The trip to Italy to Giannettino

Travelling italai Giannettino

  • The trip to Italy to Giannettino. Part first (Italy top), Paggi, 1880
  • The trip to Italy to Giannettino. Part Two (l’Italia centrale), Paggi, 1883
  • The trip to Italy to Giannettino. Part terza (l’Italia meridionale), Paggi, 1886

The first part of Travel Giannettino came in the eighth edition 1894, the book was later republished by Bemporad and, in 1902, was arranged in a single volume by Ferronio in Library Azzurra Bemporad. Then it was published in Collections Bemporad for boys and 1939 in Library Marzocco for boys.

The 4 November 1882 Collodi spoke of According trip Giannettino in a letter to his friend Guido Biagi:…this book is not meant neither for ruminants of historical-artistic-plant, nor for…those very wise, who were born on purpose to give flavor to the salt and ammonia odor. My book is a book, to be understood, “ad usum Delphini”, modestly done to give the kids a half a mind that Italy, that is their new and glorious homeland, and that "consequently" do not know anything about anything. As for the rest, fai tu: I know I'm in good hands and I trust. All your Collodi.[7]


In Correspondence Martini, which is located in National Central Library of Florence, is preserved in a letter of Collodi Ferdinando Martini, which Collodi was succeeded as director of Newspaper for kids. The letter speaks of an inaccuracy written in the first edition of the Travel, on a page on the city of Udine. This inaccuracy was taken over by an unknown Udinese, which sent a protest to Ferdinando Martini, Director of Fanfulla Sunday, newspaper that the 19 September 1880 had published a review of the Travel in section New Books. The inaccuracy was given by the description of fossati full of water made from Collodi[3] che l’Udinese claimed never to have existed. Therefore, the Collodi took his description of these ditches, in the second edition of the book (1882). But in Udine were really existed these ditches filled with water, subsequently buried[4]

Collodi replied to Ferdinand Martini 25 October 1880 and reported that the Father Baedeker in Guide Northern Italy (VIII edition recast, 1878) states[5]; also said it would take account of all the observations in the next reprint of the book. Referring to the fact that the’ Udinese he gave the book to her daughter, saying, In his letter of protest: I put the book away, Collodi added: Poor Paggi, if all the Italian fathers were God-fearing and water ditches, as your Udinese![6]

In fact, the gentleman of Udine was in error, collodi was not referring to this, but in the past and in the past there were ditches acquaa Udine, so now you understand better what he meant Collodi even better at this point with the term “God-fearing”.

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