Tourist path in Florence: “The life of Carlo Lorenzini, Collodi”

Before venturing nell'affascinane path culurale-tourism Collodi Florence, to prevent mysterious errors of GPS or get lost in the numbers civici.di Florence, you need to know this city very special, special also has the numerazioen of buildings. In the historical center of Florence, the road follows a particular numbering system with red numbers and blue: red numbers are assigned to the business, the blue ones residential buildings. So it happens that in the same street there are two equal numbers corresponding to different buildings, but one marked with blue and one with red. The two numbers so do not go hand in hand and can sometimes be very distant. By convention, the numbering of the streets starts on the side of the road closest to the river Arno; the streets parallel to the river begins “a monte”, cioè of est.

Her eldest son of Carlo Lorenzini is Angiolina Orzali, who was born in Florence, in your Taddea.

He was baptized at the Basilica of San Lorenzo

The age of three he moved to live in the palace of the Marquis, played his elementary studies in Collodi, at the maternal uncles Orzali.

In 1831 Joseph Orzali and her sister's family Angiolina, moving away from the house of St. Apollonia (Now the street is called 27 April), had moved to Via Rondinelli 7 continuing to live with her sister.

In 1841 the Lorenzini family with his uncle the painter Giuseppe Orzali, in a larger suite of Your Santa Apollonia, (today under the name of Via XXVII in April) in the building on the corner of the square Barbano (Today is Independence Square) .

In 1841 nasce in Piazza Duomo la Libreria Editrice Felice Paggi much frequented by Carlo Lorenzini, and many of his friends and colleagues. At the end of the 1846 the Library moved to the number 5 dell'antica Via dei Balestrieri, which then took the name of Via del Proconsolo and stood in front of the building Nonfinito, home of the Good Government and then the Prefecture.

In 1842 moving into an apartment in the area Sant’Apollonia, in front of a green piaza, where Charles discovers the charm of freedom.

1842 Work in the prestigious library of Dishes Via Vacchereccia

1841-1843 Lasica the seminar and after a pause he enrolled to the study of Rhetoric and Philosophy at the Scolopi of Saint John of Florence (today corresponds to the current Galileo High School in Via dei Martelli) .

1845 Has not yet reached 18 years and have worked in the printing-plates in library via Calimala.

Work at THE STREET, con sede in … then that moved in …. distributed at these locations in Florence:

Targeted with the colorful criticism Theatre Pagliano, today Teatro Verdi in Florence in via Ghibellina, 101.

In 1848 he founded the periodical THE STREET, It will be printed by Printing Tofani, fasting and via S. Zanobi. The Manager will be responsible for newspaper said Mr.. Constantine Veltroni domiciled at Via S. Apollonia, n. 5460”.

In 1849 remain a few days in the palace of the brother of via rondinelli, 7, whose wife ran a fashion store via the Shoemakers, then quickly moves to live in via Martelli, together with his brother Ippolito. The second husband of the sister of Carlo Collodi had one of the most acceditate dressmakers in florence via Martelli.

The brother of Charles in those years was so much enriched, who owned a villa in the countryside of Florence (a Castle) and an apartment Leghorn.

1853 He attends the group of painters called “Macchiaioli”, almost all Tuscans, at the Caffè Michelangelo to Marocchi palace in Via Larga (via today Cavour 21).

Il 1° novembre 1853 fonda Lo Scaramuccia, il cui proprietario e’ Alessandro Lanari con sede persso l’omonima Agenzia Teatrale di A. Lanari in Via Calzajoli (oggi Via dei Calzaiuoli), al Mezzanino 713.

In 1855 Collodi was purchased “The Skirmish” and moved the seat from the mezzanine of the building 371 (today 15) Via Shoe Repair in Via Malarancio, 5.

In 1857, Carlo pubblica I Misteri di Firenze. Scene sociali, presso l’Editore/Tipografia di Paolo Fioretti di Firenze, in via Ghibellina, 63.

In May 1860, after a pause of more than 10 age, Collodi resumes printing The Lamp Post at the Printing / Publisher Tofani mail in Via S. Zanobi whose manager Constantine Veltroni, It was domiciled in Via S. Apollonia, n. 5.460.

Collodi Angiolina promised his mother he would stop to go to the Hawk (liquoreria Falchetto, opened in 1869, where Florentines bought and order to savor national and foreign liquors, but above all they were going to enjoy “Vermutte” a great novelty at that time

Read more about, the bar away from the face of the Hammers Bottegone.

Fra il 1875 and the 1880, Carlo Lorenzini soggorno Castle and among the beautiful parks of the villas medice, In front of the Villa Corsini, Via della Petraia, Villa is located Rapi, at the time of Collodi: here Lorenzini lived for a short period of time, guest of Brother Paul, Director General of manufactures Ginori Sesto Fiorentino FI. From 2005 there is also a plaque to remember the holidays of Lorenzini.

From June to 23 November 1882 in the Castello in Florence in Via della Petraia 29, at the Villa Bel Rest lived the author of Pinocchio. While staying at the Castle, hosted by brother, came up with the inspiration to write his most famous work "The Adventures of Pinocchio.

The death of Carlo Collodi:
On the morning of 26 October 1860, Charles meets Yorick in the center of Florence, the sera, was as usual playing the tressette Casino Bourgeois (still being Ghibelline 110 blu, 130 red) whose escusivo Florentine club There is still. , When he remembered that he had been strongly requested to recommend a young lady who was to appear for the entrance exams to the Magisterium. After dinner came, in Via degli Alfani Prof. home. Angelo Bella, professor and director of the Institute of Education, his dear friend, student to report you to that the next day would have to take the exam with him.

and here is his tomb in the chapel of Lorenzini, in Monumental Cemetery of the Holy Doors, within the fortified bastion of the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte.

Below is the full path from Collodi did walk the last evening of his life:,+Firenze&daddr=via+strozzi,+Firenze+to:via+tornabuoni,+firenze+to:via+Rondinelli,+firenze&hl=it&geocode=FW71mwIdV9KrACnzsLnmBFQqEzE-XathGwEuYQ%3BFXPmmwIdGLSrAClxTWzgAVQqEzFyvq8xdeTn5Q%3BFUnimwId1q6rACl_DJlnqlYqEzF_6InZBtlICQ%3BFcntmwIdq7GrACnHTlb6qVYqEzFoqq7QRRniFw&aq=&sll=43.772674,11.257017&sspn=0.007763,0.01929&vpsrc=0&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=ls&ie=UTF8&ll=43.773077,11.255922&spn=0.007763,0.01929&z=16 = Santa Apollonia,+Florence&so =&sll = 43.777648,11.254206&sspn = 0.008583,0.01929&vpsrc=6&t=h&g=via taddea 21, firenze&ie=UTF8&hq = Santa Apollonia,+Florence&hnear=&radius=15000&ll=43.778992,11.256547&spn = 0.001073,0.002411&z = 19

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