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Paul Lorenzini - Collodi Grandson
Paul Lorenzini – Collodi Nephew Photos from the book “Collodi and Pinocchio” published by Bloomsbury in the 19s4, the photo is of the 1920 about.

His father was the brother of Hippolytus Carlo Lorenzini.
He was the first editor of the weekly Mickey Mouse in 1932, and the second de The Adventurous.
His most famous work was Sussi e Biribissi.

“Canti must”, a collection of poems printed by the Printing Press Barons and of Florence Lastrucci, già firmandosi “Paul Lorenzini, Collodi Grandson”, as always continue to do.
1902 “The Adventures of Chifellino”, edited by R. Bemporad and Son,

1902 “Sussi e Biribissi – story of a journey to the center of the Earth”, with illustrations by Charles Cloisters, published by Adriano Salani Editore.


Especially the latter novel proves to be a successful book, reprinted many times to the present day.


TitleTen centuries later : amazing story of three men of Stone : Book fo r the boys / Colldi Grandson (Paul Lorenzini)
PublicationMilan : P. Carrara, 1905 (F. Pagnoni)
Physical Description222 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.

In 1906 Public “The Testament of Berlingaccio” (story of a little immigrant) at the Florentine publishing house Bemporad.


TitleThe cavalier Film : almost true story of a small modern Don Quixote : book for boys / Collodi nephew (Paul Lorenzini) ; with illustrations by F. Scarpelli
PublicationRome : Giovanelli, 1907
Physical Description176 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.


TitleThe Adventures of Pipetto : Story of a Puppet
PublicationFlorence : G. Nerbini, 1908 (It. Ducci)
Physical Description8. p. 237
Note generali
· The. 2.50.


TitleThe Leone d'Italia : Voice and piano. Words of Paul Lorenzini (Collodi Grandson)
PublicationVenice : It. Sanzin and C., 1912
Physical Description4. p. 5
Note generali
· The. 1.50.
TitleOn the Road to Glory : Humorous romance for teens
PublicationRome : House Ed. M. Carra and C., di L. Bellini, 1909 (Rocca S. Casciano, The. Hats)
Physical Description16 fig. p. 93.

He knows the publisher Nerbini, and in 1910 public at the publishing house Nerbini “The Adventures of Pipetto, story of a puppet” with illustrations by Syrtes.
Publishes other books for children and collaborated with the ITALIAN STATE RADIO EIAR, the Government radio.


TitleThe Leone d'Italia : Voice and piano. Words of Paul Lorenzini (Collodi Grandson)
PublicationVenice : It. Sanzin and C., 1912
Physical Description4. p. 5
Note generali
· The. 1.50.


TitleAlert, marinar : Song of sailor's Italian War. Words of Paul Lorenzini
PublicationVenice : It. Sanzin and C., 1916
Physical Description4. p. 3.



TitleMater purissima : monologue in verse martelliani / Collodi's nephew (Paul Lorenzini)
Publication\S.l. : s.n.!, printing 1917 (Venice : Istituto veneto di arti grafiche)
Physical Description15 p. ; 25 cm.
TitleMater purissima : Monologue in verse martelliani
PublicationVenice : Istituto Veneto di Arti Grafiche, 1917
Physical Description8. p. 15.


TitleI'll remember? I remember or Sun? : War song, hymn of faith, prophecy of victory / Paul Lorenzini
PublicationFlorence : R. Bemporad and Son, 1919 (Florence : Tip. S. Joseph)
Physical Description19 p. ; 18 cm.



TitleThe Adventures of Chifellino : children's book / Collodi nephew ; illustrated by C. Cloisters
Edition20. and
PublicationFlorence : Bemporad, 1922-23
Physical Description244 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.


TitlePinocchio's heart : New Adventures of the famous puppet / Collodi Grandson (Paul Lorenzini) ; C designs. Cloisters
Edition2. Enhanced Edition
PublicationFlorence : Bemporad, 1923
Physical Description232 p. : ill. ; 19 cm


TitleThe famous three : small history . children's book / Coolodi niece ; illustrations by C. Cloisters
PublicationFlorence : Bemporad, 1924
Physical Description173 p. : ill. ; 17 cm


TitleSmall vagabonds : novel for boys / Paul Lorenzini ; illustrations by M. Battigelli
PublicationFlorence : R. Bemporad & Son, [1926]
Physical Description223 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
TitleFlorentine Madonna : Serenade. Verses of Paul Lorenzini (Collodi nephew). Voice and piano
PublicationFlorence : A. Forlivesi e c., 1926
Physical Description4. p. 4
Note generali
· The. 6.
TitlePinocchio by fate / Collodi nephew (Paul Lorenzini) ; drawings of the painter Carlo Chiostri
PublicationFlorence : Salani, printing 1926
Physical Description238 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.


