But that sandwhiches Pinocchio?

“… hundred of mamma, Bice Bianciardi, knew well the Collodi, and he told me a story. Suo padre, a lawyer, took a day around her little daughter, and he ran down the street with the Lorenzini, with whom he stayed a little’ to speak. It was the era in which Pinocchio was published in the journal, and had come to the episode in which, if I'm not mistaken, Green flours man puppet in front of the pan and… So ended the episode and my mom - when the two were already greeting each other - not to curiosity and interest: Sor Collodi, proruppe, but that sandwhiches Pinocchio? And the laughing Lorenzini: no, child, do not worry, no!”[1]

[1] Da una lettera di A. Chesne Dauphiné a F. Tempesti

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