ambassador: She gave him more than a hundred horses and a hundred servants, and he commended himself with all his might because it would lead Princess.

As soon as the ambassador had taken leave of the King and was put on the road, the Court did not talk about anything else: and the King, that point had no doubt that the Princess did not want to agree to his wishes, immediately he began to prepare for her beautiful clothes and furniture of great value.

While they were behind these preparations, ambassador, who had arrived at the Court of Beautiful golden-haired, He recited his good speech; but whether the princess that day was not in a good mood, whether the compliment did not he liked, the fact is that the ambassador replied to thank the King and tell him that he had no desire to marry.

The ambasciarore departed from Princess dispiacentissimo is unable to Condur him: and he brought back all the presents, who was present from the King: because Prilicipessa was very honest, and he knew that the girls are not good to accept gifts from young men.

So he would not like either diamonds or other things; and only not to upset the King, He accepted a paper of pins of England.

When the ambassador had returned to the capital, where his king was waiting so impatiently, all were bad to see that he had brought with him the Princess, and the King put to cry like a boy, nor was no way to comfort.

He was there, the Court, a handsome young man like the sun, the prettiest of all the inhabitants of the Kingdom. Owing precisely of his fine manners and his spirit, they called him “comely”.

Everyone loved him, less envious, which they were consumed with rage because the King filled him with favors and put it aside every secret.

It happens that Avvenente found himself in a crowd of people, who spoke of the return of the ambassador and said that was not good for nothing; then he said, not seem to mind much nor how:

“If the King had sent me the Beautiful golden-haired, I am sure that she would come with me”.

Without putting time in between those ailments risoffiarono suffered these words to the king and said,:

“You know, Sire, what he said Avvenente? said that if you had sent him from beautiful golden-haired, he intended to take her with him. You see evil How long! and’ It claims to be more beautiful than you, and he would like to give to understand that the Princess would be so much in love with him, to follow him everywhere”.

Here the King that goes into a rage and heats up so you lose the eye lumen: “Ah! ah!”, he says, “So this beautiful mugherino can play my misfortune? therefore, it is estimated at more than me? Ola: throw him into the great tower, and there we die of hunger”.

The King's guards came to Avvenente, which he does not even remember what he had said: They dragged him to prison and they made him a thousand vexations.

This poor young man had only a little’ of use of bed straw: and certainly he would die, not a small fountain, that flowed at the foot of the tower, where he pigliava few sips of water to cool off a little, because hunger had annoyed her throat.

One day, they can no longer, said sighing:

“What ever complains about the King? Of all his subjects there is not one that, as I do, to be faithful. I have no recollection of ever having offended him!”.

Il Re, per caso, passing near the tower, heard the moans of him who had so loved, and he stopped to stand in ear: though the courtiers, who were with him, and that they had to death with Comely, they said the King: “What is your idea, Sire? You do not know that it is an illness?”. And the king answered: “Leave me here: I want to hear what he says”.

And having heard the moans of him, the eyes the tears s'empirono: He opened the door of the tower, and he called it.

comely, all bleak, He went to throw himself at the knees of the King, and she kissed his feet. “What I have done, Sire”, he said, “to deserve such dire treatments?”

“You've got to play me and my ambassador”, said the King, “thou hast let go out of mouth, if I sent you from Beautiful golden-haired, It'd be estimated by as much as menarla thee.”

“It's true, Sire”, said Avvenente, “I told him I would so well your virtues and your strengths, which I'm sure she would not have known how to resist; and none of this seems to me that there is something that might offend.”

The King recognized, in fact, he was wrong: He took one look at those, He had put into disgrace his favorite, and he brought him with him, not without regret bitterly of the great sorrow that had given him.

After inviting him to a lavish dinner, She called him into his cabinet and said: “comely, I always love the beautiful golden-haired; his refusal not dented my hope, but I do not know which way to take me to get her to be my wife. I really want to divorce you, to see if you were good to deal with them”.

Comely replied that he was perfectly willing to obey him in everything, and that he would leave immediately, Also tomorrow.

“Oh!”, said the king, “I want to give a wonderful accompagnatura…”

“I do not point seems necessary”, he answered, “about me, just me and me n'avanza of a beautiful horse and a few letters you can present your part.”

The King could not stand dall'abbracciarlo for the very joy of seeing him so ready and prompt as.

He took leave of the King and his friends on a Monday morning, and on his journey to fulfill his embassy to himself, without flashiness and no noise.

Along the way, did nothing but study all the ways to engage the beautiful golden-haired to become the bride of the King. He carried in his pocket a small inkwell, and when he was some nice thought to be embedded in his speech, He descended from his horse and put under a tree to remember pigliarne before they pass from memory.

A morning, who had started at daybreak, moving from a large prairie, it occurred to him kind and gracious idea; and immediately fell from the saddle, He went to stand under a parade of willows and poplars, planted along a small stream that flowed to the edge of the lawn.

When he had finished writing turned to look at all sides, He was so happy to be in such a delightful place! Behold, he saw a grass Carpione gold color, gasping and was tired, because, for chiappare throat of midges, He had made such a long jump, and so out of the water, who had gone to falling back on the grass, where he was about to die.

Comely had compassion, and although it was meatless day and could make him comfortable for his dinner, perbenino took it and returned to the river current.

Just our Carpione felt the cool water, dall'allegrezza began to wag his tail and went straight to the bottom: but then, back upon the waters;, said, approaching the shore lively throughout:

“comely, I thank you for the service you have rendered me; without you I would have died and you saved me. I am not ungrateful and I'll compensate for it!”.

After this compliment disappeared under water: Comely and was greatly amazed the spirit and the good manners of Carpione.

Another day, and continued his journey, he came upon a small Corvo in evil: this poor bird was chased by an eagle immeasurable, great devourer of Ravens; and he was just about to be grabbed, and the Eagle would have swallowed like a hemp grain, Avvenente if he had not moved to compassion for poor beast.

“Ecco”, said, “as usual the strong oppress the weak. What reason did the Eagle of the Crow eating?”

He took the bow that he always carried with him, and an arrow, He pointed his aims against Aquila and crash! He flung the arrow in the body and passed it from side to side.

L'Aquila fell down dead, and the Crow, tutt'allegro, andandosi to lay on top of a branch:

“comely”, said, “you have been very generous in coming to the aid of me, I'm a poor bird: but you have not found a thankless; I'll know if necessary compensate for it!”.

Comely admired the good heart of the Crow, and he continued on his way. A morning, that day was breaking, and he could not see where he even put his feet, in crossing a great forest, he heard an owl screaming like a madman.

“Bed! “, he said, “here is an owl which must have happened some grievous evil.”

Watch here, looks beyond, eventually he was made to see some networks, that had been held out at night to catch the birds.

“What misery!”, he said, “It sees just that men are made to torment one with another, and not to let well to have so many poor animals, who have done them no harm and no spite.”

He drew out his knife and cut the cords of the networks. The owl took flight, but now to ricalando stone's throw:

“comely”, he said, “I do not need to lose myself in words to tell you the gratitude I feel for you. The fact speaks for itself. The hunters were there to get: without your aid, they took me and killed. But I have a grateful heart, and I'll compensate for it”.

Here are the three most amazing adventures that happen to good Avvenente during his trip.

He had so much passion soon arrivar, that, just arrived, immediately she went to the palace of Beautiful golden-haired.

The building was full of wonders. Diamonds piled like stones: beautiful clothes, silverware, confetti, cakes and all grace of God: so that Avvenente thought within himself that if the Princess had decided to leave all those glories to come and stay with the King his master, just he had to say that a large fortune had befallen.

He puts a brocade dress and white feathers and flesh colored: combed, s’incipriò, He washed his face: He slipped around a rich neck scarf, all embroidered, with a small basket and containing a beautiful canine, that it had bought, going from Bologna.

Comely was so beautiful and so graceful person, and everything he did, he did it with so much grace, that when he showed up at the door of the building, all the guards crawled a low bow, and ran to announce the Beautiful golden-haired, that Avvenente, the ambassador of the King his neighbor, He asked the grace of being able to see.

Immediately understood that the name of Comely, Princess said: “This name to me a good omen: I bet you must be a young pretty and pleasure”.

“Oh really, Lady!”, said all the ladies of honor. “We have we seen from the top floor, where he had to put in order your lingerie: and all the time who has withheld under our windows, we have not been more good to do nothing.”

“There is a How glorious”, Bella said the golden-haired, “to spend your time watching the young men. Mind, via! I will immediately bring my gala dress, blue satin, in embroidery; I will sparpaglino gracefully my blonde hair: It will make a garland of fresh flowers, you pull off my shoes heeled detected and my fan; It sweeps my room and pouncing on my throne; because I want people to say everywhere that I am really beautiful golden hair.”

Here are all women of great bike for abbigliarla like a Queen: and both are busy, that s'urtano each other and do not conclude anything good.

Finally the Princess passed in the hall of the big mirrors rimirarsi and see if his clothing was missing something; then he ascended the throne, all of gold, ivory and ebony, sending out a delicious smell, and he ordered women to make the instruments and to sing, but with a certain discretion, not to tear out the brain of people.

When Comely was led into the courtroom, He remained so beside himself with wonder, that after he told many times that he could hardly open his mouth to talk. Nevertheless, it took courage: said his speech how you could not say it better, and he begged the princess not to give him the sorrow that she must tornar away without her.

“gentle Avvenente”, the dissemina Principessa, “the reasons you gave me are excellent and I would be happy to do a favor to you, rather than to any other person, But you have to know that a month ago I went for a walk with my own ladies in waiting along the river, and since I was served breakfast, so in tear my glove, I went by the ring finger and unfortunately fell into. This ring it is more expensive of the kingdom. I leave it to you to imagine the disappointment I felt! And now I have sworn not to listen to any marriage negotiations, if the ambassador who will come to take the groom does not report to me before my ring. It's up to you to decide on what you want to do; because if duraste telling me about fifteen days and fifteen nights in a row, You'd never get to change my feeling.”

Comely was half numb to this answer: He made her a low bow, and begged her to want to like the canine, the basket and scarf; but she said she would not accept any gift, and that he thought the things he had said,.

When he returned home, he went to bed without taking even a morsel of dinner: and canine, He named Fawn, even he did not eat and went to cucciarsi next to the master.

All night long, As it was long, Comely did nothing but sigh. “Where can I bear fish out a ring, that, one month ago, it fell into the river?”, it said. “It would be madness to try on only! It is clear that the Princess told him on purpose to put myself in the impossibility of being able to obey.”

And he returned to sigh and give up all cravings. fawn, he felt the, said: “Dear lord, do me a favor: not yet despair of your good luck. You are a young man too cute, to not have to be lucky. Just make day, let's get right by the river”.

Avvenente gave glue two hand flips and not answered syllable: until tired and worn out from passion, fell asleep.

fawn, when he saw the first glimmers of dawn, so much within toddle, that woke him up and said,: “Mind, master, dress yourself: and leave!”.

Comely desired nothing better. Gets up, and news, down to the garden and the garden walks a step behind the other towards the river, where he starts walking with his hat over his eyes and folded arms, thinking bad time to have to start again, and lo, suddenly hears a voice calling him: “comely! comely!”.

He turns to look at all sides and not see a soul. Credé had dreamed. It puts a walk, and again the usual voice calling: “comely! comely!”.

“Who is calling me?”, diss’egli.

fawn, which it was very little, and so he could look into the water in small distance, She answered him: “Give me a liar if it is not a Carpione, color dell’oro, what down there”.

No sooner said than done, a big Carpio came up to the water's edge and said,:

“You have saved my life in the meadows Alzieri, where I without you I would have been dead, and I promised you a replacement. Sonic, dear Avvenente, here's Ring Beautiful golden-haired”.

He bent down and pulled out the ring from the throat of Carpio and thanked him a thousand times.

Instead of returning home, He went straight to the palace, Fawn in the company, he was happy as a clam for advising his master to come on the river bank.

It was announced that the Princess wanted to see her Avvenente.

“Alas! poor young man!”, diss'ella, “and’ comes to me to say goodbye. He will understand that what I want from him is impossible, and it will start to go to tell it to his master.”

comely, just introduced, He showed them the ring saying: “Ecco, O Princess, Your command was obeyed: Now you would be so complacent to take your spouse for my august master?”.

When she saw her ring, safe and sound as if it had not been touched, he was amazed: but so amazed, who thought he was dreaming.

“Really”, ella disse, “pretty Avvenente! You see that you have just a fairy on your otherwise these miracles are not made.”

“Lady”, he replied, “I do not know about fairies: but I know that I have a great desire to satisfy your every desire.”

“Because you have this good will”, she continued “make me another big serve, without which there is no chance that I can bring myself to take her husband. There is a Prince, not far from here, said Galifrone, which he was put into his head to marry me. He introduced me to his intention with scary threats, saying that if I do not want, will havoc and desolation it’ my United. But tell me a bit’ can, if I could listen to him. Imagine that it is a giant of a large tower; and he is able to eat a man as a monkey would eat a chestnut. When out and about for the campaign, It puts into the pocket of small cannons, which then serves as if they were guns: and when he speaks loudly, It does become deaf all the people that are close. I sent him to say that I had no desire to get married and I apologize: but it not stopped haunting me: killing my subjects, and before everything must for you to argue with him, and bring me his head.”

Comely was stunned by this speech: He stood for a while’ absentmindedly; then he said: “Well, o signora! I will fight with Galifrone. I think that I'll touch! Anyway, I'll die a brave”.

The Princess remained meravigliatissima: and said a mountain of things, to see the reverse it by this company. But it was not sufficient to nothing. He came off it, starting immediately in search of weapons and everything you need.

When he had what he wanted, Fawn usually tucked in little basket, He mounted his good horse and went into the land of Galifrone. To those who met on the street, asked everyone heard from him: and everyone said it was a real devil, and that only fear was having to bring. fawn, to encourage him, She told him: “Dear lord, at the same moment that you will beat, I'll go to bite your legs: he will bow to keep me off of his feet, and meanwhile you kill yourself with the”.

Comely admired the spirit of his canine: but he knew that his help would not have been because of the need.

Finally he came in the vicinity of the castle Galifrone: all the roads were planted with bones and carcasses of men, it had eaten or made into pieces. Neither was obliged to wait a long time, because he saw him appear behind the woods. His head surpassed the tallest trees, and with a frightening voice sang:


Who brings me the cutest kids

From them creak under the tooth?


I need many, then many.

What in the world there is not quite sufficient.


And immediately Avvenente, at repartee, He is made to sing:


forward Facts, there Avvenente

That will tear your teeth;

There is a giant figure,

But you is not afraid.


The did not return precise rhymes: But we must reflect that the improvised verse in haste and fury, and it is a miracle that did not make her even uglier, for fear that he had entered into the body. When he heard this answer Galifrone, he turned this way and that, Comely and he saw the sword in the hand punch, who told him to come three or four bad words, to make it go into a rage more than ever. No more missing!

He took such a terrible fury, that, grabbed a whole iron mace, He would kill with a single blow the delicate Avvenente, without the case of a raven who came to posarglisi on the head and gave him a peck in the eye so adjusted, them to him took from his net.

Blood was dripping down his face: and enraged to be frightening, He beats blows to right and upside down. Meanwhile Avvenente, dodging time, the he is pulling of the sword, ficcandogliela in the body up to the hilt: and such was the blood, that the giant was leaking from his many wounds, which finally she collapsed on the floor.

Comely cut off his head at once, all happy to have had this great fortune; and the Crow that had been laid on the branch of a tree, said:

“I have not forgotten the service that you made me, killing the eagle that looked on me. I promised to repay you, and I think I've paid my debt”.

“It is I who owe you everything, Mr. Crow”, said Avvenente, “and I declare your good servant.”

Then he mounted his horse immediately, with the load of the frightening head Galifrone.

When he arrived in the city, all the people went after him shouting: “Here's the good Avvenente, returning from having died giant Galifrone” and Princess, he heard this noise and shaking with fear that they would give him the new Avvenente of death, He had no breath to ask what had happened. But at that point she saw him enter Avvenente, glue head of the giant, who still put terror, though he could no longer do any harm.

“Lady”, he said, “Your enemy is dead. I hope that now you will not say no more to the King, My august master.”

“Ah! no doubt”, Bella said the golden-haired, “that I will always say no, If you before my departure does not find a way to bring water from the dark cave. There is here, little distant, a deep cave that runs more than one hundred kilometers. There are input two dragons that prevent the entry. They throw flames from his mouth and eyes. Then, when we are inside the cave, There is a large hole where you have to descend, and it is full of toads, of biacchi, of lizards and other snakes. At the bottom of this hole there is a small niche, from which springs the fountain of beauty and health: I want all of that water costs. Everything that you wash with this water becomes wonderful: if we are beautiful, one is always beautiful: if ugly, you become beautiful: we are young, one remains young: if old, rejuvenates. You see, dear Avvenente, I can not leave my Kingdom, without taking with me a little of that water there.”

“Lady”, he answered; “you are so beautiful, I think that this water for you any unnecessary: but I am an unfortunate ambassador, that you want death. I'm going to look for what you want, with the certainty of the heart never come back.”

The beautiful golden-haired did not change for this purpose: Comely and the poor left with his canine Fawn to go to the dark cave, to seek the water of beauty.

Everyone who met him along the way, they said: “What a shame to see a young pretty much run so carelessly in the mouth of death: He goes to the cave to himself: but even if they were a hundred, They would not get nowhere. Because s'incaponisce Princess to want the impossible?”. He continued to walk, and not say a word: but it was sad, very sad.

Arrived at the top of the mountain, He sat down to ripigliar breath, and he allowed the horse to graze and Fawn running after the flies. He knew that the dark cave was not far beyond, and he looked if by chance he had been able to find out; when suddenly he saw a huge rock, black as ink, of where came a dense smoke, and soon one of the dragons who threw fire from his eyes and throat. The dragon had the green body and yellow, big claws and a long tail, s'attorcigliava that more than a hundred laps. Fawn also saw everything, and he did not know where to hide: the poor beast was half dead from fear.

comely, done now soul to die, He took out his sword and went his glue bottle, the golden-haired Bella had given him, to fill coll'acqua of beauty. He told his canine Fawn:

“For me it's over! I can never get to take this water, which is guarded by dragons; when I'm dead, Fill the bottle with my blood and take it to the Princess, because she can see how much it costs me serve: and after you go to find the King my master, and tell my misfortune”.

As she said, he heard a voice calling to him: “comely! comely!”.

He said: “Who is calling me?”, and he saw an owl in the hole of an old tree, who told him: “You have delivered me from the nets de’ hunters, where was taken: and it was to save lives. I promised to make you recompense, and the time has come. Give me your bottle: I know all the comings and goings of the dark cave: I'll go pick the water of beauty”.

Imagine if this thing pleased him! I leave you to think. Avvenente immediately gave him his flask and the Owl entered the cave, as he would come into his house. In less than a quarter of an hour he returned and brought the full and stoppered bottle.

For Comely thought he had touched the sky with a finger: thanked the owl from my heart and, ski mountain, tutt'allegro took the road that led to the city.

He went straight to the palace and presented the bottle to Bella with golden hair, which no longer had anything to say.

She thanked Avvenente, and gave the order that was set up everything for the departure. Then he put on the road with him: and along the way, ended up he persuaded that the young man was very nice; and sometimes he would say: “If you wanted, I would have made King and would not parties ever from my States”. He answered: “, Should all the thrones of the earth, rather than to upset so loud my King: Although you are more beautiful than the sun”.

At last they came to the Capital, and the King, knowing that the beautiful golden hair was coming, he went to meet her and presented her with the most beautiful gift in the world.

It was the wedding made, and with a great gala and magnificence, which he lasted to discuss it for a piece; but the beautiful golden-haired, who at heart he was in love with Comely, He could not stay without seeing it and had always on the mouth.

She said the King: “If it was not Avvenente, I would not have come here DiCerto: he has done for me of things, You can not believe; and you have to be grateful”.

Envious they heard these words of the Queen went after whispering to the King: “You are not jealous; yet you would have reason to be. The Queen is so in love with Comely, who does not eat or drink more; it does nothing but talk about him and very grateful that you need him: as if anyone else you had sent, in its place, he had been able to do the same”.

And the king said,: “Really, I noticed that too. Whether it caught right away and imprisoned in the tower, irons with the feet and hands”.

Comely was taken and, as a reward for having so well served the King, It was closed in the tower with leg irons and hands. The only person he saw, It was the prison warden; which threw him from a hole a piece of black bread and a little’ water in an earthen bowl. But his little Fawn never left him, and was to encourage him and to bring all new running through the city.

When the beautiful golden-haired came to get known the misfortune Avvenente, He went to throw himself at the feet of the King, and tears in her eyes begged him to rouse him from prison. But more it was recommended, and the King s'intristiva, thinking to himself: “It is a sign that he's in love” and so he did not intend nor reason nor prayer.

The Kings ended up take the lead not handsome enough in the eyes of the Queen: and he got the idea to wash your face coll'acqua of beauty, to see if in this way he managed to be loved a little more. This water was on fire in the chamber of the Queen, She is holding her there, always have an eye for it; but one of her maids, wanting to kill a spider with a brushed, did fall unluckily flask, which broke, and the water he went across to the land. The waitress Ripuli everything in a hurry, and not knowing how rimediarla, he remembered seeing in the King's cabinet somigliantissima another bottle and filled with clear water, as such as the water of beauty. Not seeming its done, He took no star to say anything and put it on the open fire of the Queen.

The water that was in the king's cabinet was used to kill the princes and great lords, when they had made some of the large. Rather than cut off their heads and hang them, She bathed their faces with this water: and so they fell asleep and did not wake up more. One evening, therefore, King took the bottle and rubbed thoroughly with the Face. After he fell asleep and died.

The Little Fawn, that was one of the first to hear the case, immediately she went to tell it to Avvenente, who told him to go running from Beautiful golden-haired and beg her to want to remember the poor prisoner.

Fawn slipped in between the legs of the crowd, because the Court there was a great coming and going and a great rumor for the death of the King, and he said to the Queen: “Lady, you do not forget the poor Avvenente”.

She reminded immediately of all the sufferings he had endured for her, and his great trustworthiness.

He left without a word to anyone, and he went straight to the tower, which broke from itself the chains from the hands and feet of Comely: and putting a crown on his head and a royal mantle on his shoulders, said: “Come, my dear Avvenente, I will do King, and I take you for my husband”.

He threw himself at his feet and thanked: and everyone called themselves lucky to have him for king. The wedding was made with great magnificence, and Beautiful golden-haired lived many years with his bell'Avvenente, both of them happily, by until they cried.


He wants Avvenente leave his children a book of memories: a curious book, because it had all the white pages, less than the last, on which he had written in her own hand the following words:

“If by chance some poor devil occurs to you for help, your aiutalo: nor care how dress, or if you have the person's face that we can make, someday, the pleasure that you.

On the good works and generous never haggle: or need to be done with the intention of ripigliarci above the fruit and wear.

Anyway, always keep in mind that a benefit that has never lost”.




The blue bird


C’era una volta un Re, very rich in money and lands: his wife died, and he was inconsolable. For eight whole days shut in a small sitting room, where he hit his head in the wall, such was the pain that tore at the soul; for fear he would end coll'ammazzarsi, the mattresses were accommodated between the wall and the wall of the room. So he could sbatacchiarsi at will, and there was no chance he could get hurt. All his subjects messero agree to go see him and tell him those believed most suitable reasons, for iscuoterlo by his sadness. Some prepared very serious talk: others came out with the nice things and even cheerful: but these did not gossip about him neither hot nor cold. It does not even cared about what he was told.

Finally he showed up, among others, a woman all darkened and covered with veils blacks, mantillas and the aftermath of great mourning, which weeping and sobbing so strong, and screams so acute and vented, I was stunned that the King. She told him she was not going to do as the others: and that was not for his pain iscemargli, but rather to increase it, not knowing that there would be a right thing in the world to mourn lost a good wife: and that she, that the best of all husbands had fallen, It made on behalf of mourn, until he had tears and eyes. At this point, She redoubled her cries and her tears, and the King, following the example of her, He made as a kid yelling.

He it received better than everyone else: and he told the story of the good qualities of his dear departed, just as she did the merits of his deceased loved; and lots and lots discorsero, neither of them know what to tell you on behalf of their great affliction. When the cunning widow noticed that the subject was on its last legs, He lifted the veil a little bit and the King was able to recreate the view in looking at this pretty disconsolate, that beneath two long very black eyelashes she turned and moved with moltissim'arte a pair of eyes, Grandi and Turchini, like the blue of a starry sky. His complexion was always fresh. The king began to look very carefully: a little at a time, He spoke less than his wife, and ends up not talk about it. The widow was careful to say that you want more and mourn her husband: and the King counseled not to want to perpetuate his pain. Long story short, all they fell from the clouds, to hear that the King had married, and that the black had changed to green and pink color.

Often enough to know the weak people, to get hold of their hearts and make what we like.

Il Re, from his first marriage, he had only one daughter, which he passed for the eighth wonder of the world; and it was called Fiorina, because it looked like the Flora, so it was cool, young and beautiful. She never wore gaudy clothes; instead he preferred the light silk, with some clasp of precious stones and many flower garlands, who made a magnificent figure around her beautiful hair. He was fifteen, when the King married again.

The Queen novella sent for one of her daughters, who she was raised in the house of her godmother, the front Sussio: but none had become prettier and prettier.

The fairy had taken a great commitment: but without any good will conclude: nevertheless he wanted them much good.

They called Trotona, because he was on the face of the reddish spots, such as trout: her hair was so fat and imbiosimati, not to take advantage of it to touch his skin sallow and dripped grease.

The Queen wanted them a good soul and he had nothing in his mouth that his dear Trotona; and why Fiorina had been in everything much more favored of his daughter, He felt a big plug to the heart, and did his best to put Fiorina a dislike to his father.

Not a day that the Queen and Trotona not invent mischief against Fiorina; but the Princess, so sweet in character and full of spirit, we passed over and pretended not intended for docks.

The king said one day to the Queen that Trotona and Fiorina were both marriageable, and that as soon as he presented a prince in Court, He had to make sure to give him a.

“I want”, said the Queen, “my daughter is married to the first: It has more years of your, and since it is a thousand times prettier, so there is not even to hesitate and think about it.”

Il Re, who did not get face to face, He said that for his part was delighted, and that the owner left to roam.

Within a short time he learned that the King was coming Grazioso. There was a memorial of another King most gallant and most splendid of him. His spirit and his person responded to a hair to his name.

When the Queen came to know, immediately put in motion all the ropes and all the fashions workers, to set up the outfit to its Trotona.

More, She begged the king not to make any again Fiorina suit; and, put up with her maid, made her take off all his clothes, hairstyles and joys, the same day came the Prince Charming; and so Fiorina, when he went to get dressed, He not even found the biracchio of a tape and sent to shops, to buy the fabrics: but they said that the Queen had forbidden them that sold was the smallest thing. Reason why she found herself with a little dress from home, quite indecent, and he was moved so ashamed that, the arrival of King Charming, rincattucciarsi went to a corner of the room.

The Queen received him with great salaams and presented her daughter, that was brighter than the sun, and uglier than usual, on account of the frills on his back. The King looked away not to see: and letterhead Queen to believe that he liked it too much and did not want to commit, He tried all means to mettergliela before the eyes. He asked if there was also another Princess, called Fiorina.

“One,” Trotona indicandola said col said “there she is hiding, because it is a broccola.”

Fiorina blushed and became beautiful, but as fair, Nice that the King was dazzled. He got up quickly, He made a grand'inchino to Princess, and he told her:

“Your beauty is such, that does not need frills and other ornaments.”

“Lord”, she replied, “I swear it's not my habit of wearing improper clothes, like this: and you would have done me a great gift not to turn around toward me.”

“Impossible”, exclaimed Nice, “that a princess so wonderful, being present somewhere, They can have eyes for other, and not for her!”

“Ah!”, the Queen said testily, “I spend my time just fine to listen to your words. Believe me, lord: Fiorina is already pretty owl and does not need to be teased with so many gallantry.”

The King Air Nice understood the reasons for that were talking like the Queen; but not being man from peritarsi or might take subjection, He gave free rein to his admiration for Fiorina, and he spoke together for three hours at a time.

The Queen who had a devil hair and Trotona who could not find peace of being favorite Princess, both went to complain resentfully by the King and forced him to allow Fiorina were locked up in a tower all the time that King Charming was left to the Court, so because they have no way of being with each other. No sooner said than done, Fiorina was soon back in his room, four masked men took her to the top of the tower, and we left her in the greatest consternation, for she knew very well that with this throw you wanted to take the opportunity to please the King, who loved her so much already, he would have liked it to her husband.

The King Nice, who knew nothing of the violence used to Princess, He expected craving forward to see her again. She spoke of her people that the King had put surroundings to give him a retinue of honor; but these, for the Queen's Order, they told him all the evil: it was a bitch, a capricious, of bad temper, the torture of friends and servants, that it could not be more dirty her and pushing the penny pinching to the mark to dress worse than a shepherdess, rather than buy beautiful fabrics, with the money that his father passed. To hear all these stories, Nice she gnawed inside her, and he had some anger shots, that lasted hardly restrain.

“Not”, He said it to himself, “it is not possible that heaven has put a soul so vulgar in that work so beautiful nature. Both also that when the saw, He was dressed with great decency, but the blush that he was moved, proof enough that this is not his habit. How can it be bad, with that air of modesty and sweetness that love? I'm not going down: and I believe instead that the Queen may say so bad on purpose. The stepmothers are there for anything in this world: and how to Princess Trotona, it is such a bad versiera, who would not let me point especially if envy to death the most perfect of all creatures.”

While he fantasized so, the courtiers who stood around him, understood from his wax, to tell him that bad Fiorina, they had not done a great pleasure. There was one other quicker, which mutating language and register, to get to know the feelings of the King came to say the most beautiful things about the Princess. At these words, He awoke as if from a deep sleep, He took part in the conversation and joy shone on her face. love, love,… how hard it is to know you are hiding! You do peeping everywhere: on the lips of a lover, not’ his eyes, the sound of his voice: When you really love, the silence and the conversation, joy and sadness, everything reveals what you feel inside.

The Queen impatient to know if the King Charming had remained strongly taken Fiorina, He summoned those whom he had admitted to his confidence, and he spent the rest of the night to interrogate them.

All the things that they told were worth more to confirm the idea that the King loved Fiorina.

But what I will tell you of killing the spirit of the poor Princess? She was lying on the ground in the highest part of the horrible tower, where it had been brought almost bodily by masked men.

“I'd be less to be pitied”, said it, “if they had locked me here, before knowing that nice King. The memory that Serbia can not serve him to grow my torments. It is clear that the Queen treats me this way to keep me from being able to see. Poor me! As it will costar this dear little’ Beauty that heaven has given me!”

And after crying, and she cried bitterly, that his enemy itself would have had mercy, if he had seen her pain. And thus he passed the night.

The Regina, he wanted amicarsi the coaxing King in fury and special signs of respect and attention, She sent him the most splendid outfits, of an unmatched magnificence and cut on the fashion of the country: it's more, the insignia of the Knights of’ love, order of chivalry established by King, for wanting her, on the day of their marriage. It was a heart of gold, enamelled flame-colored, surrounded by several arrows and pierced by one of these, col motto: “one hurts”.

The Queen had been cut for the King Grazioso a ruby ​​as big as an ostrich egg: each arrow was a single diamond, as long as a finger, and the chain on which hung the heart, all made of pearls, of which the smallest weighed half a kilogram: in short, since time immemorial, had never seen anything of equal.

At the sight of the King he was so amazed, that for a few minutes he was unable to find the way to say a word. In the same time he brought a book, whose leaves were in tissue paper, with wonderful miniatures and the cover all of gold, and of buds, and where they were written with a very passionate speech and gallant statutes of the Order’ Knights of Love.

They told the king that Princess, he views, she begged him to want to be her knight; and meanwhile he sent him these gifts.

At these words, he dared to flatter himself that this was precisely the Princess loved by him.

“Come! “, he exclaimed, “the beautiful Princess Fiorina thinks of me in a way so generous and courteous?”