Title' Tis and Tirindello : almost true story of two naughty in America : Since the testament of Shrove Thursday and the adventures of Chifellino / Collodi nephew (Paul Lorenzini) ; illustrations by C. Sarri
PublicationFlorence : Bemporad library for children, c1927
Physical Description189 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
TitleThe Testament of Berlingaccio : Story of a little emigrant / Collodi Grandson ; illustrations by. Lensi
PublicationFlorence : Bemporad, [1927]
Physical Description192 p. : ill. ; 19 cm


TitlePicciriddu my! : almost true story of two victims of human charity / Collodi nephew ; illustrations by F. Fabbri
PublicationFlorence : R. Bemporad and Son, printing 1928
Physical Description202 p. : ill. ; 18 cm
TitleThat teem with joyous Novelline : book for kids and grown-ups / Collodi nephew (Paul Lorenzini) ; with illustrations and colour of A blanket. Mussino
PublicationFlorence : R. Bemporad, \1928!
Physical Description295 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.


1929 King Meneimpipo : Dream visions of a eccentric head / Collodi nephew ; with illustrations and color D blanket. Betti. – Florence : R. Bemporad and Son,
BMPD Berlingaccio


TitleThe’ cavern of revenge
PublicationFlorence : G. Nerbini, 1929 (Vallecchi)
Physical Description8. p. 32
Note generali
· CENT. 60.


TitleWhen Pinocchio became a good boy : memoirs written by him / Collodi nephew (Paul Lorenzini) ; drawings of the painter Carlo Chiostri
PublicationFlorence : Salani, printing 1930
Physical Description254 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.

The 31 December 1932 is the director of the new magazine for children Mickey Mouse Editor Joseph Nerbini.
In 1932 writes for Nerbini “The two sergeants”, Following the 1934 from a “Costume history of the peoples through the ages”, with introduction and illustrations Tancredi Scarpelli, while commenting on the issue of “Jerusalem Delivered” Torquato Tasso, illustrated by Fabio Fabbi.


TitleThe two sergeants : novel of the Napoleonic era : On the plot of the drama of aubigny
PublicationFlorence : G. Nerbini, 1932 (It. Cleaned)
Physical Description8. p. 283 by eighteen boards
Note generali
· The. 7.


TitleThe Adventures of collolungo and bigwigs
PublicationFlorence : R. Bemporad and Son Edit. Tip., [1933]
Physical Description8 fig. p. 24.


TitleO swallow, black shroud… : patriotic song / verses of Paul Lorenzini ; music by Vincenzo Billi
PublicationPadua : G. Bon, printing 1935
Physical Description°2! c. ; 36 cm.
TitleIl gaucho nero : South American Adventures / Paul Lorenzini (Collodi nephew) ; [Designs Corrado Sarri]
Edition[Instep. anast.]
PublicationFlorence : Nerbini, [197.]
Physical Description16 p. : largely ill. ; 25×35
Note generali
· Ripr. fax. dell'ed. line?. 1935.


TitleOur Africa : anthem of the legionaries of Africa / words of L. Romano Menini ; music of Peter Paperini . Or swallow, black shroud : patriotic song / words of Paul Lorenzini (Collodi Grandson) ; music by Vincenzo Billi
Physical DescriptionPadua : G. Bon, printing 1936 (Florence : Mignani).- 1 score (5 p.) ; 35 cm


TitlePinocchio, pinucchio and pinicchio, ie a company of puppets for real : Drawings by the painter Charles Cloisters
PublicationFlorence : A. Salani, 1937
Physical Description16 fig. p. 216.



TitleThe Journal of Pinocchio : 1938
PublicationFlorence : Nerbini, 1980
Physical Description1 in. : comics ; 36 cm
Note generali
· Facsimile reproduction edition: Florence : Nerbini, 1938 the periodic Pinocchio : the newspaper of the Italian boys / directed by Collodi (grandson)

1939 writes an introduction to “The bride of Pinocchio” Ugo Berni-Scotti, Marzocco (niuovo name Bemporad after the Fascist racial laws of 1938), Florence.


