You have a great-grandmother illegal? You may descend from Collodi!

imagesPaul Lorenzini, better known as Collodi Grandson is now one of the most reliable sources on the personal life of Carlo Collodi. His grandson in the biography of Collodi, states that his uncle had a daughter born in a noble family illegally living in Florence, In fact, he remembers as a child going to school along with the brother's illegitimate daughter. She even fell in love with Collodi, however, decided to stay married to her husband already, with whom she had at least 2 sons, one of whom died in infancy and the second andav to school with his nephew Collodi. The illegitimate daughter we only know that she was taken to live with distant relatives.

The characters are many noble id Florence, but a small number, and probably very limited if you have to count only those who hann oavuto at least 2 sons, one of whom died in infancy and the second peer Collodi's nephew and a third daughter, of course, may have had other children as a result of which the nephew then could not stay at current.

Officials here my research work in progress.

*I checked only the letter B: / wiki /% C3% nobleza A0_fiorentina

Camillo, Ainardo (born in 1833) arrived at loggerheads with his father by announcing signs of mental imbalance that led to violent clashes with her sister Josephine Alfieri, to madness and premature death the 30 August 1875. He was the last male descendant of Cavour.

GIUSEPPINA M. Benso di Cavour (1831-1888)
He remained in 1849 the only woman of the house Cavour. He married the Marquis Carlo Alfieri Support (1827-1897) which had no sons. He tried to collect memories and cavouriane, when it came into possession of the Castle of Santena, made renovations is internal (furnishings) both external (roof, facades).

Camillo CARLO VISCONTI VENOSTA (1879-1942)
Second son of Emilio Visconti Venosta Alfieri and Louise died in Support 1942.

NO Bonsi
The family became extinct in 1823, with Lelio Ugolino Bonsi.

Isabella Roncioni, betrothed to the Marquis Pietro Bartolommei, fu Amata Ugo Foscolo, that addressed several letters and verses dedicated to her (“But for you the deadly wrath and fate / spesso obliando, a te, Woman, I sigh / light of my eyes, About me t'asconde?”).

NO all male children
Georgina Craufurd Saffi
had 4 sons born to English parents in florence , aurelio saffi married and died in St. lizard

? Barberini

NO Borghesi
the Florentine branch became extinct in the seventeenth century

NO Rinuccini
In the nineteenth century the family became extinct in the male branch with Pier Francesco, while in the female line with her daughter Eleanor (18131886), in that 1834 Blacks had married the Marquis of principles Corsini.

? Bardi

? Bartolini Salimbeni

? Bonuses

NO Buondelmonte
in the family became extinct in the male line in 1774 con Francesco Gioacchino, who lost two sons and whose daughter Luisa Josefa, died in 1845, Ubaldo was married to the Marquis Ferroni. Heirs of Luisa Josefa were the three cousins ​​Marianna, Emilia and Eleanor Rinuccini.

NO, daughters were born that had Collodi 15 age Laura Beatrice Mancini Oliva ** in * born on 17 January 1821 the dead , si sposò con Pasquale Stanislao
Mancini, from their union were born eleven children

Habsburg-Lorraine of Tuscany * is the name of the branch of the Habsburg dynasty that
ruled the Grand Duchy of Tuscany<>from 1737 to the 1801 and by 1814 to the 1860 / wiki / Asburgo-Lorena_di_Toscana

Barone Ricasoli not find the children


Altoviti-Avila = 1519130

*Antinori * are an ancient noble family of Florence<>.
Over time, they also had the title of Marquis<>dai granduchi
lorenesi < / wiki / Lorena_ 28dinastia% to 29%> in
Eighteenth Century, still possess many wineries are in the valley

Alessandrini The house is still alive and has a title of nobility

Altoviti Sangalletti * Palace * Altoviti Sangalletti is located in Via de’
Tornabuoni < / wiki / Via_de% 27_Tornabuoni> 10-14 a
Florence <>, separated by a narrow
cavity from the Palazzo Strozzi< / wiki / Palazzo_Strozzi>.The
Altoviti Sangalletti family had many possessions in the area, come
also the adjacent Palazzo Medici Tornaquinci< / wiki / Palazzo_Medici_Tornaquinci>,
that held by the 1610 <> to 1835<>

*Barbolani di Montauto *Nel 1784 <> Giulio
Philip, VIII Marquis of Montevitozzo, who had married Victoria Louise
Malaspina < / wiki / Malaspina> only daughter and heir of
John Manfredi Marquis of Filattiera, Torrerossa and of the Holy Roman
Empire, gave the feud with the relative rights to the Grand Duke Peter Leopold,
obtaining in exchange for the perpetual use of the title Marchionale. From 1804<>Gentleman of the Bedchamber of Queen Maria Luisa of Etruria and the
1814 <> Chamberlain of the Court of the Grand Duke
Ferdinando III, lived splendidly in his grand palace in Via
dell’Acqua a Firenze <>.

By decree of 27 August 1753 family Barbolani Montauto was
inscribed on the roles of the Florentine nobility in the person of the Marquis
Torquato di Marzio and the Marquis Ferdinando di Giulio.

* NO * Alidosi were Romagna
* NO Aldobrandini in Florence was only in the Middle Ages, then branched out and
extinct in 1861.*
NO Albizzi was the last descendant of the house, after the extinction of the
*Florentine *, in 1842 <>, with the Marquis
Amerigo Philip Albizi. On the death of Vittorio in 1877<>all its assets passed to the family of his sister Leonia, wife
Angelo Frescobaldi <>, not
Vittorio having never married
*NO Adimari * The family became extinct in 1736<>
NO Alamanni all goods were confiscated centuries before collodi
*NO Alberti * The family reduced their political importance after the
foundation of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany<>
*NO Acciaiuoli * The last representative of the family was Nicholas
Acciaiuoli, Hyacinth son of Emmanuel and Marianna Antonfrancesco
Acciaiuoli, who died in Venice 27 January<>
1834 <>

NO Bardi family
The main family became extinct in 1810 with the death of Count Pier Maria, and family assets merged into those of the family Guicciardini.

Marianna Giarré Bills (Florence, 10 July 1835Florence, 7 March 1906) was a poetess Italian. Poetess, teacher and school director, wife of the surgeon Louis Billi, She is the author of more than a hundred compositions.

here it takes time:

Here again other nobles to control: / wiki / Category:Famiglie_di_Firenze

Marquis is a noble title, below the title of Duke and superior to the title of Count in Italy and Spagna.Essendo below the title of Duke suggests that in the sixteenth century there were far too many here's a’ hint
Line sovereign Petrella
Ugolino 1450-58
Lancelot -1597
Honorius -1631
Ranieri II -1691
Onorio II -1738
Ugolino II -1767
Ranieri III -1789
Camillo -1791
Ugolino III -1824

Line of sovereign Sorbello
Giammatteo -1483
Tancredi -1501
Guido -1554
Ludovico I -1568
Tancredi II -1585
Ludovico II -1640
Tancredi III -1682
Uguccione -1660
Gian Francesco -1696
Uguccione II -1724
Joseph -1747
Ludwig -1748
Uguccione III -1805

Representatives of different branches
Pietro del Monte, humanist and bishop.
Pietro del Monte, leader.
Guidobaldo del Monte, scientist.
Francesco Maria del Monte, cardinal.

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