“Lord”, they said, “you take the wrong name; we come here to be part of the lovely Trotona.”

“It is the Trotona who wants me for his rider?”, said the king, with a serious countenance and icy “I'm sorry I can not accept such an honor, but a sovereign is not master who would like to take engagements. I know the duties of a knight, and I would like accomplishing them all: So I prefer not to have grace, she offers me, rather than making dovermene unworthy.”

And remittances suffered in the trash my heart, the chain and the book, and he sent everything to the Queen, which recently ran us that, with her daughter, not drowned bile for the contemptuous manner in which the foreign king had received a favor so singular.

Pretty soon he had time to go to the King and Queen, He entered into their apartment with the hope to find Fiorina. The he tried with his eyes everywhere: and when he heard someone enter the room, he turned immediately to look; He could see he was troubled, and in a bad mood. The wicked Queen had guessed what appuntino Prince brooded in the heart, but he was indifferent as not knowing anything.

It spoke of pleasure games; and he answered in reverse. Eventually Nice wondered where the Princess Fiorina.

“Lord”, she said proudly Queen, “King her father has forbidden to get out of his rooms, so long as my daughter did not take her husband.”

“And what reason”, He replied the King, “There can be, to take prisoner the beautiful Princess?”

“I do not know”, said the Queen, “and even if I knew I would not believe point obliged to tell you.”

To the king had climbed the tantrum until the tip of the hair. He gave the glares, askew, a Trotona, and he thought to himself that it was because of that monster, if he had been taken away the pleasure of seeing the Princess. He left in a jiffy by Queen, because his presence made him sick at heart.

When she returned to her room, he said to a young prince who had accompanied him and who loved him dearly, to spend all that it had taken, just to pull some of his maid Princess, and so having a way to talk to a single moment.

This Prince effortlessly found some ladies of the court that heard themselves with him: and among the many, there was one that called for sure that night Fiorina would be in a low small window, overlooking the garden; and from there the Prince could talk: s'intende bene, employing all the precautions to be discovered, because, said it, the King and Queen are so severe, that if they found out that I have held the hands of the loves of Prince Charming, for me it would be certain death.

Prince, glad that they can not be said to have brought her the thing up to that point, promised everything I wanted, and he ran to do his part with the King, warning him time fixed for the meeting. But the confidant, it was bad faith, he immediately went to risoffiare everything to the Queen, and put his orders.

The first thought of the Queen was to send his daughter to the small window; and so well imbeccò, that Trotona, although it was a big stupid, He never forgot a pound of what he had to say and do.

The night was so dark, it would be impossible to notice the King of trappoleria, even if he had not had reason to believe certain of his facts: so that went to the window with an incredible joy transportation.

And there he told Trotona all those things he gave Fiorina, to assure her of his great love.

Trotona, profiting equivocation, He replied that it was the most miserable creature of this world, because of a stepmother so ruthless and that he should passarne yet who knows how many, before her daughter had not married.

The king swore and said that if she had wanted him for her husband, It would be more than happy to put aside his crown and his heart.

And in saying this, He took off a finger and sticking it in the ring finger Trotona added that this was an eternal pledge of his faith, and it was up to her to fix the hour of departure. Trotona answered, as best he could, all these warm kindness.

He had noticed very well that in response to her was not a grain of common sense: that what would displease, if it has not been persuaded that the fear sudden apparition of the Queen was to be the cause of those rambling speeches.

He left her, on condition that she would return the next day: and she promised wholeheartedly.

The Regina, I knew the success of the first interview, She began to hope for good. In fact, fixed the day of departure, the King was to take in a flying chariot, pulled by winged frogs, gift given to him by his friend Mago.

The night was very dark. Trotona mysteriously emerged from a small door, and the King, that was waiting, He took her in his arms and swore eternal fidelity hundred times!

But since he did not feel in the mood to continue to fly for a long time in his flying chariot, not marry the Princess, he loved so much, so he asked where he wanted that you did the wedding: she said she had to call fairy godmother Sussio, Well known, and his view was to go to the castle of her.

The king did not know the way, but it was enough for him to say to her big frogs: conducetemi là. They knew the map of the Universe, and within minutes they brought him and Trotona from Sussio fairy.

The castle was so well lit, that the King, arrivandovi, He would soon sighted his mistake, if the Princess had not had the malice to cover all wearing veils. Churches of the gossip: He called her in private, and he told her how and when he deceived the Prince Charming, begging her to do in order to calm him down.

“Ah! my daughter!”, disse la fata, “it will not be easy: he loves too Fiorina, and I am sure there will despair, and dimolto.”

Meanwhile the King was waiting in a hall, whose walls were made of diamonds, so sharp and so transparent, to let him see, to traverse them, the Sussio and Trotona, who spoke between them.

Credé to dream.

“Possible”, he said, “I was betrayed? Or are they the devils, who brought here this enemy of our joy? Vien'ella perhaps to poison our marriage? And my diletta Fiorina not see coming! Who knows that his father has not pursued the date!”

Many other things passed him for the head, who put him in great agitation; but the worst was when the two women entered the room, and Sussio said with voice command:

“Re Nice, here is the Princess Trotona, to which you gave your word, it is my goddaughter, and I want to marry soon”.

“I”, He exclaimed the Prince, “I marry that ugly scrawl? You see just who do you take me for a man of short pastry, to make me certain things. Know that while I have not made any promises, and if she says otherwise, It deserves the title…”

“Do not go”, said Sussio, “and mind you do not disrespect.”

“albeit”, He replied the King, “I should respect you, as you may deserve a fairy: but also I want you to make me my Princess.”

“And I'm not your princess, spergiuro?”, said Trotona, showing the ring, “Who did you give you this ring as a pledge of faith? Who did you talk to the small window, if not with me?”

“Why?”, he answered, “therefore I have been betrayed… deceived? Not, a thousand times no! I do not want to be the victim and the laughingstock of others. his, its, frogs! my brave frogs! I will leave immediately.”

“It's not something that you can do it without my permission”, said Sussio. She touched him, and his feet are attacked all'impiantito, as if there had remained nailed.

“Quand'anco I lapidaste”, the disse it Re, “even if I live scorticaste, I'll never be the other that of Fiorina; my resolution is taken, and go ahead of me what you like.”

Sussio put in place all, sweetnesses, way, promise, prayers; Trotona pianse, screeched, hiccup, He went into convulsions, and he calmed down. The king did not open his mouth more, and looking at them both with great contempt, He did not respond to their syllable cicalate.

And so they passed twenty days and twenty nights, without the two women chetassero a minute, and without that they felt the need to eat, to sleep and to sit.

Eventually Sussio, dead tired could not refrain, disse to Re:

“Well, you are a ostinataccio, nor it is there to make you understand the reason: So choose: or seven years of penance, for giving your word not keep, or marry my goddaughter”.

Il Re, who until then he had kept a profound silence, he shouted immediately:

“Let me everything I want, provided that I may be delivered from this coarse”.

“Sguaiato can”, He replied Trotona furious. “It takes a really good fresh face, come your, sovranuccio by a penny the serqua, to come up with a crew from Ranocchiai in my country, to tell me of insolence and fail me word. If you had a brindello of honor, terrestrial perhaps this attitude?”

“Your reproaches lacerate my soul” said the king, in the act of teasing. “I understand that I have a great wrong not to marry this beautiful girl!”

“Not, no, You not ever marry”, He shouted angrily across Sussio. “You do not remain other than flying this window, because for whole seven years you will be the blue bird.”

At these words the King began to change in appearance; his arms are covered in feathers and form the two wings: legs and feet become blacks and thin; the growing of nails pinned; the body thins and covers up all the long and fine stained feathers of blue; The eyes are round and shining like two suns; The nose has taken the grace of an ivory-billed; on his head sprouts a white tuft, in the form of diadem; fall in love sings and speaks in the same way.

Reduced in that state, sends a cry of pain at being so transfigured, Gaining the flight wings, He flees from fatal palace of Sussio.

Filled the soul of infinite sadness, It goes flitting from branch to branch, preference in choosing the consecrated trees love or melancholy; and now it rests on the myrtles, Now cypresses: and sings arias of pitiful, glues which weeps on his sad fate and that of Fiorina.

“Where he has hidden his enemies?”, he said, “that will ever happen to that beautiful unhappy? The ruthless heart of the Queen will still have left in life? Where can I look for? And then, he will be sentenced to spend seven years without her? Maybe this time will be married, and I will lose forever the only hope that I do dear life.”

These thoughts so strong accuoravano the blue bird, that she wanted to let die.

Meanwhile Sussio had sent Trotona by the Queen Mother, which he was largely thought about how it was going to end the marriage.

But when he saw his daughter, and he became known to her all that had happened, He took a frightening fury, which kickback he went to falling back on the poor Fiorina.

“I want”, ella disse, “that he should repent more than once that he had been able to fall in love with the King Nice.”

She went up in the tower along with Trotona, who she was dressed de’ His most splendid garments: and he brought in a crown of diamonds and held up the train of her royal mantle of three children’ the richest state barons.

In the great toe he had the ring of King Charming, the same man who had eye given to Fiorina, the day that talked together.

She was stunned and did not know what to think, seeing Trotona throughout the gala.

“That's my daughter”, said the Queen, “who came to bring gifts of his wedding; it was the wife of King Charming, which he is in love dead: it's no longer alone a happy couple of them!…”

And in saying so, They were explained in front of Princess gold and silver fabrics, the triune, the tapes, The precious stones were in a large basket of gold filigree. In presenting all these things, Trotona strove to put an eye on the ring of the King; so the Princess Fiorina could now no longer doubt his misfortune. She shouted with the accent of despair that togliessero before the eyes of all those gifts such deadly; that he no longer wanted to dress, other than black; or rather die now. It fell unconscious. The cruel Queen, delighted the shot did, He did not want that had provided no relief; He left her alone in that state compassionate, evilly and she ran to tell the king that his daughter was so possessed by love, to sign up to commit the vagaries senz'esempio: and he had to be careful, so he could not escape from the tower.

The King replied that she was mistress to regulate this matter in his own way, and that, As for himself, He would not have had anything to say to the contrary.

When the princess was have recovered from fainting and could rethink demeanor, that kept her, to treatments evils that received dall'indegna stepmother and the lost hope of ever marrying the King Nice, his pain became so acute, who cried all night: and out of the window, He vented in groans that tore my heart. When refer albeggiare, She closed the window and went to cry.

The night then opened the window, and he is sighing and sobbing shed a river of tears; but just did day he came to hide in her room.

Meanwhile the King Nice, or better to say, the beautiful bird blue, He never ceased to flutter around the palace: he thought that his beloved Princess was imprisoned there: and if her moans were heartbreaking, her were not less.

He approached the window as he could, to put an eye inside the rooms: but it fears that Trotona not scorgesse and not the birth of the suspicion that he was, She held him back from doing what he wanted.

“There goes my life”, he said to himself, “and if those two versiere I scuoprissero, They would be capable of any revenge; and so should I or I allontanassi of here or me to put at risk my days.”

These arguments persuaded him to seize all imaginable precautions, and, for the usual, He sang only at night.

Rimpetto the window, where he was Fiorina, there was a cypress a marvelous greatness: the blue bird came over posarvisi. Just it rested, he heard a voice lamented that way:

“Will I have to suffer for a long time? and death will not free me from these pains? Those who are afraid of death, if they see arrive soon enough: I wish, and the cruel escapes me. Ah! Queen heartless! what have I done to keep me so unjustly imprisoned? You can not invent other ways to martoriarmi? By now you're not missing anything but make me see with their own eyes my, the happiness he enjoys his unworthy daughter with the King Nice”.

The blue bird had not lost a syllable of this lamentation: I was amazed, and he waited with unspeakable yearning that the sun should rise, to see the woman who despaired so much. But when the sun rose, she had already closed the window, and he had withdrawn.

The bird, curious, it was timely to come back the next night. It was moonlight. And he saw a girl at the tower window, He began again the story of’ their sorrows.

“Oh, kind, kind!”, said it, “you who cullasti me in the hope of a throne: I made you who you were the love of my father, that I have never done, for having to drown in this ocean of great bitterness? It is written that we should start as early as such a young age, like mine, to try your inconstancy? Come back, o barbara, return to me: I did not ask you that only one favor; end to my cruel fate.”

The blue bird was all in ears, and he listened to, most are persuaded that the woman who lamentavasi that way, It was to be his Pretty Princess.

And she said:

“Adored Fiorina, holiday de’ our days, why would you put an end so quickly to your? There is always the hope of finding a cure to your affliction”.

“Come?… who is it that draws me these words of consolation?” diss'ella.

“An unhappy King”, said the bird, “who loves you and that you will not love herself.”

“A king who loves me?”, she added, “it would not be the case for a snare stretched by’ my enemies? But, in the end, What would gain the Queen? If she wants to know my feelings, I am ready to dirglieli with my own mouth.”

“Not, My princess”, said the bird, “the lover who speaks to you is not capable of betrayal.”

In saying these words, He came to rest on the window. Fiorina was terribly frightened at first such an unusual bird, who spoke with as much blood, like a man, although he had a little voice companion to that of the nightingale; but the beauty of its feathers, and more of the kind things said, They reassured her.

“Street Mission therefore he permitted to see you again, My princess?”, esclamò. “May I bask in such contentment, without dying of joy? But, alone! because this joy is poisoned by standest see you in prison, and the state, in which the unequal Sussio has trasfigurito me for seven years!”

“Who are you, graceful bird?”, the dissemina Principessa, making him the caresses.

“You have made mention of my name”, He replied the King, “and pretend not to know me?”

“Come!”, the dissemina Principessa. “Possible, that the great King of the world!… possible that the King Charming has changed quest'uccellino?”

“Ohimè! Unfortunately, that's the way it is, mia bella Fiorina”, He answered and said, “and the only thing that I have so much misfortune of relief, he has to know that I preferred martyrdom to that of having to give up the great passion I have for you.”

“Per me?”, disse Fiorina. “Ah! for charity, do not try to fool me. Lo so, lo so, you married Trotona: I recognized your ring in his finger: I've seen all of your bright shiny. It has come to insult me ​​here, in this horrible prison, charge of the weight of a crown and a royal mantle, It was a gift from you, while I was full of chains and irons!…”

“And you saw in this Trotona clothing?”, He interrupted the King, “and she and her mother had so much audacity to say that all those jewels were my gift? Oh cielo! You may be more brazenly liars so? And I could not as I would avenge!… Know then that they tried to get in the middle: that, making use of your name, They did steal that ugly hag of Trotona; but, as soon as the mistake avvistomi, I planted there, and I preferred rather to become for seven years the blue bird, missing the faith that I have sworn there.”

Fiorina felt such a great pleasure, Hearing talk like that his dear lover, that he no longer felt the torments of his imprisonment. What ever heard him say to comfort her sad case and to ensure that she would do for him, what it had done for her?

The day was beginning to be clear. Many officers of the court had already raised: and the blue bird and the princess still busy busy talking to each other. Eventually they parted with great sorrow, after having exchanged the promise that every night would be reviewed.

The joy of being together was so great, You can not complain. Each, for his part, thanked the love and luck.

Meanwhile Fiorina was worried about the blue bird.

“Who assures me by hunters, or from the clutches of some eagle or some hungry vulture, able to eat it with a lot of taste, like it was not a great King? Oh Dio! that would be me, petty, if his feathers fine and slight, windblown, They giungessero up in my prison for the disaster annunziarmi, I am always afraid?”

This sad thought meant that the Princess could not turn a blind eye; because, When you really love, fears blindside the appearance of truth, and what before seemed impossible becomes very possible; and it was so, she spent the whole day crying, until it was time to go to get attached to the window.

The graceful bird, hidden inside the gap of a tree, throughout the day had done nothing but think about his beautiful Princess.

“How happy”, he said, “to have found: and as caring for me! The kindness that uses me, I hear them all here in the heart!”

The passionate lover counted down to the minute according to the time of his penance, which prevented him from marrying her; and he yearned more than ever by the desire to see finished his sentence.

And because he wanted to use all those gallant Fiorina, he had in his power to do, He flew to the capital of his kingdom, He went to his palace, He entered into his cabinet through the hole of a broken glass: He took a pair of diamond earrings, so beautiful and so perfect, not find them equal, and he took them to the evening Fiorina, begging her to put volerseli.

“Me put them”, diss'ella, “if you saw me the day; but since I do not speak that night, so I did not put them.”

The bird promised to do in order to come to the Tower at the hour that she had wanted: then he slipped earrings, and they spent all night in talks with each other, as they had done the night before.

The next day the bird returned to his kingdom: He went to the palace, He entered his cabinet to the usual broken glass, and took away with them the most beautiful bracelets that had never been seen: They were formed of an emerald in one piece, faceted and laundry in the middle to be able to pass the hand and arm.

“perhaps believe”, said the Princess, “that my love for you who needs to be cultivated in the gifts fury? Ah! you see just who know me bad!”

“Not, o signora”, he replied, “I have never believed that the trinkets that Sieno I offer needed to preserve me the good that I want; but I would be mortified, if you neglected to the slightest opportunity to show the attention that I have for you: and then, When you have before my eyes, these little gems will be good to recall to your memory.”

Fiorina, on the other hand, said multitude of nice things, to which he replied it a thousand others, kinder than ever.

The following night the blue bird had an obligation to bring to his beautiful clockwork, of a suitable size, who she was inside a pearl; yet the matter was won by the excellence of the work.

“It's useless”, she said with exquisite grace, “to come and give a watch. When you are away from me, the hours seem to me eternal: when you're with me, pass like a dream. How can I do to give them a right fit?”

“Ohimè, My princess”, He exclaimed the blue bird, “I think exactly like you on this point, because as heart-sensitivity are sure they do not fall behind anyone. In fact, seeing what you suffer to preserve me your heart, They are able to judge that you have brought the friendship and esteem extreme limit, they can go.”

When it appeared the day, the bird flew into the gap of his tree, and he fed them with good results. Sometimes he sang beautiful arias: his singing falling in love passers, who heard him, they could not see anyone. So word spread that there surroundings there were spirits.

And this belief is so widespread, that no one had the courage to enter the forest. They told a thousand fabulous adventures, happened in that place: and the general fear was the cause of most bird blue security.

Not a day went, without him to do a Gift Fiorina: Now a string of pearls: now rings with brilliant, of fine work: Now diamond clasps, spilloni, bouquets of precious stones, colorful flowers in imitation, pleasant and medals books: to make it short, it had put together a heap of marvelous riches. With these he adorned only the night to please the King: the day, not knowing where to put them, He hid in the straw mattress of the bed.

In this way they saw two years, without that Fiorina had to complain once of his imprisonment. How could he complain? It had the consolation of talking all night with your loved one; nor is there a memorial that between two lovers Sieno never exchanged many lovely little words, as it happened between them. Although she could not see a soul, and the bird would pass their days locked inside the shaft gap, nevertheless they had always a thousand new things to tell; the matter was inexhaustible, because their heart and their spirit abundantly supplied the subject of long discussions.

Meanwhile, the wicked Queen, who held her so cruelly imprisoned, He gave great pains to see to marry his daughter. He sent ambassadors to offer it to all the principles, of whom knew the name: but as soon as the ambassadors arrived, They were laid off unceremoniously.

“Oh! if you were the Princess Fiorina”, they were spoken, “you would be received with open arms: but as for Trotona, It can become a nun if she wants; for nobody will oppose DiCerto.”

To hear these speeches, Mother and daughter went on a rampage and if the pigliavano against poor Princess, victims of their persecution.

“Come!”, they said they, “although it closed in prison, quest'insolente will therefore be for us a stick between his feet? How to forgive the bad shots, that makes us every day? It must be said that ell'abbia of secret correspondence in foreign countries: in this case, at least, State's rea: therefore treat them as such, and is doing everything to convince her of his crime.”

Their secret meeting ended so late, it was already midnight played, when they decided to climb the tower for questioning. It was precisely at the window, coll'uccello blue, adorned its gems, and with his hair combed some magnificent with all that attention, that is not natural point in the person afflicted by great pain. Her room and her bed were sown flowers, and some tablet of Spain, that it had burned a few moments ago, He spreads around the room a delicious smell.

The Queen put ear to the door, and he seemed to hear them singing an aria in two voices: because even Fiorina had an angelic voice. The words of this air seemed the very tender, and said more or less as:

“How sad our fate: and how many troubles cost us our love!… But in vain they try to win so firmly: in spite of our enemies, our hearts will remain united forever.”

This little concert was closed by some sighs.

“Ah! Trotona mia, we are betrayed!” He exclaimed the Queen screanzatamente, opening the door and entering the room.

As Fiorina remained at the sight! He closed the window immediately, to give time to the real bird to fly away. The longer he was at heart the salvation of him, that their: but he had the strength to move away: with his eyes penetrantissimo, He had realized the danger to which he was exposed Princess. He had seen the Queen and Trotona: but pain for him not to be able to defend his beautiful!

The two hags pounced on it, as if they wanted to eat.

“They know your plots against the state!”, He exclaimed the Queen. “Do not hope that your degree is enough to save you from the deserved punishment.”

“And with whom I can have plotted, o signora?” He replied the Princess. “For two years past, are you not you my jailer? I have never seen other people, out of those you send me?”

While he spoke the Queen and her daughter looked at her wide-eyed. They had remained dazzled by its wondrous beauty and its truly extraordinary hairstyle.

“And who gave you, o signora”, said the Queen, “Codest all gemstones, that shine like the sun? Maybe you want to give us to understand that in this tower there are mines? ”

“I have found”, disse Fiorina, “It is all that I know it.”

The Queen looked at her straight in the eye, iscuoprire to what passed in the depths of his heart.

“We will not let you fool”, said the Queen. “You believe that you give us this drink: but we know very well, Principessa, everything you do from morning to night: and these joys there were given away, to put on, and commit to sell your father's kingdom.”

“Really, which are in a state can sell the kingdoms!…”, she replied, with a smile of disdain. “A poor Princess languishing in irons for a long time, it is the person who takes, to plot the state conspiracies.”

“And how then goes”, He replied the Queen, “It is so all dressed up, like a coquettish, and that your room is full of scents, and that your person is so magnificent and shining, that the Court could not make a better shape?”

“I have much time to lose”, the dissemina Principessa, “so there is nothing strange if I spend a little to make me beautiful: I spend so much to cry over my misfortune, that there is no reason to reproach me.”

“Mind, via”, said the Queen, “let's see’ if innocentina, has not by chance some correspondence with the enemies of the state.”

And from itself he began to rummage everywhere: and came to the sack, that she had emptied, He found us in an amount so vast diamond, pearls, rubies, smeraldi e topazi, that she could not find their way to where they had come. And why he had fixed within themselves to put in some of the room hiding some cards, that could compromise the Princess, so when no one cared, He hid in the open fire; but for good luck the blue bird, from the place where he had laid, He saw better than a lynx and heard everything; He cried so:

“Beware, Fiorina: here is your enemy who will prepare you a betrayal”.

This unexpected voice so startled the queen to the point, that no one dared to do what he had meditated.

“You see, lady”, the dissemina Principessa, “that the spirits flying through the air, They're all for me.”

“I believe rather”, He said the Queen, beside himself with rage “there Sieno Devils, who love you: but, they spite of himself, Your father will take justice.”

“God wanted”, said Fiorina, “I did not have to fear nothing but my father's wrath: but what scares me, And yours, or lady.”

The Queen went away all upside for the things he had seen and heard, and he gave advice on what to do against Princess. Some councilors made her note, that, in case any fairy or some magician had taken the Princess under their protection, the real secret to irritate them would be to torment more than ever the Princess; and that, in the end, scuoprire was necessary at any cost the reason for his fumble. The Queen gave the green light to this advice: and sent to sleep in the bedroom of a young girl Princess, that seemed innocence in person, by saying that there was pressure on purpose to serve.

But how restar taken to a chiapperello so gross?

The Principessa, since the first day, He held it for a spy, and he was moved with a great regret.

“Come!”, she said, “I, therefore, I can not speak to this blue bird, that is all my love? was it, that helped me to bear my misfortunes: and I consoled him in his. Our love we made up for everything. What will happen to him? What will become of me?” And thinking about this, He cried like a cut lives.

He did not dare to look out the window, although I felt there flutter surroundings; because it was consumed by the desire to open the door, but he was afraid of endangering the life of her dear lover. He spent a whole month, without it he did see: and meanwhile the blue bird gave in to despair, and she wept and wailed piteously!

On the other hand, how could he do to live, it, without his Princess? He had never felt, as then, the torments of the distance and those of his metamorphosis. In vain he tried to console some pretext: after having fetched the brain, He could find nothing that was to give him a little’ of comfort.

The Spy Princess, that for a month did not close eye on day or night, He felt at the end so taken by the sleep that fell fast asleep. When Fiorina noticed, He opened his little window, e these:


blue Bird, color of the sky,

Fly and returns now to me.


These are his exact words, and there is a comma changed.

As soon as the bird heard her, He flew immediately on the window. What joy when they met! and how many things had to say! A thousand and a thousand times repeated their tenderness and their oaths of allegiance! The Princess could not hold back the tears; lover softened, and did his best to comfort her.

Coming finally time to leave, without the jailer overseer he was still awake, They gave the most tender and moving farewell that might imagine.

The lamp also asleep the next day, and Princess, on time, He went to the window and said,, like the time ahead:


blue Bird, color of the sky,

Fly and returns now to me.


And now the bird was, and the night passed like the other forward, no noise and no improvised, with great satisfaction of our lovers; which they figured that the overseer would have taken a lot of taste to sleep, you can repeat the same story every night. In fact, the third evening passed happily: but in the fourth, the sleeper having felt a bit’ noise, no sign of anything you put in ear; and looking good, he saw in the moonlight the most beautiful bird of the universe, he was talking with the Princess, and he stroked glues paws and gave Loving beccatine: and among other, He heard a lot of those little things that you said to one another, and was greatly astonished, because the bird spoke as if it were a lover, Fiorina and answered him with great tenderness.

At daybreak they said farewell: and almost heart presagisse them some nearby disgrace, They could not find the direction to leave. The princess threw herself on her bed crying all, and the King went back inside the shaft gap. The worker ran the Queen, and he told her what he had seen and heard. The Queen sent for Trotona and his confidant, and after a long chatter they concluded that the blue bird was to be the King Nice.

“What a shame”, He exclaimed the Queen, “what a shame, my daughter! This insolent Princess, I believed finished with anxiety, He is sitting quietly enjoying the amorous talks of your ungrateful! Ah! I want revenge, and revenge must be the ones to remember it for a while.”

Trotona begged her not to lose even a minute, And since in this matter it seemed to be more interested in the same Queen, so felt artifact in a swoon from contentment, only thinking about the martyrdom they would have to endure the two unfortunate lovers.

The Queen sent to the light tower, with orders not show signs or suspicion or curiosity; and indeed, to show more sleepy than usual. In fact he went to bed in the early evening, and russava and russava, so much so that the princess, deceived that way, He opened the window and said,:


blue Bird, color of the sky,

Fly and returns now to me.


But in vain she named him, as it was long the night: and he never appeared, sad because the Queen had made attacking the cypress trees of swords, knives, razors, daggers: The reason why, When he came to throw himself away on those plants, he cut his feet and wings: and everything hurt, com’era, came barely tree his, leaving behind a long trail of blood!

Oh! because, beautiful princess, you were not there to rescue the real bird? But she would have died if he had seen in that state as to compassion!

Fixed in the idea that this was done the trick because of Fiorina, he would not take no care for his life.

“Ah ruthless!”, he said painfully, “so to reward the purest and most tender passion, Siasi you ever given to the world? If you wanted my death, why not domandarmela with thy mouth? The death, give you time, I would have loved! With much love and with how many confidences I came to see you! I suffered for you, and he suffered without complaint. Come! and sacrifice will have the heart to the most cruel of all women? It was our common enemy, and you've made peace with it at my expense? It is you, Fiorina, are you that you hurt me dagger! You borrowed the hand of Trotona and you took her up to my heart!”

These gloomy thoughts as much angustiarono, which resolved to die.

But the Magician, his friend, having seen go home the flying frogs, col car, without having any news of the King, He stood in such great thought that could be his happened some misfortune, he did eight times around the earth to find; and he not found him. He was about to start the ninth round, when crossing the forest, where was the blue bird, She rang a full peal the horn, according to prescribed rules: and after he cried five times with than they had in the throat:

“Re Nice! Re Nice, where you are?”.

The King recognized the voice of his best friend:

“Draw close to this tree”, he said “and you will see the hapless King, to which you want so well, immersed in his own blood!”.

The magician, thunderstruck, He looked at from all sides, You could not see anything.

“I am the blue bird”, the King said, his voice weary and faint.

At these words the magician found him effortlessly in his little nest. Anyone else out of him it would be much more amazed: But he knew all the tricks of magic. They took a few words he said, to stop the blood that was dripping again: and some herbs found in the woods, and on which he muttered some incantations, He healed the King so respectable, it seemed it was not even scratched. So he asked him to like him for telling what adventure had become bird, and who had so cruelly wounded!

The King was satisfied his curiosity, and she told him that Fiorina was one that had revealed the loving mystery of secret visits and made her, and that the Queen amicarsi, she had agreed to let it get in the branches of the cypress knives and razors, who had done almost cut and chopped: vented several times infidelity Princess and swore that he would have more expensive to die, rather than knowing such a bad heart. The magician, He raged against Fiorina and against all women, and he advised the King to forget it all.

“What would be your misfortune”, diss’egli, “if you ostinaste to love quell'ingrata! After what he did there, It needs to aspettarsene of all colors.”

The blue bird, on this point, He did not get along because he was too in love with Fiorina: and the Wizard, that he read in the heart, although he did everything to conceal their feelings, He sang a pretty song that said, more or less well:

“When you have a big thorn in the soul, are useless speeches and reasonings; it only pays attention to our pain and not to the advice of others. We must leave it to time, Because to every purpose there is an appropriate time, and so long as this moment has not arrived, It is useless to torment the spirit by ingenious expedients”.

The blue bird she persuaded, and he begged his friend to take him to his house and put him in a cage, where he was safe from the cat's nails and any dangerous weapons. But he jumped on to say the Magician:

“It therefore resigned to remain still for five years in a state so compassionate and just suited to your interests and your dignity? Why you should know that you have enemies who swear and perjury that you are dead and want to invade your kingdom; and I have a great fear that this kingdom you have to lose ahead of regaining your true likeness”.

“I'll go in my building”, he replied, “and grooming as usual, as I did before?”

“Oh!”, He exclaimed the friend, “it's difficult. Some people are happy to obey a man, but it does not intend to obey a parrot, Today there are those who fear you, because you are a king surrounded by greatness and splendor, and that tomorrow will tear the feathers, if you see her transformed into a bird.”

“Ah, human weakness! oh, prestige of a shiny outward!…”, She exclaimed the King, “though it does not mean nothing to the merits and virtues, ceases for this to have a power affascinatrice, from which it is difficult to defend. Well”, he continued, “mostriamoci philosophers, and we despise what you can not have: our resolution will not be the worst.”

“I do not give me so won the first”, said the Wizard, “and I still hope to find some good gimmick, that do the job.”

Meanwhile Fiorina, poor Fiorina, desolate not to see the King, he spent his days and nights at the window, repeating relentlessly:


blue Bird, color of the sky,

Fly and returns now to me.


The presence of the overseer gave her no more subjection; his despair had reached such a point, who had no regard for anyone.

“That's something you state, Re Nice?”, exclaimed, “Perhaps our common enemies did they feel the sad effects of their anger? It might have been sacrificed to their fury? Poor me! me miserable! are you not more alive? So I will never see you more? Or tired of my many misfortunes, ye have abandoned the harsh fate that haunts me?”

And how many tears and sobs kept those behind these pitiful moans! And as the hours seemed eternal, for the distance Dear Lover! The Princess demolished, ill, become lean, and that does not recognize most of the first, He had just enough breath to stand up. She was convinced that the King had happened every major thing that can give on earth.

The Queen and Trotona gloated, and the pleasure of being revenged was stronger in their pain felt for the offense received. And in the end, What it was then this offense? The King Charming had not wanted to marry an ugly witch, that he should be disagreeable and odious for a thousand reasons.

