A Scandal

Man proposes and the Baroness has. If the woman was a finger of my hand, at this time I would cut the.
– I mean.
– Suppose I had said no! All hell broke loose! The Baroness would be able to come here and make a thousand stories of fears and jealousies, regalandomi, maybe, also a rival of his own invention.
Yet: these rumors scare me. It’ maybe my fault if the human imbecility has placed the honor of her husband in the spotless reputation of the wife? – Controsenso huge! One of those big blunders that sooner or later must end.
– Let us hope so! Moreover, if you ask me, I'm afraid that this mistake should last forever, as that of Joshua…
– Which Joshua?
– What the Bible. You'll remember that Joshua gave to understand that he stopped the sun. What was believed by all; when one day he ran out and Galileo showed four four equals eight, that the great Captain Bible had busted a canard, because the sun was stationary and it was the earth that moved instead.
Then the treatises on astronomy were corrected true: but men in their home language remained faithful to the blunder of Joshua, and they continued to always say, that was the sun rising and the sun went under. So, see, that will dell'onor husband.

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