Giulia De Filippi Sanchioli: a lover of Carlo Lorenzini

Illustration of Giulia De Filippi Sanchioli (click to show on other sites).

Image of Giulia de Filippi Sanchioli (below):

[*Giulia Sanchioli : after 1855] / Ferret, Nice. – [fail. after 1855]. – 1 foto map formato de tour : albumin ; 105×62 mm. ((Tit. the dedicated ms. the subject on v. support: To my dear friend Augusta Bancarde Albertini. Giulia Sanchioli (not so ugly). the A Name. proceeds from lit mark. on v. of the support in which also appears: S Photographer. M. Emperor Quai Massena, 3. – On di failure. It can be deduced from the technique used. – Photo pasted on cardboard 105×62 mm. – On v. the note ms support.



Photo of a lover of Carlo Collodi, library Malatesta of Cesena, Location F. COMAND Arm. XXXIII 630. At the time she was an actress (was moreover a patriot during the 5 Days of Milan) and he also worked in the theater sector ( interpreted and was par excellence the character of Faith, in the work of Meyerbeer The Prophet ) and probably she was trying to get special favors for him. It’ left a letter in which she confesses to have remained in love with a lawyer and want to meet anyway Collodi for work, but he ceased to be felt… Here also an illustration of the same wherever it appears much more gentle and almost half of age.








letter sent by Sanchioli to Ademollo
letter sent by Sanchioli to Ademollo:

A letter sent by Sanchioli to a friend and associate of Carlo Lorenzini (Alexander Ademollo).

letter 36 (1859). You can see the following univerbazioni: “aModena”; “chesapevo”; “comejersera”; “chebattevano”; “astrappare”.

COLLODI: LOVES scandalous FOR THE POPE’ PINOCCHIO (AdnKronos), Research conducted by Daniela Aguilar

and National Edition Collodi

and the Meridiano Mondadori 1995


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  1. Salve.
    Which photographer is the photo of Sanchioli? You can see the direction of the press?
    Some more info on this lady?
    Thank you,
    M. Rachel Fichera

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