In the meantime the father of Fiorina, that was in there by years, He fell ill and died. The fortune of the Queen and her daughter then was altered,; all the concerned as two trickster who had abused their influence, mutinied and the people ran to the palace to ask the Princess Fiorina, proclaiming it to his sovereign. The irritated Queen wanted to treat it with great pride; He looked out to the balcony and threatened the rioters. At that point, the revolt became general: They break through the doors of his neighborhood, she loots everything, and leave the dead stone. Trotona took refuge at the Sussio, because he ran the same danger mother.

The great of the kingdom came together quickly, and they got into the tower where it was very sick Princess. She knew nothing about either the death of his father, or the bad end touched his enemy. When he heard all that noise Credé in good faith they came to take her to death. And there was no fear, because a day he had lost the blue bird, Life for her had become odious. But his subjects, She fell at his feet, the gave to know the change that had happened in his luck. She never came of neither here nor there. They took her to his palace, and there the crowned. The great attention that were used and the passion they had to review the blue bird did much to make it restore the health and give her strength enough to appoint a council that had care of the kingdom during his absence: so he took with him a thousand million in precious stones, and one night he went away, all alone, no one knew where he had to incamminata.

The magician, who had taken to heart the King's business Grazioso, not having much power to destroy the spell that had made Sussio, He thought it best to go and see her and propose some accommodation, to see if she wanted to make the King's natural appearance; and without putting time in half he attacked his frogs and flew by the fairy, which at that time he was talking to Trotona.

From a magician in a fairy it is not a big dividend. They knew each other from about seicent'anni, and in that time they had been friends with each other a thousand times and a thousand times they had failed.

“That wish my pops?”, she said. (This is the name you give all, between them.) “I can be helpful in anything that depends on me?”

“Yes, my godmother”, said the Wizard. “You do everything to make me happy. This is my best friend: of a King, that you have made unhappy.”

“Ah! I mean, compare”, said Sussio, “I am sorry for their soul, but it's no hope for him grace, so long as it persists in not wanting to marry my goddaughter: here it is nice and cool here, as you see. Now it's up to him to decide.”

Al Mago remained the word in the mouth, so the girl seemed ugly: Nevertheless, he could not find the direction of venirsene away without having done something, particularly because the King, from the day he was caged, He had run a thousand dangers.

Nail, where the cage was attached, s'era rotto: the cage was cascaded to the ground, and His Majesty, pens hill, in the fall it had hurt much. The cat, which was present in this case, He gave a scratched eye, and he just ran not blinded. Another time they had forgotten to give him a drink, It was almost touch and not touch a nice peck hangnail, though fortunately they not arrived in time to save it with a few drops of water. A frugolo of monkey, It escaped no one knows where, well-combed fine pens through the cage rods, strapazzandolo no compliment, as if it were a magpie or a blackbird.

But the saddest thing of all was this: that he was within an ace of losing his throne, because his heirs invented every day one of the new, just to prove how and qualmente he was dead, and dead indeed.

At the end of the Wizard combined with the gossip Sussio, she Trotona lead in the King's palace Nice, that there will remain a few months, during which the King had to make a decision about to marry her: and meanwhile the fairy would make to the King its natural shape, Subject always to get it back bird, if he had persisted in not wanting to marry his goddaughter.

The fairy gave Trotona of gold and silver clothes; then had him ride on the back, behind him, above a dragon, and they came to the reign of King Charming, who arrived there, even him, at that point along with his friend Mago. With three strokes of the wand, He returned the same one that had been before, bello, lovely, humorous, magnificent: but this decrease cost salt of penance, because the very thought of marrying Trotona she put the shivers. The Wizard had quite a hill to persuade the best reason in the world: but all his speeches leave the time as it was! The king gave less thought of state care, that to find any bells and whistles to get in on the deadline set by Sussio for the wedding with Trotona.

Meanwhile the Queen Fiorina, with her hair all loose and disheveled on purpose to hide her face, with a straw hat on his head with a burlap sack on his shoulders began his journey a little’ walk and a little’ mounted, Now to the sea, Now the ground. It was all over the most minute researches: but not knowing for sure which way to go, always afraid to go one way, while his King came from that other.

One day, having stopped on the edge of a fountain whose crystal clear waters bouncing on a bed of tiny pebbles, she wanted to wash his feet. He sat down on the grass, and collected and stopped the hair with a ribbon, dipped their feet into the water. seeing, there was to exchange it with Diana who bathes return from the hunt. At that moment passed by a little old woman, all folded, who leaned on a big stick: It stopped, and he told her:

“What are you doing on, my beautiful daughter? It hurts to see you alone so!”.

“I am not alone, My good grandmother”, replied the Queen, “They are in numerous company, because I have here with me a world of disillusionment, the anxieties and sorrows.”

And in saying so, her eyes filled with tears.

“Come? so young, and weep!”, said the good old woman. “Mind, my daughter, you do not give in to despair. Tell me honestly what you have, and I hope to console you.”

The Queen did not need to be told twice: He told her of his misfortunes, the part that this whole thing had you the Sussio, and finally he told her he was going to look for blue bird.

The old woman get it up on the person, seize another demeanor, suddenly changes shape and appears young, nice, beautifully dressed: then looking at the queen with a lovely smile:

“Incomparable Fiorina”, says, “the king that you are looking for is no longer bird: my sister Sussio him made his first appearance: and now he is found in his kingdom. There were a torment more: because you will come to see your hopes crowned. Here are four eggs: in the great needs of life will break the, and you will find us in the things that will be of a great help”.

That said, shooting. Fiorina felt reborn in these words; he put the eggs in the bag, and he walked toward the kingdom of Nice.

After walking eight days and eight nights, He arrived at the foot of a mountain of prodigious height, whole ivory and so cut peak, that it was impossible to climb on, without falling.

She made a thousand useless efforts: sdrucciolava, He labored; until, desperate to see each other in front of an insurmountable obstacle, He went to lie down at the foot of the mountain, Glue firm resolution to die out; when suddenly remembered the ew had the fairy.

He took one and said,: “Let's see', if promising relief de’ I had such need, He had mocked me”.

Just broke the egg, They came out a few small gold hooks, she clung to the feet and hands. And with the help of these he could rise effortlessly on ivory mountain; because the hooks were taken, and prevented her from below sdrucciolare.

When it was on the summit, here new difficulties to begin to fall to the floor: because the valley was nothing but a huge crystal mirror.

They were there more than sixty thousand women surroundings, which they are aimed into it with great delight, because you know that the mirror was ten kilometers wide and twenty long.

Each he will be seen reflected according to his desire: that of red hair appeared blonde: the old one could see young: The young man looked even younger; in a word, this mirror so well concealed defects, that women were running in mirrored by the five parts of the world. One must have seen the grimaces and the rounds mouthpieces, who did most of those coquettish; There was laughter from scoppiar. And why not the men we crowded into fewer: because the mirror it was very convenient to them. To those who gave beautiful hair: to whom a tall and elegant staff, or martial certain air, or a nice and beautiful appearance. They were laughing women and women do not stood laughing behind them: so the mountain was called by many different names. No one had ever been able to touch the top: and when you saw Fiorina, women messero all screamed like so many calenders:

“Where he should never be that brazen?”, they said they. “That there should be so unwise, to put your feet even on our mirror. You will see that after a few steps, He will send it crumbled.”

And so did a diavoleto to tear out the brain.

The Queen did not know how to do, because he saw great danger in having to get down from that height: then he broke a altr'ovo, from which came out two birds and a chariot, that suddenly became so great, that it can enter into comfortably: and thus the pigeons with much lightness dropped down to the lower Queen, nothing happened bad.

She said to his good pigeons:

“My little friends, if you will be so kind to take me up on the spot where the King keeps charming his court, you will not find me ungrateful”.

pigeons, polite and obedient, They flew day and night until they reached the outskirts of the city. So Fiorina dismounted, and he gave each of them a sweet kiss, that cost more than a royal crown.

Oh, like the beating heart, putting his foot in the city!

Not to be recognized, you insudiciò face; and he asked those passing along the way, where he could see the King. Some messero laughing. “See the King?”, they told her, “really eh! and that you want him, my beautiful Muzzle-messy? or, rather go and wash: because your eyes are not worthy of a great monarch to see that.” The Queen did not answer: She moved away slowly: and he returned again to ask those who happened, where he could get to see the King.

“Tomorrow should come to the temple with Princess Trotona”, they answered, “because finally allowed to marry.”

“Heaven, what news! Trotona, the unworthy Trotona about to marry the King!”, Fiorina believed to die and had no breath or to speak or to move forward. He went under a door, and also sat on a stone, with her face covered by her hair and her straw hat, He began to say:

“Unfortunate that I am! I am coming here to make more beautiful the triumph of my rival and to see with my own eyes how happy he! So it was on account of her, the blue bird was no longer see me? It was therefore for that ugly witch, who gave me the blackest of all infidelity, while I, finished with grief, He wore a passion for the preservation of his life? The traitor had changed… Remembering Me, as if he never saw m'avesse, He left that I struggessi for its remoteness, Perhaps no point thinking of my!…”.

When you have a heavy heart sorrows, it is rare that you feel the need to eat. The Queen looked a bit’ hotel: and he lays down, without taking a bite. He got up with the sun and ran to the temple; but before we could get was obliged to undergo many manieracce by guards and soldiers. He saw the king's throne and to Trotona, which it was already considered to Regina. What a pain to a sensitive soul and passionate, like that of Fiorina! He came to the throne of his rival, and there stood, leaning against a marble column. The King came the first, nicer and more lovable than it had ever been in my entire life. Trotona came after, dressed with great magnificence, but bad to be frightening. She looked at the queen with a frown “And who are you”, le these, “who dare to come close to my august person and my golden throne?”

“My name is Face-messy”, diss'ella, “They came from far away to sell you things rarer.”

And he began to rummage in his canvas sack, and he pulled out the emerald bracelets that King Charming had given away.

“Oh! oh!”, exclaimed Trotona, “Codest nice pieces of glass; I sell them for five money?”

“Let them first see to those in the know, o signora, and then on the price we will accommodate.”

Trotona, he loved the King with greater tenderness of what he could expect from the seal, and it did not seem real find opportunities to talk, he stepped up to the throne of him and showed him the bracelets, begging him to tell her feeling. At the sight of those bracelets, he remembered those who had given Fiorina: he became white, sigh, and he stood for a while’ time without answering: at the end, fearing to show the soul disturbance, He took upon himself a great effort and answered:

“These bracelets, in my view, worth as much as all my kingdom: I believed in nondo there were only a few; but now I see that there are other”.

Trotona went back on his throne, where there was the figure of an oyster attached to its shell; and asked the Queen what, without stealing, He would have demanded de’ her bracelets.

“If you were to pagarmeli, o signora, It would be of great uncomfortable: I propose quite another pact. Obtain for me the favor to sleep one night in the room of Echoes, which it is in the King's palace, and I will give in emeralds.”

“Maybe, Face-messy!”, said Trotona, throwing away laughing like a coarse, and showing some teeth longer than those of a wild boar.

The king did not give thought to know where they came from those bracelets, a powder’ because he was indifferent to the seller (that does not really aroused no curiosity), but in particular for the invincible disgust talked with Trotona. Now you need to know, that at that time he was always blue bird, such a time had come to tell that to the princess as his own under his royal quarter there was a small room called the hall of Echoes; built in an ingenious way so, that everything that was said softly, He was heard very well by the King when he was in bed in her room; so Fiorina could not imagine a better means of this, potergli reproach her infidelity.

To order Trotona led her into the hall of Echoes, where she said principle to his complaints and his reproaches so:

“The disaster, which would not believe, while too it is certain, Barbarian blue bird! thou hast forgotten me: you love my unworthy rival. wristbands, I had from your real hand, they were able to recall to your memory: I'm so far from your thoughts!”.

And here the sobs took their word: When she recovered breath to talk, He began again and continued until the morning. The waiters, having it heard her crying and sighing all night, They went to tell it to Trotona: which he asked the reason for everything he had done lamentìo. The Queen replied that he had slept deeply and sleeping was happening to the usual dream and to speak loudly.

As for the King, By a strange fatality he had not heard anything: and this resulted, because since the day he began his passion for Fiorina, He had lost the sleep; and when the evening was sleeping, They gave him opium to make him rest.

The Queen spent much of the day so restless, they can not say what. “If you heard me”, He said within herself, “how can you give the most atrocious indifference of his world? If he did not hear me, in what other way I can to reach my voice to him?” Jewels and things of truly rare and extraordinary art he no longer: because the precious stones are always beautiful, but we needed something we knew whet the taste of Trotona. Then he resorted to its ew and it broke one. That ran just outside a shiny steel wheelchair, all adorned with gold decorations in relief; They were attached to the wheelchair six green mice, led by a big rat in pink, while the tread, also the mousy family, It was of a beautiful pearl-gray tint. Inside the car were four more sprightly puppets and the prettiest of the ones you see on theaters to large fairs in Padua and Sinigaglia, and they made a lot of amazing things, especially two small Egyptian, which they were dancing the sarabande and the minuet better than all the dancers of the Pergola and La Scala.

The Queen gasped to see this masterpiece necromantic: but made no motto until evening, He was looking forward to going to the walk Trotona. Then began an avenue to gallop his mice that pulled the carriage, the other mice and puppets. This innovation made so much wonder in Trotona, that he began to cry:

“Face-messy! Hey, Face-messy! You want them five money for your car and your crew topinesco?”.

“Ask the scholars and the learned of this kingdom”, disse Fiorina “What may be worth such a wonder, and I I'll be the opinion of most capable among them.”

Trotona, overbearing in everything, He answered:

“star me No more messy glue nauseate your presence; tell me the price, and finiscila”.

“Sleeping one more time in the room Echoes”, disse Fiorina, “that's all I ask.”

“We ', poor beast”, he replied Trotona, “It will not be denied.” And turning her ladies, said: “This stupid creature does not know derive no gain from the sale of many beautiful rarity!”.

Night came.

Fiorina said everything you can imagine the most tender and passionate, but it was the same as to say the wall, as the night ahead, because the King never left to take his usual drink coll'oppio. The waiters said to one another:

“This countrified, there is no case, It must have grulla: What is all this buzz that makes the night?”.

“Moreover”, watched some, “in the things that he says, there is some common sense and passion.”

Fiorina waited glue fever upon the coming of the day, to see the effect produced by’ his speeches.

“While too”, she said, “this ruthless became deaf to my voice! No longer recognizes his dear voice Fiorina? Ah! what a shame, ostinarsi still love him! He despises me, and I deserve it. Yes, I agree with this.”

But all these arguments were returning unnecessary. She could not cure him of his passion.

In the bag he was left not a single egg, from which he could hope for some help. He broke off and came out a mess of six birds lardellati, cooked and well browned; and yet, with all this, They sang to enamor, They preached the good fortune and they knew better medicine Aesculapius. The Queen remained amazed something so wonderful, and he walked away with his talking mess in the hall of Trotona.

Mentr'essa waited to go, one of’ waiters came up to her and told her:

“But you do not know, my beautiful Face-messy, that if the King no grain opium to sleep, you cavereste the brain with all the chatter you do in the night?”.

Fiorina then immediately understood the reason why the king had not heard, and he said to the waiter:

“They are so sure of not disturbing the sleep of the King, tonight, if I sleep in the room of Echoes, if you give him even a drop of opium, all these pearls and diamonds will be for you”.

The waiter agreed and gave his word.

A few minutes later and he saw the Queen Trotona pretending to want to eat her pie.

“What are you doing there, Face-messy?” le these.

“Lady”, said Fiorina, “I am here I eat astrologers, musicians and doctors of medicine.”

At that moment the birds began to sing softly, like so many sirens; then they shouted: “Buttateci a small silver coin, and we will tell you the good fortune”, A anatrotto, towering over others, said loudest of all: “By, too, too, too; I am doctor, I heal people from all evil and all the crazy things, out from that of love”.

Trotona amazed by this miracle never seen in his life, cried, sagrando like a driver:

“Affeddìo, what a beautiful mess! I want it for me. By, Visosudicio: all we ask?”.

“The usual price”, ella disse, “Echoes of sleep in the room, and nothing else.”

“Sta bene, and I want to give this coin also come”, said Trotona, beside himself dall'allegrezza to have had the mess. Fiorina goes away thanking, all happy for the hope that this time the King would hear his voice.

As soon as night came, she became lead in the area of ​​Echoes, Glue passion that melted the waiter maintained the word and, instead of giving the King the usual opium, before him put some other drink to keep him awake; when he could imagine that all were asleep, She began her pitiful moans:

“How much danger is not I met him”, she said, “to come and try, while you run and I want to marry Trotona! What have I done, cruel, to forget so your oaths? Rammentati least sometimes your metamorphosis, of my love and of our tender talks!”.

She repeated these talks one by one, and with so much memory loyalty, to show that she was not there for anything in the world that was more expensive of these memories.

The king did not sleep point, and he felt so distinctly the voice of Fiorina and all his words, he did not know make sense of where they came from: but his heart, tenderly touched, She made him remember so vividly the image of his incomparable Princess, that in now it is divided by the same pain she felt when the knives wounded him among the branches of the cypress. He also began to speak in the same tone of the Queen, e these:

“Ah! Princess too cruel for a lover who adored you! how is he ever possible that you have sacrificed me to our common enemies?…”.

Fiorina heard things that the king said, and you stood by the answer and let him know that if he had wanted to deign to call to him in Face-messy, He could have the explanation of the many mysteries, hitherto inexplicable for him.

At these words the King, impatient, He called one of the waiters, and she told him if it was possible to find him right away Face-messy and there condurgliela. The waiter replied that the thing could be done in a jiffy, Face-messy because he was sleeping in the room of Echoes.

The king did not know what you think. How could he ever imagine that so great a Queen, come Fiorina, It could be transformed like that? How believe that Face-messy had the voice of the Queen and knew all his innermost secrets, if she had not been the Queen herself? Tormented by these suspects he got out of bed, He got dressed in a hurry, and a secret staircase came down in a room of Echoes. The Queen had raised the key: but the King had one that opened all the doors of the building.

He found her dressed in a robe of white silk lightweight, that she used to wear under her dirty and torn clothes; her beautiful hair fell to his shoulders; was lying on a sofa, and a lamp, in the distance, He sent around a pale flutter of light. The king stepped in suddenly; and the passion of love winning all of his resentment, As soon as she recognized, He threw himself in’ his feet, the wet hands of her crying and believed to die of joy, of pain and a thousand different thoughts, all at once, the they flocked to the memory.

The Queen was no less touched him; and he had such a lock to the heart, he felt the breath mancarsi. She stared fixedly at the King, without a word; and when he had the strength to speak, He not had that for him to reproach. The very joy of seeing him again made her forget for a moment all the reasons, which it regarded as well-founded, to complain about him. In the end everything was clear, both of each other is found justified; their love shooting above, and the only plug, that now torment them, He was in front Sussio. But in the meantime came the Magician, great friend of the King, in the company of a famous fairy, which it was precisely the one that had given the four eggs Fiorina. Exchanged the first compliments of Use, the wizard and the fairy said outright that having agreed to unite their powers in favor of the King and Queen, Sussio the fairy could do is nothing at all against them; and that consequently there were no more obstacles to send in along their wedding.

It takes little to imagine the joy of the two young lovers. As soon as it was day, word spread through the palace, and they were all happy to see the beautiful Fiorina. The noise of this news having come up to the ears Trotona, This immediately ran to the King: and how he was bad, when he is seen alongside his hated rival! While going to open his mouth and tell them a lot of vituperation, the wizard and the fairy turned it into a pig, because so he remained a little of his character and of his bad habit of grunting. She ran away, grunting always the way down in the yard, where he was greeted by a burst of laughter, that messero last despair.

The King and Queen Pretty Fiorina, finally freed from the presence of such a hateful person, They did not think more than to celebrate their wedding: which the most notable were for good taste and magnificence: and is easily imagine the happiness of the couple, after so many disappointments and so many hardships.


Domandatelo the King Nice, and he will answer: better to become birds turchini, crows and even marsh ducks, rather than marry a Trotona, to which you do not want good.

Too bad that is not always in a magician or a fairy to mess up so many marriages, where love has nothing to do!




La Gatta Bianca


There was once a king who had three sons: three pieces of strong and courageous young men; and he was put fear that wanted to take the throne before his death: the more, that according to certain rumors, His children everywhere trying to be partisan to take over the kingdom.

The King was beginning to be a little’ in there by years, but being still green of spirit and of sound mind, He did not feel the point of yielding them a place, occupied by him with such dignity. I think, therefore, that the best party to live quiet was to keep them sweet mouth by dint of promises, he always knew would disappoint and scupper.

He called them into his cabinet, and after talking to the good of various things, He jumped out by saying:

“My dear children, you will agree with me that my advanced age does not allow me to look after the affairs of state with the same commitment than once; I fear that my subjects will have to suffer the damage, and that's why I decided to put the crown on his head to one of the three of you. Moreover, it is fitting that in return for such a gift, you have to try to please me in the drawing, now that I've done, to retire in the country. It seems to me that a lively canine, fido, You could keep me pretty good company: so, without bothering to choose the eldest son rather minor, I declare to you that what the three of you will bring me the most beautiful canine, what will be my heir”.

The principles remained surprised the whim of their father for a canine, but the two minor they found their own gain and accepted with pleasure the commission to go looking for a dog. As for the eldest son, He was too shy and too respectful to assert his rights. But they took leave of the King, which he gave them gold and precious stones, adding that in a year, neither more nor less, on the same day and at the same hour, They were to bring him back to each his own canine.

Before starting the journey the three brothers went to a castle, diverged just a mile from the city. They brought him friends, and made great revelry, all three swearing eternal friendship, and remaining understood that in this matter would each pulled forward due to the fact its, without jealousy and resentment, and that in any case the luckiest would always kept apart from the other two of his fortune.

And so they left, After attaching it to the back they would find themselves in the same castle, then they all went together to the King.

They did not want with him none, and they changed the name to avoid being recognized.

Each took a different path. The two had many more adventures; but I tell only those of the child. Which it was pretty, cheerful and pleasant mood, a beautiful head, physiognomy stately, regular features, beautiful teeth and a great deal of dexterity in all those exercises, that complement the education of a gentleman. He sang with taste, He played the lute and the guitar to enchant, He handled the palette, compitissimo was short, a knight and a courage bordering on recklessness.

No day passed without bought large dogs, little ones, greyhounds, bull-dogs, hunting, Spaniards, homeless. If he had one beautiful and she found another more beautiful, He is leaving the first to keep the other: because it would be impossible, just as it was, menarsi of around thirty or forty thousand dogs; and he did not want to train with him none of gentlemen or servants or pages.

He walked and walked, without even knowing where he was going, behold that once he found himself overtaken by the darkness, by thunder and a large water upside down in the middle of a forest, where raccapezzava no longer even the way he had to do.

He took the first path that he happened at his feet, and after walking a piece, He could see a little’ light; and from this he figured that, not far away, There had to be some house, where he could get indoors until the day.

Driven so that little’ of light that saw, He came to the door of a castle, the most magnificent imaginable. The door was gold, carbuncles covered, whose clear and radiant glow shone all around.

And this was the light that the Prince had seen from a distance. The walls were transparent porcelain on which, painted in colors, He could see the history of all the fairies from the world's creation onward; nor had forgotten the famous adventures of Donkey Skin, of Finetta, del Melarancio, of Pretty, the Sleeping Beauty, the Serpentine Green and a hundred other.

It gave him great pleasure to recognize the Prince Elf, because it was his uncle use Britain.

Rain and frenzied season, arose the desire to stay longer in one place, where she was bathing everything down to the bones, not to mention that where there came the bright reflection of carbuncles, you could not just here to there.

He returned the golden door, and saw one stuck at the bottom of venison knuckle in a small chain across diamond: and he could not but be in awe, not because of the magnificence of that joint from the bell, As for the strong confidence with which lived in that building.

“Because”, did he say, “it would take for thieves to pull the chain and take away the carbuncles? It would be the real way to become rich once and for all.”

He pulled the deer paw: immediately he rang a bell, that the ring he thought of gold or silver. Within a minute the door opened, not that he could see more than a dozen hands in the air, each of which holding a lighted torch. At the sight he remained so woozy, who could not bring himself to go, when he felt other hands, pushing it to the back, and even with a certain accord such violence. He went in there reluctantly, and for all practical purposes and respect he brought the hilt of the sword hand: quand'ecco, that crossing a vestibule, all it encrusted with porphyry and lapis lazuli, He felt two angelic voices sang well:


Of Man., You see

There take suspect:

Ché under this roof

There is no need fear nothing.

If the seductive

With a pretty face;

Case that your heart

I do not want to remain slaves of love.


He could not imagine that I am invited with such good grace, then to make him a bad turn: whereby, feeling pushed towards a large door coral, which opened at his approach, He entered a large hall, all of nacre; and then it passed into other rooms decorated in a thousand different ways and so rich in paintings and precious marbles, to keep him stunned.

Thousands and thousands of lights, that came from the ceiling down to the floor, illuminating other neighborhoods; even those filled with chandeliers, the reflected lights and candles crowded with fans. Long story short, was such a wonder to believe it a dream.

After crossing a row of sixty rooms, hands that guided him made him stop, and it saw a large armchair and very comfortable, which he is approached by itself alone to open fire. At that moment the fire was kindled: and hands that looked amazing, white, small, bofficette and well proportioned, They began to undress: because, com'ho said earlier, It was all wet and a half was the case for him to take a chill. It was presented without his seeing any, such a beautiful shirt, it was just a married shirt, along with a dressing gown, of cloth of gold and embroidered quilt of small emeralds, that formed arabesques and figures. The hands, bodiless, They approached him a dressing, which it was a real surprise: and they combed so lightly and with such mastery, who was delighted. Then they put on him all, not with the shoes of his, but with others much more beautiful clothes. He was admiring, without a word, everything that was happening before his eyes, and occasionally he had some shiver of fear, she could not win at no cost.

When they had powdered, pettinato, scented, dressed in gala, and it made most beautiful love, the usual hands led him into a magnificent room for furniture and for gilding. Around the walls we could see the story of the most famous cats. Rodilardo hanged by the feet, in the Council of Mice: Seize the Cat boots, Marquis of Carabas: the clerk Cat: Puss changed woman, The Sorci turned into cats: the Sabbath and all her witchcraft; in short, there was no more original thing of these paintings.

The table was set, with over two utensils and two napkins, each of which with its gold strap: the pantry was gape at the amount of the upstream crystal and other precious stones vases. The Prince did not know who those two utensils, when he saw some cats who went to might take place in a small orchestra made just for them: one carried a book full of capers and notes the strangest in the world: another was holding a coiled notebook, to beat time: others had small guitars.

All of a sudden, each of them began to meow in different tones and scratching coll'unghie guitar strings. The Prince would have almost believed to be hell happened, if it had not seemed that the building was too wonderful for giving grounds for such suspicions: and being able to do nothing, He tappava ears and was thrown away with laughter, to see the gestures and faces of those musicians of a new race.

While he was thinking about the many things that had happened in this castle, saw him enter a figure no higher than the middle arm. This kind of doll was covered from head to toe by a long veil of black crepe. The accompanying two cats, also abbrunati, his cloak and his sword. And behind them, a large retinue of cats, carrying traps and cages full of rats and mice.

The Prince was beside himself with astonishment, and he did not know what to think. Meanwhile the doll came up and took off the veil: so that he could see the most beautiful cat, between how many there were and there will never be. She looked very young and very afflicted: and he made a mewing so sweet and so cute, that went right to the heart. She disse to Principe:

“King Son, you're welcome. My mewling majesty sees you with pleasure”.

“Cat Lady”, said the Prince “you are very good to me so courteous reception; but you have not me the air of being a little creature like all other: the gift of speech and the beautiful castle that you own, They are a clear proof.”

“King Son”, He resumed Gatta, “please, do not tell me compliments. I am simple ways and words: but I have a good heart. Mind!” she continued “We serve immediately on the table; and the musicians remain silent, because so much the Prince does not mean anything about what they say.”

“They say anything too?”, he asked.

“But safe”, she added, “because there are men of letters, who have the wit: and if you will be a little among us, there persuaderete easily.”

“Just hear you talking, to believe it now”, said the Prince with great gallantry, “and that is why, o signora, I reckon you a truly unique cat.”

She was taken to dinner: which it was served by the same hands, belonging to unseen bodies. It remade from put on the table two pies: one of lovebirds and the other mice fat as gardeners. The sight of this mess him off to the Prince the desire to taste the first; on suspicion that they both had been cooked by the chef, and with the same giblets: but the cat, seeing him make dainty, He guessed his idea and made sure that his kitchen was made separately, and that he could safely eat the food, that had been put before, no scruple to visit us in or mice or rats.

The Prince did not need to be told twice, persuaded that the beautiful Gattina could not have had any reason to give it to understand one thing for another. And while he ate it was pointed out that she had a small portrait in ivory, attached to a leg, and he made him especially. The she asked if he wanted to show it, thinking it was the portrait of master Buricchio. But he was extremely surprised to see that he was a young man so beautiful, It would not believe that the nature of many had formed another companion: and the portrait was so like him, that if had they painted on purpose, He could not be more true, more talking. She sighed: and becoming even more sad, It preserved a profound silence. The Prince realized that there had to be in something mysterious and extraordinary, but he did not have the heart to ask for explanations, for fear of displeasing to Gatta and plague it more than ever. He spoke of all the news we knew, and he found istruttissima the interests of the princely houses and all the events that happened in the world.

Get up from dinner, the Cat White invited his guest to want to go in a large hall, where there was a stage on which gave a ballet twelve cats and Twelve Monkeys. The ones were dressed as Moors, other from Chinese. It is easy to imagine the jumps and somersaults that were, and scratches and paws that occasionally exchanged between them.

The evening ended well. Gatta Bianca said good night to his guest: and hands, that had brought him this far, I took up and carried him in a neighborhood, which was quite different from what he had seen. He could say that most elegant magnificent: and it was carpeted, from top to bottom, of butterfly wings, whose varied colors formed a thousand different flowers. There were also of very rare bird feathers, and that perhaps they have not seen each other in that place. The beds were the veil, and adorned with beautiful ribbon flakes; and large mirrors everywhere, From the ground to the ceiling that were, and put in a gold engraved frames and representing thousands and thousands of little cupids.

The Prince went to bed without a word, because it was impossible to attack a little’ glue conversation hands that served him. He slept little and was awakened by a confused noise. The hands, there waiting, immediately they pulled him out of bed and dressed in a hunting outfit messero. He looked down, in the courtyard of the castle, and he saw more than five cats, some of whom were holding greyhounds on a leash, and others sounded the horn. It was a great party: Gatta Bianca went hunting, and he wanted the Prince was the game. The usual hands, involved in his service, They presented him with a wooden horse, running at full speed and you knew go to Step, it was a wonder. He stintignava a little to climb aboard, He is saying it was almost the same as him to do the figure of Don Quixote as a knight-errant: but her reluctantly availed him little: he found himself put weight on the wooden horse, which had a mantle and a saddle embroidered with gold and diamonds. Gatta Bianca rode a monkey, the most beautiful and the most proud that you could ever see; it had left his large veil and wore on his head a cap horsewoman, which gave her a certain air of bravado, that was frightening to all the mice in the neighborhood. There was never another fun game like that: cats ran as rabbits and hares: and so, when some animal chiappavano, Gatta Bianca wanted them to eat it in front of her, and that it gave rise to a thousand extremely enjoyable games of agility and dexterity. And even the birds, for their part, they were sure: because the kittens clambered up trees: and the brave monkey carried White Cat even into the nests dell'Aquile, because onsite at his pleasure of small aquiline Heights.

After the hunt, She took a long horn finger, but who sent such a clear sound and vented, to be heard well at the distance of one hundred miles. When it had made two or three horn blasts, he saw himself surrounded by all the cats in the country: Some arrived by air, brought into chariot: others were for water, into the boats: in short, it was a sight never seen. Almost everyone was dressed in different ways. Gatta Bianca, accompanied by this pompous cortege, He returned to the palace and begged the prince to pick him also. He looked with favor on the invitation, although this gattaio knew him a little’ too much of Sabbath and witchcraft, and Gatta speaker should seem the strangest and most incomprehensible of the rest.

