Pinocchio and Giannettino

In principle, all texts Collodiani direct to childhood, have the purpose to taste, tra le righe, children, the intelligent freedom of a world and a secular family. Collodi's Pinocchio albeit defined child, is certainly not his only begotten, nor firstborn, This title belongs to Giannettino. These two brothers sons of the paper and the pen of the man himself have much more in common than you think:
– both are lazy and dream of a world made whole Thursdays and Sundays, to never go to school
– Giannettino is also transformed into a donkey
– both suffer an extreme humiliation that leads them to repentance
– both initially suffer the evil influences of bad companions
– both show their wealth to bad companions, activating them to steal the money by cheating
– both are forced to pay for dinner
– both are unjustly arrested
– both want to become "a kid for good"
"As that Giannettino, a step behind the other, is getting closer and closer, to that horse's head grew, growing, growing… and with its head, unfortunately, also grew ears.
And the ears, by dint of growing, finally grew so, Giannettino that when he found himself at a distance of a few steps, he had to convince himself that this was not a horse head horse head, ma una bellissima testa di somaro.
And inside the head and along the head was written with different characters: Giannettino! Giannettino! Giannettino!”[1]

[1] Giannettino once. 60-61

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