Collodi and piano

Francesco Paolo Tosti
Francesco Paolo Tosti

Collodi Grandson puts a special accent to fame as a pianist Collodi:

"I do not remember which for the festive occasion we found ourselves together in our house, briefly allowed. My father took us to visit his uncles who had received just an hour and they were with the guests gathered in the living room where Uncle Charles, at the piano, was playing something very much in vogue in those days, if I'm not mistaken, a romance of Tosti.

Our entry into the room gave a pretext for Charles'll stop beeping and after having said goodbye to a bit’ abruptly as was his habit to Nando asked who had little more than eight years:

-Like the music?

-Yes, so, I also sing and because I teach at the Institute.

-What did they teach?

-The song of the carpenter.

-Senti! Senti! And you could not make it feel, even so softly?

-How do I do if there is no accompanying?

-To that I'll, as long as you give me hints air of the song.-

Without getting too pray, my brother, he had a beautiful voice, began to sing the first verse of that song which I still remember the words:


"When the dawn whitens the sky

I open the quick shop;

the work does not tire me,

tallow wood with the saw…”


After having dug up from some agreements, found the right one, Uncle said Nando:

Now start again and feel like I'll take good. –

Spun fact that it was a pleasure to hear. But over the first verse, My brother attacked the chorus:


“Sega, sega, carpenter,

if you do not want to suffer from hunger,

sega, sega…”


But the accompaniment was no longer going well and Nando paused.

Or because you stealthily on the most beautiful?

Because you do not know sonare, uncle. – “

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