Just entered the building, they brought her black veil. He dined with the Prince, who had a hunger that seemed like two, and he ate for four. They were taken liquor, he relished willingly, but they made him forget, offhand, the canine that had to lead to the King. From that moment on, he had no other thought than staying meowing with Gatta Bianca: the, as who should say,, to keep them good and reliable company: every day spent in pleasant parties, Now fishing, Now the hunt: besides dancing, tournaments and other amusements, which amused him greatly. Often the beautiful Gatta made of verses and songs in a style so passionate, to make it clear that he had a sensitive heart, and that some things do not know how to say, without being in love: but his secretary, it was an old tabby, had a hand written so bad, that although the works of her Sieno been preserved, Today it is impossible to read them and something inside raccapezzarvi.

The Prince had forgotten everything, even his country. The usual hands, recollect many times, They continued to serve. Sometimes he regretted not be a cat, to be able to spend your entire life in so lovable pet “Poor me!”, he said at the White Cat, “as I would be desperate if I were to leave; I love you so much! or become a woman, or let me become a cat!” She hostile uproar these words, and she gave him the answers so ambiguous and cryptic, not overcharged a number.

A year passes quickly, in particular when you have neither annoyance nor thoughts: and when you are in good health and we have no time to be able to bore. Gatta Bianca knew the day when he had to go home, and because he did not think more, Credé done well remind.

“Sai you”, she said, “They have left only three days, to search for the canine so desired by your father, and your brothers have found beautiful?”

The Prince came to himself, and marveling at its negligence: “To whom pleasant spell” said “I could forget about one thing, that was important to me above all other? There goes my glory and my luck. Where will I find a canine, just as it takes, to earn a Kingdom, and a horse so scappatore to arrive on time?”.

He began to be uneasy, and to put themselves in a bad mood.

Gatta Bianca, in a voice caressing, said: “King Son, do not give in to despair: I am one of your good friends: you can keep you here another day, for though from here to your country Let them be there more than two thousand miles, Bravo wooden horse will take you in less than twelve hours”.

“Thank you, My beautiful Gatta”, said the Prince, “however, not enough for me to return to my father, but it has that also harbors a dog.”

“second”, said Gatta Bianca, “behold an acorn, where there you will find in a much more beautiful in the same heat.”

“Via, via, Ms. Gatta”, said the Prince, “Your Majesty is derived sport of me.”

“Approaching the acorn ear”, she added, “and hear barking.”

it obeyed; and immediately he felt the canine who was: this! this! The Prince jumped with joy: because a canine, that can enter into an acorn, We need to be very small. He wanted to open it, because he yearned to see him; but Gatta Bianca told him that the street could feel cold and it was better to wait for it to be before the king his father. The Prince thanked her a thousand times and then the other: and she gave him a farewell that came from the heart. “Vi giuro”, he added “I am that the days passed like a flash; wanting or not wanting, I feel sorry to leave you; and while you are here the sovereign, and cats that will be no more courting witty and gallant of our, I did not expert to invite you to come away with me.”

The cat, this proposal, He replied with a deep sigh. They left. The Prince arrived in the first place, where co’ his brothers had been fixed the meeting. After a while, the others came and they were astonished to see a wooden horse, that caracollava better than those of the riding schools.

The Prince met them: repeatedly they embraced and told the adventures of their travels: but our Prince did not tell the whole truth about what had happened to him, and he showed the brothers a canucciaccio half mangy, He is saying it had seemed so pretty, who had planned to take him to his father.

As they wanted good brothers and brothers, Nevertheless, the two major heard a great pleasure of bad choice made by lesser; and because they were at the table, gave themselves hidden in the foot, as if to say that he had nothing to fear.

The next day they left all three together, in the same carriage. The two major King's sons had in some baskets of canines so beautiful and so delicate, it seemed they were not to touch, for fear of creasing. The child was his mangy dog, so bedraggled with mud, no one wanted berth. Upon arriving at the palace, all were their surroundings to give him welcome home: then they went into the rooms of the King. It could not in favor of those who decide, because the two dogs presented by his older sons were equal to beauty: and already the two brothers were disputing the advantage of the succession to the throne, when behold, the prince found the means to get them to agree, faring out of the acorn pocket, Gatta Bianca who had given him. Opened it in the presence of all, each could see a dog, crouching in cotton, which would be passed through to a finger ring, without even touching. The Prince laid it on the ground, and he danced a sarabande with the accompaniment of castanets, and with such grace and lightness, how he could not have done better, the most famous dancer Spaniard. It was a thousand colors, all different, and the hide and the ears touched the ground.

The king remained a little’ male, it was just impossible to finding fault anything about the beauty of that little dog. Anyway he did not want to discard the tip of his crown: each rose it had a thousand times more expensive than all the universe dogs. So he said to his sons to be chuffed with everything they had done: but since it had succeeded so well in the first Test, he wanted to have more evidence of their skills, before keeping his word; for which it gave their time a year to find him a piece of cloth so fine and thin, from passing across the eye of a needle, those Embroidery. All three felt bad about having to rifar from head to look. The two principles, whose dogs were less impressive than that of his younger brother, resigned. Everyone went off on his trip without getting lost in so many endearments like the first time, because the nice little dog had been the cause of some cooling between them.

Our Prince got back on his horse, and regardless of other aid, other than those that might be expected from Gatta Bianca, He sets out to gallop and returned to the castle, where she had made such a good face and joyful welcome.

He found that all the doors were wide open and shining walls for a hundred thousand torches, they did a wonderful effect. The usual hands, who they had always served with such punctuality, there met him: and taken the reins of the good wooden horse, They led him to the stable, while the Prince was heading toward the chamber of Gatta Bianca.

She was lying in a small trash on a silk pillow, white as snow. His hair was a little’ neglected and dejected countenance and sad: but just saw the Prince, hundred thousand and a thousand jumps tripping, to make him understand the joy she felt.

“For many reasons I had to believe it when you return”, diss'ella, “I confess, O son of King, who was counting us very little: for they usually are so wretched’ my wishes, this time it seems to me precisely that he was so lucky.”

Prince, in parts, He made her a thousand caresses: and he told her about the outcome of his trip, that maybe she already knew better than him; and he came to say how qualmente the King wanted a piece of cloth that could pass through the eye of a needle; this thing to him seemed impossible, but anyway he wanted to tempt, promising miracles good friendship and the help of her. Gatta Bianca, Gaining a certain air of seriousness, He replied that it was not a matter of thinking docks: that, for good luck, He had in his castle of cats who spun well: it also would put you a hand, to advance the work; in a word that he could keep quiet, and that he would find there what he wanted, no need to go to the world girellone.

At that point they appeared hands, who carried torches: and Prince going behind them, along with Gatta Bianca, He entered a magnificent covered terrace, that led along a great river, on which they were burned beautiful fireworks artifice. They had to burn four cats, which it was done in a process all the rules. They were accused of having eaten the roast prepared for the dinner Gatta Bianca, its cheese and its milk: and conspiring against his real person along with Martafaccio and the Hermit, famous mice out of the country and held for such also from La-Fontaine, writer worthy of faith; but, with all this, it was known that in the process there had been many pies, and that almost all the witnesses had taken the morsel. The fact is, that Prince won for them the grace: and the fires of artifice not burned none: and rockets and pinwheels that way, did they not never seen.

After the fireworks was laden dinner, that the Prince tasted much more of pinwheels and rockets, because he was hungry as a wolf, for the reason that his wooden horse had done striving much, like it was in railway, and even more. The days went by and looked alike: parties from morning to night, and always different, with which the ingenious Gatta Bianca kept her cheerful guest: and perhaps there was another deadly, that is so fun, having with him other company than that of cats.

The Gatta is true that White had one lovely spirit, seductive and adapted to everything; She knew more than what is reasonable to learn a cat: and Prince often was left stunned.

“Not”, it told her, “the wonders that is done I note in you, They are not natural point: If you really love me, dear Micina, tell me what miracle to think and speak with such subtlety of sense, to make you worthy to sit among the begl'ingegni of the most celebrated academies.”

“Stop it with these questions, son of King”, she said, “to me it is not lawful answer: you can fantasize all you want and like: absolute right! Suffice only know that I will always have for you a paw with a velvet glove: and that everything about you will be as if it were a thing of me.”

This sophomore passed, no addarsene, as the first. The prince had no time to desire an object, that the usual hands, always ready, They brought him right away: be it of books, gems, paintings, of ancient medals: in short, he had to do was say: “I want this bigiù, which it is in intimate cabinet of the Mughals or the King of Persia, or the statue of Corinth or Greece” who immediately he saw what he wanted before comparirsi, senza sapere né chi gliel’avesse portata, né di dove venisse. Ecco una virtù magica, it has its attractions and, if only as a pastime, There would be born the desire to become the masters of the most beautiful treasures of the earth.

Gatta Bianca, who never lost the interests of the Prince's eye, She warned him that the time of his departure approached, and he could feel comfortable as the coveted cloth rag, because to him it had woven a marvelous: adding that this time he wanted to give him a crew worthy of him. And without giving him time to respond, She forced him to look down into the courtyard of the castle. And there, indeed, There was an open carriage, all enamelled gold, fire color, with a thousand gallant enterprises painted over, that pleased him in the eyes and mind. There were attacked four by four, twelve white horses like snow, loads of trappings of flaming red velvet, embroidered with diamonds and garnished with buckles and gold tiles. The carriage was lined inside with the same magnificence and had a following of a hundred other carriages to eight horses, all full of great appearance and beautifully dressed gentlemen. There was spare a regiment of a thousand bodyguards, whose uniforms were so covered with embroidery and braid, that the cloth could not be distinguished more: and the strangest thing was this: that the portrait of the White Cat could be seen everywhere, on the crests of the carriage, on the uniform of the guards, and even attacked with a gown of buttonhole tape courtiers, as the sign of a new order of knighthood, of which it had honored the.

“Now parts as well”, diss'ella to Principe, “and presented to the King your father dazzling codest'arnese; and that your majesty of a great gentleman put it into subjection so as not to have the heart of ricusarti the throne that you have earned. Here's a nut: looks good not to crush, until you're in the presence of him: inside you will find us the piece of cloth, you who have wondered.”

“Look pretty”, he answered, “I swear that they are so taken by your kindness to me, that, is former Contenta, I'd rather pass my life with you, all grandezzate waiting for me out of here.”

“King Son”, she added, “I believe in the goodness of your heart, rare commodity among princes: because they want to be loved by all, and not love anyone. But you are the exception rule. I will keep in mind the good showing of wanting to Gattina White, which at bottom, It is not good for anything but to take mice.”

The prince kissed her paw and departed.

If you already do not know how the wooden horse had done to him making two thousand miles in less than forty-eight, stenterebbe now believe the great fury that put to arrive on time. If only the same power that drove the wooden horse, so also he urged others, who did not remain for more than twenty-four hours road. Nor did one stop, until they were reached by the King, where already the two older brothers were: which, seeing no younger brother, They gloated of its delay and whispering to each other subheading: “This is a protruding chin for us: or he has died or is sick: and so we will have a rival less, in succession to the throne”.

Without wasting time explained their webs, which, to tell the truth, They were so fine, to pass through the eye of a large needle: but as the eye of a needle, it was useless to talk about it; and the King, all happy to have found this attaccagnolo, He showed them the needle that he had chosen, and by his order the magistrates had brought from the Treasury of the city, where it had been closely guarded. He was born a large brawl: and everyone wanted to have their say.

Friends de’ Principles, and in particular those of greater, whose canvas was undoubtedly the most beautiful, They claimed that the King had put out a gretola, where there was a lot of mischief mixed dose of bad faith. At the end, to truncate each gossip, he felt for the city cheerful and rhythmic noise of a fanfare of trumpets, timbales and clarinets: was our Prince, that came with its splendid cortege. The King and his two sons did as much of an eye at the sight of a show so amazing.

As soon as he respectfully saluted his father and hugged his brothers, He took out a box, encrusted with rubies, la Noce: and he crushed. He had expected to find the piece of cloth, much-vaunted: but instead there was a hazelnut; This also crushed, and he was astonished to find ourselves in a cherry pit. Everyone looked at each: il Re se la rideva sotto i baffi e si divertiva alle spalle del figlio, il quale era stato tanto baccello da credere di poter portare una pezza di tela dentro a una noce; ma perché non ci doveva credere, quando già gli era stato dato un canino che entrava tutto in una ghianda? Egli schiacciò anche il nocciolo di ciliegia, il quale era tutto pieno della sua mandorlina. Allora cominciò per la sala un gran bisbiglìo: e non si sentiva altro che questo ritornello: “Il Principe cadetto l’hanno preso a godere!…”. Egli non rispose nulla alle insolenti freddure dei cortigiani. Aprì in mezzo la mandorlina, e ci trovò un chicco di miglio. Oh! allora poi, per dir la verità, also he began to doubt and chewed between the teeth, “Ah! Gatta Bianca, Gatta Bianca, tu me you did it!…” At this point she heard the cat fingernail hand, that scratched him so well for him to draw blood. He did not know if quell'unghiata was to give him courage, or to advise him to quit: anyway he opened the grain of millet, and the wonder of all was not small when you really took out a piece of cloth of a thousand meters so wonderful, there were painted on all manner of birds, fish, of animals, with trees, the fruits and plants of the earth, the rocks, rarities and sea shells, the sun, the moon, the stars, the stars and planets in the sky. And there were the portraits of kings and monarchs who ruled then in World: and those of their wives, of the children and all their subjects, without there had forgotten the most infinitesimally, among the beggars and street saucy. Each, in his state, was the person who was supposed to represent, and he was dressed in the fashion of his country.

When the king had seen this piece of cloth, She became white-faced, as he had done Red Prince, meanwhile that he sought. Both the King that the two major principles laid them up a gloomy silence, although on several occasions they were forced to say that in the whole world there was another thing, It could agguagliarsi the beauty and rarity of this canvas.

The King let out a big sigh and turning to’ his children, said to them,: “You can not be included in it my consolation, to see the deference you have for me: I wish, therefore, to put you to a test news. Go to travel one more year, and he that shall he carry with him in the head a year the most beautiful maiden, to marry her and be crowned the King himself on his wedding day; because, in the end, it is a necessity that my successor has wife: and I swear and promise that this time will be the last and I will not send more to the long promised reward”.

This one, to look good, It was an outright injustice borne by our Prince. The dog and the piece of cloth, Instead of a kingdom, he deserved ten; but the Prince had such a well-made character, that he would not get into conflict with his father: and without another word, He got back in the car and go. His retinue followed him, and he returned from his beloved White Cat. She knew the day and the next minute we had to get; all the way there was a flowering and a thousand braziers with odorous substances were smoking outside and inside the castle. It was sitting on a Persian carpet, under a gold brocade canopy in a gallery, from which he could see him return. It was received by the usual hands, who had always served. All cats they crept up to the gutters, to give him welcome home, with a yowl of torment ears.

“Well, son of King”, she said, “there we are back here, and without crown.”

“Lady”, he answered, “your good grace had put me in case of guadagnarmela: but I realized that the King would never regret to get rid of what I had pleasure in owning it.”

“Never mind”, she added, “You should not neglect all to deserve it; I'll help you this time, and since it is necessary that thou bring to the court your father a beautiful girl, I will think about cercartene one that makes you win the prize: meanwhile, have fun, and that's why I ordered a naval battle between my cats and the terrible mice country. My cats will slightly’ impappinati in their movements, because they are afraid of water; but without this, they too would the above: and, as far as you can, We have to try to balance the forces.”

The Prince admired the prudence of Mrs. Micina: He made her his mirallegri and went with it over a large terrace overlooking the sea,

The vessels of cats consisted of large pieces of cork, on which they rowed comfortably enough. I gathered they had mice and tied together many shells of egg, and these were their ships. The fighting was fierce and cruel: the mice were thrown into the water and swam with more mastery of cats: and so far more than twenty times found themselves to be winners and losers: ma Minagorbio, Admiral of the Fleet gattesca, reduced the armed topina last despair, and he ate very tastefully General of the enemy fleet, it was an old mice experienced, who he had done three times around the world on large vessels where he was neither captain, or sailor, yet simple leccalardo.

Gatta Bianca did not want those poor wretches were completely destroyed. It was politics and thought that if in the country there were no more were either mice or rats, his subjects should live in idleness, that could be dangerous in the long run,

The Prince also passed this year, as the previous two, hunting, fishing and giuocando: because we know that Gatta Bianca was talented in the game of chess. He, occasionally, He could not stand by them of the pressing questions, to get to scuoprire by what miracle she had the gift of being able to speak. And he wanted to know if it was a fairy, and if it had been changed into a cat, in the wake of a metamorphosis: but since there was no chance that she never said what he did not say, so always answered that so much that he wanted to respond, and he gave the truncated and meaningless answers, reason why he was obliged to persuade Gatta Bianca did not want to make it part of his secret.

There is one thing to pass anytime soon, As the happy days: and if the Cat White was she did not give a thought to keep in mind the precise time to return to the Court, there is no doubt that the Prince if he would be forgotten good and better. On the eve of departure she warned him that depended on him, Menara him if he wanted one of the most beautiful princesses in the world; it was finally time to destroy the fatal spell hatched by fairies and for this it was necessary that he resolved to cut her head and tail, and throw them on the fire right away.

“I?”, esclamò, “Bianchina! amor mio! and I will kill you as ruthless as? Ah! I can see that you want to put my heart to the test: but be even certain that it is not able to miss the friendship and the recognition that there must,”

“Not, son of King”, she continued, “I suspect in you even the shadow of ingratitude; I know you too: but it is not to me or to you to regulate in this case our destinies: Do what I tell you and we will be happy. On my cat word honorable and respectable, I'll see that you are friend…”

The thought of having to cut the head to his Gattina, so cute and pretty, the young Prince felt venirsi for two or three times to tears. He said all that could say more than affectionate, to be excused, but it, letterhead, he replied that he wanted to die for his hands; and that this was the only way to prevent his brothers to seize the crown: in short, He insisted now and then so much, that in the end he pulled out his sword and with a trembling hand cut off the head and tail of his good friend. At that point he found himself present at the most beautiful metamorphosis imaginable. The Gatta Bianca body began to enlarge and suddenly became a girl: wonder not to be able to describe in words, and perhaps unique in the world. His eyes stole the hearts, and its sweetness kept them tied: her figure was majestic, the noble and modest appearance, seductive spirit, his courteous manners: and to say everything in one word, It is a mart above all that you can be lovable and charming on earth.

Prince, to see her, he was seized with a great astonishment: but such a pleasant surprise, who believed to be enchanted. He could spiccar word: it seemed that his eyes were enough not to look, and tongue-tied he could not find the verse to express his wonder; which grew a thousandfold, when he saw him enter an extraordinary crowd of ladies and knights, glue them good cat or cat's skin, thrown on the shoulders, who went to prostrate themselves at the feet of the Queen, and to give her a sign of their joy to see her back in her first natural state.

It it accepted them with all that goodness, that revealed the excellent pasta of his heart and his character, and after a little restrained with them, ordered that the leave alone with Prince, to which spoke so:

Do not you put yourself in the head, senor, I was always cat: and that my birth is obscure among men. My father was king and master of the six realms. He dearly loved my mother, and he left perfectly free to do whatever was on her mind, The ruling passion of my mother was the one to travel: whereby, although pregnant with me, He undertook a trip to go see a mountain, which he had heard things of this world. And while it was because, she was told that there in those’ Near there was a castle of fairies, the most beautiful among those who were known; or at least believed such an ancient tradition; because he never entered there being no, potevasi not judge it from the outside: but the thing that we knew for sure was that, that the fairies had in their garden some fruit so delicate and tasty, as if they have never eaten. Here at once that the Queen my mother was born a great desire to taste them, and he moved toward that part. He came to the door of this magnificent building, all shining with gold and blue: but he knocked in vain. There appeared a soul: it seemed that they were all dead. Quest'indugi served to grow them the desire; so he sent in search of stairs to the garden walls iscavalcare; and it would be well managed, if the walls had not got up there and then, and without seeing a hand that worked. He then took the expedient of putting scales on each other! but they finished smashed under the weight of what we climbed above, which, falling down, They remained dead or crippled.

Regina was desperate.

He could see the big trees laden with fruit, that it believed delicious, and he wanted to clamber desire, or die: and for this, He made to erect in front of the castle several stately tents and luxurious, and it remained there six weeks and all his Court. She had not slept nor ate more: He did nothing but sigh, always talking of inaccessible fruit garden, until he became ill, without finding who could lift his evil, because the inexorable do not they ever did see, after she had been camping in the vicinity of their castle. All his officers are plagued dimolto: they did not feel that tears and sighs from all sides, while the dying queen asked of fruits to those who served, but he did not want the other species, except for the ones that were denied. One night, while he was half dozing, opened her eyes and awoke he saw a decrepit little old and ugly as sin, sitting in a chair by the bedside of her bed. He marveled that her ladies had been allowed to pass a stranger in her bedroom; when it said:

“It seems to us that we Your Majesty is very indiscreet, to peg away to want to eat to force our fruit; but because it is half of your precious life, My sisters and I will consent to many dartene, how many you can take, as long as you'll be here: on one condition: to the condition that you make us a gift”.

“Ah! My good grandmother”, He shouted the Queen, “ask and ask! I am ready to give my kingdom, my heart, my soul, provided that leads me the desire of your fruit: They will seem expensive at any price.”

“We want”, diss'ella, “that your Majesty give us the daughter who harbors in the breast. When it is born, We will come to fetch it and we'll breed: there is no virtue, beauty or wisdom, that it can not get through us, in a word it will be our daughter and we will gladly: but understand me well: Your Majesty will not see her again until the day that you will be married. If the deal you like it, I will heal quickly, menandoti pomari here in our garden: never mind Night Falls; you will see enough, iscegliere for the fruit as you want. If the deal does not go to you, good night, Ms. Regina and run to bed.”

“No matter how tough the law m'imponete”, replied the Queen, “I accept it rather than dying, because it is more than certain that I have left just one day old, and dying I, my daughter would die with me. Heal, wise fairy”, She went on to say “and do not let me miss a minute to get to the enjoyment of the grace that I have made.”

The fairy touched with a golden wand, saying: “What Your Majesty is free from all evil, that hold nailed in bed”. At these words she seemed to be relieved by a robe of lead, heavy and hard, that took his breath away, and that in some places felt even weigh more, because maybe there was the seat of evil. He sent all her ladies and told them, with a smiling face, that was fine, He wanted the rising quickly, that the doors of the castle at last, tightened bolt, and dual delivery, They would open for her, that he might eat the good fruit from the garden and bring it with him, than he had unintended.

Of all the ladies, there was no one who did not suspect that the Queen had fallen into a frenzy, and at that time the most desired fruit dreaming with open eyes: whereby, instead of answering in kind, They wept and did awaken all doctors, to come and see her. Quest'indugio did disturb the Queen, who asked her clothes, and no one was moving; and he went so far that he ended up letting seize the tantrum and turned red as a cherry. Some were careful to say that it was due to the fever: but doctors, We are finally arrived, and after having tested the wrist and without the usual ceremonies of Use, they could not do without state that was back in the most perfect health. His women accortesi of dry crab that had taken too zealously, They tried to repair the badly done, dressing from head to foot in a jiffy. They asked for forgiveness: everything was settled: and she hastened to follow the old fairy who had been waiting since then.

He entered the building, where nothing was missing to be the most beautiful building in the world: “E voi, senor, penerete not believe it”, he added Gatta Bianca, “when I say that it is the same, where I am today and you will find us”.

Two other fairies, a powder’ less old one that led my mother, They came to receive her at the door and made her welcome, it seemed like a party. It begged the menarla suffered in the garden and precisely to those espaliers, where he could find the best fruits. “They are all good in the same way”, They answered the fairies, “and were it not that you want to claw your taste to catch them with thy hands, we would not have to do anything but to call them and have them come here!” “Oh! I beg, My lord”, He exclaimed the Queen “do I have the happiness to see something so wonderful and out of the usual.” The older of the two do you put a finger in his mouth and made three whistles: then he shouted “apricots, peaches, nights, prugnole, pere, poponi, grape mascadella, my, oranges, lemons, gooseberry, strawberries, raspberries, run all at my command!”. “But”, the Queen remarked, “Codest fruit are all in different seasons of the year!” “In our garden it is not so”, they answered, “we always have all kinds of fruits of the earth: always good, more mature, and they never go bad.”

In the meantime, the fruit arrived, rolling, clambering over each other, without mixing and without get dirty; so that the Queen, that melted into the desire levarsene, there, jumped upon, and the first that they happened under hand sockets. He does not eat: but he devoured.

When it was full up to the throat, He asked the fairies to let her go back to, order to be able to choose with his eyes before you pluck them. “Willingly”, They answered the fairies, “but recollect the promise you made: now there is no time to go back.” “I am so convinced”, She went on to say, “here you will face a golden life, and I think this building is so beautiful, that if it were not for the great good that I want my husband to the King, I put it to agree to stay there too: So you see it is it possible that I might regret what I said.”

Le fate, all happy by not believing, the they opened their gardens and the secluded precincts; and so it is good we found, it remained there three days and three nights, without departing from there a minute. He made a large supply of fruit and it took as many as he could seize: and because he knew they were not going to hurt, He made it to load four mules that led him. To the gift of fruits fairies wanted to add that of baskets and baskets of gold, of a very fine work that seemed to be made with the breath: they promised that they would reared by Princess I, as I was, They would have given an education perfect, and at the time chosen a groom. They told her more than she would have been advised of the wedding day, and that counted on the sure would not be missed.

The King was pleased with the return of the Queen and the whole court he showed his joy. Every day were dancing, masked, tournaments and festivals, where the fruit carried by Regina were distributed, as a delicious gift. The King himself preferred them to anything else. It knew nothing of the covenant that the Queen had done the hill fairies, and asked which countries had been to find those delights. It now replied that he found them on a high mountain, almost inaccessible: Now that arose in the valleys: and sometimes he invented growing in a garden or in the middle of a large forest. The King could not explain many contradictions. He questioned those who had accompanied, but these did not dare say a word to have been forbidden to say one single word of this adventure. Eventually the Queen, of restless promise to do and seeing approaching the time of childbirth, It was taken by a large grouchy: He did nothing but sigh and melted at sight, like a candle. The king he impensierì, e incominciò a insistere colla Regina, per sapere la cagione della sua gran tristezza: e batti oggi, batti domani, finalmente essa gli raccontò tutto quello che era passato fra lei e le fate e com’essa avesse promesso loro la figlia che stava per mettere alla luce.

“Come!”, She exclaimed the King, “noi non abbiamo figliuoli: voi sapete quanto io li desideri, e per la gola di mangiare due o tre mele, siete stata capace di promettere vostra figlia? Bisogna proprio dire che non mi volete un filo di bene.E lì cominciò a farle dei rimproveri e ne disse tante e tante, che la mia povera madre fu quasi per morir di dolore. E come se questo fosse poco, la fece chiudere in una torre e messe delle guardie dappertutto perché non potesser barattar parola con anima viva, besides the officers intended to serve: and he wanted them to be changed all the people of the service that had accompanied her to the castle of the fairies.

Quest'urto between the King and Queen Court threw a great consternation. Each pinned her finery for vestirne of the adapted general distress. For his part, King showed himself inexorable: he refused to see his wife: and as soon as I was born, He did bring in his palace to be raised, while my mother was still in prison and a maximum squalor. Moreover the fairies did not ignore what was happening: and if they took it very badly and they wanted me at all costs, because they concerned me as their own, and it esteemed that the Court hold me in was the same as committing a theft against them. Before pigliarsi revenge slap and proportionate to spite them, they sent to the King a famous embassy to warn him to give freedom to the Queen and to readmit him in his good graces, and pray at the same time consegnar me their ambassadors. And these ambassadors were filthy dwarves and a figure so tiny and crushes, who had not even the fate of being able capacitare the King of their reasons. He put them out of the door unceremoniously, and if they did not soon escape, Who knows how it would end.

When the fairies heard my father's demeanor, They took a tantrum of not believing: and after sending in the six realms all imaginable ailments, They unleashed a horrible dragon, who spat venom everywhere where spent; eating beasts and Christians, and only with the breath she was drying all the trees and all the plants.

The king was in despair. He consulted with all the wise men of the State to find a way to free his subjects from many disasters, from which they were troubled. Who told him to send for all the world's best doctors and the most reliable remedies: others advised him to promise the grace of life to all those sentenced to death, provided that they were going to fight the dragon. At King liked the advice, and she accepted him: but does not he obtained no advantage, because the mortality raged from good to better, and those who went against the dragon, they were all eaten alive: so that not the other remained fallback, that turning to a fairy, who had always been under his protection as a boy. It was old and decrepit not rising nearly as out of bed: he went to her house and gave her a thousand reproaches because tartassare left that way by fate, without coming to his aid.

“As you like me to do?”, she said the, “you have tightened my sisters; they have so much power, as I do, and there is no coincidence that among us we give him. Think rather rabbonirle, giving them your daughter: This Princess is their thing. You have closed the Queen in a prison hole: that she has made this woman so lovable, to be treated so bad? Mind, da bravo: keep a promise to your wife, and then it will rain on him every happiness.”

Il Re, my father, She loved him dearly: but seeing no other way to save their kingdoms and to free himself from the fatal dragon, ended by saying to her friend who was convinced of the good reasons and that he did not give me a hard time in hand to do, especially as it assured him that I would be cherished and reared by Princess, like me; he would shoot himself with the Queen and the fairy did not have to do anything but say to those who had to give me, because I was brought to the fairy castle.

“You have to take it”, She answered him, “flowers on mountain: and you can keep you there, at a certain distance, to attend the festivities that will be made.”

The King said that within eight days he would go along with the Queen; and she might as well warn you his sisters, for preparing for what they wanted to do.

Returning to the palace which was, He sent to take the queen with so much care and so much pomp, how much was the rage with which he had made imprisoned. It was so dejected and battered, that the King would have labored to recognize, if his heart had not said he was the same person in other times so beloved by him. The tears in his eyes begged to forget the great sorrows that had caused, by saying that they would be the first and last. She replied that if it was deserved, for the imprudence he had promised his daughter to do: and that at that time had no other excuse, if it was interesting as it was. Eventually the King showed itself to its intention, who he was to deliver me into the hands of fairies; but the Queen, for his part, he opposed. It was just the case to say that the devil had taken the horns, and that I had to be a bone of contention between my father and my mother. When he cried and sobbed very well not get yourself anything (because my father saw the fatal consequences and our subjects continued to die in droves, as if they were responsible for the mistakes of our family), So to say that when my mother had wept and sobbed very well, He resigned and agreed to everything and they prepared the preparations for the ceremony of delivery.

I was placed in a cradle of mother of pearl, adorned with all the gallantry that art can imagine. They were garlands of flowers and garlands around comes around: and the flowers were precious stones, whose various colors, the reflection of the sun, They flashed so that it hurt the eyes. The magnificence of my clothing surpassed, if you can say, the cradle: all the laces of my bands were made of large pearls. Twenty-four princesses took me on a kind of lightweight stretcher; their hairstyle out all the ordinary, but it had not been allowed to use colors other than white, as to allude to my innocence. All the people of the Court, lined up to order and able, I accompanied.

As he went up the mountain was heard a melodious symphony, that drew closer; until it appeared the fairies in the number of thirty-six; Pray they had their good friends they might take part in the holiday. Each was sitting in a larger shell than that of Venus, when he came out from the sea; and pairs of sea horses, who were not used to walking on the ground, They are shuffling those nasty old with so much pomp, as if they were the greatest queens of the universe.

They brought an olive branch, to signify to the King that his submission had found favor before them: and when I had taken in the neck, were so many and their touch, that seemed to have no other passion, but to make me happy.

The Dragon, which he had served to avenge them against my father, He was behind them, attacked with a whole diamond chain. They abballottarono me in their arms, They made a thousand caresses, They endowed me with all good things: and then they began a medley of witches. It's a very cheerful dance: nor it is there to imagine the jumps and capers that made those old zittellone: after which the dragon, he had eaten so many people, He came crawling on the floor. The three fairies, to which my mother had promised me, I sat over, They put my cradle each other, and touched the dragon with a wand, This explained his mighty wings made flings, thinner than the fine crisp and colorful than a thousand bizarre colors.

