biografia di Carlo Lorenzini

The life of Carlo Collodi turned out to be full of interest, and documents relevant to his memoirs to better illustrate the history of our country, as rich in anecdotes and news, of witty observations and deep.
Having trawled through hundreds of volumes, thousands of periodicals, rummaged for libraries and collectors drawn from the middle of Italy, we have selected for you the most exciting texts and illustrations, trying to create the most friendly and easy to read chronological biography of Carlo Lorenzini, in Collodi.
You remember him only as a writer for children, yet his life has a strong human impact and historical: its amazing items, aged for more than a century in the drawer of Miss ignorance, give us the best of the tastiest and explosive satire artistic-political-religious, still relevant now more than ever.
Il book The author of the most famous story of the world is enhanced by illustrations and thoughts whose quantity and quality allows it to be numbered among the finest collections, fun and scandalous that history records.
Many mysteries surround the figure of Collodi, as that concerning his alleged illegitimate daughter; inexplicably important documents were destroyed and hidden messages in what has become the most famous story of the world: The Adventures of Pinocchio.