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La prima edizione delle Avventure di Pinocchio non fu sotto forma di libro, it was published in 35 puntate (Luglio 1881- Febbraio 1883), the insert of the Sunday of the periodical The Fanfulla: Journal for Children, il cui originale oggi e’ on sale

The trip to Italy to Giannettino. Part first (Italy top), Paggi, 1880 The trip to Italy to Giannettino. Part Two (l’Italia centrale), Paggi, 1883 The trip to Italy to Giannettino. Part terza (l’Italia meridionale), Paggi, 1886 The first part of

[…] Anthony was the patron saint of the family; comecchè tonino's father and all his grandparents and they exercised bisnoni, from generation to generation, l’industria all’ingrosso di insaccati di carne salata. […] [Sant'antonio is the protector of animals,

[…] Man proposes and the Baroness has. If the woman was a finger of my hand, at this time I would cut the. – I mean. – Suppose I had said no! All hell broke loose! Baroness would be able to

– I need money… – Find them. He who seeks finds; it also says the Gospel and the Gospel knows what he says. – The banks I have raised the credit. – Do it make. If the credit I had I, you what

  source: Carlo Collodi, The space of wonders

This book of fvola Pinocchio is huge and gorgeous Below is an example of the huge illustrations in the book.

In principle, all texts Collodiani direct to childhood, have the purpose to taste, tra le righe, children, the intelligent freedom of a world and a secular family. Collodi's Pinocchio albeit defined child, it is not

Incipit: "I know him, as you know. He was a dear boy, su i diciassette anni, the blonde hair like gold and the skin delicate and almost transparent, as the leaves of the Camellia. Only to see it, They came back to mind those