It was in this way that the fairies returned to their castle. My mother saw me in the air on the back of the dragon, He could not help but send a loud voice. The king consoled her by saying that her friend Fairy was assured that I would not have nothing bad happened, and in fact he would have me as carefully, as if I'd stayed in my own palace. Ella say this pace, although it was for her great tribulation that of having missed for so long and on account of him: so much so that, if it had not been seized by the desire to taste the fruits of the garden, I'd grown up in the kingdom of my father and I would not have had all the sorrows, I still have to tell you.

know now, son of King, that my guardian had manufactured a tower on purpose, where there were many beautiful apartments for all seasons; beautiful furniture, very pleasant books, but not even a door; so he had to enter from the windows, which it was at such a height that makes you dizzy. Above the tower there was a beautiful garden adorned with flowers, fountains and pergolas with verdure, They repaired by boiling of the heat wave. In this place the fairies they raised me with such care, to surpass what they had promised to the Queen. My clothes were cut to the fashion taste: and so rich and beautiful that, seeing, He would have thought I was in a wedding day.

The fairies taught me all those things, which they were suitable to my age and my birth; nor I gave them plenty to do, perché avevo la facilità d’imparare alla prima. La dolcezza del mio carattere le aveva innamorate: e perché io non aveva mai veduto nessun altro, intendo benissimo che sarei rimasta tranquillamente in quello stato per tutto il rimanente della vita.

Esse venivano sempre a trovarmi, montate sul famoso drago che sapete: non mi rammentavano mai né il Re né la Regina; e siccome mi chiamavano la loro figlia, io credeva di esserlo davvero. Per potermi divertire mi avevano dato un cane e un pappagallo, i quali avevano il dono della parola e parlavano come due avvocati. Nella torre non c’era con me nessun altro.

Un lato di questa torre era fabbricato sopra una strada molto avvallata e tutta coperta di alberi; di modo che dal giorno che vi fui rinchiusa non avevo mai veduto passarvi anima viva. Ma un giorno, essendo alla finestra a ciarlare col cane e col pappagallo, I thought I heard some noise: I looked on all sides, and finally occurred to me to see a young knight, who had stopped to listen to our conversation. I had not seen other men, nothing but paintings, so I do not mind this occasion propitious point just as it was unexpected. Without thinking about the thousand miles a danger that was joined to the satisfaction of admiring such a nice item, I spenzolai out to see it better; and the more I looked the more we seized him taste. He made me a low bow, He fixed his eyes on me and I thought you ooze your brain to find ways to be able to speak; because my window was very high and he was afraid of being discovered, knowing full well that I was in the garden of fairies.

The sun sank suddenly: or, to say it as it is, night fell without there avvedessimo; for two or three times he put his horn to his mouth and cheered me with some suonatina; then he left, I could not even see which way pigliasse, so the night was dark. I remained as ecstatic, and I felt no more the usual delight to do with my conversation with my dog ​​and parrot. They told me the nicest things in the world, because the fairy beasts are full of spirit, but I had my head who knows where, neither I knew the art of simulating point. The parrot noticed: m furbo com'era, trapelar did nothing that brooded for the boss.

I was on time to take off my the sun: I ran to the window and was for me a grateful surprise to see the young rider at the foot of the tower. He wore a gorgeous dress: and in this its luxury I flattered me having a bit’ merit too, And I plucked the mark. He spoke to me with a kind of trumpet, the, as who should say,, with a spokesman, and he told me that having been until then indifferent to all the beauties he had seen, now he felt suddenly so hurt by my, not knowing what would become of him, if you could not see me every day. This compliment made me a great pleasure, and I was very sorry not to respond potergli, because I'd have to cry strong and the risk of being heard before the fairies, that he. I had flowers in hand: and I tossed them to him; He aroused his slight favor as a great favor: He kissed them several times and thanked me. I then asked if I would be glad that he came every day and at the same hour under my window, and if I wanted to be so kind as to throw anything. I had a yellow ring: me lifted up by deft deft finger and threw it to him very quickly, motioning to go like the wind. And the reason was that the other side I heard the Violent fairy, riding the dragon, He was to bring me breakfast.

The first thing he said going into my room, these words were: “I can smell the voice of a man: search for, drago!”. Imagine if I was blood in the veins! I was more dead than alive by fear that the dragon, through the other window, not would begin to pursue after the rider for whom I already felt a half-passion. “Really”, I said, “My good mother (because the old fairy wanted so I called her name), I really think you seem to apologize for celiare, saying that you smell the voice of a man: perhaps that the voice has an odor? And though they had, those who want it to be the rash of arrisicarsi to climb on top of this tower?”

“You are right, my daughter, say well”, she replied, “and I'm glad to hear you think so pale. I understand that I must be the hatred I feel for all men, I do believe them close to me even when they are away.”

He gave me breakfast and fortress; he added:

Quando avrai finito di mangiare, mettiti lì e fila; ieri non facesti nulla: e le mie sorelle se l’hanno per male”. Difatto il giorno innanzi ero stata tanto occupata col cavaliere sconosciuto, che non toccai né la rocca né il fuso.

Appena se ne fu ita, gettai via la rocca con una specie di dispetto e montai su in cima alla torre, per vedere più lontano che fosse possibile. Avevo con me un eccellente canocchiale: nulla all’intorno m’impediva la vista: ero padrona di voltarmi e di guardare da tutte le parti, quand’ecco che mi venne fatto di scoprire il mio cavaliere in vetta a una montagna. Egli si riposava sotto un ricco padiglione di broccato d’oro ed era circondato da una numerosissima Corte. My first thought was that he must be the son of some king, near the palace of the fairies. And because I was afraid that he returned under the tower it could be discovered by the terrible dragon, so I went to take my parrot and ordered him to fly on top of that mountain, where he would find that knight who had spoken with me, to which he had to say on my part not to return under the windows on the ground that, I had noticed how, the fairies were wide-eyed and could make a bad joke.

The parrot fulfilled his commission to be true spirit parrot. They were all amazed to see him come with wings and resting on the shoulder of the prince to speak to him in the ear voice. The Prince looked with favor on the one hand the embassy: and for another towards displeased. The care that I seized him him, It was good for his heart; but all the difficulties he encountered to be able to speak the disanimavano, however not dissuade him from drawing that he had made to please. He gave a hundred questions to the parrot: and the parrot, Curious by nature, made him many. The King gave me a ring in exchange for what glue turchina: and even his was a turchina, but much more beautiful of my: He was cut to the heart and surrounded by brilliant. “È giusto”, he added, “I treat you as an ambassador. Here's a gift my portrait; but do not let him see anyone, out that your dear mistress.” And saying so, He attacked the portrait under the wing of the parrot, il quale portò nel becco l’anello che aveva per me.

Io aspettavo il ritorno del mio corriere verde, con un’impazienza che non avevo provata mai. Egli mi disse che la persona, dalla quale lo avevo mandato, era un gran Re; che gli aveva fatto un’accoglienza coi fiocchi: che esso non poteva vivere senza di me: e che sebbene ci fosse un gran pericolo a venire sotto la mia torre, io poteva esser certa che egli era preparato a tutto, piuttosto che rinunziare a vedermi. Queste cose mi messero addosso un gran malessere; e cominciai a piangere come una bambina. Pappagallo e il canino Titì s’ingegnavano di farmi coraggio, perché mi volevano un gran bene. Quindi Pappagallo mi presentò l’anello del Principe, e mi fece vedere il ritratto. Confesso che non ho sentito mai tanta consolazione, quanta n’ebbi nel considerare da vicino e sotto gli occhi colui che non avevo veduto altro che da lontano. Mi parve anche più grazioso che non mi fosse parso dapprima; e cento pensieri, parte piacevoli e parte tristi, mi si affollarono nel capo e m’entrò nel sangue un’irrequietezza straordinaria. Le fate vennero a trovarmi e se ne accorsero. Esse dissero fra loro che senza dubbio io doveva annoiarmi e che bisognava cercarmi uno sposo della loro razza. Ne nominarono diversi: ma si fermarono sul piccolo Re Migonetto, whose reign was five hundred thousand miles away from there, but this was not a serious obstacle. Parrot felt this beautiful set, and coming now to rifischiarmelo, he told me: “I pity you really should, dear mistress, if you touch her husband for the King Migonetto: He is a bundle of dirty clothes to be frightening: he re, you love, piglierebbe not even for her Pull-boots”. “Di’, Parrot, and you saw?” “If I saw him?”, he added, “imagine that I was raised on a branch with him.” “As above a branch?”, I asked,. “Yes, ma'am! because you know that he has the feet of Eaglet.”

Those speeches made me very ill. I looked at the beautiful portrait of the King, and I thought that he had not given a parrot if not because I could see: and when I compared it with that of Migonetto me tumbling arms and rather than marry the monkey felt like I let me die.

Do not shut an eye all night. Parrot and Titi kept me a little’ companionship. A day I dozed off: but the canine, he had a good nose, he heard that the King was down at the bottom of the tower. He woke Parrot and said: “I bet you already low there is the King”. Parrot answered: “Chetati, mouthy! why are you always with his eyes open and grab ears to air? I'm sorry that the other a little nap?”. “And yet”, He insisted the good dog, “I bet there is.” “And I tell you that there is no”, He replied the parrot, “Are not I who was I forbidden to come here by the Princess?” “Una bella proibizione davvero!”, gridò il canino, “a man who loves does not consult his heart.” And in saying so he began to strapazzargli so little grace wings, Parrot that lost the pieces seriously. The screams of both woke me: and heard the bickering reason no courses, no, but I flew to the window: and saw the King who stretched my arms and by means of spokesmen he said I can not live without me, and he testified for me now to do so or to come away from the tower or get us into him too, calling to witness all the Olympians who would marry me right away, and that I would become one of the great Universe Queens.

I ordered Parrot andargli to say that what he was asking me was impossible: but nevertheless behind the word and the oaths, I would be an engineer to make him happy: however, I recommended myself why not come under the tower every day: in the long run it would have been known, and then they would have no pity or mercy.

He left with a heart full of joy and hope, and I found myself in a great affliction of spirit, I saw what I promised. How to escape from the tower, he had not even the sign of a door, certainly help Parrot and Titi, and since I am so young, so inexperienced and so scary?… My resolution, therefore, was to try my hand groped for a try, from which I could not stand up legs, and I sent word to the King by means of Parrot. He, of prim'impeto, voleva uccidersi dinanzi ai suoi occhi: ma poi lo incaricò di persuadermi e di andarlo a veder morire o di consolarlo nella sua passione.

“Sire!”, esclamò l’ambasciatore colle penne, “la mia padrona è più che persuasa delle vostre paroleNon è che manchi di buona volontà! Se potesse!…”

Quando tornò a ridirmi quel che era accaduto, mi afflissi più che mai. Entrò la fata Violenta e mi trovò cogli occhi rossi: allora cominciò a dire che io aveva pianto e che se non confessavo il motivo, mi avrebbe bruciata viva; perché tutte le sue minacce erano sempre spaventose. Risposi, tremando come una foglia, che m’ero annoiata a filare e che avrei preso volentieri un podi spago, per far delle reti e chiappare gli uccellini che venivano a beccare la frutta del mio giardino. “È questo, my daughter”, ella disse “tutto quello che desideri? allora non piangerai più: ti porterò tanto spago da non sapere dove metterlo.” It said that, me lo portò la sera stessa: e intanto mi avvertì di pensare a farmi bella e a non piangere, perché il Re Migonetto stava per arrivare da un momento all’altro. A questa notizia mi vennero i brividi per le spalle, ma non rifiatai. Appena fu fuori della stanza cominciai a fare qualche lacciuolo; ma l’intenzione mia era di fare una scala di corda, la quale mi riuscì benissimo senza che ne avessi mai vedute. Peraltro la fata non mi portava mai tanto spago, quant’era il bisogno, e mi badava a dire:

“But, my daughter, il tuo lavoro è come la tela di Penelope: non va avanti di una maglia e sei sempre a chiedermi dell’altro spago”.

O mia buona mammina”, rispondevo io, “voi discorrete bene: ma non vedete che io non so proprio che cosa annaspo e che butto sul fuoco il mio lavoro? Avete paura che vi faccia fallire per un podi spago?” Il mio modo ingenuo di fare la metteva di buon umore, sebbene fosse di un carattere insoffribile e veramente crudele.

Col mezzo di Pappagallo mandai a dire al Re di venire una tal sera sotto le finestre della torre; che ci troverebbe la scala e che il resto l’avrebbe saputo lì sul posto.

Infatti attaccai per bene la scala, risoluta com’ero a fuggirmene con lui; ma appena egli la vide, senza darmi tempo di scendere, salì su in un batter d’occhio, mentr’io stavo mettendo in ordine ogni cosa per la fuga.

La vista di lui mi fece provare tanta gioia, che non pensai più al pericolo che ci stava sul capo. Mi rinnuovò i suoi giuramenti e mi scongiurò di non differire più in là ad accettarlo per mio sposo. Pappagallo e Titì, pregati da me, ci fecero da testimoni. Non c’è esempio di una festa di nozze celebrata con tanta semplicità fra due persone di grado così elevato, né c’è ricordanza di due cuori più soddisfatti e contenti dei nostri. Non era ancora spuntata l’alba, quando il Re mi lasciò: io gli avevo raccontato l’orribile disegno delle fate di volermi maritata al Re Migonetto; gliene feci il ritratto e n’ebbe più ribrezzo di me. Appena partito lui, le ore mi parvero anni. Corsi alla finestra e lo accompagnai cogli occhi, sebbene facesse ancora buio. Ma quale non fu il mio stupore, nel vedere per aria un cocchio tirato da salamandre alate, che correvano a rotta di collo, tanto che l’occhio poteva appena seguirle! Questo carro era scortato da un nuvolo di guardie, montate sopra tanti struzzi. Non ebbi tempo di rendermi ragione di chi corresse per l’aria a quel modo, ma mi figurai subito che dovesse essere o un mago o una fata.

Shortly, la fata Violenta entrò nella mia camera. “Ho da darti delle buone nuove”, ella mi disse, “il tuo amante è arrivato qui da poche ore: preparati a riceverlo; eccoti dei vestiti e dei finimenti di pietre preziose.” “E chi mai vi ha detto”, risposi un po’ resentfully “che io voglia maritarmi? It's really not my intention. The King Migonetto can go back to where it came from, ; For me it is an absolute right: between me and him there Let us take for sure.”

“Feel! hearing!”, disse la fata, “or do not you put me to make the difficult? I would like a bit’ know what messes with that little brain! at court, You do not mess with me; either you marry him, or I…”

“I will?… We feel a bit’ What you will do me?”, I added, becoming red scarlet up to the eyeballs for the impertinence that he gave me, “than ever it can accader worse than being kept in a tower, in the company of a dog and a parrot, and with the obligation to see seven or eight times a day the figure of a fearsome dragon?”

“Oh? undiscerning, that you are nothing!”, disse la fata, “role is, It deserves everyone's thoughts and sentences, that we have given to you! Already, io l’avevo detto da un pezzo alle mie sorelle: ne avremo una bella ricompensa!…”

Ella andò a trovarle e raccontò loro quello che era passato fra noi due, e rimasero scandalizzate.

Pappagallo e Titì mi dissero, a tanto di lettere, che se io seguitavo a battere quella strada, mi sarei trovata a dei brutti guai. Ma in quel momento mi sentivo così orgogliosa di possedere il cuore di un gran Re, che le fate non mi facevano paura, e che i consigli dei miei piccoli amici mi entravano da un orecchio e mi passavano da quell’altro. Restai vestita, com’era, né mi volli mettere un nastro in più; rather, per farlo apposta, mi spettinai tutta per parere a Migonetto una vera befana. L’incontro accadde sulla terrazza. Egli vi giunse nel suo cocchio di fuoco. Dei nani piccini ne ho veduti, but a nanerucolo that way there, more! To walk is served at the same time the eagle's legs and knees, because he had no bones in the legs; and he kept upright on two crutches, all diamond. He had a royal mantle of about one meter in length: yet he was dragging on the ground at least two good third. Instead of head, a big blockhead who seemed a bushel and a nose so screanzato, there were over a dozen birds: and he liked to hear them sing. The beard looked like a forest and the canaries were they doing in the nest; his ears passed from one meter above the head; What, however, that no one avvedeva, on account of an inordinate crown tip that led to the head, to appear higher. Le fiamme che mandava il carro arrostivano le frutte, seccavano i fiori e inaridivano le fontane del mio giardino. Egli mi venne incontro a braccia aperte; ma io non mi mossi né punto né poco; per cui bisognò che il suo scudiere gli desse di braccio. E quando si provò ad avvicinarsi scappai in camera e chiusi la porta e le finestre: sicché Migonetto dové andarsene colle fate, le quali mi avrebbero cavato gli occhi dalla bile.

Esse gli chiesero mille e mille scuse della mia ruvidezza; e per abbonirlo, perché era un arnese da far paura, pensarono di condurlo la notte in camera mia, mentr’io dormivo: di legarmi i piedi e le mani e di mettermi così nel carro infuocato, perché potesse menarmi seco. Quando ebbero tutto fissato e combinato, tornarono da me; e mi ripresero leggermente della mia condotta, contentandosi solo di dirmi che in qualche modo bisognava rimediare al malfatto. Tutti questi rimproveri giulebbati e in pelle in pelle, dettero nel naso a Pappagallo e Titì. “Volete che vi parli chiaro, padrona?”, disse il mio cane, “il cuore non mi dice nulla di buono. Queste signore fate son certa genteche Iddio ci liberi tutti, e segnatamente dalla Violenta.

Io risi di tutta questa paura e stavo sulle spinte aspettando il mio sposo, il quale si struggeva troppo di vedermi per non essere puntuale ai fissati. Gli gettai la scala di corda col fermo proponimento di fuggirmene con lui. Egli montò, leggero come una piuma, e mi disse tante e poi tante cose gentili e appassionate, che anch’oggi non ho cuore di richiamarmele alla memoria.

Mentre si stava parlando insieme, tranquilli e sicuri, come se fossimo stati nel palazzo di lui, vedemmo sfondare con un gran colpo la finestra della camera. Le fate entrarono dentro montate sul loro drago: Migonetto le seguiva sul suo solito cocchio di fuoco, tirandosi dietro tutte le sue guardie a cavallo agli struzzi. Il Re, senza impallidire, messe mano alla spada e non ebbe altro pensiero che quello di difendermi nella più terribile avventura che mi potesse capitare. Well… debbo dirvelo, caro signore? quelle spietate creature gli aizzarono contro il drago, che se lo divorò vivo vivo dinanzi ai miei occhi.

Fuori di me per la sciagura sua e mia, mi gettai in bocca all’orribile mostro, perché m’inghiottisse, come avea inghiottito la persona che era tutto l’amor mio: and he would have gladly: but the fairies, most cruel of him, they forbade him.

They cried together:

“We must serbarla to longer torments: a death prompt and ready is almost a sugary for a creature so unworthy and unholy”. I touched, and I saw myself transformed into Gatta Bianca: then they took me to this building, that was my father, changed in cats and in cats all the lords and all the ladies of the United, and several left hands only: and so they reduced the state tearful where you found me, letting me know the secret of my birth, the death of my father, to my mother, and how I could not be freed from my cat figure, se non da un Principe che somigliasse come due gocce d’acqua a quello che mi era stato rapito. E voi, senor, siete il suo ritratto vivo e parlante: le stesse fattezze, la stessa fisonomia, perfino lo stesso suono di voce. Appena vi vidi per la prima volta, ne rimasi colpita: io sapevo tutto quello che doveva accadere, come so quello che accadrà, e però vi dico che le mie pene stanno per finire.

E le mie, bella Regina, dovranno ancora durare un pezzo?”, He asked the Prince, She fell at his feet,

Io vi amo, senor, più della mia vita, E questo è il momento di partire per andare da vostro padre: vedremo quali sono i suoi sentimenti verso di me, e se è disposto a rendervi contento.

Ella uscì: il Principe le dette la mano: and along with him he got into a cab much more beautiful and magnificent of all those who had until then. The rest of us did not disappear: suffice to say that all rows of the horses were emerald and the diamond nails. From that time on, he has not seen anything like it. Needless to stay here to repeat talks, who had set the Prince and the Queen. She was a singular goodness and a fine spirit: and the young Prince was as good as she: so that they could not think and say nothing but a mountain of gorgeous things.

Once in the vicinity of the castle, where they were to be the two brothers Prince, Queen entered in a small upstream crystal block, di cui tutte le sfaccettature erano guarnite d’oro e di rubini. Tutt’all’intorno era circondato di tendine per impedire ai curiosi di guardar dentro, ed era portato a barella da giovinotti di bellissimo aspetto e vestiti splendidamente. Il Principe rimase nella sua bella carrozza; e di lì poté vedere i suoi fratelli che se la passeggiavano a braccetto di due Principesse d’una bellezza da sbalordire. Appena lo riconobbero, gli andarono incontro per fargli festa e domandarono se anche esso aveva condotto la sua dama. Al che rispose che era stato così disgraziato, che in tutto il viaggio non si era imbattuto altro che in donne bruttissime; e tutto ciò che gli era capitato di meglio da portar seco, era una gatta bianca. Essi si misero a ridere della sua semplicità. “Una gatta!” dicevano essicome mai una gatta? avete forse paura che i topi ci mangino il palazzo?” Il Principe soggiunse che capiva bene che non era prudenza di portare un simile regalo a suo padre. And so, fra una parola e l’altra, s’incamminarono verso la città.

I due fratelli maggiori salirono colle loro Principesse in due carrozze tutte d’oro e di lapislazzoli: i cavalli portavano in capo dei pennacchi e altri ornamenti: to make it short, nulla di più splendido di questa cavalcata. Dietro a loro veniva il nostro giovine Principe: e quindi il blocco di cristallo di monte, che tutti guardavano con grandissima ammirazione.

I cortigiani corsero subito ad avvisare il Re dell’arrivo dei Principi.

Hanno con sé delle belle donne?”, domandò il Re.

Non s’è veduto mai nulla d’eguale!…”

The stop as, questa risposta non garbò troppo al Re. I due Principi si affrettarono a salire le scale colle loro Principesse, che erano due occhi di sole. Il Re li ricevette benissimo, e non sapeva a quale delle due dovesse dare la preferenza. Voltatosi al minore dei figli, he asked: “Come va che questa volta siete tornato solo?”.

Vostra Maestà vedrà dentro questo cristallo una gattina bianca, che miagola con tanta grazia e che ha le zampine più morbide del velluto, e son sicuro che le piacerà”, He replied the Prince.

Il Re sorrise e si mosse per aprire da se stesso il blocco di cristallo. Ma appena si fu accostato, la Regina toccò una molla, sicché il blocco andò tutto in minutissimi pezzettini ed ella apparve fuori come il sole dopo essere stato un podi tempo nascosto fra i nuvoli: i suoi capelli biondi erano sparsi per le spalle e in grandi riccioli le cadevano giù fino ai piedi. In capo aveva tutti fiori: e la sua veste era di leggerissimo velo bianco foderato di seta rosa. Si alzò e fece una profonda riverenza al Re, il quale nel colmo dell’ammirazione non poté frenarsi dall’esclamare:

Ecco veramente la donna senza confronto, e che merita davvero la mia corona”.

“Lord”, ella disse, “io non son venuta qui per togliervi un trono che sì degnamente occupate: sono nata con sei regni: permettete anzi che io ne offra uno a voi e uno per uno ai vostri figli. In ricompensa non vi domando altro che la vostra amicizia e questo giovine Principe per mio sposo. I tre regni, che avanzano, sono più che sufficienti per noi.

Il Re e tutta la Corte fecero un baccano con urli di ammirazione e di allegrezza incredibile. Le nozze si celebrarono subito, e quelle dei due fratelli ugualmente: motivo per cui per diversi mesi furono feste, baldorie, divertimenti e corte bandita. Poscia ciascuno partì per andare a governare i propri Stati: e la bella Gatta Bianca si immortalò non tanto per la bontà e per la generosità del suo cuore quanto per il suo raro merito e per la sua gran bellezza.

La cronaca di quel tempo racconta che Gatta Bianca diventò il modello delle buone mogli e delle madri sagge e perbene. E io ci credo.

Dal trist’esempio avuto in casa, essa aveva imparato a sue spese che le follie e i capricci delle mamme spesse volte sono cagione di grandi dispiaceri per i figliuoli.




The Cervia in the woods


Once there was a king and a queen who were among them along like two souls in a pit: they loved each other dearly, and were adored by their subjects; but the complete happiness of one and the other was missing a thing: an heir to the throne.

The Regina, who knew that the king would love her twice if she had a son, He never left to go in the spring to drink some water which is said to have miraculous for children. In these waters there people ran in crowds from all over; and the number of strangers was so overwhelming, that there were in all countries of the world.

In a great forest, where he went to beverle, there were several fountains: which they were made of marble or porphyry, because they all competed to who was the most beautiful. One day the Queen was sitting on the edge of a fountain, He ordered his ladies to leave the company and to leave her alone and then began his usual whining.

“How unfortunate”, said it, “not having children! have five years now ask for the grace of having one; and yet I could not have it. So I'll have to die without experiencing this consolation?”

As he was saying, He observed that the water of the fountain was all move; then he came out and said a big shrimp:

“O great Regina! finally you will have the desired grace. You must know that nearby there is a magnificent palace made by fairies: but it is impossible to find, because it is surrounded by very thick clouds through which no mortal eye passes: anyhow, since I am your humble servant, here I am ready to menarvici if you want to trust the guidance of a poor shrimp”.

The Queen listened to him without interrupting, because the thing to see a shrimp discoursed, He had stunned by the wonder: then she told him he would gladly welcome your offer, but he did not know, like him, walk backwards.

The shrimp smiled and immediately took the appearance of a beautiful old lady.

“That's it, o signora”, le these, “so we will no longer walk backwards. But I ask you a favor: always keep me for one of your friends, because I want nothing more than to be useful to something.”

He left the fountain without a drop of water on him: her dress was white, lined with crimson silk, and gray hair knotted behind with green ribbons. She had never seen old gallant like that! He greeted the Queen, who wanted to hug her; and without putting time in half, He made her take a narrow road to the forest, with great wonder of the Queen herself: which although it was coming in the woods a thousand times, it had never occurred to swiftly along there. And how would he be able to pass? That was the fairy road, to go to the fountain, and the whole was usually closed by Ronchi and brambles: but as soon as the Queen and her guide were put there foot, the roses bloomed suddenly from roses, jasmine and orange trees twined their branches to form a pergola covered with leaves and flowers, and thousands of birds of various species, laid on the branches of trees, sfringuellarono blithely.

He still had not got over with astonishment, that the Queen found herself dazzled eyes from the dazzling splendor of a building across diamond; the walls, the roofs, ceilings, the floors, the gardens, the windows and even the same terraces were all diamond. In the delirium of his admiration, She could not help but send a surprise scream, and he asked the elegant old lady, that accompanied, if what he had before his eyes was dream or truth.

“There is nothing more true, o signora”, she replied.

And once the gates of the palace were opened, and they went out six fairies: and which do! The most beautiful and most magnificent views were if not throughout their realm.

They all came to make a profound bow to the Queen: and each presented her with a flower of precious stones, in order to form a pack: There was a rose, a tulip, an anemone, un'aquilegia, a carnation and a pomegranate.

“Lady”, they said, “we can not give you a greater sign of our veneration, that allowing you to come here to visit: we are very pleased to let you know that you will have a beautiful princess, which will put the name of Desiderata, because one has to agree that it is a large piece that the desired. When it will come to light, remember to call, because we want to enrich it with the most beautiful qualities; and to invite to come, no need to do is pick up the deck, now we give, and appoint one by one all the flowers, thinking about us. Are you sure that in no time at all we will be in your room.”

The Regina, beside himself dall'allegrezza, He fell on his neck to do; and embraces lasted a good half hour.

When they had finished, They begged the Queen to pass in their palace, which you can not find fault with words all the wonders. Imagine that they had taken to manufacture the architect of Sun Palace, which was rebuilt in the small that was in the great palace of the sun. The Regina, not being able to withstand so alive glow, was every bit forced to close their eyes. They took her in their garden, and the most beautiful fruit if you were not undreamed! Apricots biggest of a boy's head, and certain cherries, that in order to eat a, He had to do it in four pieces; and such exquisite taste, that the Queen, when he had tasted, He did not want to eat other species in his life time.

Among the many wonders, there was a grove of fake and artificial trees, which they grew and put the leaves on a par with all other.

Can not complain all the exclamations of awe of the Queen, the speeches made on the Princess for you and thanks to the kind people who had wanted to give her a piece of news so pleasing: this is enough, that was not forgotten a single word of gratitude and no expression of tenderness. The fairy of the fountain was moved with his share, as a thrashing touched. The Queen was held in the palace until the evening: deeply in love and music, made her hear the angelic voices. It was almost drowned by the gifts and thanked a thousand times those great ladies, It came away with glue Fairy Fountain.

All the people of the Court, troubled about, the seeking of here and beyond: and no one could figure out where to find it. There was even someone who suspected he had been kidnapped by some bold stranger, especially since he was still young and in the prime of beauty.

When the saw back, as it is by figurarselo was all loud cheers: and because they also felt in the heart of an immense consolation for the good hopes had, so in his conversation there was something of a cheerful and gioiale who fell in love.

The fairy of the fountain left her that was almost close to home; and in the act of saying goodbye, They redoubled the caresses and compliments.

The Regina, trattenutasi again for a week to drink the waters, he left one day without returning to the palace of fairies with his elegant old lady, which he showed all times from the beginning in the form of shrimp, and then he ended up taking its natural shape.

The Regina, game that it was, She became pregnant, and he puts to light a Princess, to which gave the name of Want: and immediately took the deck, who had a gift, He appointed one by one all the flowers that formed it, and here the moment they saw the fairies. Each of them had a different chariot other: one was of ebony, drawn by white pigeons; some were ivory, attached to small deer, and other cedar, and other wood-pink. This was the crew that used to be used in a sign of alliance and peace; because, when they were angry, they used only flying dragons, of snakes they threw flames from the throat and eyes, lions, leopards and panthers, riding to which you were bringing from one end of the world in less time that it takes not to say good morning or good year. But this time they were at peace and very good mood.

The Queen saw them enter his room, they had a very proud and majestic wax: and behind them, dwarf and dwarf the cortege, all loaded with gifts. After the Queen embraced and kissed the little Princess, They explained the layette, made of a canvas so fine and so resistant enough hundred years, no danger of becoming lisa; the fairies spun itself into idle hours. As for the laces were the most valuable of the canvas itself: there could be seen depicted therein, the coll'ago the col zone, the whole history of the world; after this messero showing bands and blankets, embroidered on purpose with their own hands: and these were represented thousand of those giuochetti very varied, which serve to amuse the kids. Ever since the world there are embroiderers and stitchers, had never seen such a wonderful thing that canvas. But when it was taken out of the cradle, then the Queen could not restrain himself from the hunt a cry of astonishment, so that cradle surpassed, for glory, all the rest. It was made of a wood that cost hundred thousand crowns a pound. The held up four cupids: four masterpieces, where art had won the matter, although they were all rubies and diamonds, they can not say how worth. These cherubs were animated by the fairies; so when the screaming baby, the gently rocked and fell asleep, and this was a great convenience even to the nurse.

The fairies took the little Princess and if the messero on his knees: The bandaged and kissed more than a hundred times, because it was already so beautiful, that was enough to see her, to eat it by kissing. When they realized that he needed to nurse, They clapped their wand on earth, and appeared immediately a nurse, which he did for such a lovely infant. There remained now only to provide it: and the fairies spicciarono to do that too; Who gave her the virtue, who grace; the third, a marvelous beauty; the fourth, He wished her every luck; the fifth, good health; it's the last one, ease of riuscir well in all those things that had taken to make.

The Regina, delighted, and he finished off by not thank them many favors lavished the Princess; when suddenly they saw come into the room such a big shrimp, just passing through the door.

