Ermenegildo Pistelli and Carlo Collodi

P1040461…padre Ermenegildo Pistelli, As a young man on several occasions he had seen Collodi from the publisher Paggi, but, realizing that it was the quietest of the authors who met in the library, He had not dared to speak to him. One day, however,, he could not resist the temptation to ask for clarification on his final, only receiving confirmation of their concerns:
"This final to me unconvincing, because you've finished so?”;
Collodi would respond to this question:
"I have finished so? I do not remember mica, I do not think so. "
And the Pistelli:
“Come no, Keep the book is this ".
"I do not remember mica to have finished so".[1]

The manuscript of the last chapters, the only part of the work written by Collodi's hand that she got there and from which it was probably copied in the copy sent to Rome to be published on Newspaper for kids, remove these doubts definitely.

[1] F. Tempesti, Who was the Collodi, cit. once. 197-8
ERMENEGILDO PISTELLI Collodi wrote in the obituary of Rigutini published on the NATIONAL REVIEW 1 June 1903 [Referring to Carlo Lorenzini]:
“loathed equally affectations classical and sciatterie pseudomanzoniane”

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