Swifts and flies

– I need money…
– Find them. He who seeks finds; it also says the Gospel and the Gospel knows what he says.
– The banks I have raised the credit.
– Do it make. If the credit I had I, I'll gladly cederei.
– And you could not help?
– Why not? You know I can do some good for loan shark.
– I'm sorry to where falling back into the hands of certain people.
– Hai torto. The loan shark, to your rule, is the true friend of man. Se domani, case whore, the game or some dancer will lighten your pockets; if tomorrow the other a credit institution, to whom you trust all your capital, liquid suddenly and leaves you, by way of allotment, only a pair of hands to be able to scratch his head; if another brutal day understood that a creditor, against all human and divine law claims to get paid until the last penny… in one of these moments, I ask, to those who want to use? To friends, no; because friendship though Cicero has endeavored to make it to seize boredom with that cicalata to Titus Pomponius Atticus, pur nondimeno will always evaluate both, you will not find anyone who wants to gamble with an indiscreet question of some urgency for imprestito. Besides friends! Oh! Friends are quite capable to respond to the face: amicus Plato, sed magis amica moneta. You'll tell me that the money is not too much Latin word: but on the other hand, Italian is enough to make you understand the moral of the story, which is precisely that of not wanting you give nothing!…
– And yet - he added Mario hesitating - do not dissemble that I had counted on you…
– One more proof, that you can not count.

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