“Oh! ingratissima Queen”, said the shrimp, “how is he possible that you have forgotten so soon the fairy of the fountain and the great service you have rendered, menandovi my sisters? Come! you have invited all the, and I alone have left aside? While too he had a premonition, and was the reason that I found myself obliged to take the shape of a shrimp the first time that I spoke to you, just for you to note that your friendship, instead of progressing, He would walk backwards.”

The Regina, desperate for smemoraggine committed, He interrupted and asked forgiveness. She said she had believed to nominate its flower, like those of all other; who it had been the bunch of flowers of precious stones that had deceived: and that it was not capable of forgetting the great favors received; and that, consequently, He begged and implored not to deprive her of her friendship, and in particular to show benign towards the Principessina.

All the fairies, for fear that wanted to provide it with misery and misfortune, They chorused the Queen to see abbonirla.

“By SORELLE”, they said, “Your Highness does not disdain monsters against a Queen, that never had a mind to the smallest snub; leave, of grace, MISUSE peel shrimp and let them see you in all your beauty.”

As it has been said, la fata della fontana era un pocivetta, and to feel the praise sisters tamed a bit and became easier.

“Well”, said, “I will not do for you to all the evil that I wanted: because I swear that it was my intention to ruin it all, and no one could stop me; nevertheless I will speak unto you one thing: if she will see the light of the sun, before he tasks fifteen years, He will regret it bitterly and perhaps will lose their lives.”

The cry of the Queen and the prayers of the illustrious do not availed to shake a hair of his judgment.

She withdrew walking backwards, because he had not wanted to leave his shrimp overdress.

When it was removed from the chamber, the poor Queen asked to do if there was to save his daughter from the disgrace that had been threatened. They took counsel together, and after several parties put forward, finally adhered to this: that, namely, He had to manufacture a large building with no doors and no windows; with an underground entrance door, and guard you in there the Princess till he had reached the fatal age, to be out of any danger.

Three shots were enough wand to start and finish this vast edifice. Outside it was all in white and green marble: and ceilings and gl'impiantiti all diamonds and emeralds, depicting flowers, birds and a thousand other pretty things. The walls were hung with velvet different colors, embroidered by the fairies with their own hands: and because they knew of history, He had taken the taste to represent the most beautiful historical facts and the most remarkable: It was painted the past and the future, and several tapestries were seen portrayed the exploits of the greatest Kings of the earth.

The good fairies had imagined this ingenious way to teach more easily to the young Princess various cases of life heroes and other mortals.

The whole house, inside, It was lit only by dint of lamps: but there were so many and so many, that seemed to be clear day, from year to year. They all teachers were introduced, of which she might need to educate themselves and improve; and his spirit, svegliatezza her and her common sense came to understand many things, even before that they were taught: which is why the teachers remained strasecolati for the beautiful things that she could say in an age, in which the other guys know just call Dad and Mom. And this is a proof that you do not grant their protection, to reel fools and degl'ignoranti!

If the vivacity of his spirit fell in love all who approached, her beauty was no less, and he knew amicarsi people more numb and the hardest hearts. The Queen Mother would not let a single minute, if his duty had not held at the King. From time to time the good fairies came to see the Princess and brought a present things rare and luxurious and elegant clothes, that they seemed made for the wedding of Princess few, no less beautiful for you.

But among all the fairies who loved her, the one that wanted most was Tulipano, which never and finished off recommending to the Queen that does not let see the light of day before hitting the fifteen.

“Our sister, the fountain, it is vindictive”, said Tulipano, “we will have a nice catch us all care for this girl; but if she can, You are assured that will hurt; and for that reason we must, o signora, that you be vigilant, and many more.”

The Queen for his part promised to continuously watch over something of such importance: but approaching the time when his beloved daughter had to leave the castle, made her portrait done, and the portrait was taken to shows in the larger universe Courts. Only to see it, There was no prince who did not show took admiration: But among others there was one who was so infatuated, not knowing how to detach more. She took him into her toilet, and he shuts himself together with the portrait, and speaking as if it were alive and could understand it, She told him the most passionate things of this world.

Il Re, no longer seeing the son, She asked what he was doing and how to pass his time, and why it was not more than his good humor. some courtier, those chatting happily, and there are several with this vice, made him understand that there was a chance that the Prince would give her brain, because he passed whole days locked in his cabinet, and there was talking to himself, as if there was someone with him.

The king heard this with displeasure:

“How can he”, He told his confidants, “so that my son lost the judgment? it, who had always so! You know that it has to date been the admiration of all, e io non vedo nesuoi occhi alcun segno di pazzia o di aberrazione mentale: I think only become more thoughtful. I must interrogate it from me: so maybe I'll get to find out what is the fixation that trial was put to the head”.

No sooner said than done, She sent for it, and then he ordered everyone to come out from the hall. After several speeches, to which the Prince replied he was not careful or backward, the King asked him why he had brought so much change in his habits and his character. Prince, it seemed to him that had happened to the ball, he fell at his feet, and said,:

“You have determined to make me marry the Princess Black: in this family relationship you will find the advantages, I can not promise with what Princess Desiderata; but, senor, I find this girl so many graces and many attractions, how the other does not really have”.

“And where you have views?”, He asked the king.

“So much of one to the other, They portraits were taken”, He replied the Prince Warrior (that was her name, since he had won three great battles), “and I confess that my passion for the princess for you is so strong, that if you do not withdraw their word to the Black Princess, It is not nothing but death: always happy to lose his life, once you lost hope of being the husband of the one I love.”

È dunque con un ritratto”, taken seriously the King, “Spend your time doing some talks, that make you ridiculous in the eyes of all the courtiers? They will believe the brain vanished, and if you knew what it says about you, you would have no face to speak to this way of similar pranks!”

“I have no reason to reproach myself so a beautiful flame”, He replied the Prince, “when you have seen the portrait of this lovely princess, You're sure compatirete the passion I feel for her.”

“Go get it now” She exclaimed the King, with so much resentment, which gave divide the bizza that gnawed inside.

If the prince had not had the certainty that no beauty in the world could be compared to that of Desiderata, sarebbe rimasto un po’ male. Instead he immediately went to his cabinet, and then he returned to the King. The king was amazed how his son.

“Ah!”, diss’egli, “my dear Warrior, I approve of your choice; when my court there will be a princess so pretty, I feel rejuvenated, too. Since this moment immediately sent ambassadors to the Black Princess isciogliermi the word: and even if I were to get me on the arms war to the death, I prefer to do away once and for all.”

Prince respectfully kissed his father's hands and hugged her knees. His joy was so much, that seemed to become another. He prayed and ripregò his father to send ambassadors not only to the Black Princess, but also for you, It is recommending that it had chosen the man most capable and richer than the United, because in this great occasion it was necessary to make a beautiful figure, and get what you wanted. The King laid eyes on Beccafico. It was a great lord, eloquent as Cicero, and one hundred thousand lire annuity. Beccafico was very fond Prince Warrior, and up to meet a genius, he did make the most wonderful crew and the most beautiful liveries imaginable. His haste to set up the preparations of the trip was great, because the love of the Prince grew by eye by the day, and it was always there to tease him because they departed.

“Remember”, She told him in confidence, “that is half of my life, and I lose the light of reason every time I think of the case that the father of this princess could engage with someone else, without turning back: and then I should lose her forever.”

Beccafico reassured him, if only to gain time; because after the great expense to which he had gone to meet, he wanted at least to do with honor. Taketh him eighty carriages all resplendent gold and diamonds, and painted with certain miniatures, to do disappear more finished thumbnails you ever seen Sieno: there were, moreover, five other carriages: twenty-four thousand pages on horseback, clothing like many principles: and the rest of the cortege was not to deface the midst of that magnificence.

When Ambassador by Prince had an audience of leave, This embraced as a brother, and said,:

“Think, my dear Beccafico, that my life depends on marriage that go to combine: say everything that the more you know, and lead with you Princess, which it is the soul of my soul”.

She gave him a thousand gifts offer, in which stood out in the same way the elegance and richness; They were all loving allegories, engraved on gemstones and diamonds: encrusted watches carbuncles, above with the figures of Want: bracelets of rubies shaped in the form of hearts: in short, there was something to which he had not thought, to find ways to please.

The ambassador brought with him a portrait of the Prince, painted with such skill and mastery, that he lacked not even the word, and made compliments filled with grace and panache. È vero che non sapeva rispondere a tutto quello che gli si domandava: but of this there was a great need. Beccafico, for his part, Prince promised he would do the impossible to see him happy, and he added that he was carrying a lot of money: and if anything he had been denied the Princess, He would find the means to buy one of his waitresses and would have abducted. “Ah!”, He exclaimed the Prince, “do not tell even in jest: I'm sure she would call offended by a way of doing so disrespectful!”

Beccafico did not stay to say more, and departed.

The big rumor of his trip came before him: the King and Queen they were delighted, because much they valued his sovereign and knew the acts of bravery of Prince Warrior, and, particularly, her personal merit; why they could not find a more worthy party for their daughter, even looking for him on purpose in the five parts of the world. It was a palace to house apprestato Beccafico, and they were given orders so that all the Court showed in gala dress.

The King and Queen had thought to show the ambassador Princess Desiderata: but the Tulip fairy came to see the Queen and told her:

“Look good, Regina, by beating Beccafico our daughter”, she used to call it that, “not convenient that he sees it as soon as possible and must not send her to the King, that he demanded in marriage, until it has tasks fifteen! because, mind you what I say to you, If she comes out ahead of time, You will fall on him to feel some big calamity”.

The queen embraced the good Tulip: He promised to listen to her, and without loss of time they left together by Princess.

Meanwhile came the ambassador. Its sequel lasted twenty-three hours to go, because he had six hundred thousand mules, Hill bells and golden shoes and velvet trappings embroidered in pearls and brocade. Along the way there was a crushing-presses do not have a clear idea, and they all ran to view it. The King and Queen met him, they were so happy with his coming.

We'll skip at the foot of the things he said, the compliments exchanged, because it takes little to figurarseli: but when he asked to present its compliments to the Princess, He was very bad at being denied the grace.

“Mr. Beccafico”, said the king, “If we refuse you something that seems so right, credetelo, It is not a whim: and why you're persuaded, we must tell you about the strange adventure of our daughter. Una skin, from the day he was born, He took her to boredom and threatened a thousand woes, if she had seen the sunlight before they hit the age of fifteen: Do we then we keep it locked in a building, which it has its most beautiful neighborhoods in the ground. It was our idea of ​​menarvici but the Tulip fairy has commanded us to do nothing.”

“Why, Sire!”, He replied the ambassador, “and I then I'll have to have the displeasure to turn back without her? You accordaste to the King my master for his son: She is expected with lively impatience: and it is possible that you will yourselves to be certain childishness, as are the predictions of the fairies? Here is the portrait of Prince Warrior here, I order to present: and the portrait is so similar, that when I look at it I seem to see the same Prince in person.”

So saying, he discovered it. The portrait, who had been instructed only to speak to the Princess, said:

“Beautiful Desiderata, You can not be included in it how ardently I will wait! come now to our Court, and abbellitela with those graces that make you unique in the world!”.

The portrait said no more: and the King and Queen were so amazed, who prayed to give him Beccafico, to take him to see the Princess. He did not seem the true, and immediately she handed the portrait in their hands.

The Queen had never mentioned her daughter what was happening in Court; and he had indeed forbidden the ladies around her to tell her the smallest thing on arrival ambassador: but they had not obeyed, and Princess already knew that it was up to a great marriage; however, it was so cautious, to do so that the mother not noticing anything. When this was shown the portrait of Prince, speaking, and that made her a compliment I do not know if it softer or more graceful, But she was so surprised, because he had never seen anything like it; beautiful appearance and Principe, cute appearance and regularity of features no less amazed of the things she gave the speaking likeness.

“Would you mind”, said the Queen, “to have a husband who looked like the Prince?”

“Lady”, she replied, “not up to me to choose: I will always be happy with the one who will love destinarmi.”

“Ma pure”, insisted Regina, “if the lot fell on him, non vi estimation reste Felice?”

she paddy, He looked down and said nothing. The Queen took her in his arms and kissed her over and over again, nor could he refrain from shedding a few tears, thinking he was on the verge of having to lose, because the now missing that three months just to make fifteen: and hiding his displeasure, She puts it to do anything as the concerned embassy in Beccafico: and among other things, said even the gifts that had been brought for her. She admired them: He praised with refined taste the most unusual things; but every bit his eyes divagavano, to go to rest on the portrait of Prince, with a never experienced until then delight.

The ambassador, He is seeing that he lost his time insisting they might give him the Princess, and that only content to promettergliela, but in a solemn manner by not being able to doubt, It stayed a few days at the King, and returned by post to account to the master of his actions.

When the Prince came to know that his Desiderata could not have her first three months, It is spoken in these outpourings of grief, which they saddened the whole court: not sleeping: He did not eat anything and became sad and pensive: He lost its beautiful color: passing whole days lying on a sofa, in his cabinet, to contemplate the portrait of Princess: He wrote to her every five minutes and handed the letters to the portrait, as if it could read the. Eventually his forces were weakened gradually, and he fell seriously ill: There was no need to doctor or surgeon to guess the cause of evil.

The king was in despair; he dearly loved his son, and he was about to lose. What sorrow for him! Neither saw any remedy that might help them to save the Prince, who did not ask more than his Desiderata: without it he just had to die. In the face of the seriousness of the case he took the resolution to go to find the King and Queen, who he had promised his daughter, affine of avoiding them to move to the state in which compassion had reduced the Principe, and not to send more in the long wedding; which would not have made more, So when they they had peg away to want to wait for the Princess he had the task fifteen.

This step was extraordinary for a King, but it would have been something even more extraordinary if he had left his son to die, that was more expensive of the pupils of the eyes.

However he tumbles into an insurmountable difficulty: and this was the great age of the King, which does not consented if not traveling in a sedan: and this thing is evil combined the impatience of his son: so he sent for mail his trusted Warbler and wrote letters of commoventissime to engage the King and Queen to please him in his desires.

Meanwhile, for he did not feel less pleasure to contemplate the portrait of the King, that he did not feel watching hers. Every little she went into the room where he had been put, and although charge his memory conceal the feelings of his heart, there were those who could guess them; and, among others, Purple-a-locks and Spinalonga, who were her bridesmaids, they realized that kind of restlessness which was beginning to torment.

Purple-a-locks loved her sincere love and was fidatissima; while Spinalonga had always harbored a secret jealousy of the beautiful virtue and to the fantastic condition of the Princess. The mother of Spinalonga had raised the Princess, and after being his housekeeper, He had become her lady of honor. So she would have to love her, as the dearest thing in the world: but it idolizing his daughter, and seeing the hatred of this for the beautiful Princess, he could not, again one, love her.

The ambassador, who had been sent to the Court of the Black Princess, he found glad reception, once he came to know the good part he had to do. This Negro was the most vengeful creature that can imagine; and it seemed not to be treated so cavalierly to be told on the face, After the promises and engagements taken, that it remained thanked and commissioning freedom. She had seen the portrait of Prince, and he had stuck in the head to want him at any cost: because black women, when you think of love, become the most stubborn woman in the world.

“Come, Mr. ambassador”, ella disse, “perhaps your king does not believe me rich enough or pretty enough? Girate per i miei Stati e difficilmente ne troverete depiù vasti; enter my real treasure and you will see so much gold, than it's ever quarried from all mines of Peru; dates finally look at the color of my face morato, my thick lips, to my nose pressed, and besides tell me if a woman, to be beautiful, It must not be done so!”

“Lady”, He replied the ambassador, who had a great fear of being beaten, worse than in Turkey, “I blame the progress of my Sovereign, as it is permissible to do so in a subject: and if heaven had given me the most beautiful universe throne, I know well the person to whom offer it!”

“These words save lives”, ella disse, “I set to begin from you my revenge; but it would have seemed an injustice, perché in fin deconti non siete voi la cagione dello sleale procedere del vostro Principe: go, and tell him from me that makes me a real gift to melt with me, for me I did not have ever spoken with people no good.”

The ambassador, that he could not wait to be laid off, He took these words to flight; and off to leg.

But Negra was too angry against Warrior Prince, potergli forgive. He climbed on top of an ivory chariot drawn by six ostriches, which they were ten miles per hour. He went to the palace of the fairy fountain, it was his godmother and the best friend I had: and after having told his adventure, He begged his arms on the cross to help her pigliarsi a vengeance. The fairy relented from the pain of godchild; He looked in the book, where it says it all, and so he was soon learned that the Prince left the Warrior Princess Black for Desiderata reason, he loved madly, and that he had even been sick from the great passion of not being able to see. This thing was enough to rekindle the anger in the heart of the fairy, that now it was almost extinguished; so much so that you could hope, that having not seen the Princess since the day he was born, He thought he would never hurt her, without promptings that bad moraccia.

“Come!”, She cried the fairy, “So this sciaguratissima Desiderata trial was put in charge of me always teasing? Not, no, Sparg Princess: no, my cute; I never suffer you will face an affront. The sky and all the elements piglieranno part in this thing. Back on home and trust the word of your good godmother.”

The princess thanked her and made of fruits and flower gifts, which were very much appreciated.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador Garden Warbler was advancing to spur beaten to the city, where he was the father of Desiderata: just come and threw himself at the feet of the King and Queen; He poured a torrent of tears and said with a language to soften the stones, that Prince Warrior would die, if gl'indugiavano the pleasure of seeing the Princess: that there now were missing more than just three months to accomplish fifteen; there was no danger that in such a short time could have happened some misfortune: that he took the liberty of recalling that this excessive credulity to certain stories did wrong the real majesty: in a word, so he was able to say and did so order, which he ended with both persuade.

The proof is that they s'intenerirono and wept, remembering the pitiful state in which he had reduced the Principe: and ended by saying that pigliavano few days time before giving a green light response. It then replied that he could not grant that few hours, because his master was now reduced to a flicker, and he had into his head that the Princess could not suffer and she herself was to examine all paraphernalia to postpone the start overnight.

Then he was told that the evening would know what you could do.

The Queen ran to the palace of his beloved daughter, and he told her everything. For he felt a great pain: He had a pang and fainted. So the Queen could know all the passion of his love for the Prince.

“Do not give so much to the despair, my baby”, she said, “You have the virtue of being able to heal: the only thing that keeps me thinking, are the threats made by the fountain fairy at the time of your birth.”

“I want to hope, o signora”, she continued, “that there must be some fallback, to deceive this mischievous fairy. I could not, for one thing, Starting in a carriage closed throughout, where I could not see the light of day? this car the only open up the night, to feed us, and so I would go happily home of Prince Warrior.”

The fallback really liked the Queen: He spoke to the King, which the approved: and so they sent for Beccafico, why go now to Court, where they gave him for sure thing that the Princess would be leaving soon; and they told him to while traveling to bring good news to his master, adding that for the sake to make haste, they failed to make her kit and the very rich clothes, which they suit the degree of Princess. The ambassador, It did not understand the skin with delight, He fell again at the feet of their Majesties to thank them, and he left immediately without having seen the Princess.

No doubt she would have felt a great pain in the break away from his father and mother, if he was not alive in her prevention in favor of the Prince: but they give in life certain feelings so overbearing, that silencing all other. The prepared a carriage lined out velvet, adorned with large gold studs; and the inside of brocade embroidered with silver and pink. There were no crystals; the coach was very large, all closed like a box; and one of the first lords of the kingdom held the keys in custody, that opened the lock of the doors. Why a sequel too large could be a hindrance, few officers were chosen to accompany: and after having given the world's most beautiful gems and some rich clothes, and after pre-wedding, who made almost suffocated by tears and sobs the King, The Queen and the whole court, They locked her in the carriage, along with her ladies of honor Purple-a-locks and Spinalonga.

You have to remember that he did not point Spinalonga well to Desiderata; but instead he wanted very much to the Prince Warrior, which he had seen the speaking likeness. The dart had hurt her so acute, that, starting in, he told his mother die of grief, if it happened the wedding of Princess, and that if he wanted to save her from her sad fate, needed whereabouts toward mess up everything. His mother, who was maid of honor, He told her to find peace, that he would seek a way to comfort her and make her happy.

When the Queen was about to break away from his daughter, that started, He commended her, you can not say what, this sad female.

“This precious deposit”, diss'ella, “I trust in your hands. It is more expensive life! Take care of my daughter's health, and especially look carefully you will never see the light of day. It would be over for her! You know from such disasters is threatened, and though I fixed the Ambassador Prince Warrior, so long as fifteen years do not have homework, to be held in a castle, where I can not see other light than the chandeliers.”

The Queen drowned this lady gifts, to engage it to stand faithfully attached to his instructions, and she for his part promised to watch over the preservation of the Princess, and make them very minute account of all, as soon as they arrive.

In this way the King and Queen, trusting her well recommended, They not had any thought for their beloved daughter, and so they felt less the pain of separation; ma Spinalunga, that the officials in charge of opening every night the coach to serve dinner to the Princess, he had heard that they approached the town where they were expecting, He began to put on her mother who was to carry his wicked design, before the King and the Prince were to meet them and lacked the time to make the big shot.

so, when it was about the hour of noon when the sun's rays darted with greater force, She cut the net with a large knife on purpose, he had brought with him, the imperial of the coach where they were-absorbed. That was the first time that Princess Desiderata saw the light of day. As soon as he had seen, He sent a sigh and hurried out of the carriage, transmuted into a white Cervia: and that way they made run to the nearby forest, where he hid in a thick, dark place, to be able to cry, without being seen by anyone, the graces, the handsome features and elegant figure, who had lost.

The fairy of the fountain, who directed this strange adventure, seeing that all those who accompanied the princess gave him a great bike, one to follow, others to run to the city and to warn the Prince Warrior of misfortune happened, put upside down heaven and earth: so that the lightning and the thunder panicked even the bravest: and in favor of his prodigious knowledge, He was able to carry those people far away from there, removing them in this way from one place, where their presence was not pleased point.

The sun remained, were the lady of honor, Spinalonga and Viola-a-locks.

The latter rides behind his hostess, facendo risuonare il bosco del nome di lei e desuoi acuti lamenti.

The other two, delighted of being free, They did not lose a minute to do what they had already fixed.

Spinalonga slipped the clothes for you. The royal mantle, which he was to serve for the wedding, It was of a wealth that he could not say, and the crown had big diamond two or three times the fist. His scepter was a ruby ​​in one piece: and the globe that held in the other hand, a large pearl as the head of a child. All wonderful things to see and very heavy to carry him: but they do not leave anyone behind the royal ornaments, Once Spinalonga wanted to pass himself Princess.

In quest'abbigliamento, Spinalunga, followed by the mother who was holding her train, He walked toward the city. The false princess walked with stately step. She was sure that people would come to meet her; in fact, They had not yet come a long way, that they saw a troop of cavalry, and in the middle two gleaming sedans gold and gems, carried by small mules, adorned with long green plumes (because green was the favorite of Princess color).

The King who was in a sedan, and the other sick Prince, they did not know what to think of these ladies, who came to meet them. The curious first galloped, and judged by the wealth of clothes that were to be two large ladies about. They went down from his horse and greeted with much respect. “Let me grace” He told them Spinalonga “to know myself to say who's inside those sedans.”

“Lady”, they said, “There the King and the Prince his son, that meet the Princess for you.”

“So please”, she continued, “going to tell them that the princess is here. Una skin, that is the enemy of my happiness, He has scattered and dispersed all who accompanied me to the fury of thunder, lightning and fearful wonders: but here is my lady of honor, which is in charge of presenting the letters of the King my father and keep custody of my joys.”

I cavalieri, these words, immediately they kissed the hem of his robe and went running to tell the king that Princess approached.

“Come!”, he exclaimed, “she departed, walk and is broad daylight?” They told him what she had told them. Prince, who was anxious impatience, he called them, telling them with great eagerness: “It is not a beauty miracle? a miracle? a Princess unmatched?”.

No one answered: whereby the Prince he was amazed.

“You really”, he resumed, “than having one thing too well, rather prefer to say nothing.”

“Lord, you will see it from you”, said the boldest of them, “sarà che lo strapazzo del viaggio l’abbia un potrasfigurita.

The Prince was stunned: had it been in force, He would be knocked out from the sedan to run to satisfy his impatience and his curiosity. The King came down to feet, and advancing with all the cortege reached the false Princess. See her, throw a shout and stand back a few paces, was just one point. “Who ever see?”, he said, “but this is a real treachery.”

“Sire”, said the lady of honor in advancing fresh face, “here is the Princess for you with letters of the King and Queen. I commit well in your hands the tape of the joys, which it was delivered to me on the verge of leaving.”

The King persevered in a sinister and gloomy silence; and the Prince, leaning on the arm of Beccafico, He approached Spinalonga. God of Gods! as he was obliged to remain, seeing a girl of a stature so effusive as to be frightening? It was so long, the clothes of the Princess barely touching the knee; dry as a door; his nose was like the curved beak of a parrot, and red and shiny on top as a pepper. Teeth more blacks and more disunited than, You have not really ever seen: in a word, It is a mart that bad, As Desiderata was beautiful.

Prince, he had always before his eyes the image of his beloved Princess, to see this ugly witch remained imbietolito: He had no breath either to move or to say half a word. Only, after having watched a little with the eyes out of your head, He turned to the king and said,:

“I am betrayed! The marvelous portrait on which I bound my freedom did not see anything that the person who was sent to us. They demanded deceive? they succeeded: but it will cost me my life”.

“What do you mean, senor?”, said Spinalonga. “Who has tried to deceive? know, senor, that marrying me, there have really deceived.”

So much audacity and arrogance had no such. For his part, Also the lady of honor increased costs by dose:

“Oh! My beautiful princess”, exclaimed, “where we are ever happened? È forse in questo modo, which hosts a par Your Princess? What inconstancy! and what kind of proceeding!…The King your father will do with it give account”.

“It's up to us getting to account”, said the King, “He promised us a beautiful princess and there instead sends a lot of bones, a mummy to do run away in fright: Now I'm not the kind he has been hiding this beautiful treasure for fifteen years in a row: He expected to happen on merlotto: and misfortune has befallen upon us: but we'll see how this ends.”

“But what insolence!”, said the false princess. “How unfortunate to be coming here, on the word of this sort of people! Guardate un poil gran delitto di essersi fatta ritrattare un popiù bella del vero! Are not things that happen every day? If these little pranks sent back the principles behind their girlfriends, few but little good if it mariterebbero.”

The King and Prince, glue tantrum until the tip of the hair, They not deigned to reply: They climbed each in their sedan, while a bodyguard, unceremoniously, put on the horse, behind him, Princess: the lady of honor had the same treatment: and so it was menate city, where the order of King were closed in the three-pointed Castle.

The Warrior Prince remained so stunned by this blow, that the whole is worth the rinserrò at heart. When he had breath to speak, what ever she said of her sad fate? He was always in love as before, but he could only object of his passion than a liar portrait. All his hopes go up in smoke: all his illusions about the Princess Desiderata, faded! There was despair that they can agguagliare his. The Court had become an insufferable living, and I think, appena ristabilitosi un poin salute, to flee secretly to a deserted place and spend the rest of his miserable life.

He confided his idea to trust only Beccafico, in the certainty that they would follow him everywhere: and she chose it on purpose to have a person with which they can vent more freely than with anyone else, the trick he had had to suffer. Appena si sentì un pomeglio, He sets out by the Court, leaving on the table of his cabinet a long letter for the King, colla quale lo avvertiva che sarebbe tornato appena avesse ritrovato un podi quiete di spirito: but meanwhile she begged him to think about the revenge of both, and always keep in prison the specter of Princess.

It is easy to imagine the king of pain on receiving this letter. He thought the pain to die for the distance of a child, so adored. While everyone strove to console, Prince and made their way Beccafico: until after three days they found themselves in a large forest, so obscure for spessezza plants and so seductive and herb for the freshness and the rivulets and threads of water, that flowed in all respects, that Prince, finished by long way, had not yet put in respectable forces dismounted from his horse and lay sadly on the ground, He is holding his head in his hand, and the weakness of having just breathless to talk. “Lord”, said the Warbler, “while you rest a little, I'll go in search of some fruit for you to cool off: and meanwhile I'll look to get an idea of ​​where we are.” The prince did not answer, but he motioned with his head, as if to say: “Sta bene”.

He is now a long time since we left the forest in Cervia, I mean the incomparable Princess. she Pianse, You can cry like a deer last despair, when he saw his new forms, mirroring in the water of a fountain.

“Come! and I am, really me?”, she said, “and it is precisely today, I am reduced to suffer the sad adventure that can ever touch to an innocent princess like me, whim and guilt fairy? And how will last this metamorphosis? And to hide, because the lions, bears and wolves do not devour? How shall I cibarmi grass?” And so it goes, was herself a thousand questions, and he felt the most bitter pain that never can.

If anything could console her, It was to see that it was a beautiful Cervia, in the same way that it was a beautiful princess.

Driven by hunger, Desiderata is made eating the grass with much appetite: and he could not understand how this thing could stay. Then she crouched on the moss: Meanwhile, night fell, no addarsene: and she passed it in the midst of such terrible frights, not included poterseli.

He felt the wild beasts within walking distance; and forgetting to be Cervia, He tried to climb up trees.

The first light of day reassured her a little: I admired the sunrise: and the sun seemed so marvelous, who never ceased to watch. All great things, that he had heard say, they seemed much less than what he saw. That was the only fun he had in that deserted place. For several days he stayed there all alone.

The fairy tulip, he had always loved this Princess, Heart is passionate for his misfortune; but then, essa era molto indispettita che tanto la Regina come la figlia avessero fatto così poco conto desuoi consigli: because, if you remember, la buona fata aveva ripetuto loro più volte che se la Principessa fosse partita prima dequindici anni compiti, It was going to meet some illness. Anyway he would not leave her at the mercy of the wrath of the fountain fairy, and it was she herself who led the steps of Viola-a-wisps into the forest, because this trust confidante could console her in his terrible misfortune.

The beautiful Cervia was going, a step behind the other, along a small river, When Viola-a-locks, not having more legs to walk, si coricò per pigliare un po’ rest. All afflicted, almanaccando was with the head on which side turn in order to come across in his beloved Princess. As soon as the Cervia took the view, did all jump, and passed across the river, which it was quite wide and deep, He was to throw him a Purple-a-strands and made countless caresses. She was astonished, not knowing if the beasts of that place had a particular liking for men so as to become human, or if the Cervia knew her; because to put it as such, It does not happen every day that you see a Cervia me to do with so much grace and so courteously honors Forest.

After looking carefully, si accorse con molta maraviglia che dasuoi occhi sgorgavano alcuni grossi lacrimoni; why had not the shadow of a doubt that this was his beloved Princess. He took her legs and neck kissed them to him same respect and glue same tenderness, how he would kiss your hands.

He tried to speak and saw that the Cervia understood it very well: but he could not answer; and then the tears and the sighs doubled from side to side. Purple-a-locks promised his mistress that he would not have abandoned ever: The Cervia made her a thousand little signs with his head and his eyes, to make them understand that it would be very happy, and that this thing consolerebbe in part of his penis.

They had been together all day, when Cervietta was afraid that his trust Viola-a-locks would need to eat, and he brought in some point of the forest, where he had seen some wild fruits but tasty. Purple-a-locks ate a lot, because he was dying of hunger; my quand'ebbe finita la sua cena, It was taken by a great unrest, because he does not know where he would be hospitalized for sleeping. Staying in the forest, exposed to all the dangers, was not even thinking about it.

“Are not you afraid, pretty Cervia”, ella disse, “to spend the night here?”

The Cervia rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Ma pure”, Viola went on-a-locks, “you have already come a part of this vast solitude: there are, per caso, huts tips, a charcoal, a lumberjack, a hermitage?”

The Cervia made his head no.

“Oh Gods!”, He exclaimed Viola-a-locks, “Tomorrow I will not be alive: though I have the fate of dodging tigers and bears, I'm sure that would be enough to kill the fear. And do not believe, my dear Princess, that I mind for me to lose my life: I'm sorry for you. Poor me! Leave you in these places, without a soul that there consuls! One can imagine the sad thing?”

