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Lorenzini in Turin

By Collodi 10 to the 19 March 1859 visse a Torino, Guido Biagi testifies to stay in a “Aerial bedroom Piazza San Carlo“.

Lorenzini in Cortona

The father of Carlo Lorenzini, called Domenico Lorenzini, was born in 1795 and he lived in Cortona (more than 100 sitanza miles from Collodi), and came from a peasant family and very poor. He had a passion for cooking and

A crisis of love Collodi

"Among many loves more or less fatuous and fragile, he had to have one truly serious, that, if it were possible, I think it would have caused a confirmed bachelor take the plunge and get married. He had to flare up between the 1857 and the

Muore mamma Angiolina: Carlo changing life

Collodi Grandson recognizes it as the mourning for the loss of his mother he had changed his habits of life: "You saw more frequent the usual coffee, and inns where it was used to stop to make the retouch or drink