I litigarelli Yorick-Carducci

Yorick was an admirer of the writer and poet, Carducci, but not
could never accept the way of expressing political ideas of
Carducci, “attacking” repeatedly and with force. Part Carducci
its, that always showed himself intolerant of any dynamic contrast, had
often resent so furious, with expressions of Olympic
contempt. Yorick invece se ne rideva, contribuendo to irritate
The controversy generated by Yorick's attacks had crossed many
limits: and had left the two men in that state of latent
hostility, for which avoided – Easily the rest – l’occasione di
intontrarsi. They had a common friend, who suffered for many years
of this “rust” between the two friends, he loved affection but different
perhaps equal with equal respect and tenderness.
The Billi was the doctor for the sick idale talented: distracted them
when they were imaginary. It is not, looked after them seriously.
One day he began to reconcile them in the head, and prepared his plan.
At different times asked the two if they harbored resentment for each other and
both declared themselves to be in peace and also verified that there
had remained open questions remained open between the two. The danger
consisted in this: if the two met, without being put
a stone above the main question, were quite capable of
said to face the fact their, VIOLANDO the respect due
He made sure that even if they had met by chance, would not
started to quarrel, in short, that the matter would not
talked more.
It happened so many months after, that Carducci and Yorick were invited
both at home Billi, a dinner, which often happened between AMCI.
Carducci arrived first. When Yorick sopraggiunse, i due… enemies
you inquadrarono, realizing all at the same time and two of the
trap… and shook hands.
The Carducci, si sa, beveva wine; Yorick beveva acqua. What could
have no importance, but he had, because it rose again
automatically one of the reasons for its harshness and polemca,
being right wine, or say, quel po’ wine he used
sometimes the poet, one of the points of controversy! The point really
era più… weak black, but the journalist was wounded fraccia
more than touched! The Caducci unaware that Yorick was a teetotaler, and
rannuvolò, chi sa? perhaps suspecting him of doing it on purpose
bevergli water.
Seeing the shadow of the proposed inviting a topic of conversation that
had prepared for the opportune moment, but there is now recommended:
Yorick started sbertucciare This former one of the commentators of
Dante. The Carducci ate, beveva e taceva.
No one knew that the journalist, as well as learn about the comedy almost
completely the memory, he was familiar with all the commentators,
quoting error. Without errors… and without benevolence!

He used to say that the glory of the divine poet manifested
pure in this fact: that his work had resisted
Commentators! To those who had wanted him to say an amount of
things I had not thought: who wrote volumes of volumes
respect of a verse, without being able to destroy the clarity nor to
offuscarne l’umanità!

The Carducci … realized after a while ', to listen to someone who
parlava di Dante, nor without being bumped, nor dried, so was the
grace to which Yorick had kept within the limits of the speech
dottina without being neither pedantic nor vulgar nor importunate. (It, told
Yorick, was not easy to put together the poetry of Dante with the
chips without the chips or Dante or not deem to outside
The Cadrucci had cleared, and offered its apologies to Yorick.
– Sorry? – He made ready Yorick – for charity! It is not a word, MISUSE,
I guess you should tell me. –

Excerpt from the book and summary “Men and facts of Italy” compiled by the sons of Ferrigni with posthumous works of Yorick

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