The Cervietta wept: She sobbed as could make a person. Her tears touched the heart of the fairy tulip, that the dearly loved and that at the bottom, despite his disobedience, He had always watched over the preservation of her: whereby, by appearing suddenly, le these: “I have no desire to make you reproach: the state where you are makes me too much pain”.

Cervietta and Purple-the-wisps interrupted, He fell at his knees: the first kissing her hands and made her the prettiest caresses of this world: while the other he testified to move to pity the Princess, making its natural form.

“This does not depend on me”, said Tulipano; “the one that did so much harm has much power; but I will shorten the time of his penance: and to soften it a little, As soon as you make the night she will leave the remains of Cervia; but the first light of dawn, that it must resume again and run to the plain and the forest, like other Cervie.”

Cease to be Cervia overnight, It was something, indeed very: and Princess called to share his joy by dint of jumps and somersaults, They messero you in a good mood the fairy. “Sonic”, diss'ella, “for this little road, and you'll find a pretty decent hut for these rural places.”

that said, shooting. Purple-a-locks obeyed, and together with the Cervia he entered the narrow road, who he was standing a few steps, and they found an old woman sitting in the doorway, who was finishing a basket of bulrushes.

Purple-a-locks he waved: “Will ye, My good grandmother”, le these, “darmi un pod’ospitalità insieme a questa Cervia?”.

“But yes, my daughter, which I will be hosting willingly: come on in your Cervia glue.”

It said that, the immediately he brought in a pretty small room, he had the walls and the flooring of cherry planks: There were two white linen beds: fine linens, and everything so simple and neat, that the Princess told later that he had never found anything that was more to his taste.

When it was dark night for you ceased to be cervia: He embraced over a hundred times her dear Viola-a-locks; thanked for the affection that had pledged to follow his fortune, and he promised to make her happy, As soon as his penance was over.

The old woman came knocking with the door and very garbino, without entering, Viola gave-a-locks of delicious fruits, from’ quali ne mangiò anche Desiderata, and with a big appetite: then they went to bed, but as soon as day, Want being returned Cervia, She began to scratch the door with his feet, because Purple-the-wisps opened. When parting, both exchanged the signs of a living sorrow, although the gap was a few hours: and Cervia, lanciatasi in the thick of the forest, He began to run, according to his custom.

I think I've said that Prince Warrior had stopped in the forest, and Garden Warbler ran here and there, looking for fruit. It was already very late, quand'esso happened to the little house of the good woman, of which has already been discussed. It came in with very courteous manner and asked those things that abbisognavano for his master.

The old woman made in a flash to empirgli a fruit basket, and he said telling him:

“I'm afraid that if you spend the night here, in the open air, It happens some misfortune: I can not offer you a poor little room: at least, You will be safe from the lions”.

Beccafico thanked, and he told her that she was with a friend, and he was going to propose to go to her house: indeed he knew seize the Prince as well in his stride, these are left lead to the good woman home. They found, who was still on the door: and she, tiptoed, He carried them to a room, companion to that of Princess, and both so close to one another, which they were separated by a mere partition.

The Prince spent the night busybody, as usual: but as soon as the sun clapped nell'imposte window, He stood up, and isvagarsi dall'uggia that was on him went into the forest, telling Beccafico not to follow. He walked a half day, without even knowing where he was going; until he came into a small field, big enough, all covered with trees and moss grass. At that point he popped off a Cervia, and he could not resist the desire to pursue, because hunting was his favorite passion: though now is not like it used to, since he had the heart this other plug. Yet let you put behind the Cervia, and from time to time with the bow he pulled darts, that froze from fear, though they did not have the slightest evil: because you have to know that her friend Tulip watched in his defense: and it did not take less than the helping hand of a fairy to save her from death, under a rain of blows so well-aimed.

You can not be weary, as was the Princess of Cervie, so little accustomed to this new year. In the end he was lucky enough to turn dry for a little road, where the dangerous hunter, having it lost sight and feeling too tired, He not insisted on her behind.

Passed this way the day, poor Cervia saw joyfully approaching the time to go home: in fact he walked toward the hut where Viola-a-strands waited eagerly. Entrance Room, she threw herself on the bed, finished and dripping with sweat. Purple-a-locks made her a mountain of caresses and was dying to know what had happened to her. Since it came time to lose its zest Cervia, the beautiful Princess resumed his true likeness and throwing the arms of his best friend in the neck:

“Poor me!”, these ella, “I believed he had to fear only the fairy of the fountain and the wild beasts of the forest: but today I was a young hunter insegnita: I just saw, so I fled to legs: a thousand darts threatened me an inevitable death, and I am saved, I do not know myself how”.

“It should no longer go out, My beautiful princess”; said Violet-a-locks, “date retta a me: spent in this room the fatal time of your penance, I'll go now and the closest town to buy you books that you may have a diversion: we will read the new stories they wrote about fairies, and we will do the verses and songs.”

“Remain silent, My dear daughter”, filming Princess, “I just loved the image of Prince Warrior, for me to while away whole days; but that same power that condemns me during the day to the sad condition of Cervia, me strength, despite my, to do what they do cervie: I run, jump and eat the grass com'esse, and at that time there, a room for me would be an unbearable prison.”

It was so tired from the chase that asked for food: and then, her beautiful eyes closed until the dawning. As soon as he saw that day was, the usual metamorphosis happened and she went the way of the forest.

The prince meanwhile had returned the night to reach his great friend.

“I spent the day”, said, “to give back to the most beautiful I've ever seen Cervia: over a hundred times it made me misfired with extraordinary swiftness: and yes I pulled right, nor did I understand com'abbia dodging my blows. Domani a giorno votornare a cercarla, and this time I will not run away.”

In fact, the young prince, who did his best to divagarsi from an idea that now he believed a dream, seeing that the hunt for him was a great distraction, buonissim'ora went to the same spot where he had found the Cervia; but it had not seen fit to go there, for fear it would renew the bad case of the previous day. The Prince looked here and there, and continued to walk; until, essendo un poaccaldato, It does not seem real to find apples, that color were beautiful; ne colse, He ate and soon fell asleep like a log, lying fresh tender grass in the shade of some trees, on which many birds seemed that they had all the meeting point.

While sleeping, our timid Cervia, always in search of lonely places, He passed that way. If he'd seen right away, perhaps he would run away: but finding, no addarsene, to pass hugging him, he could not stand by watching: and his sleep seemed so deep, who felt much safer to stop with all convenient to contemplate the beautiful features.

Oh Gods! How she stood when she recognized!

That beloved image was carved in her heart too, so he could have forgotten her in so little time.

love, love, They claim to her? Do you want us Cervietta expose himself to lose his life at the hands of the Prince? Do not doubt, He will do it; it no longer head to think about your safety. He crouched a few steps away from him, and his eyes, love to watch, they knew only a minute off: He sighed and sent the little moans; until, fattasi un po’ of courage, He came time, that almost touched him: when he woke up at a stretch.

His wonder was great. He recognized the Cervia who had given much to do, and that he had been searching for all the forest: and trovarsela now so close, It seemed almost a miracle. It is not expected that he tried to take it, but he fled with all I had in the legs; and he, behind the gallop. Occasionally they are stopping to breath ripigliar, because the beautiful Cervia was tired of the day before, and the same was Prince. But it did slow down the running of Cervia, era… alone, I must say? It was the great displeasure of getting away from him, who had hurt her more with his qualities that with his arrows. He saw every little turn her head toward him, as if to ask if she wanted to perish for his shots: and when he was in touch and not touch to reach, she answered new strength to escape.

“Oh! if you could understand me, my Cervietta”, He shouted the Prince, “You do not fuggiresti in this way! I love you; I want you to feed. You are cute, and I want to take care of yourself.” But the wind carried the words, so they did not arrive until the ears of Cervia.

At the end, after doing the rounds of the forest, she, not having to run out of breath, He slowed: Prince instead redoubled her and joined her with a joy, which he was not believed more capable. He saw immediately that she had finished her strength: He was all lying on the ground, as a poor creature, half dead, not expecting anything but to end their lives at the hands of its winner. But it, instead of being cruel, He began to stroke.

“Beautiful Cervia”, le these, “do not be afraid: vocondurti meco, and you have to remain always with me.”

He cut some tree branches on purpose: He folded them gracefully, ricuoprì them of mosses and sprinkled on roses, missed by a stain that was all flowery. Then he took the Cervia in his arms, She made her rest his head on his neck and went to lay it lovingly on the grassy bed, made by him. Then he sat down beside looking here and there of grass, that appeared to mouth, and that she was eating in his hand. Although not intended to be hoped point, Prince continued to speak: ed it, no matter how great his pleasure at seeing him, s'inquietava by the approach of night.

“What then will”, He said to himself, “If I saw all of a sudden to change his appearance? Or run away scared, the, if he does not run away, that will happen to me, finding myself all alone in the middle of this forest?”

She lambiccava the brain to find a way to escape, the same when he facilitated the way: because, fearing that the Cervia suffer thirst, He went to seek some brook, for menarvela; but in that moment he was looking for, if she gave it to his legs and came to the hut, where Viola-a-locks waiting. He threw himself on the bed again; there came the night, its metamorphosis stopped and began to tell his adventure.

“I believe, mia face?”, She told her friend, “my Prince Warrior is here, right here in this forest; it is he who gives me two days hunting, and that, after having taken, He did a thousand caresses. Oh! it is just like the portrait that I did ! He is a hundred times more beautiful; the same disorder, accustomed to receive hunters in suits and in person, He does not detract from his genial countenance: rather, He gives it a certain something, You can not find fault in words. Am I not perhaps a great unfortunate to have to flee this prince? egli che mi fu destinato damiei genitori? He who loves me and is loved in return. There was not lacking anything but a fairy, pigliasse that I bored since my birth, to poison me every day of my life!…”

And he gave into tears. Purple-a-locks consoled her and gave her hope that as soon as her pains would change in many joys.

Prince, As soon as he found a source, soon he returned from his dear Cervia: but the Cervia was no longer where he had left. He sought everywhere, but to no avail, and he took her with her, as if she had believed him to reason.

“How is it possible”, he exclaimed, “I should always have reason to complain of this fickle sex and deceiver?”

And he returned from the good old with the heart embittered: He told his faithful friend adventure, and he will not mention the ingratitude Cervia. Beccafico could do no less than to laugh at bizza Prince, and he advised him to punish Cervia, the first time that he happened under. “I stay here on purpose,” He replied the Prince “after we leave for other countries further afield.”

He made afresh day, and with the day the Princess shoot the figure of white Cervia. She did not know what party cling: or go to the same places, where the Prince used to hunt; or hold a different path, not to meet him. He chose the latter Party, and she moved away dimolto, but very dimolto: but the young Prince, smarter than you, He guessed that it would use this little ruse; and here you grasp the hot hot in the thickest forest, where it was believed to be safe from harm. As soon as it sees, squirts standing, bypasses stains, and even more afraid for the case of the previous day, He runs away like the wind, but in what is going to traverse a narrow road, Prince aim so right, that the plant an arrow in the leg. She felt a great evil, and not having the strength to run, he dropped to the ground.

This sad catastrophe could not dodge, because of the fountain fairy had decreed forward, as the dissolution of the strange adventure. The Prince came up and was seized by a sharp pain in seeing the Cervia That Dripped Blood; He tore some herbs, He sat on the wound, to decrease the spasm, and he prepared a new bed of branches and leaves. He kept his head on his knees to Cervietta:

“You're not you, fickle little brain”, le these, “the cause of the misfortune that has befallen you? What had I done you wrong, yesterday, to abandon me like that? But today I do not run away, because I'll take you with me”.

The Cervia no answer: and what could he say? He was wrong and could not speak; although it is not always true that those who have wronged, keep quiet. Prince ended the caresses.

“As I'm sorry I hurt you”, the he said, “I hate you and I want you to love me instead.”

A feel, it seemed that a secret voice gl'ispirasse those things that he said to Cervietta. Meanwhile he stepped forward to getting back on the good old. He took his prey, and it was no small effort for him to bring him, Hand or lead, or strascinarsela behind. It did not in any way go with him. “What will become of me?”, he said, “come! and I'll be alone with this Principe? Not: rather die.”

She was dead and spiombava shoulders with the weight: Prince was in a sweat lake and with his tongue out by fatigue: and although the hut was not far, He felt that there could not have come, without someone had given him a hand. He thought of calling his trusted Beccafico: but before leaving the prey, The very well he tied it with a few ribbons at the foot of a tree, for fear that he does not ran away.

Ohimè! Who could ever imagine that the most beautiful princess in the world would one day treated in this way by a prince who adored her? It tried in vain to tear tapes; but his efforts only served to tighten more, and he was on the verge of choking with a slip knot, that her throat, when he wanted the case that Viola-a-locks, tired of staying locked in the room, He went out to get some fresh air and passed on the site, where was the white Cervia struggling. As he was to see his beloved Princess in that state! He could not dissolve it any time soon, as he wanted, because the tapes were stopped with many nodes: and while he was away for menarla, Prince returned along with Beccafico.

“However great the respect that I have for you, o signora”, said the Prince, “allow me to oppose the theft you want me. This Cervia I wound me, it's mine; I love her and I beg you to leave me.”

“Lord”, He replied beautiful manner Purple-a-locks, it was compitissima and pretty as ever, “This Cervia belonged to me before it was your: rather I would sacrifice to life, that she; and if you want to see how she knows me, non dovete far altro che lasciarla un poin libertà. Mind, My beautiful Bianchina, hug me”, diss'ella: and the Cervietta threw his paws around his neck. “Kiss me here, this gota!”, and it obeyed. “Touch me on the side of the heart”, and it took us a leg. “Make a sigh” and she sighed.

The Prince could not doubt what stated Viola-a-locks.

“I give it am”, he said politely, “but I confess that I do it reluctantly.”

She went off her away immediately Cervia glue.

Both the one and the other did not know that Prince were lodged under the same roof: He stalked to a certain distance, and he marveled seeing them come from good old, that was just waiting for them. After a few minutes there came also: and pushed by a wave of curiosity, whose cause was white Cervia, He asked the old woman who was the young lady: and that he said that he did not know either the point or just, that he had taken into his home Cervia glue, but they paid, and he lived ritiratissima. Beccafico wanted bracare, and he asked where was the room of the lady: and he was told that it was close to her and separated only by a simple entablature.

When the Prince was in his room, Beccafico said, or that he was mistaken wholesale, or that maiden must have been glue Princess Want: and who she remembered having seen her in Corte, when he went ambassador.

“Why do you call to mind those sad memories?”, said the Prince, “by what strange if you want it that she's here?”

“Here's what I can not tell, my lord”, he added Beccafico, “but I yearn to see you again: and because we are divided by a wooden partition, I want to make us a hole.”

“It seems a pointless curiosity”, said the prince sadly, because the words of the Garden Warbler rinnuovato had all his pains: and open the window, he looked in the woods, he became very thoughtful.

Meanwhile worked Beccafico, and within minutes he made a hole big enough that you can see the lovely Princess, who she was dressed in a silver brocade dress, strewn with pink flowers, embroidered in gold and emeralds: her hair fell down in large curls, the most beautiful neck, you can see; il suo carnato brillava depiù vivi colori e gli occhi innamoravano a guardarli.

Purple-a-locks was kneeling in front of her, and with some strips of cloth she wrapped her arm of the Princess, from which the blood flowed in great abundance: and both appeared in much thought to this wound.

“Let me die”, said the Princess, “more death, this wretched life, that touches me to do. That song! be Cervia all day: seeing one, to which they are destined, without being able to speak, without letting him know my fatal calamity. Alas! if you knew the passionate things he told me, under my figure of Cervia; If you felt his voice, if you saw his noble and seductive ways, You compiangeresti you even more than you do not do, to be in such a state as not potergli explain my cruel fate.”

Imagine the amazement of Beccafico to see and hear of these things. Corse by Prince, and pulling it away from the window, with a joy unspeakable transport:

“Oh lord”, esclamò, “spiccatevi to put his eye to the hole quest'intavolato, and you will see the true original portrait, who has trained for so long your delight”.

The Prince looked at him and immediately recognized his Princess; and perhaps he would die of joy, if he had not come on suspicion of being the victim of a spell; in fact, how to put together a meeting with so marvelous fact of Spinalonga and his mother locked in the castle of the Three Tips, one for you with the name and the other with that of her maid of honor?

But the passion flattered him, not to mention that we all have a great grace to believe what you want. The fact is that in his case, there was no escape: or die of impatience or ascertain the truth. Without calling time in half, he knocked very manierina the bedroom door, where was the Princess. Purple-a-locks, not suspecting that it could be other than good old, and having indeed need your help to bind up the arm of her mistress, immediately ran to open, and imagine how remained in the to be face to face with the Prince, who threw himself at the feet of Desiderata.

It was so great emotion of his soul, he could not make a speech and yarn ammodo: whereby, although I have endeavored to know what balbettasse in those first moments, there was no one who has heard me say. The Princess was no less tangled him in his answers: but love, which often he acts as interpreter between the dumb, C'Entro half and he persuaded them both that they had said the wittiest and most passionate things of this world. Tears, sighing, oaths, and even some pretty smiles: in short, ci fu un podi tutto. The night went well: it was day, without even realizing it for you, and it did not become more Cervia. Not to be able to imagine his joy, just noticed it: and she wanted too well the Prince, to linger to tell him the reason: and so he began to tell his story, and did so with such grace and with so much natural eloquence, by intimidating the first lawyers in the world.

“Come!”, He exclaimed the Prince, “are you then, my gracious Princess, that I hit under the guise of a white Cervia? What must I do to expiate such a crime? It is enough that I die of grief, below your eyes?” He was so mortified, that the sorrow could be seen painted on her face. Desiderata he suffered and felt the pain of this thing of his injury; and he wanted to persuade him that it was not a sgraffiatura docks the shadow of thought and, in the end, she could not complain of an evil that had been the reason for her to so much happiness.

The way in which he spoke was so affectionate, that he could not doubt the truth of his words. And it too, to turn, It could be taught everything, Prince told her trappoleria used by Spinalonga and his mother, mandar adding that it was necessary now to tell the king his father had the good fortune that he had to be able to finally find, because the King is indeed prepared to wage deadly war, grand'affronto to get the satisfaction that he believed he had received. Desiderata begged him to write him a letter and mandargliela for Beccafico, and what it was to be done, when suddenly the forest all at a sudden sounded a fanfare of trumpets blaring, cornette, timbales and drums. It seemed to go much people there to hear near the hut. The Prince looked out the window and recognized many official, its flags and its bearers; which he ordered him to up and wait.

It was for those soldiers a welcome surprise: since everyone expected their Prince would put the head, to go to avenge the Father for you. The father of the Prince, although full of years, He commanded them in person. He did bring in a litter of velvet embroidered in gold: and behind him, an open wagons, where were Spinalonga and his mother. Just before the litter, Prince ran there at once, and the King, stendendogli arms, He embraced with a truly paternal tenderness.

“And where you come from, my dear son?”, He asked the old, “how come you could have left me in great affliction, cagionatami from your distance?”

“Lord”, said the Prince, “deign to listen to me.”

The King alighted from his sedan, and retired to a secluded place, Prince told him about the chance meeting he had done and the cunning of Spinalonga.

Il Re, all happy with this beautiful adventure, He raised his arms and eyes to heaven in the act of thanksgiving: and he saw in the meantime come forward Princess Desiderata, more beautiful and resplendent with all the stars gathered together. She rode a superb horse, that continually caracollava: percent feathers of different colors adorned the head and the biggest diamond in the world were scattered on her dress, He dressed as he was by hunter. Purple-a-locks, that followed, It was not less well than she: and that was all the protective effect of Tulip, which he had brought everything with great care and good understanding. Was it that he had fabricated the pretty wooden hut to promote Princess, and under the guise of old, He had then donated to several days.

After that the Prince and his soldiers had recognized, and while he went to find his father King, the fairy walked into the room for you: She blew on the arm to heal the wound: and he gave her the beautiful clothes, with which she showed in the eyes of the King, who he was so amazed, to starve to believe it was a mortal person. He told her everything that can be imagined more graceful and gentle in a similar case, and she begged not to postpone longer his subjects pleased to have her for the Queen.

“Because”, He went on to say, “I am determined to give my kingdom to Prince Warrior, to make it in this way more worthy of you.”

Desiderata answered him with all that kindness, that is to be expected from a person exquisitely polite: then, laying eyes on the two prisoners who were in the wagon and hiding her face with her hands, ell'ebbe generosity to ask their grace, and that the wagon would serve to lead them where they wanted to go. The king agreed to his desire; but was obliged to admire the beautiful heart of Desiderata and made him the greatest praise of the world.

Armata was given orders to go back. The prince mounted his horse to accompany his beautiful Princess: and reached the capital were received with a thousand cries of joy. They they prepared the preparations for the wedding day: day was a veritable feast, for the presence of the six fairies girlfriends and conducive to the Princess. They made her the richest gifts, than ever imaginable and among others, the magnificent palace where the Queen had been to visit them, He appeared at a stretch for air, led by fifty thousand Cupids, which it rested in a beautiful valley, on the river side. After such a gift, it was impossible to make other more valuable.

The trust Beccafico begged his master to put a good word for him with Viola-a-locks, and combine it with it, when he had married Princess: and he willingly gave. And so to this dear child it does not seem real to find an opportunity slap, just arrived in a foreign country. The fairy tulip, he had holes in his hands even more of his sisters, He gave her four gold mines in India, why not s'avesse to say that her husband was richer than she is.

The wedding of Prince lasted several months: every day there was some party again, and for everything he did nothing but sing the white Cervia adventures.


If all fairy tales should have necessarily a moral, this story here would not know precisely where to draw it.

Subject always the case that white Cervia, Glue pitiful story of his misfortunes, He has not purported to show the young girls the great dangers that there are, to want to get out ahead of time out of the shadow of domestic walls, to get into the glare of the great world.




Prince Amato


C’era una volta un Re, which was just a decent person so, that his subjects called him the king good. One day, trovavasi while hunting, it happened that a baby rabbit, which he was there to be killed by dogs, He was to throw himself into his arms.

The King made the poor little animal petting and said:

“Since it was put under my protection, I do not want no one hurt”.

And he brought the little rabbit in his palace, and he gives him a nice closet and herbs excellent food.

In the night, when it was only in the room, King saw appear a beautiful woman, who he was not dressed in clothes embroidered with gold and silver, but his garment was white as snow, and she wore a crown of white roses.

The good king was greatly astonished at seeing this lady, especially since that door was closed, nor he could comprehend how the hell he did to pass inside.

“I am the fairy Candida, and through the woods while you were on the hunt, I wanted to see if you really are that good King, everyone says. To this end, I took a picture of a small rabbit and rescued me in your arms: because I know that those who feel compassion for the animals, the feel even for men: and if you had refused me your rescue, I would have taken for a bad. Thank you, therefore, of the good that I have done, and count that I will always be your very good friend. You do not have to do is ask, and everything will be yours”.

“Lady”, said the good King, “since you are a fairy, you have to read me in my heart that I want. I have only one child, which I want a good soul, so that everyone calls him Prince Amato. If you want me to make a gift, take a liking to this my son.”

“With all my heart”, He replied the fairy, “I can make your son or the world's most beautiful Prince, or richer, or more powerful. You choose.”

“None of this”, He replied the good King, “about me, I will be much obliged if you will make the best of Principles. A that would be of great, rich, master of all the kingdoms of the world, if it was bad? You know better than me that would be an unfortunate, because there is that the virtues that make me truly happy.”

“You have a thousand reasons”, said Candida, “but it is not in my power to become good Prince Amato, Despite his: if you want to be virtuous, It must also put the commitment and good will. All the more that I can promise is to give you good advice, to take it back when hurt: and also to chastise, if you do not want to correct or punish themselves.”

The good King was chuffed to this promise, and soon he died. Beloved father wept much, because it was all her affection, and he would have given kingdoms, air, silver, everything short, to save him: but it was not possible.

Two days after the death of the King, while Amato was in bed, Candida appeared to him and said:

“I promised your father to be a good friend; and as a sign that I want to keep my word, I am here to give you a gift”.

And in saying so, He puts a ring on the finger and said Amato:

“Please comply with this ring: It is most precious diamonds; every time you will be to do a bad deed, we pungerà il dito: but if in spite of the sting, vi ostinerete nel male, I lose my friendship and become your enemy”.

These words, Candida disappeared and left Amato beside himself with astonishment.

For some time he was so clean-cut and respectable, that he felt never shoot up from the ring: and this what made him so happy, that his name Amato, which already bore, It was also added to Happy. It happened, however, that in those days being hunted and not having no animal died, He entered a very bad mood. Then it seemed to him that the ring the pigiasse, so he did not care nor nor how. Which she was entered in her room, canine Bibi met him, all hopping in place to make him party, but he said:

“Skip doghouse! I have other things to the boss who is your love”.

But the poor dog that understood nothing of what he said, He is tugging at her dress to force at least looking at her. This was enough to make him lose patience and let out a big kick. At that moment the ring stung so strong, like it was a pin. He he remained confused, and all red with shame went into hiding in a corner of his room.

Meanwhile he thought: “I believe that the fairy who wants to make fun of me: what harm can there be to give a kick to a beast who comes to bother me? we are just: to which it would be the ruler of a great empire, if you were not even master to beat my dog?”.

“I'm not making fun of you”, said a voice that responded to the thought of Amato, “you have committed three errors, instead of one: you're in a bad mood, why would you want all the things in your own way and because you believe that beasts and men are created on purpose to obey; you went into fury, and this is a very bad thing; thirdly, you have shown cruel to a poor bestiuola, that really did not deserve to be kicked. I know that you are too far above a dog, but whether it was lawful and reasonable that large could abuse the people who are below them, I could beat you at this time and even kill you; because a fairy is more of a man. The advantage of being masters of a great empire, It is not to be able to do all the evil you want, but all the good you can.”

Amato acknowledged his mistake and gave word of emendarsene. But it was like the wind. We must know that as a child he had been brought by a foolish ruler, who had been accustomed evil. If he wanted something, He did not have to do anything but cry, imbizzirsi, step on toes and that it contented immediately, and so it was a stubborn, You could not possibly live. Fra le altre cose, it spent the whole day to tell him and telling him that one day he would become king, and that the Kings were overjoyed because all people had to obey them, and worship them, and because they were masters of all the vagaries that whirled extricate their minds.

Quand'Amato grew and was in the case of reasoning, He recognized without saying that there was something so bad, such as that show despisers, proud and stubborn. She is studied to correct, but now he was pulled up with all these defects, and when it is taken a turn bad is difficult to abandon it. Can not be said, moreover, that deep down it was bad for the heart: what a fact, when he made a mistake, Despite the crying and saying,:

“How I am unfortunate to have to fight every day against my pride and against my nature capricious. If a boy had yelled at me, Now I do not find myself in this sorrow”.

The ring stung him often, so, if he was doing no good action, He stopped immediately: other times he did not mind and pulled forward: and the curious thing was this: that for small faults, the ring stung him little: but then when he showed really bad, then he made him draw blood from the finger.

Eventually he lost patience and wanting to be an illness as she pleased him, He threw away the ring. Freed from the hassle of being pierce, thought he was to be the happiest mortal on earth. He threw himself into the fray and made of every stripe and color: so that became a real daredevil, and no one could suffer.

One day that Amato had to walk, He saw one so beautiful that it will immediately put the idea to marry her. His name Zelia and it was such a decent girl, how beautiful she was. Amato figured that Zelia would have seemed to touch the sky with a finger in order to become a great Queen; but the girl instead told him unceremoniously:

“Sire, I am a poor peasant and without a dowry money: and yet, although bare grazing, there will never marry”.

“That maybe you do not like me?”, He asked Amato moved a tad.

“Not, my prince”, said Zelia, “for me you are beautiful, as you are in fact: but that would benefit your beauty, your riches, fine clothes and fine carriages that have, if your bad behaviors I would force all days pigliarvi in ​​shadow and despite?”

Amato s'imbestialì against Zelia and ordered’ its lead officers to force the palace. How long was your day, he could not find peace of being so despised by this girl: but because he loved, he could not find the direction of mistreating.

Among the bad companions Amato, She was his foster brother, with whom he trusted in all respects. This man, who had the vulgar passions, vulgar as it was his birth, He stroked the passions of the master and always put the bad road.

Seeing that Amato was sad mood, He asked the cause of her sadness.

And by reason that the prince replied that he did not know resign themselves to contempt of Zelia, and that he did swear to reform de’ its flaws, because to please her had to be honest and virtuous people, that calamity came out to tell him:

“You are very, very good, usar in many respects with that ragazzuccia: if I were them’ your shoes, I know what to do to force her to obey: remember that you are the King and you would do much wrong to give in to the whims of a peasant, which should be estimated happy to be admitted among your slaves. Begin to keep her stint, bread and water: rinserratela in a prison and, if not treachery to marry volervi, let it die in agony, if only to teach others to bow their heads to your wishes. If you come to get known that you have left to impose a gamine, You forgive such a reputation, and your subjects will not remember more that are in the world on purpose to serve”.

“But”, Amato asked, “I would not be too taken by mouth, if you did die an innocent? Because, in the end, Zelia is not guilty of any crime.”

“Anyone who rebels against your command, It is never innocent”, He shoots the evil adviser, “but also because you have to commit injustice, it is always better to know that you are wrong, than it displeases to say that it is lawful sometimes disrespect and submission.”

The courtier Amato teased at his Achilles; and the fear of seeing diminished his authority had much effect on the mind of the King, to silence the good intentions that he had to give himself to the good. Indeed he fixed the same evening to go into the chamber of the hill take her countrywoman and bad, If it was obstinate in not wanting to marry. The brother of Amato milk, to avoid the danger that had to repent, He met three young lords, As sad as he, to make an orgy in the King's company: and dining together s'ingegnarono make him drink like a sponge, because this poor Prince lost all the light of reason. During dinner the messero up against Zelia and reproached again and again his weakness of character, that in the end he got up from the table swearing that he wanted to be obeyed, e subito: is in the, the next day it would make selling on the market like a slave.

When Amato entered the bedroom of the girl, He was surprised not to trovarcela: especially since he had the key in his pocket.

He took a bestial fury, and he swore the extermination of all those who had given the hand to escape Zelia. His companions of vice, to hear such a speech, thought to bring forth he left his blind fury, to ruin a gentleman, who he had been tutor of Amato. This good man had taken some time freedom to admonish the king of’ its flaws, because he loved him like a son. Amato began by thanking him; but then impazientitosi of being contradicted, He ended up believing that it was only through the spirit of opposition, if his tutor answered the failings of some: while all the others did nothing but praise and name a lot of good. Amato ordered him to leave the court: moreover, despite this order, The justice was, repeating that it was an honest man, and although not had more in his good graces, He felt obliged, in spite of himself, to having to estimate.

His friends were always glue afraid that one day or another the pigliasse the inspiration to draw aio; long they believed they had found the key to get him out at all in the way. And to do this, gave to understand that the King Soliman (It was the name of that worthy person) He had boasted of making the freedom to Zelia. Three individuals, bought with tips and gifts, They reported that they had heard this speech from the mouth of Suleiman; so that the Prince lost his eye lumen: He commanded his foster brother to send soldiers, because conducessero before his tutor and governor, handcuffed like a murderess.

given this, Amato returned to her room; but as soon as she was inside, the terra treme: he felt a frightful thunder and Candida appeared before’ his eyes.

“I promised your father”, diss'ella with severe voce, “to give advice, and punish, if you had refused to follow. These tips you have despised them and you is not nothing but the appearance of man; because your flaws you have turned into a monster to be disgusted with heaven and earth. È tempo che io mantenga la mia promessa e che vi punisca. Therefore I condemn you to become like the beasts, with which you have in common inclinations. Have you made like a lion for the wrath; luck for the voracity; the serpent tearing him who had made you a second father; the bull for your brutality. In your new look, serber un po’ the forms and character of any such animals.”

As soon as the fairy had finished he says so, Amato was seen soon, with his great fright, converted and become as such had ordered the fairy. His head was a lion, the bull's horns, the wolf's feet and the tail viper. At the same time he found himself in the midst of a great forest, right on the edge of a fountain, where he could mirror and see his horrible figure: and he heard a voice that said,: “Look’ the state in which you have reduced the vices: yet your soul is also the ugliest of the same body”.

