Aphorisms by Carlo Collodi

Each, caro mio, in this world plays his part.
Some people are born to eat and those who are born to be eaten…
(Carlo Collodi, Macchiette)

– I then if I were king I would seize every morning
a nice cup of coffee-and-milk,
but with the permission of the mother that we can put your fingers inside,
pr be able to pick up sugar and bread crumbs left at the bottom! (…)
– I then if I were king I would buy immediately a new grammar
and five rolls of chocolate.
– I would buy quite ten o'clock rolls of chocolate.
The grammar we think the father.
(Carlo Collodi, Occhi say)

To make a hare docle and strong, first of all it takes a hare.
And to be the President of a Republic, the recipe prescribes
you have to take a Republican – tint good.
(Collodi, Article on Fanfulla)

if the good father Adam,
Instead of succumbing to the temptation of two beautiful apples,
it was left to win goodies from vulgar cibreo of a gratuity or a steak, The Legend of Eden would have been a page of prose nauseating…
(Collodi, Occhi say)

The autograph is the most valuable piece of white paper.

Do not trust, sonny, of those that promise to make you rich from morning to night. For the usual, are either fools or swindlers.

Gli Smeralda, pearl, ed i Diamanti | High beam eyes alive with splendor; | But the sweet words and the sweet tears | They often have more strength and more value.

Grace, spirit, courage, modesty, nobility of blood, common sense, all beautiful things; but that benefit these gifts of Providence, if it is not a shill or a godmother, or, as we say today, a good fellow to take us?

Enjoy a rich heritage in peace, passed from father to son, it is always a good thing: but for young people, l’industria, svegliatezza the skill and ingenuity are worth more than any other inherited fortune. (by Puss in boots)

The courtesy lights that bell'alme, | Costa sometimes bitter sorrows and pains; | But sooner or later the virtue shines, | And when we think men get the prize.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood shows the youths and maidens, and in particular to young girls, that you should never stop in the street to talk with people you do not know: because of the wolves there and everywhere of different species, and the most dangerous are precisely the ones who have to face people polite and full of compliments and good manners.

The beauty, ESPECIALLY for women, is a great treasure; but there is a treasure that is worth even more, and it is the grace, modesty and good manners.

The curiosity, especially when it is pushed too, often brings him some illness.

The follies and whims of the moms are often the cause of great sorrow for the children.

C’era una volta… – Un re! - My little readers will say immediately. Not, boys, you are wrong. There was once a piece of wood. It was not a luxury wood, but a simple piece from the stack, than that in winter you put in stoves and fireplaces to light the fire and to heat rooms.

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