Peter Coccoluto Ferrigni (Yorick figlio di Yorick)

The first periodical in which Pier Coccoluto Ferrigni start pratiare the art of journalism will be directed by Carlo Collodi: it Skirmish of Siena.

From that day will remain friends for life, sharing the passion for the theater and the puppets, well verified also in the works of Ferrigni, with what is still the most profound research on the history of puppets: The history of puppets (1884).

The oral Yorick (his pseudonym) comes from the name of the king's fool, of infinite wit and extraordinary imagination, narrated in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Below are some photos of Yorick and his literary works.

One comment on “Peter Coccoluto Ferrigni (Yorick figlio di Yorick)
  1. Grace says:

    It’s really nice to hear of soeodmby who sees Pinocchio as a guide to life too! The whole concept of conscience and literally letting your dreams take you into the skies when you wish upon a star is just wonderful. Having seen the Disney interpretation when I was a child it was a story that fueled my childhood, and when the time came I read the book and absolutely loved it!

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