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The story of a clever (Macchiette) Carlo Collodi

[…] Anthony was the patron saint of the family; comecchè tonino's father and all his grandparents and they exercised bisnoni, from generation to generation, l’industria all’ingrosso di insaccati di carne salata. […] [Sant'antonio is the protector of animals,

A Scandal

[…] Man proposes and the Baroness has. If the woman was a finger of my hand, at this time I would cut the. – I mean. – Suppose I had said no! All hell broke loose! Baroness would be able to

Swifts and flies

– I need money… – Find them. He who seeks finds; it also says the Gospel and the Gospel knows what he says. – The banks I have raised the credit. – Do it make. If the credit I had I, you what