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Friends of Carlo Lorenzini

Giuseppe Rigutini (Lucignano (WITH), 29 August 1829 – Firenze, 23 May 1903) It was a philologist, lexicographer and Italian teacher. In his native city at this address: via Matteotti 83 – Lucignano, you can find a plaque dedicated to him.     …

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…padre Ermenegildo Pistelli, As a young man on several occasions he had seen Collodi from the publisher Paggi, but, realizing that it was the quietest of the authors who met in the library, He had not dared to speak to him. One day, however,, not …

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Girolamo Pagliano (Genoa, 1801 – Firenze, 9 September 1881) è stato un chimico, farmacista e impresario teatrale italiano, inventore dello sciroppo purgativo che portava il suo nome, Pagliano syrup, centerbe di lunga vita. Pagliano fece una certa fortuna, from 1838, …

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Bush (Adolfo Matarelli), (1832-1887); Mata dis. e lit. [Florence, from "The Lamp Post", post 1860] Lithography, color, sheet 385 x 485 mm ASCPr. Fund of the Italian Risorgimento, non inv.

Leopold Cipriani (Morvidino) illustrated Collodi's book: A novel steam. Da Firenze a Livorno – The mysteries of Florence. Also featured Collodi and his colleagues published the article 24 March 1858 its lens.

Illustration of Angiolo Tricca:  

Yorick was an admirer of the writer and poet, Carducci, but he could never accept the way of expressing political ideas of Carducci, “attacking” repeatedly and with force. Carducci his part, who had always shown intolerant to …

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It’ was an Italian writer, constant collaborator of Collodi, first as a journalist on The Lamp Post, then on the Skirmish. By some he is mistakenly referred to as the founder of The Lamp Post.

  source: Carlo Collodi, The space of wonders

His father was the brother of Hippolytus Carlo Lorenzini. He was the first director in charge of the weekly Mickey Mouse in 1932, and the second of The Adventurous. His most famous work was Sussi and Biribissi. “Canti must”, a collection of poems printed by the Printing Press Barons and of Florence Lastrucci, …

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