History of Florence from the creation of the world until now - (Occhi say)

In the beginning God created Italy policy, and after creating it he noticed that you have not done anything good said and patience. And Italy Rome and the Roman policy begot,which being beautiful and muscular people, were abducted by sabine. And the Romans and the Sabines generated the republic, where to stay true to its prinicipi, January Impero. E I reign, disfacendosi, father of the papacy and the priests of Rome; which generated Vincenzo Gioberti; and became the father Pio Nono Gioberrti, Pio Nono and the father of the Civic Guard and all the other ills of Italy. And the ills of Italy spawned the Count of Cavour; which gave birth to Plombières Italy new; and Italy gave birth to the new need to bring the capital to Rome, making a stop in Florence. And so Florence, in that 1859 was widowed, and, Artemisia news, even drank the ashes of her late husband, passed into a second marriage with a tramp who turned transparent disguise of Italy under the Italian government …

Carlo Lorenzini

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