Amato recognized the voice of Candida and in a fit of rage turned to throw against her and devour, if he could; but he did not see a soul, and the same voice said,:

“I laugh at your impotence and de’ tuoi headlines. I confound your pride, re ndendoti of Cabello de’ your own subjects”.

Amato thought, moving away from that fountain, he would find a little’ rifrigerio of his torments: if only he would no longer have before our eyes its ugliness and its deformities: and said fact, he advanced in the woods; but after a few steps and fell into a hole, dug on purpose to take the bears, and at that point itself some hunters, they were hidden in the trees, They got out and, after having chained, They brought him to the capital of his kingdom. And along the way he sent a thousand curses, He is biting his chains and was foaming with rage, while he had better recognize that this punishment was called upon only if his fault.

When approaching the city, where they led, He saw large parties of public rejoicing: and hunters having asked what was new, they were told that the Prince Amato, who liked to torment his subjects, He had been incinerated by lightning in his room. So they told, and so they believed.

“The gods”, added more, “could not endure as long as the excesses of his wickedness, and they have freed the land. Four lords, accomplices him, They believed to profit and to divide among themselves the kingdom: but the people who knew that they had been with their tips sad that they had misled the King, He made them into pieces and gave the throne to Suleyman, that the malady of Amato wanted to die at any cost. The worthy gentleman was crowned just now, and we celebrate this day, such as the liberation of the kingdom: because Suleiman is a very good person and prepares to bring peace between us and abundance.”

On hearing these words, Amato was quivering with rage; but found himself worse, when he came on the large square in front of his palace. It was there that he saw Suleiman sitting upon a magnificent throne and all the people in desiderargli a long life, to repair the great harm done by his predecessor.

Suleiman made a sign with his hand to ask for some’ of silence, and he said to the people:

“I accepted the crown that you have offered me, but I did it for the serbarla Amato Prince. He is not dead, how they have given to understand. So it gives a fata, and maybe one day I'll see good and virtuous as he had been in his early youth. Ohimè!” He went on to say in his eyes tears “flatterers he had been seduced. I knew his heart, which it was done for the virtues: and without the wicked suggestions of those who stood berth, he would have been a good father to all of you. Detest his vices, but bemoan; and all together please the gods because we make it. In quanto a me, well lucky would estimate I give all my blood to see him back on the throne, with all the virtues worthy of a great king”.

The words of Suleiman touched the heart of Amato. He knew then what he was sincere affection and loyalty of this man: and for the first time he reproached himself his guilt.

As soon as he listened to this sign of repentance, She began to feel calm the anger that I live gnawed; and thinking about the fouls committed in life, He fails to see that he was not punished because of merit.

Smesse, in the meantime, of sbatacchiarsi inside the iron cage where he was chained, and it became smoother as a lamb. He was taken to a large menagerie, where they kept all the monsters and fierce animals and was imprisoned along with others.

Amato then made a resolute and began to want to repair the badly made, by showing subdued and obedient to the guard that was in the charge. But he was a fat man, and when he had the paturne, it was beating for no reason and without discretion, and although it was docile and easygoing. One day it happened that the guard had fallen asleep a tiger, broken cage, He pounced on it to devour. Amato, in the first, he felt a kind of contentment, to see that he was about to be released from his persecutor: but soon he repented of this feeling and wanted to be free.

“I feel”, diss’egli, “I'd be able to make well for evil, saving the lives of the wretched.”

As soon as he formed this desire, He saw open his iron cage: and he threw himself on the side of the man who had already woken up and was defending himself against the Tiger. When the Guardian also saw the monster, He became ready-sent: but his fright is soon changed into joy, because the beneficial monster jumped on Tiger, the strangolò, and he went to squat at the foot of the guardian who had freed.

In gratitude, the man was bending down to make stroking the monster, who had made such a great favor, when he heard a voice saying: “A good deed is never left unrewarded” and at the same time, Instead of the monster, he saw at his feet a lovely canine. Amato, delighted at this new transformation, He began to make a mountain of the attendant festivities, who took him in her arms and carried him to the King, who told him to wire and sign all this wonder; the Queen took the dog for himself and Amato would have been happy with his new status, if he could forget about being a man and sovereign.

The Queen had all day to caress: But out of fear that grew too, consulted doctors Court, who advised her to give him only bread and small dose. The poor dog felt rifinirsi hunger twelve hours of the day: but he had to resign, and shut up.

One time, who had brought the usual sandwich for breakfast, he got the inspiration to go and eat in the garden of the palace and took him with her teeth started toward a stream, that he knew and that was quite far: but arrived at the scene, the stream was gone and instead he found a palace, whose outer walls shone all the gold and precious stones. He saw is entering a crowd of women and men, beautifully dressed: and inside they sang, they played, He ate fine dishes: but all those who then came out of there, were pale, finished, covered with bubbles and half naked, because their clothes were falling to pieces. Some nell'uscir fell off dead; others walked away with great difficulty and effort; others remained on the ground, exhausted by hunger, and asked for a bite of bread to those who came into this house; which not even they turned to look at them.

Amato approached a young girl, which he was trying to snatch a little’ of grass to eat. Moved with pity, Prince said to himself: “My appetite is big, no doubt about it; but I not die of hunger here an hour of dinner: so if I lifted my mouth my breakfast to give to the poor creature, maybe I would save lives”.

Resolves to heed to this good inspiration and went to put his sandwich in the hands of the young girl, who carried it to his mouth with great greed. In a heartbeat he seemed to have recovered from death to life, and Amato, happy to have helped in time, He was about to return to the palace, when he heard the piercing shrieks and saw Zelia in the hands of four men, that dragged into this beautiful home, where they did enter by force. Amato at that point felt a great displeasure to no longer have the figure of a monster, for then it would not have missed the way to rescue Zelia: m debol canine com'era, Non could do was barking up the kidnappers and prove himself to give them to the legs. They sent him back by dint of kicks: and yet he did not turn away from there, for the passion to know what would happen to Zelia. He felt weighed on my conscience all the misery of that poor girl.

“Ohimè”, He said inwardly, “I am here that I have her with those who have kidnapped!… but I did not commit the same crime? And if divine justice there was no entry means, I would not have treated with equal indignity?”

These thoughts were interrupted by a noise Amato, that was made above its head. He turned up, he saw a window that opened, and his joy was great when he saw Zelia that from this window threw down a plate of food so well cooked, to bring back the appetite to a standstill. The window is closed immediately, Amato and that throughout the day had not found a way to appease his hunger, He thought that it was a good time to put back the time lost.

It is already prepared to attack the tooth in those dishes, When the girl to whom he gave the sandwich, She screamed and having taken in his arms:

“Poor little beast”, said, “do not pull the mouth that sort of foods. This is the Palace of Pleasure; and all that comes out of there inside, it is poisoned”.

At the same time he heard a voice saying Amato:

“You see yourself as a good deed is never left unrewarded”.

And suddenly he found himself changed into a beautiful white dove. She remembered that this was the color of Candida, and he began to hope that finally she wanted to remember this in his good graces.

His first thought was to get close to Zelia, He stood up and flying through the air, He turned around the whole house, and he saw with joy that there was an open window.

But he had a good rummage in the house all the nooks: Zelia could not find. Desperate to have lost, I swear I did not stop for a moment only, till he had met. And for several days he flew and flew, as long as you're in a desert he saw a cave, and out of curiosity he approached.

Great was his joy at the sight Zelia, that sitting next to a venerable Hermit, It made him a frugal meal.

Amato, in the heat of passion, He flew on the shoulder of the pretty peasant girl, and she gave him to see with his caresses the great pleasure he felt in seeing her again.

Zelia, love the sweetness of this animalino, it gently smoothed glue hand, and although he did not think of being understood, He said he enjoyed the gift that made himself, and that he always loved.

“What have you ever done, Zelia?”, said the Hermit. “This way you have committed your word.”

“Yes, pretty shepherdess”, said Amato who resumed at that time its natural shape, “the end of my metamorphosis depended on your consent to our union. You promised me to always love me: confirm my happiness and I'm running to prevent Candida fata, my guardian, because it makes me that figure, in which I had the good fortune to please you.”

“You need not fear at all her inconstancy”, said Candida, and he dropped the remains of Hermit, under which had hidden, to look in their eyes that, What it was indeed. “So I love you just saw, but your vices forced her to hide the inclination felt for you. The change now in your heart, She makes her mistress to give free rein to his tenderness. You will be happy, because your union will be founded on virtue.”

Amato and Zelia had thrown themselves at the feet of Candida. The Prince and finished off not to thank her for her kindness, e Zelia, extremely happy to know that he hated Amato on his experience, He returned to repeat to him the great love she felt for him. “Get up, My sons”, He told them the fairy, “I want to carry you in your building to make a wreath at Amato, which his vices had made him unworthy.”

Just said these words, they were all in the room of Suleiman, who delighted to see his beloved master became virtuous, He yielded the throne and remained as faithful de’ his subjects. Amato reigned long time with Zelia: and it is said that he was so scrupulous in fulfilling his duties, that the ring had resumed, not even stung once, and tell it to blood.




The beauty and the Beast


There was once a merchant who was filthy rich. He had six sons, three males and three females; and since it was a man who knew how to live in the world, he spared nothing to educate them, and gave them all kinds of masters. His daughters were beautiful: especially the younger was a marvel, and called the small beautiful girl, and here was the nickname of Bella, who was then the cause of much jealousy for her sisters.

This youngest daughter, oltr'essere the most beautiful, was also the most good of the other.

The two major, because they were rich, had a lot of smoke; it gave an air of great ladies, and did not like the company of other daughters of shopkeepers, but if they said only with nobilume.

They went everywhere: dances, comedies, walks; and they laughed younger sister, because he spent a large part of his time in reading good books.

And because you knew that they were very rich, several shopkeepers, really big ones, asked the wives in; but the largest and the second said outright that they would never married, if it had not happened to them nothing short of a Duke or a Count.

La Bella (now I have told you that this was the name), la Bella, therefore, thanked very good way those who wanted to marry her: and said he was too young and wanted to keep company for a few years to its parent.

Behold, all of a sudden that the merchant was a great failure, and he had no choice other than a very small house far from the city. Then said to his sons, with tears in their eyes, that you had to resign and go and live in that little house where, putting everyone to do the peasants, they could live and pull forward.

The two older girls said that they did not want to know anything about leaving the city, dov'avevano many lovers, which would not have seemed right for them to marry, even without a penny of endowment.

But the poor daughters royalists deceived because wholesale, when they were poor, all their lovers turned off. And because, because of their pride, views were not generally well, everyone said so: “They do not deserve compassion: it's just that they had to fold the horns; now going to do great ladies behind the sheep and rams!”.

But at the same time everyone said: “As for Bella, we regret of his own misfortune: is a great good girl! is well in hand with the poor, and so loving and kind!”.

There were several gentlemen among others who wanted to marry, although he had not a penny of endowment: but she said that he could not resolve to leave his poor father in disgrace, and she would go with him across the fields, to comfort him and give him a hand in the labors.

The poor Bella, the principle, had been very sick of having lost all good luck; but then he consoled himself by saying to himself: “Though I struggessi from crying, would be no blackmail me what I lost: therefore it is best to try to be happy, even without a penny in his pocket”.

Upon arriving at the country house, the merchant and his three daughters quickly set to work the fields.

La Bella got up at four in the morning, on day, and gave the thought of ripulir the house and prepare breakfast and dinner for the family.

At first we suffered a little, because he was not accustomed to strapazzarsi as a servant: but there at the end of two months he became more robust and, struggling all day, bought an iron.

When he had finished his chores, began reading or playing the spinet: or even humming and spinning.

The sue sorelle, instead, s'annoiavano do not have idea: rose at ten o'clock in the morning, girellavano all day and were a kind of leisure to regret the nice clothes and nice company once.

“Look at '”, said to one another, “how stupid is our younger sister: and that temper trivial ! She is happy as a clam to be in his wretched condition!…”

But the good merchant did not think so. He knew that Bella had much more gracefully than her sisters to make prominent in society: and admired the virtues of this young girl, and in particular his resignation; because you have to know that her sisters, not content to throw against her all the chores of the house, the continually teased with a thousand words insolent.

It was over a year since this family lived far from the city, when the merchant had a letter in which they were told that a vessel, load of merchandise, of his property, had arrived happily!

We just clicked that this news did not give the brain the two girls balta more, which hoped to be able to leave the country, where they died of boredom: and when they saw the father on the point of starting, begged him to bring them clothes, capes, of hats and other trinkets fashion.

La Bella did not ask him anything, because he had already figured out that the whole of the goods arriving valsente would not be enough to satisfy the whims of her sisters.

“And you do not want me to buy anything?”, said her father.

“Since you are so good as to think of me”, she replied, “let me pleasure to bring me a rose: that in these places there are.”

It does not say already that the premises at the Bella Rose: ma lo fece, by his example not to criticize the conduct of the sisters; which they said they did not ask for nothing, to distinguish themselves in the eye and give.

The good man left, but just arrived, had to stand trial because of his merchandise: and after a thousand annoyances, he came back poorer than before.

He still had to do no more than thirty miles to get home, and already consoled in the thought of seeing her little family; but having to navigate a large forest, he lost his way and he lost the road.

The snow fioccava to be frightening, and a wind so strapazzone, that threw him twice off his horse. When the night came, he began to believe that he must die of hunger and cold or, or devoured by wolves, who felt they were yelling at a short distance.

When all of a sudden, in turn the eye towards the bottom of a long parade of trees, saw a great flame that seemed far, far away.

S'avviò that way, and could make out that the light was coming from a large palace, that was all lit up.

The merchant thanked heaven's aid sent to him and hurried to reach this castle; but he was greatly surprised not to find a soul.

His horse, that was behind, having seen a pretty stable open, falls within; trovatovi and hay and forage, the poor animal, starving, I jumped on it with great avidity.

The merchant tied him to the crib: and walked towards the house, where he found no. But that was entered into a large hall, I found a nice fire going, and a table set with many dishes: but there was only a piece of cutlery.

Being soaked to the bone dell'ossa, for snow and much water that had taken, came to the fire to dry, dicendo fra sé: “The landlord and his servants will excuse me the freedom that I take! I'm sure they will be arriving shortly”.

Wait, expected and none were: played until eleven and still had not seen any. Then no longer able to stand the moves, the very hungry and took a chicken, trembling with fear, ate it in two bites.

Also drank a few sips of wine, and put on a little’ of courage, left the room and crossed many neighborhoods beautifully carpeted and furnished. Eventually he found a room where there was a good bed: and because it was midnight sounded and felt dead tired, took the party to shut the door and bedtime.

The next morning he woke up around ten: and imagine how he felt, when he found a very decent outfit in the place where he had left his, it was all worn out and he fell to pieces.

“It is clear”, he said, “that in this building there is some good fairy house, who moved to compassion for me.”

He looked out the window and saw more than a wisp of snow, but pergolas of beautiful flowers, who fell in love just looking at them.

He returned in the great hall, where he had dined the night before and saw a small table, with over a Chicchera and a pot of chocolate.

“Thank you so much”, he said aloud, “thank you very much, Ms. fairy, of politeness you thought of my breakfast.”

The good man, when he had taken the chocolate, he went out from his horse; and passing under an arbor of roses he remembered that Bella had asked him a, and broke off a branch where there were many ready-blossomed.

At that same point he heard a loud noise and saw a beast come meet so scary, we ran nearly fainted come what:

“You are very ungrateful”, said the Beast, in a voice as to shiver, “I have saved your life by welcoming you to my castle, and in return you have robbed me of my roses, that is precisely the thing that I especially love in this world. To repair the badly done there is nothing left to die: I give you a quarter of an hour time to ask God for forgiveness”.

The merchant fell on his knees and with folded hands began to say to the Beast:

“Monsignor, Forgive: I did not think really hurt you to pick a rose for one of my daughters, me that he had demanded”.

“My name is Monsignor”, replied the monster, “ma Beast. The compliments are not for me; I want everyone to talk about how he is: why do not you put yourself in the head of your coaxing intenerirmi hill. You told me that you have daughters: Well, I may forgive you as long as a Codest daughters come here voluntarily to die in your place. Not a word more; matches, and if your daughters ricusassero to die for you, swear that you will return within three months.”

The poor man had no intention of pointing sacrificing any of his daughters to the ugly monster, but he thought within himself: “If only I will have at least the consolation of being able to embrace again”.

He swear to return, and the Beast told him he could leave to his pleasure. “But I do not want”, adds, “that you should leave with empty hands. Return to the room where you sleep; There you will find a large empty chest; for I think to let you lead the way home.”

That said, la Bestia se ne andò, and the good man said to himself: “At least, if ho da morire, I will leave a piece of bread to’ My poor boys”.

It came back into the room where he had slept, avendovi and found some gold coins to corbellini, ne empì il baule, of which he had spoken the Beast: then closed it, and taken the horse left the stable, came out of the palace with so much uneasiness on, how much was the joy with which he had entered. The horse took him to one of the paths of the forest, and in a few hours the good man came to his house. His sons were all round about: but instead of being happy with their caresses, The merchant looked at them and the tears were falling from her eyes. He had in his hand a branch of roses, that led to Bella: and give it to him, said: “Nice, stand upon these roses: but they will cost very dear to your poor father!”.

And so he told the family the bad event that happened to him.

In that story the two older sisters messero to yelling and said a thousand Cossack Bella, which was not crying either point or shortly.

“Here are the consequences”, they said, “the pride of this brat: because she did not like us and did not ask for clothes? Not at all! Miss wanted to distinguish. And now she is the cause of the death of his father, and it does not do neither here nor there.”

“It would be useless”, added Beautiful, “and why should I mourn the death of my father? He will not die once the monster is happy to accept in exchange for one of his daughters; I want to put myself at the mercy of his wrath: and I am very happy, why so I can have the happiness to save my father and prove to the great good that I always wanted.”

“Not, my sister”, said to his three brothers, “tu non morirai: anderemo us to find the monster, and perish under his blows, if we are not good to kill him.”

“I do not hope, my boys”, the merchant said to them,, “the power of this beast is so vast, that there is no case to be able to kill. I am a true consolation the good heart of Bella: but I do not want to send her to die. I am old; I just have a short time to live; so, that goes wrong, I scorciarmi a few years life; What I do not regret that point, because I do it for your sake, My dear children.”

“You are so my oral, padre mio”, These Bella, “that you do not anderete in that building, without me: you can not prevent me to follow you. Although young, I'm not very attached to life, and I prefer to be devoured by the monster, who die from the pain that would make me your loss.”

They had quite a say, but Bella wanted at all costs, even from her to the palace of the monster; and sisters did not seem real, because they were consumed with jealousy for the good qualities of her younger sister.

The merchant was so out of tune from the pain of losing her daughter, which is not passed to the head of even the trunk which he had filled with gold coins.

But as soon as he was in the room stood greatly amazed to find it at the foot of the bed. He resolved to say nothing in the house to have become rich, for fear that her daughters could put in the head to want to go back to town, as he had done on behalf of wanting to die in that country. Moreover she confided the secret to Bella, who told him about the time he had been away, some gentlemen had come to the house and as, among these, there were two that amoreggiavano with his sisters. It is recommended that the father maritasse; because it was so good for heart, who loved them both, and forgave them all the evil they had done.

Those two are bad rubbed his eyes with his onion to get the lucciconi, at the time that Bella went with his father: but the brothers were crying really: and also the merchant. The only one who did not cry was Beautiful, inciprignire who did not want the pain of all other.

The horse took the road of building, and in the evening they began to see it in the distance illuminated, as such as the first time.

The horse went by himself in the stable: and the good man came in with his daughter in the great hall, where they found a large table beautifully set for two.

The merchant did not know who to refer to eat; ma la Bella, trying to seem calm, is placed at the table and served: then he said within himself:

“I understand that the Beast wants ingrassarmi before letting me have a bite! n'accorgo me the manner in which he treats me”.

So when they had dined, they heard a loud crash and the merchant, with tears in her eyes, said goodbye to his poor daughter, because he knew that the Beast was about to arrive.

La Bella, at the sight of the horrible figure, heard a breaker to make blood: but strove not to give it to divedere: and when asked the monster had come to him willingly, replied in a trembling voice yes.

“Really you are very good”, these la Bestia, “and I will be very grateful. Good man! will leave tomorrow, and God forbid that you return to this place. Goodbye, Bella.”

“Goodbye, Beast”, she replied.

And the monster disappeared.

“Oh ! my daughter”, said the merchant, embracing and kissing, “I am half dead with fear. Do it my way; let me die here.”

“Not, padre mio”, Bella replied with firmness, “You will go out tomorrow morning, forsake me and help of heaven. The sky may have mercy on me!…”

The one and the other went to bed, with the idea that throughout the night would not have been good at turning a blind eye, but instead, soon as they were lying in their beds, slept like babies. And Bella saw in a dream a Queen, who told:

“O Bella, I am glad of your good heart. The noble action you take, giving his life for that of your father, will not remain without reward”.

When Bella woke up, told the dream to his father, and although the rinfrancasse this thing a little, however, was not enough to keep him from giving in very large plants, when he was forced off by his beloved daughter.

Party that was, Bella went to sit in the great hall; and it also began to cry; but being very brave, commended himself to God and did not give much account of despair for the little time that remained to live: because she firmly believed that the Beast would come to eat in the evening.

Meanwhile, while waiting for, thought it well to turn and visit the castle, which could not starsi from admiring the great beauty.

And imagine if gaped, when he saw a door on which was written: District of Bella.

Opened in haste and fury this port and was dazzled by the magnificence that you were in.; but what most struck, was the sight of a large library, of a harpsichord, and many books of music.

“You really do not want me to get bored”, those from sé e sé; then he thought:

“If I were to lodge here one day only, I would not be served up all these beautiful things”.

This thought perked up his courage. She opened the library and saw a book on which was written in golden letters: “Desired and controlled; you are here lady and mistress!…”.

“Meschina me!”, diss'ella, “I have no other desire than to see my poor father and know what it is about him at this time! ”

These words had said within himself, but that was not his astonishment, when casting their eyes over a mirror, I aimed for his home, and precisely at that moment there came his father with a face so mercilessly. Her sisters were going to meet; and in spite of the faces were of the opinion that afflicted, showed on the face and skin-deep contentment felt for the loss of their sister.

After a minute, everything disappeared, but Bella could not help but think of the Beast was very complacent, and that he had nothing to fear from it.

At noon he found the table ready-apparecchiata: and during lunch he heard excellent music, she could not see any.

In the evening, as he was coming to the table, heard the thudding and the Beast was taken by a tremor of fear:

“Nice”, he said the monster, “I'm glad you are to see you while you dine?”.

“You are not the master?”, replied the Beautiful, tremando.

“Not”, replicò la Bestia, “here there is no other hosts that you; if you are importunate, you just have to tell me that I will go and I immediately. Tell me one thing: it is not true that I seem very nasty?”

“It's true, yes”, answered Beautiful, “because I'm not accustomed to say one thing for another; however, I think there very good heart.”

“You are right”, said the monster, “but in addition to being bad I did not point spirit, and I know to be a Beast.”

“It is never a Beast”, answered Beautiful, “he that believeth not have spirit. Imbeciles they will never understand this.”

“Your dunque, eat, Nice”, he said the monster, “and try all means to not get bored in your home: because everything you see here, Your stuff is: and I would be mortified if you do not know happy.”

“You have a lot of goodness for me”, Bella dissemina, “and I'm so happy your heart: when I think about it I do not seem not so bad.”

“Oh! for this”, replied the Beast, “the heart is good: but I'm a monster!”

“I know of men who are more monsters than you”, These Bella, “what about me, I like you more than you with your figure MISUSE, than many others that, under the aspect of man, hide a false heart, corrupt and ungrateful.”

“If I had a little’ spirit”, these la Bestia, “I would like to thank you for a compliment: but I'm an idiot; and all I can tell you is that you are obligated.”

La Bella dined with a good appetite. It was not nearly as afraid of the monster; but it was just going to die of fright, when he told: “Nice, you want to be my wife?”.

She stood for a while’ time without answering: was afraid to wake the wrath of the monster with a refusal; anyway she said in a trembling voice:

“Not, Beast”.

In response to this the poor monster wanted to send out a sigh and he was made a hissing sound as scary, that resounded throughout the building.

But Bella was soon reassured, because the Beast, after telling “goodbye, therefore, Nice”, walked out of the room looking back three or four times to be able to still see.

When Bella was alone she began to feel a great compassion for poor Beast, and saying,: “What a pity that it is so bad, while it would be so good!”.

La Bella, for three months, brought into this building a fairly quiet life.

Every night, the Beast was going to visit her, and during dinner he stayed with her, making a show of very good sense, but never of what we call spirit among the people of the world gallant. Every day that passed, Bella discovered new virtues in monster. By dint of seeing, had the eye to its ugliness, and instead of dreading the time of his visit, She often looked at the clock to see how long it was at nine, because the Beast was always at that precise.

One thing put in a bad mood the Beautiful; and it was that every night, forward to going to bed, the monster asked her if she wanted to be his wife, When Death was left mortified and said no.

She said one day: “You do me a great pain, Beast; I wish I could marry, but I'm too honest to give you hope one thing that will never be. I will always be your good friend. Contented with this”.

“To force!” replied the Beast. “I am right. I know I'm ugly: but I want a lot of good. Anyway, I'm lucky enough to stay here if you adapt: Promise me that I'll never get.”

La Bella of these words made the red face. She saw in the mirror that his father was sick from the pain of having lost, and wanted to see him again. “I promise you I might as well” she said to the Beast “not to leave you forever more; but I suffer so much to revise my father, I would die of a broken heart if you refuse me this pleasure.”

“I would rather die”, said the monster, “that give you a displeasure; I will send you to your father: you will remain with him and your beast will die of grief.”

“Not”, Bella replied the weeping, “I want you too well to be the cause of your death. I promise to return in eight days. You made me see that my sisters are married and that my brothers have left for the army. My poor father was left alone; let me at least a week with him.”

“Tomorrow morning there will be”, these la Bestia, “remember your promises. When vorrete tornare, you do not need to do is put your ring on the table in going to bed. Goodbye, Bella.”

The Beast, as he spoke so, sighed according to his wont use, and Bella went to bed, sorry to have given him all this pain.

When he woke up the next morning, he found himself in his father's house; and having rung the bell beside the bed, visually venire the service, which gave a surprise grand'urlo.

The good man of his father, to that cry, immediately ran, and revise it, he almost did not die from happiness: stood and embraced for more than a quarter of an hour.

Vented the first tenderness, Bella thought she had no clothes to be able to raise, but the maid told her that he had found in stanzaa beside a large trunk full of clothes, all gold and adorned with brilliant.

Beauty thanked good Beast of his attentions: chose the less conspicuous among those clothes and ordered the servant to put the other, of which are intended to make a gift to the sisters: but just ell'ebbe uttered these words, il baule sparì. Moreover, by having his father told the Beast that she wanted everything for himself serbasse, the trunk back into place.

La Bella dressed, and in this were felt while her sisters, which ran immediately along with dear husbands. Both had very bad combination! The major had married a gentleman, beautiful as a love, but so much in love with himself, that from morning to night did nothing but look in the mirror, regardless neither point nor the beauty of the little wife.

The second had married a man who had a lot of spirit, but it only served to be the despair of all women, beginning with his wife.

The sisters Bella when they saw her dressed like a queen and beautiful as the eye of the sun, if not anger creparono, It was a miracle.

She had a bell'accarezzarle; nothing could appease their jealousy; which in fact grew at double hundred, when told how happy she was.

The two-envious went down into the garden to be able to vent to cry, and said,:

“Or because that ragazzuccia is luckier than us? Are we not the most graceful and most beautiful of her?”.

“By SORELLE”, said the eldest, “I have an idea: we do everything to keep her here for more than eight days; his stupid Beast ander on a rampage for the word is not kept, and perhaps to punish devour.”

“You are right, sister”, rispose other, “but because it is able, must try to ammaliarla with many blandishments.”

Taken this party, both went up into the house and began to do so many and so many garbatezze sister, this he wept with joy. That were passed eight days, two sisters tore his hair and gave signs of desperation for the departure of her, she ended by promising to stay eight days more.

Meanwhile, Bella scolded herself the pain that was about to give his poor Beast, She really loved it and was sorry now that he is unable to see. The tenth night she spent in her father's house, dreamed of being in the building and see the Beast lying on the grass, near death, and that reproached his ingratitude.

Bella awoke suddenly and wept: “I am not very bad” she said “to give this displease a Beast, that has been so good to me? È colpa sua se è così brutta e se ha poco spirito? She is good: val and this more than anything. Why have not I wanted to marry him? I would be happier with him than my sisters with their husbands. It is not the beauty or the spirit of a husband that make a woman happy; but the goodness of character, virtue and good manners: and the Beast has all these beautiful things. I do not feel love for it, but I respect the, and I for her friendship and gratitude. But I must not make wretched: this ingratitude would be for me remorse for life”.

These words, Bella stands, puts the ring on the table and go back to bed. Just lying down and fell asleep, waking in the morning, saw with joy to be in the palace of the Beast.

It made the most beautiful clothes to go and genius even more, s'annoiò and the deathly desire to wait the arrival of nine o'clock in the evening: but the clock was a nice play nine: la Bestia not comparve.

Beauty then feared of them caused the death: and these are desperate to turn the whole building, sending high plant.

After searching everywhere, he remembered the dream and ran into the garden, near the river, where sleeping, Aveva L'Veduta.

And in fact it was there that he found the poor beast lying on the ground unconscious: with the result that the believed dead. Without experiencing disgust of that ugly figure, she threw herself on her, and having heard that the heart was beating, taken from the river a little’ Acqua e le Bagno testa.

The Beast opened his eyes and said to Bella: “You have forgotten your promise: and the great sorrow of having lost made me decide to leave me to die of hunger: but now I die happy, because I had the consolation to see you again”.

“Not, mia way Bestia, you will not die”, told the Beautiful, “you will live to become my husband: from this moment I give you my hand, and I swear that I will not be that of others of you. Ohimè! I thought of not having that friendship for you, but the pain that I feel makes me believe that I could not live without seeing you.”

As soon as Bella had pronounced these words, here is that the whole castle is resplendent with lights: the fires of artifice, la musica, everything was proclaimed a great feast. But these wonders not enchanted point her eyes: she turned to her dear Beast, the danger which he held in such agitation. And what was his astonishment! La Bestia on sparita, and she did not see that a prince at his feet like a beautiful love, which he thanked her for having broken his spell. Although this prince deserved all his attentions, she could not stand by to ask him where he was the Beast.

“Here she is at your feet”, said the Prince, “a mischievous fairy had condemned me to remain under that aspect until a fair maiden had not consented to marry, and I had to top it forbidden to make a show of spirit. So in the world that you did not take, to let yourself fall in love from the goodness of my character: and offering you my crown, I can not repay the great good that I have done.”

La Bella, pleasantly surprised, held out his hand to get back up because of the beautiful Prince standing. So they went together to the castle, exact spot where he almost did not feel faint with joy, finding in the great hall, his father and all his family, transported between the castle from that beautiful lady who had appeared in a dream.

“Nice”, he said this Lady, it was a fairy and those slap-, “Come and receive the reward of your good choice: you have preferred virtue to beauty and spirit, and you deserve for it to find all those things collected in one person. You are about to become a great Queen: but I hope the throne will not make you forget your virtues. As for voi, mie care signore” said the fairy to Beauty's two sisters “I know your heart, and all the evil that is within: become two statues; but nevertheless, you will retain the light of reason under your stone form. You will be staying at the door of the palace of your sister; and do not impose other punishment than to be witnesses of his happiness. You can not come back in pristine, if not when you recognize your mistakes: but I have a great fear that need to remain statues forever. You can correct the pride, le bizze, la gola, laziness; but the conversion of a heart envious and evil is a kind of miracle.”

In saying so, gave a flick of the wand, and all who were in that room, were transported to the United States Prince. His subjects saw him again with joy, and it married the Beautiful, who lived with him at length and in perfect happiness, it was founded on virtue.

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