TitlePisellino : Weekly Youth
NumberingA. 2, n. 1 (feb. 1939)-
PublicationFlorence : \s. shelf.!, 1939-


TitleThat rascal of Pauline at the microphone E. I. A. R. : ramblings of old and new pranks radioed by an eternal boy!! / Paul Lorenzini (Collodi Grandson) ; with illustrations in color and covered with R. Lemmi
PublicationFlorence : Marzocco, [1940]
Physical Description286 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.


TitleThe Queen of Cyprus / historical subject of Paul Lorenzini [i.e. Collodi, grandson] ; drawings by Fantoni
EditionInstep. anast
PublicationFlorence : Nerbini, [197?]
Physical Description36 p. : ill. ; 43 cm
Note generali
· Ripr. dell’ed.: Florence : Nerbini, 1941.


TitleMaria Walewska l'Amante di Napoleone / Ottavio Aubry ; translation [from the French] Paul Lorenzini
PublicationFlorence : G. Nerbini, 1942 (Tip. G. Cencetti)
Physical Description136 p. ; 25 cm
Note generali
· It also contains part of the story: The legacy of Raio, and: A flower on the bayonet / William Somalvico
· The. 8.
TitleThe’ last meeting / Paul Lorenzini
PublicationFlorence : Nerbini, 1942
Physical Description240 p. ; 19 cm.


TitleThe buccola d'oro : novel / Paul Lorenzini
PublicationFlorence : G. Nerbini, 1943 (Tip. Vallecchi)
Physical Description95 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
TitleThe shoes of lizard : Novel
PublicationFlorence : G. Nerbini, 1943 (Tip. A. Vallecchi.)
Physical Description16. p. 207
Note generali
· The. 6.

“The Fellowship of death”, in the series “Dame, swords and knights”, Publishing House Nerbini, Florence, 1944.

TitleThe favorite of the Grand Duke : Novel
PublicationFlorence : G. Nerbini, 1944 (Tip. G. Cencetti)
Physical Description8 fig. p. 95
Note generali
· The. 10.


TitleThe Christmas stories of Italian and foreign writers / collected and translated by Paul Lorenzini (Collodi nephew)
PublicationFlorence : Prices, House Ed. Nerbini, 1945 (Tip. G. Cencetti)
Physical Description16. fig. p. 64
Note generali
· The. 70.


TitleLa fossa : novel / Alessandro Kuprin ; [translation and reduction of P. Lorenzini]
PublicationFlorence : Nerbini, 1947
Physical Description190 p. ; 19 cm.
TitlePrince Chicchirichì and other stories / illustrations of G. Faorzi
PublicationFlorence : And. The New Italy, 1947 (Tip. The Impronta)
Physical Description8 fig. p. 173.

“Collodi and Pinocchio”, Salani, Florence, 1954.
“In the kingdom of the Incas”, Salani, Florence, 1957.

TitleThe New Adventures of Sussi and Biribissi / Collodi, grandson (Paul Lorenzini) ; illustrations in black and colors of G. Rossini
Publication?Florence? : Salani, 1964
Physical Description198 p. : ill., Table. ; 25 cm
TitleThe stories of Pinocchio / P. Lorenzini ; with illustrations by C. Cloisters
PublicationFlorence : Nerbini
Physical Descriptionin. ; 20 cm.
TitleBianchina and Teddy / text of Paul Lorenzini ; cartoons Corola Dunbar
Publication[Florence] : Bemporad, [19..]
Physical Description[11] c. Table of. : ill. ; 26 cm.
TitleThe’ last people Scapia : romantic vision of decadence Etruscan / Paul Lorenzini ; drawings of F. Vichi
Publication\Florence : Nerbini, 197.!
Physical Description\24! p. : largely ill. ; 34 cm
Note generali
· Ripr. fax. dell'ed. line?.

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  1. I am a Lorenzini, and have always wondered if Carlo was a relative. Is there a family ancestry document I may obtain? Thank you. Nancy (San Francisco, California)

  2. Carlo Lorenzini didn’t had children through official channels. His brother instead had kids, then you can find the descendants of his brother: grandchildren and great-grandchildren … One famous grandchildren for example is Paolo Lorenzini, born in Florenze the 12 january 1876 and died in Florenze in the 1958.

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